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Churchill's Secret 2016 English Movie

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Churchill's Secret 2016
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Carolus Dumus (1 month ago)
With Stalin, Churchill was certainly among the greatest mass murderers in history.
Graham Povey (25 days ago)
Really? .... and where does Hitler figure in this idealogy? ..... I think you confuse warmongering with being a warrior.
Samuel Harbron (4 months ago)
This is completely wonderful, and I know some people may have their doubts about Churchill today but what they can't deny is that he was the embodiment of British spirit and he carried that spirit on his shoulders. This is why this film is so great because it truly captures that. Thank you so much for sharing.
justin case (5 months ago)
Oh fuck me, i didnt know the poor bastard had a studder. During WW2 this idiot damn near sold out all of the Commonwealth areas of interest pleding to the yanks to join the war because the poms and frogs were in for a nasty arse kicking. Reminds me of a 70s song ;Please Mr Custer(America). I dont wanna die.
Tanay Singh (5 months ago)
Churchill talking about peace is as hilarious as Stalin talking about human rights. All his life Churchill was an unsophisticated warmongerer.
Templar blood slovkia (5 months ago)
Churchill was a war criminal....I've read the Archives and his own notes and the breaking of the German Luftwaffe code and code purple (the Japanese code and the wind song code)meaning he knew about Pearl Harbor days before and said nothing...he was presented with four peace treaty's from the Germans and the first one Hiter's Deputy Fuhrer was taken prisoner and tortured...you don't have to agree with me but its FACT and in the Archives..if you can also read JFK's father dairy Joseph and hes take on this war and Churchill...and hes own people said he was drunk everyday...
Manga Manster (4 months ago)
Churchill was not a war criminal Hitler was church you did not go round sacrificing the Jewish people he lifted because he was a megalomaniac if it wasn't for Winston Churchhill England will be going to the hall or America too so get your ass out of your head and show some respect for people it luggage some disgraceful things things that are hard to imagine like putting people in prison camps for doing nothing which the church you did not do that the only people he put in prison camps were German prisoners Who fought for their country as well as English people Siri only people I can see who are not well liked you the person that English people hate it out of Hitler so show some respect this up Winston Churchhill
Giovanni Turco (4 months ago)
HolyRomanSoldier Templarsofslovkia so if Churchill was a criminal hitler was angel killing all the Jews and children and people and raping Jews female plus if it was not for Churchill we be speaking German today this generation are pussys and cry babies if it was not for our grandparents we would not have our freedom today so kiss my ASS plus Churchill is the best PM Britain has ever had our PM today are pussys traitors
Stuart Crossland (5 months ago)
Now research Albert Pike.
Henry van Beek (5 months ago)
I liked this film, thank you for uploading it.
MrAeronuk1 (5 months ago)
He was a depressed and drunken loser. He was a failure his whole life and he lost Britain the Empire on which the sun never set.
globalman (5 months ago)
Thank you. Interesting film with a wonderful cast of actors. There is no argument that Winston had a brilliant mind and vision. Whether Britain would have fared better or worse without Winston Churchill during the battle against German fascism/Nazism one can never know. He was there and gave people the encouragement they needed. He was no shrinking violet. As military strategists Britain was not superior or they wouldn't have lost millions of good young lives during the 19th and 20th centuries. The combined forces and determination won wars but at great cost of valuable human lives. However every ailment and ultimate bad health and strokes can only be attributed to a dissolute life of an addiction to tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy diet. His intake of whiskey, champagne and other cocktails daily/weekly was obscene. That due to being in his own right a noble and wealthy man. His children were fine reflections of addictive personalities copying the role model of the father. Sadly none of them inherited or displayed his intelligence or was a visionary. Every person who smokes is at risk for stroke. Everyone I have ever known who had a stroke/strokes were smokers. He is fortunate not to have contracted, mouth, tongue or throat cancer. It is a fact that every drink of alcohol causes the loss of thousands of brain cells that are never replaced. A minimum to moderate intake might be endured if one begins with brilliance. Excessive drinking will ultimately show its effects past the ages of 40-50. Had he drunk less and not smoked those disgusting cigars had even a moderate exercise regime he would have been far healthier for far longer and would have not needed long periods of recovery at great cost of time and money to himself and the taxpayer. Indeed he was a very egocentric and selfish man. They never should have had children. The nature of his and Lady Churchill's relationship was too exclusive and could have only ended in an horrendously dysfunctional family. All other criticisms hurled at him in comments are not relevant. He and his wife were people of their generation. Despite his political and military vision and prowess he was in other things not an enlightened man. He came from one of the most noble families of England with a long and celebrated history. His ancestry, culture and religious teachings contributed to his most negative qualities. His brilliant mind and spirit drove him to be more than the mostly dull witted aristocracy. But he was not visionary enough to overcome or see through all the negative perceptions of his culture and time. Christianity brainwashed all white people to believe they were entitled, superiour and that all other religions and colours were inferior or savages. The British and their white colonies most influenced, (Australia, USA, South Africa) along with Germany were primarily racist. Some lands have made progress in that area except the USA. The particular journey of British history, monarchy and aristocracy gave them the feeling of even greater superiority hence an immense hubris and sense of entitlement despite the general mediocrity of intellect. This arrogance and trampling over the rest of the planet with heavy boots transferred to the new world usa. Both nations were/are bullies.
RuralMoney.com (10 months ago)
He was John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough through and through!
Ethereal Nirvana (10 months ago)
The guy who fucked India. He famously said "But Gandhi haven't died yet?" When there were calls why Churchill wasn't sending aid to India for the famine in Bengal. Drain of wealth and racism at its best.
OKLA FLUSA (11 months ago)
My God He Was. A STRONG Man
cell pat (11 months ago)
His kids all had grudges against him, And against their mum too. Then they never got over loosing Marigold.
Nicholas Papantoniou (11 months ago)
Churchill was a jewish puppet. This Show is pure diarrhea LMAO
Graham Povey (25 days ago)
Patriot of the empirical era and it's decline. Nobodies 'puppet' , Son! .... Your thinking it puppet-like though....
Nicholas Papantoniou (9 months ago)
Didn't say i hated them....don't know where you drew them conclusions from...im just not a Churchill fan buddy
Love life (9 months ago)
Nicholas Papantoniou why do you hate the Jews did they take anything that belongs to you??
Nicholas Papantoniou (11 months ago)
Your view is of minor importance, Gary. Can you be more foolish, most likely Bahhhhahahah Was there not a catastrophe in the early years also "The Allied invasion, Gallipolli campaign" Lest we forget. It's your negligible research on the Jewish community that demonstrates your insignificance here of the Zionist Hero "a passionate Zionist all his life and a philo-semite" A term i coined "The IQ of a you tube comment's section comes to mind, GARY. It is also evident from your foul-mouthed vocabulary and lack of any real words. This alone is a direct reflection of your intelligence. If I wanted to kill myself, I would climb up your ego whilst extending my right arm (Nazi salute) and jump down to your IQ Level. That surely would be similar to HOLOCAUST torture. The limited area in the ghetto's is very comparable to your limited capacity in life. ליהנות חגגו 10 אוקטובר יום בריאות הנפש העולמי
Nicholas Papantoniou (11 months ago)
William Gruff (1 year ago)
'Off limits'? An American expression and a relatively recent import into English. In those days Nurse Appleyard would have been told that Her Ladyship's bedroom was _strictly out of bounds._ Another obvious _faux pas_ was the Great Western locomotive and train taking her to Chartwell, near Westerham, in West Kent. 'Assignment' is another inappropriate Americanism. I've only watched as far as 17:09 but that's enough for me.
kw d (3 months ago)
Gary, don't worry about it buddy. The British are anti-American only up to when they need us. There are American Military cemeteries in Britain, there are no British Military cemeteries in America. That's an "Americanism" they should never forget.
N Bowles (4 months ago)
Not a Great Western locomotive at all. It's a Southern Railway engine: Q Class designed by R.E.L. Maunsell.
ElSmusso (4 months ago)
William Gruff americans...
Nick Call (5 months ago)
William Gruff I'm obviously late to the dance. Yet I must ask, why would you spend more time moaning in the comments then time you spent watching video? Addendum, should change name to Bill Grump
William Gruff (11 months ago)
Absolutely, I agree, I fully concur, I could not say it better myself, so why do you keep casting what you think are pearls unto the swine you think I am? PS: there is no God, nor are there any gods. We're on our own. PPS: I'm vaguely certain that 'cast' should be _casteth_ . I'm getting on and my education was long ago and in a galaxy far far away, yet ripples persist and memories nag and I think I'm right, though I am not so small as to deny that I could be wrong. How say you?
lezfriend (1 year ago)
Great man, great movie. Thanks for posting it.
Excelente Filme. Obrigado.
hady egypt (1 year ago)
A racist who insulted other peoples and cultures. There was a revolution in 1919 in Egypt against the British occupation and he called the demonstrators "bunch of thugs". Churchill is a thug who represents the mentality of the pirates of the British island.
Graham Povey (25 days ago)
He called them what they were in his eyes! .... he was no 'snowflake', thank God! .... As for 'racist', he was British! ... so in the eyes of the likes of YOU, automaticaly racist..... And as for you, are you NOT a racist?.. and the regime in Egypt at present... is that so squeaky clean and justified even to it's own people? .... haha! ...I think not. Be careful who insult and disrespect, you are not BIG enough to pass judgement on a Great man such as this. Arrogance and Ignorance make poor bedfellows.
ExVeritateLibertas (2 months ago)
Hady Egypt - I couldn't agree more. Hitler had the right recipe for you goat fuckers - if only that ridiculous stammering alcoholic hadn't got in the way.
quintinout (5 months ago)
Sandra Winkler i am a churchill fan too. He did things I completely disagree with. You look at what makes a man, what gets him out of bed and that is who I like about him. :)
Sandra Winkler (5 months ago)
hady egypt The perfect man, The perfect warrior, when noon was as black as midnight, Churchill was a beacon. The storm decended upon Europe as suddenly as the turn of a page, and when the world looked here, and there, in despair, he was the oak that refused to bend. Indeed, had it not been for Winston Churchill, all would have been lost, never to see the light of day, ever again! The perfect man for the day. The perfect warrior for those times.
quintinout (6 months ago)
hady egypt I think this is the key. You are right though I don't know enough of what you say. I know that he thought and said many things that I despise. But I also think in certain matters he was a great genius and a good man. Jack London, I found out today was a rascist communist who thought that blacks weren't on a par with whites to deserve the utopian socialist ideal. Do I hate his books now? No. We all have flaws and its the duty of everyone to stand up for what is right. We need to guide the likes of Winston and Jack.
Charles Morris (1 year ago)
Great movie! Winston Churchill's knowledge of war and persistence for peace made him a true hero!
Graham Povey (25 days ago)
Yes, I agree!
Graham Povey (25 days ago)
A Democraticaly elected Tyrant? ..... nonsense! .... He was indeed a Soldier, and Warrior. But a tryant alike to Hitler and Mussolini? ..... How childishly ignorant of you. Churchill was and remains a true heroic patriot of the times. Times you obviously are too far removed from to appreciate. As a child I played on the bombsites around my house for many years. My Father fought as a regular soldier throughout the War. I was brought up with the realities not the fantasies you obviously adhere to. As for 'scum', the Man himself would have laughed at such an insult from the likes of you. Fool.
Nicholas Papantoniou (11 months ago)
made him scum...made him similar to most tyrants in his era #unfortunately
Darrell Lynds (1 year ago)
This man saved us all. Let's do something good with it shall we?
Ignatius E. Sterghos (5 months ago)
Well said, Darrell. Truth just turns some people inside-out, though. If not for Winston, Europeans might be speaking German today. Thanks for saying what MANY believe.
Ignatius E. Sterghos (5 months ago)
Well said, Darrell. Gary & Nicholas, your hate will "kill you". God loves you All.
Stuart Crossland (8 months ago)
Nicholas Papantoniou (11 months ago)
id piss on his grave if i seen it first hand
Alexandre Hebert (1 year ago)
All Right
antares4s (1 year ago)
Shut up Eisenhower. You cannot tell the PM what he can and can not do on his own ship.
FAST N BULBOUS (1 year ago)
They really need to make a film about me, my life and the extraordinary other-worldly circumstances surrounding my stroke, probably be the most fascinating film of all time but unfortunately I'm not the Prime Minister so this will likely never happen.
brianpoetart (1 year ago)
‘The Darren Aronofsky Experience’ Ap Apprehensive At being At bothering Her senses Her soul An Anne knows best Does Doesn’t she? She Shit sure of her self Her reckless restraint at being ra Random and re Real Some people Something special about this The family Sees a signpost A significant way f-r-e-e It relishes Reads at the These pe Persnickety people – twist Twisting it all round Never a one to hurt someone Somebody Street – at channeling Changing beliefs Freed Freedom from constraint Constant concern He’s a didactic Delirious Ly Lee!? This is Darren Aronofsky and this is the nightmare logic
FAST N BULBOUS (1 year ago)
Let me know when you've been perhaps the best in the world at video games; having perhaps the greatest understanding there is of the sense of touch and best hand/eye co-ordination around, losing this ability due to an event of bad luck with the national lottery game equivalent to at least 5 jackpot wins on it, throwing away £36 million after accidentally working out the next set of winning lottery numbers, but being unallowed to put them down for the most unfair reasons, having a stroke cuz you've actually had the greatest possible misfortune you can have on planet Earth that's way into trillions to one in odds, trying to also get your highly sentimental stolen vintage autographs tracked down somehow, stolen by an evil crackhead witch that you were forced to befriend in a mental hospital you shouldn't have been put into, as you're completely sane and infact a very intelligent and high-functioning autistic who should be well away from those terrible places, whilst trying to also get your well deserved compensation from the National Lottery and NHS whilst trying to train and become a successful paralympian at the same time, and basically actually having the greatest most messed up true story of all time, then yeah, they'll make a bloody film about me. I did say it was other-worldly.
Helena W (1 year ago)
Let us know when you have served your country with nearly 50 years of political office, served academic posts, served in the military, become a foreign correspondent, imprisoned as a POW, and brought your country and half the world through a war against one of the most evil men that ever lived, then perhaps we'll make a film about you too.
Gail Owens (1 year ago)
Winston's biography says he had four daughters. This only shows three. Did I miss something?
Helena W (1 year ago)
The movie mentions 4 daughters in a round-about way. At 34:11 Mrs. C shows the nurse a family photo and names 3 children - Diana, Randolph, and Sarah. Nurse says "and this is Mrs. Soames?" meaning Mary. Mrs. C states "she wasn't born yet" with no other explanation, leaving one child (Marigold) in the photo unnamed. Marigold died of septicaemia 3 months before her 3rd birthday.
FAST N BULBOUS (1 year ago)
I'm presuming that the little girl in the flashback at 09:48 is the one who died in infancy. I was wondering what that was all about and suppose it makes sense now.
Gail Owens (1 year ago)
Found it. Looked up a summary about the movie and it said that a daughter died in infancy.
madnurse100 (1 year ago)
Thank you so very much for uploading this, though at times I could barely see through the tears. If only we had him and his leadership today.
LadyJay Gaming (1 year ago)
Amen to that.
Lindsay Duncan is an elegant bird, and quite a looker for 60+ years old.
HappyHusbandn Wife (1 year ago)
Very good movie indeed. Too bad he would rolling in his grave by seeing the state of UK atm
ludocrat (1 year ago)
Quite moving. Not so sure about salt-or-the-earth northern nursey or Professor Sir Albus Dumblechurchill.
nasser Jooda (1 year ago)
Winsstons symptoms exhibit the signs of a transient ischemic strock.... rather unfortunate... his ability of loss of coherent speech and inability to co-ordinate limb movement but these symptoms can also mean a rather more insidious prognosis .... a much more critical condition... it would be interesting to see what happens to him and what his doctor would say, also with modern medicine he would survive. I would say it would have been exacerbated by his ability of smoking and diet and social stress.
orley104 (1 year ago)
He drank watered down whisky most days and was well aware of the pitfalls and dangers but that is far from being a drunkard. Unlike your mate who was a poly junk addicted hypochondriac along with his hormone challenged drug addict mate Hermann and both men had very strange emotional and sexual issues. But then again JFK was on all sorts of dope so I guess nobody is perfect, RIGHT? Yeah, you knew all that anyway, and a lot more I bet. Stay clean if you can, if you can't, be cool about it. Cheers.
orley104 (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, what a great come back! Well.........it's a come back when there wasn't one, so by comparison, it's great?
Sexton Cardew (1 year ago)
The cigar smoking drunk who took bribes from the money junkies.
ludocrat (1 year ago)
"Winsstons symptoms exhibit the signs of a transient ischemic strock." Hmmm, ever thought you might need a check up too?
nasser Jooda (1 year ago)
So guys watching this on YouTube is legal right ?????? I just want to make sure, because I don't want to break the law in my country. In nz...
Manga Manster (4 months ago)
If church it was supposed to be a bloody criminal what was flipping it Laura a good day at church was it a day all of England with you speaking flipping German include in America as well so get off your bloody hi holes your grandfathers and fathers fought for your country on this one and that's all the thanks we get for it don't know them so get off your high horse and stop respecting people and respect the old soldiers who fought for your country and our
daniel Jones (5 months ago)
Mer no
Nicholas Papantoniou (11 months ago)
Amen bro
Mer (11 months ago)
Most of it is rubbish..Churchill was a criminal....
very touching movie! Churchill will be remembered for his bravado and cigars.
Stuart Crossland (8 months ago)
Cotswold Cuckoo (1 year ago)
SYED ADEEL HUSSAIN A drunken paltroon who couldn't get the two fingered " Fuck off ! " the right way round ...... so I heard, once.
Stella Maris (1 year ago)
"God and Her Majesty be with you. Amen." - Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Moshe Barak (1 year ago)
The greatest man of the 20th century.
Tanay Singh (5 months ago)
Moshe Barak Churchill The grave digger of Europe
Stuart Crossland (5 months ago)
You must be Jewish.
Stuart Crossland (8 months ago)
You must be Jewish. https://youtu.be/CxFaWrvgneQ
Mer (11 months ago)
No gary No , No gary No, Nooooooooo garrrrryyyyyyy!!!!
Nicholas Papantoniou (11 months ago)
Your getting it wrong Garry your the ass clown and your puppet was the Ass Hat...take a look at most of his pics, good pickup Gary but don't let that distract you from the fact that In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The A-Team
Daffodil Holler (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing this.

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