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Melissa Nice Body..

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Text Comments (17)
Erald (3 months ago)
Blonde Nejire
Reian Vase (3 months ago)
Title of the last song?
Gaje Steel (4 months ago)
Sorry but why does it always have to be about the body, why can't it ever be about the heart? The heart is far more valuable than the body, heck the body wouldn't even work without the heart.
L K (5 months ago)
These mha chicks look identical
ANimE oN LiFe (5 months ago)
Don't laugh but I haven't seen the movie yet...where should I see it??
Mimicry (5 months ago)
Melissa or camie choose
Kaori Shouto (3 months ago)
Mimicry toga
Reese Desn (3 months ago)
Kanamih hatashi (4 months ago)
Inori chan (4 months ago)
she fugly
Litgamer 1327 (6 months ago)
I wanna smash
Ringking 1978 (7 months ago)
Doesnt seem little odd that she doesnt have her dads hair color but All Mights. I can see him leaving his child for safety with his best friend. It be a cool new twist is she is ALL Mights daughter.
Mr. Hero29 (3 months ago)
Maybe her mothers?plus i think dave is also american
Inori chan (7 months ago)
Melissa my love💝
IWasCrafting (7 months ago)
The Gaming God (8 months ago)
Melissa is without a question one of the cutest girls in My Hero Academia

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