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Stay High and Dry with these amazing anti-flood innovations… FREEZE LISTS ESPAÑOL https://goo.gl/bM38rd FREEZE LISTS DEUTSCH https://goo.gl/IKd6xM FREEZE LISTS ENGLISH http://goo.gl/LqNRbT LINKS SANDMASTER https://www.barriersystemsllc.com/ DAM EASY https://bit.ly/2tpTIhN WATERBLOC http://barricadeenviro.com/ FLOODBREAK http://www.floodbreak.com FLOW DEFENCE FLOOD BARRIER https://www.flowdefence.com.au NAOQ http://noaq.com/en/home/ RAPIDAM http://www.floodbarrier.com/ FLOOD BLOCK https://www.floodblockbarrier.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTRIBUTIONS: Copyright Free Images From Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/ File: Georgia National Guard filling sandbags.jpg: By The National Guard (Georgia National Guard) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons File: US Navy 040525-N-5576W-001 Builder 1st Class Sean Rigg, assigned to Construction Battalion Unit 401 (CBU-401), Naval Station Great Lakes, upper left, helps speed up the sand bagging process.jpg: By U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Rhonda Burke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons File: Defense.gov photo essay 110605-A-6297J-025.jpg: By English: Sgt. Charlie Jacobson [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons File: TBSB.JPG: By Classenc [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], from Wikimedia Commons
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Text Comments (327)
Emmy G (13 days ago)
Those Flood blocks have spaces between them you can see the water going through it not good
Gray filter Guy (22 days ago)
This reminds me of cancer,who needs treatments anyway? let the cash flow
Dare Bear (26 days ago)
Why am I watching this?
Ed (27 days ago)
Holey crap, commercials inside of commercials...bye.
Ed (27 days ago)
sandmaster...I could have filled 5 bags in the time it took to load the bags on the machine....
HavenBroz (28 days ago)
No ur wrong Water Block in MIneCRaft IS EFfecTIve!!
William C (30 days ago)
For the first one who’s going to have a giant machine and a giant pile of sand
TheYoutubeGuy (30 days ago)
That dam easy thing is amazing. Should hive one to every house in Somerset lol.
Nicholas Rodriguez (1 month ago)
That was so dam easy
a (1 month ago)
Best house placement? *IN HELL* -Fire would evaporate water
Wew sweet.u think so easy. Try to stop flood in philliphines
sdfbtnsfgd (1 month ago)
water blocker dam its good
9:52 look like a pool
Giant Ginta (1 month ago)
With the water block will it still stop the water if the water is higher then it haha
Hector R (1 month ago)
So, what you're saying is...as long as you're rich, your home won't get damaged by a flood? Ok, check
Magmapieface (1 month ago)
In our country floods are normal -Philippines
Shovel KnightXD (1 month ago)
How is #1 anti-flood? (nvm)
Flerp (1 month ago)
How did I get to this point in my life?
steve billiter (1 month ago)
Interesting machines I've never seen before. Why they think they have to play this "disco duck" music is beyond me--very irritating.
Greg Marq (1 month ago)
Damn Easy... for all those houses that do not have weep holes in their sides... :\
America (1 month ago)
"that can be erected much faster" wow ok
M F (2 months ago)
Try watch smart tunnel Kuala Lumpur. That's the most effective way to curb the flood by chaneling the extra water to another place outside the city.
No Videos (2 months ago)
“Great I’ve kept the water out of my garage.. now what do I do with this pole in the middle of it?”
Master Wulfgar (2 months ago)
he protecc but most importantly he waterblocc
Mweh Heh heh heh (2 months ago)
What if your car is on the barrier when I rises? Lol
Carlton W. Trainham (2 months ago)
flood block is something that needs exploring
Travis Ladegast (2 months ago)
The idea of a more permanent self deploying barrier is a great idea. It is less conspicuous (ie: more aesthetically pleasing) and functional up to a point (obvious height limitations). I just hope that a really bad rain does not create a "false flood" as the deployment section fills with water. If this occurs in a place with bicycle or vehicle traffic, there could be risk of damage or injury. But like it states, this is for smaller, more common flash flooding, not the great flood that killed all but two of every species.
Kameron Hyden (2 months ago)
You said no tools but you used a wrench
Useless Airbornedrones (2 months ago)
It's quite obvious this video is aimed at Megasecur the only fastest, easiest and workable flood barrier system. Well it's good to give competitors a fighting chance when they are up against the best. Oh by the way any of these companies have FM Approval by FM Global ?
Cyrus Hale (2 months ago)
The rapi-dam is able to hold a ton of water per metre? A cubic meter of water is a ton. The rapi-dam don't sound so good now does it.
guldmob (2 months ago)
A flood event... sounds like some thing I don't want to miss. Like it's entertainment. George Carlin had some thoughts about this. Go youtube and look for: - on airlines and flying.
dnwjzu jsjsjs (2 months ago)
But my water steps over like it's nun
Blade1301 (2 months ago)
Problem, floods over here go higher than that.
XDNR (2 months ago)
8:09 What song plz
Pokémon Trainer Gold (3 months ago)
...is DAM easy
J Bass (3 months ago)
That was so dam easy!!
Kill So (3 months ago)
Adaptation not extinction, it's human nature
A Rox (3 months ago)
Best flood invention, a house built in a non-flood area
Ghostplayer4fun (3 months ago)
But you dont fill sandbags all the way up, you just fill them 3/4
Spritty The Shadow Cat (3 months ago)
....the advert i got just whispered "gogogogogogo"
Barnical15 (3 months ago)
Where is idubbbz when you need him
Evan Wagner (3 months ago)
Yeah watch this shit work when 2012 hits
Dutch Van Der Linde (3 months ago)
Any brothers from the gulf coast?
drivermark3 _ (3 months ago)
Wow that thumbnail!
Wayne Miller (3 months ago)
Even though the water block has puncture resistance it can be punctured by a rock very easily before you put these down you have to prep the area and make sure there's no pointy rocks even if they're dull rocks they will puncture it
Wayne Miller (3 months ago)
The water block actually blocks the water using water
Zachsgreatchannel (3 months ago)
I got a car with a app no i don’t mean i bought a car on an app i wanted a car and i got a car on an app
ALBIN BERGGREN (3 months ago)
The flow defence seems like its a great possibility to be partially activated during heavy rains, as the water will fill the tank below it. I would like to know how the release valve is constructed to counter this.
Gstyle (3 months ago)
What do you do after placing the sand filled bag on the ground? It is meaningless because it is not aligned?
JJ roblox Studio (3 months ago)
I thought it said food xD
寺本大輝 (3 months ago)
2つ目の板のやつは日本では使いにくいなー 扉が外開きだから......
Anthony Cassola (3 months ago)
None of these would have saved my house in Harvey, the water was 4-6 feet high
Specs (3 months ago)
Specs (3 months ago)
sundiii99OWS (3 months ago)
Hey I know what you can do! Just make everyone dig out their front and back yards kinda deep, in addition to putting up sand bags, so the water might not go into their houses!! Then they won't have to keep mowing their lawns either, or buying new law mowers and leaf blowers, or pay gardeners...it'll save lots of money! (Yes I'm being facetious! Lol) Because we never should have built any houses, roads, cars, malls etc. We should have built only T&T!(Tower cities connected to maglev Trains! To save lives and to save THE EARTH FOR WILDLIFE! (Like The Jetsons, who only once that I saw touched the land, although they wrongly showed each person having their own individual house, which I don't like.....hmmm I wonder why the creators did that! Were they thinking of saving the earth? I doubt it.)
Moto Adventures (3 months ago)
What he say a 1:52
Angela Merkel (3 months ago)
Maybe just build somewhere else you dumb idiots!
To avoid flood guys buy all of this gadget and have 6th wall in your home
TRX VLOGGER (3 months ago)
Yeah a lot of these things look like they would work. Until you actually know how real life situations go. You don't just throw these sealed berried on your front and back door and no water gets into your house. For 1 it can still seep through stucco or 2..... it can get into other areas like a floor level window sill, or through the garage door or seep between the floor wall stud plates etc. Oh and the Sand Bags? Yeah you can fill like 15 at once But probably takes 15 to 20 minutes for one person to install those sand bags, plus even if you needed them in a wet situation where the fuck you gonna find dry sand? Wet sand will not be very easy to fill those Sand bags.... Come on people real life situations are way different these Gimmicks are seriously dumb and kind of immature like they're now taking "invention Convention" ideas from 5th graders who have no clue.
Madeline Hensley (3 months ago)
What if the waterblocc pops?
DemoScottGaming Lounge (3 months ago)
I feel like the damn easy would be only effective only until the water lvl rises over it.... hope they thought about it and made it so you can stack multiple on top of each other
Phoenix Plays (3 months ago)
The water looks like Pepsi in the thumbnail
Piotr Banasiak (3 months ago)
Where there is paranoia there is someone making making
ZernoGames (3 months ago)
what if it just rains and the barrier goes up slightly and now people cant get to ther cars
Kris With The K (3 months ago)
Damn easy 😑
Jonathan SIson (3 months ago)
We need a bigger wall.
Fate Fornite (3 months ago)
I'm lookin for a barrier the size of trumps wall!!!!???
The dam easy flood barrier I’m pretty sure the makers had some fun making the name
いきすちそ (3 months ago)
**583k views being English**
jojessegaming (3 months ago)
netherlands be like bruh this shit is old (i live in netherlands and we have a huge highway that is used to stop water) https://www.google.nl/search?q=afsluitdijk&source=lmns&client=safari&prmd=minv&biw=1024&bih=666&hl=nl&ved=2ahUKEwjAwZfNy_HdAhXJMFAKHaxeAagQ_AUoAHoECAAQAw
Justin Z. (3 months ago)
She attac She prottec But mostly she water bloc
LB vlogs (2 months ago)
Justin Z. You’re not funny
Justin Z. Doesn't make sense
Sir Statistic (3 months ago)
Whitest script ever imo
Peridot Y (3 months ago)
But what do you do if the water rises above all the barriers
suckanegg (3 months ago)
Dammmm that's smart.
NakoSuga (3 months ago)
Dam easy is Damn easy!
slash Richards (3 months ago)
2end one what about the Garage
tennis dingo (3 months ago)
Amazing clickbait
CONSERVA CLAN (3 months ago)
Water isn’t wet, water is water and for water to be wet it would need another liquid to make it wet. Water is already a liquid so a liquid can’t make a liquid such as, water, wetter. Water is water, if water was more watery how would water be wetter. Water can’t be wet because water is a wet liquid with maximum wetness. If water gets on your wet body do you say “I’m wetter”? No you don’t, why? Because water can’t make wet objects wetter. Therefore water can’t make water wetter nor is water even wet because water is water and water is wet, water is itself and has wetness for objects to get wet from the waters wetness from liquid wet water...that’s why water isn’t wet.
Paul horneto (1 month ago)
fuck off
Shaz Demon (2 months ago)
Wet wetter what !! Stfu
The Gibberino (3 months ago)
Yeah water isn’t wet, and the sun is a god
Dutch Van Der Linde (3 months ago)
Chill on the drugs bro
CONSERVA CLAN (3 months ago)
Btw soaking makes something else wet. Would you say “I soak water to make it wet “ ?
A Guy In a Van (3 months ago)
None of this stuff worked against the tsunami in Japan.
bossgrub27 (3 months ago)
+A Guy In a Van the type of flood these things are meant for are caused by sudden high amounts of rainfall. A tsunami wil just smash these thing like they are nothing. Also that probably wouldn't be that efficient because a big tsunami that would be actually worth 'harvesting' doesn't happen frequently enough and it would have to be MASSIVE.
A Guy In a Van (3 months ago)
+bossgrub27 Isn't a tsunami a flood? And I was just playing. Wouldn't it be nice if we had inventions that would not only stop tsunamis but could harvest their energy?
bossgrub27 (3 months ago)
these thing aren't meant to stop a tsunami
Parth Patel (3 months ago)
Sandbags are ass at stopping water.
Elijah Zimmerman (3 months ago)
Why am I watching this😂
-*CPT*- (3 months ago)
He attacc He protecc But most importantly he blocc
Gametrue 22 (3 months ago)
Flood block= lego 2.0
Gametrue 22 (3 months ago)
So how is the water going to recede if there is no exit points for the water?
Gametrue 22 (3 months ago)
Uses a wrench in a flash flood to set this up :2 minutes later...
XxF34RSUPREMExX (3 months ago)
Best anti flood product: Don’t live near the fucking ocean.
Firefox9001 (3 months ago)
Tf the halo rings at?
the chickenmaster (3 months ago)
its called a dike. learn how to build them america
Kazimo (3 months ago)
No one needs this^^
Doggo D.A.G. (3 months ago)
Instead of trying to keep the flood away , try preventing it instead
the chickenmaster (3 months ago)
indeed only that would take a big instant investment and to most americans that sounds worse than many many small investments over time
Lostgears (3 months ago)
You know whats cheaper? NOT LIVING IN A FLOOD ZONE.
Team Vex (3 months ago)
What happens if the flood was way bigger than the flood blocker could hold
Chris Partner (3 months ago)
I like this video. No bullshit, long, boring intro. Straight to the point and interesting!
Hi Og (3 months ago)
Water blocker blocks water by using water. SEEMS LEGIT
xshotx gt (3 months ago)
he said no tools required u have to use a wrench and pump what a lier
Newer Account (3 months ago)
When life gives you lemons , stop gossiping and think about what can make this place better
Newer Account (3 months ago)
You want monumental sandbagging? Play cards with Jamal at my cousins house on Saturday night
Diego Santos (3 months ago)
Whoever thought of that is a genius
Charles T Lawson (3 months ago)
Chace Watson Ethan (3 months ago)
Very interesting video🙏
Operator_six (3 months ago)
Chace Watson Ethan you are cringe af

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