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History of Microsoft Windows (Windows 1.0 - 10)

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History of Windows Server is already here! Check it out: https://youtu.be/6hvKW3q2KC4 Wanna know more about the first version of Windows? Check this out: https://youtu.be/5wZJ-KolZnM This is the history of Microsoft Windows from Windows 1.0 (1985) to Windows 10 (2015). This video doesn't include the Windows Server versions. Music used: - Windows XP Welcome Music - Windows XP Tour Music Windows versions featured in this video (all ran on Virtualbox, except Windows 10): - Windows 1.01 (0:12) - Windows 2.03 (1:05) - Windows 3.0 (1:44) - Windows 3.1 (2:39) - Windows NT 3.1 (3:20) - Windows NT 3.51 (3:56) - Windows 95 OSR 2.5 (4:36) - Windows NT 4.0 SP6 (6:08) - Windows 98 (7:03) - Windows 2000 Professional SP4 (8:15) - Windows ME (9:05) - Windows XP Professional SP3 (10:06) - Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 (11:05) - Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) (12:21) - Windows 8.1 (13:23) - Windows 10 Build 14393 (2017 Update) (14:48) Not all Windows versions are featured on this video (Windows Embedded, Windows Server, etc.), due to the fact that if I included all of them, it will make the video much more longer. (03/17/2018) - WOAH, 200k views! Thank you so much guys! (09/22/2018) - 700k! Let's reach 1M views guys!
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Text Comments (4919)
Limer324 (42 minutes ago)
Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers !!!!!!
glende martinez (1 hour ago)
q video loco es este de q se trata
Yvette Jebelean (3 hours ago)
my dad's first pc was windows 3.0
Yvette Jebelean (3 hours ago)
my first pc was windows 7
MIKEY ISBAE (6 hours ago)
Windows me was the reason we have most of windows features today
MIKEY ISBAE (6 hours ago)
windows nt
N 2002 (11 hours ago)
1:09 this is the first version of Windows where you can minimize it and maximize/restore it.
crowd14 (1 day ago)
3:37 “Donald Trump screw you” 3:40 ni🅱️🅱️a
I have okay content (1 day ago)
I started on 2000, but never really fell in love with windows until XP. Amazing to see how this once simple OS has evolved into what we have now.
Rudolf Roschitz (1 day ago)
My first PC was MSDOS with Windows 2.11 (for testing) and then with Windows 3.1 and WfW 3.11 :)
ToyotaTarago1992 (1 day ago)
I used all of them and still have OEM floppies and CDs of them all. What about Windows 0.96 and IBMDos5 released on IBM PC's for companies :) they were something you really had to get your head around lol Loved 3.11 W95c 98SE and XP Happy to use W7Ult 64bit Hate W8 and W10 but forced to use my W10 pc at work.
Sneaky - Roblox (1 day ago)
10:18 lol
Noob TV (1 day ago)
What Was The Diffrence Between Vista And 7 Lol
Sidqi Fahmi (1 day ago)
Im still windows 7, even this year 2019
I have bad news Windows 7 will end supported in 14 jaunury 2020
HEY HEY HEY Hey (1 day ago)
Hello I'm a kid and I first used windows 7 and i loved it I played on it a day and then when my pops got windows 10 I was sad 4 years later I found windows 7 In a closet downstairs at my house and I used it but now I cant get internet on it but I remember happy times
Excellent Gamer (1 day ago)
The Pc That I Use For Year Is Windows 7 Still Good Because Is Near The Windows 8 And 10
Ace Juga (1 day ago)
Where wimdows 98 SE
TLR_YoloFishHollow (1 day ago)
I remember playing Grand Prix 4 with no internet, on an XP pc for hours and hours back when I was younger... good days they were...
Ralf Gebauer (2 days ago)
Please Download links for Windows Versionen😀😅
saya samal (2 days ago)
mine is windows 7
EpicDoge (2 days ago)
Our computer is windows 7 but im just sad cuz its not 62 bit and its not windows 10
Aleksander Sats (1 day ago)
62 bit is an architexture? 🤔
Gacha Games (2 days ago)
My first pc was a windows xp and i loved playing minecraft on it
MarkYuri PH (3 days ago)
my first PC is Windows 3.0
Elen Fran (3 days ago)
Me windows 7
Alpo Jarvinen (3 days ago)
Bsod 4:01 10000100001
Alpo Jarvinen (3 days ago)
Again a bsod in 6:13
Muhammad Hussnain (3 days ago)
My first window is XP now I have window 7
greatbraves (3 days ago)
2030年まで使える「復刻版Windows MeかWindows XP」欲しいなぁ・・・。
Abiq Slew (3 days ago)
Android id the best
Vinnie Cross 2005 (3 days ago)
You forgot Windows Longhorn!
Sudo Nick (3 days ago)
the song being played is in system 32 / OOBE on windows XP... god it makes me melt
MartooGamer (4 days ago)
If someone wants Windows 11, like this video <3
Ariful Alam (4 days ago)
Ariful Alam (4 days ago)
Does XP
Ariful Alam (4 days ago)
No thanks Pete
Ariful Alam (4 days ago)
Constantin Fleisch (4 days ago)
Unfortunately was Windows 98 SE forgotten.
Abraham Garcia (4 days ago)
Like si Cuando nasis te salió una nueva versión de windows yo 2001
Varistus Aldo (5 days ago)
I am using windows 8 pro
Simon Yen (5 days ago)
My first Windows3.0
Xxkiller1248xx killer (5 days ago)
First PC I used was windows xp second was vista AKA Peice of trash
Miku Hatsune (5 days ago)
Windows 10 yes?
moussa fanny (6 days ago)
Game Master (6 days ago)
Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8.1 ❤❤
Celltronix Pakistan (6 days ago)
the best time of windows was from 95 to xp before it was just developing after this it was just bullshit i wish a regeneration of xp will come
SaturxHelper (6 days ago)
Windows XP is the most memorable and nostalgic but, for me, the best windows is windows 10..... and windows xp!
TheMonsterMichael (7 days ago)
Like everyone else here, my first was XP. But my dad always had his old beige-box running 98 in the next room. It always seemed so mysterious and archaic at the time...
Fabrizio ROBLOX (7 days ago)
Evolution of Excel
TheGamingPizza (7 days ago)
My first PC is windows 7 dell and I broke it so I got Windows 10
daisy ariana (7 days ago)
@4096 Dosen't Show Microsoft Windows And Apple imac
jonh wink (7 days ago)
Windows XP is the BEST !!
jonh wink (7 days ago)
3.35 :DD
jonh wink (7 days ago)
I learned that Microsoft and Windows are separate things. (LOL)
3.1,98se,2000,XP,7 are the best. But 95 was the Better for me (maybe because for me was the First Time that i saw an user interface)
Hezron Ondiba (7 days ago)
Windows 10 are the worst. Don't try to install them, will corrupt your PC
LEGEND OF PC GAMES (5 days ago)
no bro windows 10 is the best os of microsoft
yousoro ! (8 days ago)
My first pc was windows 7 and i still use it But i will have to upgrade to windows 10 :,(
Hezron Ondiba (7 days ago)
Wait for windows 10 troubles
TheRealTintinnova (8 days ago)
13:31 Yea boi
AbdulRhmaN ALRASHEdE (8 days ago)
Windows vista and windows 7 ✋ stttttop “
THD_morgan (8 days ago)
Mi first PC was windows vista
Arash Kamongir (8 days ago)
There was NO windows 1
mikeissweet (8 days ago)
Thank you for the nostalgia trip. I love dank memes too
double-o G (9 days ago)
3:32 nigga :O
Music Forever ! (9 days ago)
Correction : Vista was released in 2006
RJ OGMylez Dilen (9 days ago)
I go changing themes of my wimdows 10 to windows xp theme
RJ OGMylez Dilen (9 days ago)
earlier ones made nintendo roms
Subhas Sardar (9 days ago)
Windows XP was the best windows version till date.. Windows 7 was ok though.. Vista was pain in the ass. As it was ahed of its time.After that they screwed everything.
B Digital (9 days ago)
The first pc i used had windows 95. I used to hate the blue screen of death. We come a long way.
Requiem Blanchett (9 days ago)
my first was vista but it was shortly updated to 7 lol
Windows xp fue una corrección de Windows vista, tal vez por eso no lo considero!
Godofmemes2000 Pw (9 days ago)
My first pc was windows 98 plus
Jahanzaib Dogar (9 days ago)
window 10 is my best best best
Mortal Kombat Oynayan (10 days ago)
Where is the Windows Phone
petro odic (10 days ago)
10:12 the one that i use
Vinnie Cross 2005 (3 days ago)
But Windows XP ended support April 8th, 2014
CASPER STUDIO (10 days ago)
MAURA ~~ 644~~ To axrhsto skoupidi
Be_Like_Pro (10 days ago)
wow, windows improved a lot!, nice video!
D4vid (10 days ago)
i still remember playing minecraft 1.5 on windows XP (MY first operating system) and it really made me sad that i was forced to upgrade :( i think we can all agree windows XP was one of the best operating systems ever :)
D4vid (7 days ago)
@GamingwithCuyler6 not the point
GamingwithCuyler6 (7 days ago)
D4vid 2 memes in one: Minecraft and the Windows XP
Airisu (10 days ago)
3:30 Best name.
You skipped Windows 8. Oh yeah. I forgot. Windows 8 doesn't exist. It's just 7 and then 8.1.
Omotayo Oresanya (10 days ago)
Torresify -yt (11 days ago)
como es que youtube me recomienda esto??? me vi el vidio completo alv no tengo nada q hacer
Tuğrulcan Yılmaz (11 days ago)
Windows Xp come Back 😭
BacoN (11 days ago)
windows XP song makes me feel like I'm in a dream...
Windows 10 (11 days ago)
Hey i'm windows 10
Ryanhothersall (11 days ago)
Earliest version of windows I remember using was 3.0.
raptorjesus (12 days ago)
windows xp and 7 are ❤️
Lana Yamato (12 days ago)
Windows xp legend !!!
BILLYJAMEZ (12 days ago)
how to rec screen ?
RJ OGMylez Dilen (9 days ago)
Alex Saug (12 days ago)
My first PC was Windows Vista, then Windows 7,now Windows 8.1
Guitar 316 (12 days ago)
First PC i bought/owned had windows 98se. XP, 98se, 7, and 3.1 are the only versions i cared for.
Win95 legend other newst versions just copy of Win95
anon midnight (13 days ago)
XP still better than 10 <3
Xazzy (11 days ago)
and it was the most colourful
Thee INER (13 days ago)
3:32 n word
Christian kim (13 days ago)
my first pc was windows xp
omar adera (14 days ago)
my first pc is 10
Alex Archer (14 days ago)
Windows XP Nice Windows Vista AWESOME Windows 7 Ok Windows 8-Now PIECE OF CRAP
wnatto64 (14 days ago)
lmao.. you think windows vista is awesome it crashes everytime
Ferhat Eroğlu (14 days ago)
Windows XP & Windows 7 ❤️
Mengxuan Weng (14 days ago)
You didn't say about windows server 2003...
Mengxuan Weng (6 days ago)
you didn't say about windows server 2008, windows DR5 too :P
Smoke187 (14 days ago)
3:33 mailbox name lol
Mr Tech (14 days ago)
This is not the history of Microsoft Windows. There is really no information in this video but a timeline
Kevin Kurz (15 days ago)
The oldest computer I used was windows 2000, it was my father’s computer
DeafulMan (15 days ago)
Who have windows 10 press like buton

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