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[English] The Secret Lives of Geisha

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Pie Miller (10 hours ago)
They give their virginity to the highest bidder? That’s still prostitution Only higher class . They are own. By the “Madane”
00SynchronFan00 (1 day ago)
The american geisha looked like a man with her white face
Jody Johnsen (3 days ago)
It’s such an interesting career choice. I loved Memoirs of a Geisha for the personalization of the ladies. This is interesting from a financial perspective. We have to conclude Geisha have had a resurgence. When this was filmed there were fewer than 100 working Geisha. Now there are 1,000. In my travels we don’t consider including Geisha. They cater only to men. More than half the travelers that visit are automatically excluded. Also, this style of entertainment, dance, obsequious conversation is not interesting to modern sensibilities, Japanese or visitor. It is interesting but not something I would pay to see.
CLUB BRENDAN (4 days ago)
Drinking game: Every time they say "prostitute". I'm smashed. I've watched most of the Geisha documentaries here and this one is the worst.
Joni Michalski (5 days ago)
Beautiful Ancient Traditional Prostitution
Benance george (10 days ago)
Stephen Dennis (10 days ago)
Just watched a documentary on geisha with a young girl actually being trained to be a geisha. They was that nowadays if a man wants to 'have a relationship' they can say no if they don't want to. But in the old days they had no choice in the matter. So even today, they are glorified prostitutes. No families, no future. Geisha Mother is similar to a Madam. Their virginity was sold in days past. No reason to think it is any different today. Just love the way they are glorifying it. It is working for the devil. Paganism, yes it is so "impressive" to "stamp out Christianity'. Thus stamping out any hope of salvation for their eternal souls. Japan has remarkable people and there have been martyrs that were willing to give up their lives for the Catholic Faith and were burned with their children. *That* is how Christianity was "stamped out". But guess what? It wasn't stamped out. There was a village that converted to Catholicism and were without a priest for something like 300 years due to them being driven out of the country. When priests were once again able to get into Japan and found this village, they were still praying their rosaries and living good Catholic lives. This is almost unheard of without the help of the Sacraments and it is a testimony to the Japanese spirit. It thrives today. There are priests and convents in Japan. In fact during WWII when we bombed them to hell, at ground zero, a rectory remained *untouched* and all the priests inside survived. And they lived out their lives without any radiation sickness. They were devoted to praying the Holy Rosary. Our Lady appeared to Sister Agnes Sasagawa, a deaf nun, in 1973, and warned her among other things of the bad way the world was heading and that if men did not convert, fire would fall from the sky. I believe we are nearing that time. This punishment, according to Sister Sasagawa is to be "worse than the flood and more severe than ever before". "Good people together with bad people. Priests, with the faithful, will die. Survivors will have such hardship that they will envy the dead. At that time, the only weapons left to us will be the Rosary and the sign of my Son. Pray the Rosary every day. Pray for bishops and priests with the Rosary. The devil will infiltrate the Church, cardinals will oppose cardinals, bishops will be against bishops. Those priests who revere me, will be despised and attacked by their colleagues. Churches and altars will be desecrated. The Church will be filled with those who accept compromise. The devil will lead many priests and religious to resign their calling. Especially the devil is working on souls who are consecrated to the Father. The loss of so many souls is my distress. There will be no forgiveness if sins continue." Our Lady then asked for us to pray hard and make reparation and told Sister to have the courage to tell her superior. Sister's deafness was also healed. That was 1973, how much worse are we today? We have ignored the warning of Fatima and Akita. God help us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBna_X9YuGY
Moushi Moushi (4 days ago)
Hey there I'm not going to comment on the religious stuff because that's your beliefs and your free to Express them however you would like, however there are some facts about this profession that you seem to be confused on so I would love to clear some of those things up as I've been studying the geisha culture for over a decade now and some of the things you said just blew me out of the water. First of all, the other documentary you watched, which featured the beginning of Geiko Kikuyuu's career I'm very familiar with, including some of the translations that were a bit off The interviewer asked maiko Kikuno about getting in a relationship with a customer, this does not automatically equate to sex. Maiko and geiko are artists, they're not nuns. They are allowed to have romantic relationships with anyone they choose and they can have sex, though very rarely do these relationships happen with customers, as there's usually quite a drastic age difference between them and their customers especially if they're in marrying age. Maiko and geiko can have these relationships but not while they're working and they certainly cannot charge for it. When they're entertaining or going to their classes they are expected to keep their focus on that. They can do whatever they would like on their free time (of which maiko have very little and geiko have more as they manage their own schedules). Regardless of today and the past, maiko and geiko were always allowed to make decisions on who they wanted to entertain or have a relationship with, or if they didn't want to have any relationships at all. If for example a customer made them uncomfortable they could have that customer black listed so they wouldn't have to entertain them. The people who are patrons of the tea house worked hard to receive that privilege so they're normally on good behavior so they don't lose it. As for selling virginity, maiko and geiko never did that. That was a practice done by oiran, tayuu, and yuujo as it was basically letting people know they were ready for business. It shares the name mizuage which for oiran and the like was the ceremonial deflowering of a young woman, but for maiko, it was the transition from a junior maiko to a senior maiko which consisted of a big party. The whole marrying thing and starting a family is also incorrect. While for Kyoto it's true that one cannot marry and continue practicing(she must retire) for other, less traditional cities it's quite common for geisha to marry. In Kyoto, practicing geiko can be in civil unions and have children(it's encouraged they have girls to pass on the art but of course not required) so the karyukai certainly does not look down on the family unit
vickie campbell (13 days ago)
A beautiful and glamorous life and then, sad. Sad because of the population losing interest in the Geisha. Here in the USA, young people are discarding traditions and even history and we are losing a lot as well. I know this video is 4 yrs old but I hope the Geisha have made a comeback big time!
bubblegumlips (15 days ago)
oheydonna (23 days ago)
This is so inaccurate!
Queenie Trap (25 days ago)
marriage is much worse you don't get paid, husband can do as he please, you have children wreck your body then u get divorced because he cheat or don't want to be married. you both feel the pressure but the woman is stuck with these choices. i'd rather be geisha love the code of silence don't kiss and tell. plus marriage is forced even in american because you call girls whores for having sex without marriage. At least as Geisha the men shows their gratitude with their money. the men value these woman as works of art. having a donna is the greatest honor finally having a man that cares enough to support your life with his money and actually meet when he want. when in america men are womanizers and women stress their self to look beautiful enough to attract a man but this does not promise marriage or money. woman give away sex so easy and freely in america. prostitutes in america also do it for just money geisha dedicate their lives to beauty and skill not a quick buck but you they have to be booked and scheduled prostitutes fuck for money whenever and are not as well kept. Geisha is not prostitute it is an art in fact a beautiful one.
Mr. Monokuma (28 days ago)
So its basically a sorority
tbird school (29 days ago)
That Peter Macintosh guy says that he's into Geisha culture but takes these young Japanese Geishas for a KTV?! What is that?
Diane Geary (1 month ago)
Thank you. Wonderful documentary
Fee_fee 64 (1 month ago)
Yuki 😩😭😭😭😭
Christine Ingram (1 month ago)
Brilliant film,informant and very interesting .. Thank You 🙂
jessie mayfield (1 month ago)
why cant u wear a wig till u get older? thats random
Skye ID (1 month ago)
White people always trying to appropriate and take over other cultures; westerners always thinking geisha means prostitute because "why pay for spending time with a lady if you aren't getting sex?"
JoAnne Denison (1 month ago)
good documentary. geisha deserves to die, except in the form of acting and actors trained to provide shows to the public. realistically, it was a form of slavery built on child labor and illegal labor practices (charging employees in perpetuity for payment for singing and dancing lessons and music lessons) without any employment benefits. good riddance to this crappy junk and enslavement of women and girls. now see what happens when women get an education and go to law school? we see this nonsense for what it is and how illegal it is.
JoAnne Denison (1 month ago)
hahaha. women don't talk about politics or economics and they aren't whistle blowers on wealthy psychopathic men. good for these women. tell the truth.
JoAnne Denison (1 month ago)
interestingly enough, the "modern geisha" at the shows are better protected and more real than the elite ones that apparently can start at age 14 (which violates child labor laws) and who are provided no licensed, certified tutors (required in the US for child actors) and then they "owe" their employers for lessons and costumes (kimono), which is also illegal in most countries. At least the ladies at the geisha shows get actor's min wages (presumably) are over 18, and they get benefits and pensions and health insurance and unemployment insurance. they also do shows for $8 each for men, women and children, which is more reasonable. the "business" is really acting and apparently it is surviving in the proper and legal channels
JoAnne Denison (1 month ago)
the real question is, where are the wives of these men and why aren't they there. this is too weird. and who is the male geishas for the housewives who are stressed out? again, too weird. and no way is an affair with a geisha going to be okay. that's a bald faced lie. the heart does not distinguish between geisha and hookers. disgusting.
JoAnne Denison (1 month ago)
Women being Geisha is fine, as long as they are 18. Most of what has been going on violates tons of child labor laws. I don't care if they allege "prestiege and status" when most start at age 14 and aren't receiving a proper education. Geisha should start at 18 and after a High School diploma.
wtf iswrongwithher (1 month ago)
that western woman does not have a cute smush face. SHE CANNOT BE A GEISHA!!!!! go back to america and drop pop and lock it, bitch!!!!
Kelley (1 month ago)
Apart from geisha/call girl/courtesan, the only people who benefit from this tradition are the male clients. I think to myself how would the male clients feel if their wives decided to be "entertained" by some other male?
Lady Jay (1 month ago)
Them:"Selling a girl's Virginity"... Them Also: "Its a belief that being a Giesha is about Prostitution, common Western misconception"... What???
LittleBird (1 month ago)
They also explained that it's far more complicated than that. Geisha is an art, it's about perfecting the art of entertainment, dance, music, conversation, eloquence, and traditional service.. and entertaining didn't just = sex.. in fact it rarely did. The virgin thing, if it happened, was only a short period of time and not 'typical' of geisha traditions. Hell the documentary even stated that the girls who did didn't even know anything about sex, after YEARS of being trained in everything, they were never prepared for sex. A prostitute JUST sells sex. A geisha traditionally had a choice to say NO, which made them well respected and highly praised. You also have to remember the normal girls who sold themselves for candy bars. Women giving themselves to the highest bidder or the man who can financially support them best isn't anything new. A prostitutes profession is sex. A Geisha's profession is art. Way back in the day a girl had very few options for financial stability or success so I can understand why maybe selling ones virginity for a VERY high sum would become a necessity to some, especially girls in debt with no family or future. But that sure as hell doesn't mean Geisha = Prostitute.. because once again you could be a Geisha and never sell yourself that way if you chose to.
Serenityafterall (1 month ago)
I Believe the History of the True Geisha ‼
Kim Rusher (2 months ago)
men like asian women because they are child-like- so in other words males are- pedophiles
Merovingian Merovingian (2 months ago)
The emperor knows all the Tricks in the book. No wonder he is the best emperor. Europe’s emperors have come and gone Africa’s...... not japans. Love japans history.
Heal-Thy Life (2 months ago)
And so musical chairs was created!
Heal-Thy Life (2 months ago)
Its more expensive than medical school! And it takes 10 years to become a geisha!
STILL STANDING (2 months ago)
STILL STANDING (2 months ago)
Neil Z (2 months ago)
I know it should be “if I can’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all”, but wow!! That was painfully long to watch, and really not one of the better documentaries available. It’s really a shame ... I really wanted to like it.
Jacqueline Villaloboz (2 months ago)
This tradition is stupid and run by a higher power by government. So sorry to say these type of people are so stupid they stoop so low to become a geisha just for sex and entertainment.
StitchGV (2 months ago)
1:20 she's speaking English. Why are they dubbing it?? 🤔 "Terribly sorry, I do not understand this gibberish. Can you please translate to the Queen's English?" 💂🏻😂
DrownsInCancer (2 months ago)
Just a friendly reminder that geisha never sold their virginity, the oiran did that.
Patricia Rowe (2 months ago)
There is no difference and prostitution and geisha. Just a different definition. This tricky trickery of the Mind is pretty common in the world to hide and camouflage the matter or situation. the married woman said most Japanese women will not have a problem with their husbands if they had an affair with a geisha. However, if they had an affair with a prostitute or another woman it would be a big issue. You tell me??? Sex outside of marriage is sex. A geisha is nothing but a powerful made up supposedly high class prostitute. the reason the Society of geisha is trustworthy in private is because it hides a lot of important people and possibly that of military and government. To foreigners it is a safe haven for their identity. Japanese women are just brainwashed into thinking what the country and propaganda is for these women. Get real!!! These women are high paid prostitutes. Nothing more. Respect they receive is high because they keep quiet and do not talk or give up any of their pimps or clients. I'm Amazed the world fell for this.
Vicvic W (2 months ago)
Open. The Country. Stop. Having it be closed.
DIANE (2 months ago)
the Geishas must stay alive it's not selling sex it's a class of breed of girls who Entertain business men thay can talk to the girls without it getting out its history to it has to stay
Miki Y. (2 months ago)
As a woman, I'm disgusted to see the salve-minded housewife of the geisha client. No woman should feel happy to find her husband having affair with a geisha. That's too sad if she had to convince herself in such a way.
gwen keto (2 months ago)
I’m torn between seeing Geishas as beautiful and artistic or an artful way to objectify women to feed the male ego. 🤔
Angela A T Kerehoma (2 months ago)
Over hyped bla' bla.... from people with to much to say!!!
Toni Swift (2 months ago)
To me, this is a warped perspective. How many degrees of separation is there between a "kept" woman and a prostitute? Sex is not a component of being a Geisha... but... If they choose to have affairs with the men who patronize them, they can do so.... For money.... How many ways can this perspective be twisted?
mega byteme (2 months ago)
this doco is crap
Zoes Dada (2 months ago)
So the geisha helped the samurai destroy themselves. It was the Meji Emperor who outlawed the wearing of swords. The geisha who married George Morgan was just lovely. Poor thing. At first you want to feel shame and sorrow for the soldiers taking advantage of the hungry girls but all women do this if you think about it. All women use sex as a means to gain power or wealth in one form or another. This is so sad. Geisha are dwindling away. I thought the Japanese were going back to their roots. With the resurgent popularity of the samurai and the feudal weaponry I would think geisha would be popular too. Another beautiful thing western society is ruining.
Alan Kuntz (2 months ago)
can be summed up in two words f*** dolls
rose beatuiful (2 months ago)
I would love to meet a geisha
Stephanie Phillips (2 months ago)
Geisha = Escorts = prostitutes
teapotOctopode (2 months ago)
"once the playthings of shogun" "then became the sweethearts of american GIs" ok, I'm gone! Bye! They literally did not research Geisha and Geisha history. They are just repeating prejudices over and over again. Can't stand that shit.
Trishini Shin (3 months ago)
From what I understood, this is a tradition that some of the Japanese women have adopted. To be able to be a geisha there are lot of sacrifices that you need to undergo. They are being hired by men to entertain them. They are not being forced to have any sort of sexual relationship. If they want they can have it. This is there job, they are not married, they leave everything to accept this lifestyle. Yes most probably for some of the people this might be described as being a prostitute but the geisha are not that. It is seen as an art and art leads to different perspectives. We should not forget that when Japan was hit by an economic boom, it was the geisha who contributed in helping the society financially through their savings.
Susan Gialano (3 months ago)
Your mad cause your paying for bird shit faces Right ?
Viktor Z (3 months ago)
Typical shallow US production with some interesting parts. Golden is a fraud and his appearance is disturbing. Always distrust hypocrite Americans explaining prostitution.
Gale Andrews (3 months ago)
i loved the book, the movie, and most documentaries, until I found out later from my Chinese friend, that the actress used in the movie wasn't even Japanese! How Rude!
Alice Park (1 month ago)
Whats the movie's name and book?
kathleen halhead (3 months ago)
Escorts Wtf classy or not their all the same dirty unlean
Chiara River (3 months ago)
I really feel for these gracious, beautiful Geisha. I hope the tradition survives.
namrata majumder (3 months ago)
There skin is beautiful without makeup
namrata majumder (3 months ago)
Is it not prostitution? I think some how it is same.....
tammi marking (3 months ago)
I am a very liberal, progressive, western female, yet I believe this is an amazing and beautiful tradition. And to be perfectly honest, I believe these ladies are the epitome of feminism. And to dispel any false beliefs, these women are NOT prostitutes! And if anyone thinks otherwise, I encourage them to do more research.
Ai Fan (3 months ago)
37:31 The Geisha's worst fear has always been fire. The lost of her kimono... 🤣😂😆
Ai Fan (3 months ago)
1:03:10 ...and to make the men think that he has done no wrong, can do no wrong, and will never do any wrong... swallowed that hook line and sinker 😂
Mpeera Gloria (3 months ago)
Sleep on a wooden block😓 really!!!?
Mpeera Gloria (3 months ago)
These girls were taken advantage of by the "mothers"
Mpeera Gloria (3 months ago)
Sounds a little sketchy...am not trying to offend anyone🙅 but I don't like people being owned, their virginity being "sold". IT IS SKETCHY...
LikeItIs (3 months ago)
Of course, they are not prostitutes! They do not stand on street corners waving down cars. They do, however, have sex with the men who hire them. It is an old and secret Japanese cultural thing.
samcad2013 (3 months ago)
Wish Golden would write another book. That was my favourite book ever.
XANDR KENSKI (3 months ago)
we are artists. we are not prostitutes. we sell our art. and virginity. and we can have affairs with married men. for money. but we are not prostitutes
yayaya (3 months ago)
It's really not unlike slavery.
Aal_iah (3 months ago)
*Geisha* » A beautiful work of historic art, Entertainers *Oiran* » Prostitute *Geisha are not Prostitute*
Samson Delilah (3 months ago)
Gay-sha....Geisha for Gay men Lol..
Samson Delilah (3 months ago)
JAV is a legacy of Geisha culture. thanks for japanese women to entertain men's passion n lust
Tomeka Hill (3 months ago)
Well darn I need to be a geisha
steve gale (3 months ago)
Typical American bullshit. As for that crap book, it is a pile of made up nonsense.
El Able (3 months ago)
Where do women go when they are tired? There should be entertainment for women too just sayin......
Phoenix Lyon (3 months ago)
It will be a sad day when the geisha are gone. These women are about the only ones keeping the old art forms alive. Traditional, historical....and a dying breed from the sound of things. I read both books. Prefer Ms. Dalby's as it shows a playful side of these women.
steve gale (3 months ago)
Traditionally they were men. As for dying out, they are more in demand now than they have ever been because of tourists. BTW M of a Geisha is a pile of utter bull.
Susan Gialano (3 months ago)
Got a life , obviously you need one, plenty of time to stay on here messaging me , LMFAO !
Jake Smith (3 months ago)
Reading the comments really shows the tunnel vision of western ideas surrounding sex and women in the service industry. A woman can be an artist, a hospitality worker and sell her body however she wants without necessarily being at the bottom of society.
DrownsInCancer (3 months ago)
+Wendy Vardades Hey bud, they aren't children. And they aren't sold into slavery. This is a profession, it takes a quick google search to know they're not sex slaves. Get your facts straight lmao
Lonaya Denning (3 months ago)
The Americans RUINED the geisha name!!! How dare they geisha are refined mature regal extremely talented woman that should be honored not dirty filthy woman with no self worth
Duchess De Lanai (3 months ago)
As soon as they mentioned them being American G.I's "sweethearts," I knew this was going to be completely inaccurate and I am not even gonna waste my time.
Neta Sezan (3 months ago)
How thay did not got preganent?
Deborah Hamm (4 months ago)
Dancing for the man and pussy the old ladies over there pimping out the those poor young ladies I can't believe it even the mothers telling their daughters down shame shame shame try to do that here in America Jail jail jail
Concerned4 USA (4 months ago)
Socialist & ultimate exploiter of capitalism, Sarandon, is A U.S. ACTRESS WHO (LIKE HER CEEB BUDDIES) NEVER WORKED IN MILITARY, POLITICS/govt, or studied, or read much(& don't have GEDs typically) they give worthless unsolicited left wing ideologies(that NEVER WORKED ANYWHERE) to the rest of us. We all PUKE & IGNORE. Please just ignore her, so you don't puke too.
Concerned4 USA (4 months ago)
If COMMIE SUSAN Sarandon speaks, it's ALWAYS a lie!
Lolitabonita (4 months ago)
the "mother" is a pimp!! plain and simple!!
Viktor Z (3 months ago)
Again..dumb reasoning..you’re just parroting stupidity..and..who are those..’some intelligent people’…there are no part of your little world :)
Lolitabonita (3 months ago)
Dumb comment...ask some intelligent people how it works :)
Viktor Z (3 months ago)
Dumb reasoning, ask mommy how it works :)
DrownsInCancer (3 months ago)
+Lolitabonita No, she's not. This documentary is SHIT compared to others. I've researched about geisha for about 2 years now, and she is NOT a pimp. Geisha entertain and dance, I don't know why people have to think "OOOH SHE'S LETTING A GUY FUCK HER HARD AND GOOD FOR THAT YEN" Dude it takes a simple google search to know they're aren't whores...
Charisse Linnell-Morton (4 months ago)
They are living art. I am curious if they need to become far more specific and highly secretive again. I also wonder if they would ever diversify and become more fluid...and entertain woman as well . I think that they would make very good company and they are really there to make the clients feel relaxed comfortable,intrigued and secure. I also believe that they need to be able to trademark themselves.That way people will not be able to use the term “Geisha” unless they have trained. It’s also highly important that they add some popular culture to their dance and vocals for younger clients. It is necessary for any other artist to be able to adapt their art.A painter would not paint the same collection over and over again.They should instead see it as adding more layers to their collection.
Jo Ann O'Flanagan (4 months ago)
fun ny thing! we keep hearing about male dominaton male exploit ion and such. yet it is the women who own giesha houses.
Looks By Naheemah (4 months ago)
Looks By Naheemah (4 months ago)
Joshua WRIGHT (4 months ago)
I love Japanese tradition. Amazing this century Japanese people still keep their old tradition. I went to Kyoto . I love the place. And Japanese people they are very friendly and honest people.
Joshua WRIGHT (4 months ago)
Some people have no idea. Geisha is not a prostitute.
Lucia-Maria Sandalovschi (4 months ago)
The world has changed So much that we lost contact with culture... So sad.
nosha dean (4 months ago)
precious lost souls REPENT
anti hero (3 months ago)
in your values, yes.
nosha dean (4 months ago)
demonic behavior, make no mistake, REPENT!!
Bambi (4 months ago)
I liked Golden's book - because I was a young teen who enjoyed romantic novels. This is as much of a documentary as Memoirs of a Geisha was non-fiction. Not only is there no new information in this, there's even inaccurate information in this. Worse than just reading a Wikipedia page on the topic, except this has pictures (which don't correlate with the narration - come on, at least they should know what a maiko is...)
Gina De La O (4 months ago)
Is Susan Sarandon narrating?
Karen P (4 months ago)
How very beautiful these women are. Exquisite and deliberate in their elegance. They are nothing like a prostitute. They are classically trained you could say. I adore their finesse and enjoyed this documentary. Thank you.
linda linacre (4 months ago)
Weren't Geisha originally males?
Moushi Moushi (4 months ago)
linda linacre yes, they were ^^
Josie Perez (4 months ago)
Excellent Doc!! Watched the Movie Memoirs of a Geisha it was beautiful!! Thank you
Luka Yu (4 months ago)
My god. I'd never thought a video was reposted from Tudou (a Youtube gimic created in China ) to Youtube itself.
Johannus den Hertog (4 months ago)
My compliments , they are so mistique

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