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- open for more love - Hi guys, this is my take on how to give yourself a B12 shot! I literally looked up some youtube videos before & am happy when this is finally done. No more needles for me, please! Feel free to follow my journey on Instagram @steffi.heii
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am83330 (8 months ago)
B-12 is "in" animals and "on" plants. I am amazed how many people fail to understand this.Vitamin B-12 is NEVER inside a plant. Vegans did not exist before the 20th Century because there were no B-12 supplements. Jesus could not have been a vegan. Vegetarians existed before the 20th century, but Veganism was an impossibility.
Anett Barta (5 months ago)
Do you know that chemicals did not also exist to wash plants?So B12 was on the plants when people ate it..:)
Cycling Slimmer (2 years ago)
I always do it on my leg, it's quick, easy and painless. Done it 10's of times and done it to others too.
Cycling Slimmer (2 years ago)
+steffi.hei Really? Needles best way!
steffi.hei (2 years ago)
Just got some B12 pills at my vegan supermarket. I am done with needles haha.
Cycling Slimmer (2 years ago)
+steffi.hei I can show you in Thailand too! I plan on getting some there.
steffi.hei (2 years ago)
Oh! That's a good advice, thanks. Never tried it on the leg. Hmmmm since I have to do it again today - might give it a try! :)

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