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Power and simplicity: Evolving the Microsoft Office 365 user experience

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The evolution of the Microsoft Office 365 user experience to support a simpler, more powerful and intelligent suite of connected products. Links: Learn more: http://msft.social/Q7odcN Office 365: http://msft.social/krjJ47
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Text Comments (309)
breathing fluid (13 days ago)
How bout we get rid of one of the two settings apps, then worry about the icons? No?
Microsoft Office 365 (8 days ago)
+breathing fluid Got it. We'll be sure to share your thoughts with our team.
breathing fluid (11 days ago)
+Microsoft Office 365 Its existence. We already have a settings app and it's perfectly fine soooooo
Microsoft Office 365 (11 days ago)
+breathing fluid What do you not like about the Control Panel?
breathing fluid (12 days ago)
Microsoft Office 365 I know your team has nothing to do with it, but there’s still a control panel in Windows 10. You have to agree it’s getting a little outrageous.
Microsoft Office 365 (12 days ago)
Hey, there! We appreciate your feedback. Would you mind explaining in further detail what we can do to improve? We're all ears.
Luiz Fernando (30 days ago)
We want fluent design right now!
Microsoft Office 365 (29 days ago)
We hear you, Luiz. Your patience is appreciated!
Humorflix YPTH y mas (2 months ago)
You should make a profesional video editing for the Office collection
QWERTY BG (3 months ago)
In which version of office 365 this will happen, and why you use iPhone
FaRhyst Hunterz (3 months ago)
Love that glassy ui
Microsoft Office 365 (3 months ago)
Thanks for your kind feedback! We'll pass your thoughts along to our team.
Arturo Ariel (3 months ago)
Windows Vista Aero 🤘
Muminjon Abduraimov (3 months ago)
This is fantastic. I love Microsoft!
Microsoft Office 365 (3 months ago)
+Muminjon Abduraimov Wow, that's awesome! Are there any Excel features that you find particularly helpful?
Muminjon Abduraimov (3 months ago)
+Microsoft Office 365 The Office Excel app I guess. Actually, I am a technical guy and I can solve some of my jobs using the Python language. So I can automate some calculation process using Excel+Python. Yeah, the best-loved one is Excel))
Microsoft Office 365 (3 months ago)
+Muminjon Abduraimov We're so happy to hear this! Do you have a favorite Office app?
Muminjon Abduraimov (3 months ago)
+Microsoft Office 365 First of all thank you so much for your attention!)) I have been using Office 365 over 2 years now. Also in our school (Uzbekistan) we use free version of the Office 365)
Microsoft Office 365 (3 months ago)
We love you too, Muminjon! How long have you been an Office 365 user?
SxG (3 months ago)
What is the name of the music?
Hamza Husain (3 months ago)
I'd rather use google docs these days.
Александр (3 months ago)
It looks good, but this update are senseless.
Links the Cat (2 months ago)
Lol what what
Microsoft Office 365 (3 months ago)
That's what what we want to hear. What can we do to improve?
Rian Adhi (3 months ago)
Make it Faster And more clean plss..
תומר שמי (3 months ago)
Noel John G. Quezon (3 months ago)
Were going back MS Office 2003 UI that was cool and Visual Effect using HoloLens designer.
Are they use Microsoft Surface
Joshua Raymond panes (3 months ago)
For windows 11 or 12?
Octopus (3 months ago)
@Microsoft Office 365 Please post the music, it is so heavenly.
Dipankar Giri (3 months ago)
Well have a dream to work for the tech. Mega giant and my dream seems to be bigger and better.
zulvex blank (3 months ago)
Reality vs Expectation
ITPro Youtube (3 months ago)
Thank god I have this UI (check my vid)
RUSH GSP (3 months ago)
funny thing is they know how to design it but not build it
Lauren채움 (3 months ago)
is this called microsoft aesthetic
YossiTube (3 months ago)
So satisfying video
Fahmi Andri (3 months ago)
The design is very symmetrical.
l_u.c.i_a (4 months ago)
The best promo vid. of Office ❤
Huy Ho (4 months ago)
so beautiful
Junjie Yuan (4 months ago)
Material design ng. LoL
RAHUL MITTAL (4 months ago)
Откуда негры буковкы знают
liaia (4 months ago)
i'm so happy that yeseong was part of this XD
Emanuel Peralta (4 months ago)
0:32 y Windows phone? Murió? Ah sí y luego se burlan de Apple :v
hilman kaya (4 months ago)
Very good animation, so fluid.
Microsoft Office 365 (4 months ago)
Thanks for your feedback, Hilman! Are you an Office 365 user?
Ayush Likhar (4 months ago)
This is the definition of elegance
Ayush Likhar (4 months ago)
Best visuals
Microsoft Office 365 (4 months ago)
Thanks for your feedback, Ayush! We'll share this with our team.
Soumyadeep 980 (4 months ago)
So satisfying music 😇😸
Luke Blevins (3 months ago)
+Microsoft Office 365 Music was amazing. I and 22 other Reddit users would like to know what song this is, and if it's public.
Soumyadeep 980 (4 months ago)
+Microsoft Office 365 No I use Microsoft Office Pro-2016 😸
Microsoft Office 365 (4 months ago)
We're so glad you think so! Are you an Office 365 user?
Răzvan. (4 months ago)
Please make it free....We are so many poor kids in romania that cant afford paying so much for office:( and we need it so much
illeniumedits (4 months ago)
so fucking gorgeous
Rafael Hernández (4 months ago)
How can I find that desktop computer?
ITPro Youtube (3 months ago)
Surface Studio
Name Last Name (4 months ago)
Office is a torture instrument. Why do water boarding on war prisoners, when you can make them try to do bullit points or regular quotes, why rip their nails out if you can make them watch water droplets in Powerpoint?
Chase Crawford (4 months ago)
So you're just copying Google?
Jose Andres Morales (4 months ago)
Ariel Kapell (4 months ago)
I didn't like to see an ugly iPhone in this video >:v
Jui-Ting Chien (4 months ago)
so beautiful
βωρδάρτ (4 months ago)
I Just noticed at 01:27 Microsoft portrays the internet as a series of tubes...
Zikir Junapa (4 months ago)
Salute to the video editing team. Such a good work
Nikola Yordanov (4 months ago)
Is Microsoft appleing us?
Sedew (4 months ago)
I really really like this fluent design. You are finally achieving it, yet this will apply too slowly to Windows 10. And I hope this time the consistency works better like shown in this video and another videos about fluent design.
Sedew (4 months ago)
Yes, it is probably coming to Windows 10 too. Yeah, I always really liked Office’s design team more than Windows UI team. I hope this inspires them
Sedew (4 months ago)
Why is the old 1:23 Windows Store icon (now Microsoft Store) still there lol? Or did they make it back?
Florentin Montebran (4 months ago)
You should improve your Surface products and stop bugs instead of making dream people and deceive them...
Martin (4 months ago)
Wow, actually this video is awesome!! I which one day we'll have these gorgeous 3D effects on our computer, how a beautiful dream 🤣🤣😂😂😭😭
EHTESHAM (4 months ago)
Make Win10 Better.
Mohan Raj (4 months ago)
At 0:30 is that an iphone with windows OS 🔥🤣
Runze (4 months ago)
MS UI developers are basically crap comparing with MS's commercial filmmakers
Finlay Mitchell (4 months ago)
If you want us to believe that you care about how the user experience feels, please work on the Windows gestures first. Make them follow the material design guidelines at the very least.
Spagman (4 months ago)
Lock your computer when you walk away! 😂
joe rock in (4 months ago)
the soundtrack is awesome
Gierlang Bhakti Putra (4 months ago)
Is this just word online or is it coming to the updates? I always get annoyed with those sneaky windows updates but lately the update is getting better so I am okay with it
Seema Seematra (4 months ago)
Beautiful, but why not do Windows too?
Jogha Ella (4 months ago)
I feel inspired. Actually, it's as if Microsoft adopted Material Design, but made it its own and better! I love it. Seems like MS is on the right track.
H.G tech (4 months ago)
Which day getting this office for other name like office 2019
吴敦杨 (4 months ago)
beautiful music,spotify pls
Austin Moon (4 months ago)
Who’s here in 2019?
Opecory Y (4 months ago)
Tiber Z (4 months ago)
Amazing video
Nick Colonna (4 months ago)
if only the video editing team were as good as the dev team 😪 still love devs tho 💖
Devon H (4 months ago)
Just saying same design across all apps. Basically what apple did years ago
Nudge (4 months ago)
I would prefer to have a fully finalised well working fluent than some half baked stuff Wish MS works more and releases it in a couple of years
Bigben2u (4 months ago)
Save yourselves! Jump ship, every man, woman, and child for itself! MS doesn't care and it will sink your dream ⛵ without hesitation. Ask Satya and Sundar, they are working on a merger since day one...from India with hate!!
Alex Ties (4 months ago)
The design language is not matching the one of the software at all
A P (4 months ago)
Will the new UI and design be affected on Mac OS as well?
Killian Green (4 months ago)
Wish the actual UX was as good as the video
jesuisfou (4 months ago)
And again there're only Asians and Negros — indeed, people, who need innovations the most.
Hellenic Power (4 months ago)
What's the music?
Nexa (4 months ago)
Your Video Editors and Designers Are Better Than Your Developers
Nixon Kosgei (4 months ago)
Bring it to windows
Curious Art (4 months ago)
Plants vs Zombies anyone?
jesuisfou (4 months ago)
New icons? OMG! What a hype!
Watching this felt so DELICIOUS
Desmond Bongcawel (4 months ago)
Flat is Modern, everyone needs a gradient design but not overhaul flat.
WhyNot (4 months ago)
Should I be already able to do the update ?? … because I can't =(
Guillermo Guevara (4 months ago)
Accept it Microsoft, you're ugly
ᗪΔᐯIᗪ L89 (4 months ago)
Also the win10 new icons looks lit
Musically Viral Videos (4 months ago)
Shame on Google material ui. Refresh... This ia so cool... I wish Windows mobile was there
Bato Adventurer (4 months ago)
microsoft je sada cool ! ! !
WindfallX YT (4 months ago)
PBJUN (4 months ago)
This is way Appler than Apple
Lolan (4 months ago)
Stunning animations yet I feel like half of them are entirely purposeless and tell me nothing except that u have a skilled animation team..
Kareem Kasem (4 months ago)
Fix your UI , please
EddyGraphic (4 months ago)
Now that this design team is done, move them to the Windows department, Windows 10 desperately needs a refresh UI and iconography wise, time to kill those windows 7 looking icons already.
Tigran Tashchyan (4 months ago)
0:29 it hurts Microsoft!!!
Sergio Fratto (4 months ago)
+Tigran Tashchyan I'm sure it will come, it will be an Android but theres the Microsoft Launcher so we're good!
vimal kumar (4 months ago)
Surface phone will have very large display i really hate large display mobile phones because it do not fits in the pocket
Tigran Tashchyan (4 months ago)
+vimal kumar I am still hoping for a surface phone :)
vimal kumar (4 months ago)
Lumia could be alive if microsoft had millions of apps in windows store
Zecr Samanadro (4 months ago)
I like the videos. Though I really don't see how it actually is used in Office. What was this video even about
FiercelyPolygons (4 months ago)
*when you realise the team that designs one set of applications is better than the ones who design the whole OS to support it*
star innovative (4 months ago)
im still stuck with page numbering starting from fifth page 😓😓
LenVrijhof (4 months ago)
0:31 Why was there an iPhone 8 with bezels on there? That was like 2 years ago. That's not the future...
Mitsuko Megumi (4 months ago)
Now just make the dev team half this good.
John Adams (4 months ago)
microsoft is finally taking their own advice👏🏻
nice computer unlike trash apple
Alex Finch (4 months ago)
The animation is this video is incredible I actually enjoy watching it.
TMC MarCodeRed (4 months ago)
Wayyyy to much color on their phone apps.
delbroox (4 months ago)
Looks really cool even though I don't understand exactly what's happening
Eisenheim68 (4 months ago)
Microsoft not Microhard
Tobiáš Kaláb (4 months ago)
Shame your developers aren't as good as your video editing team

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