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How to get Adobe Photoshop for FREE (Legally)

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If you want to get Adobe Photoshop for Free, Adobe gives you a couple of options. If you've seen other options online that give you a link to CS6, that is not the legal way to get Photoshop. Here is the link to the latest Adobe Photoshop trial https://clk.tradedoubler.com/click?p(264355)a(2951326)g(22804962)url(https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/free-trial-download.html) This video will show you two techniques. One is the free trial to the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and a second is a lifetime download of Adobe Photoshop CS2, which Adobe has made available for free. NOTE: Many current operating systems don't support Photoshop CS2. The 30 day free trial is your best option if you are running a new operating system on Mac or PC. If you go a different route and download CS6 from a unauthorized source, you run the risk of being caught for illegal software download. Adobe takes this seriously. Here is the link to Photoshop CS2. https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs2-product-downloads.html?promoid=19SCDRQK
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Text Comments (322)
Howfinity (11 months ago)
The 30 day free trial is your best option. You can download it and use the latest version of Photoshop CC 2018 and beyond completely for free without watermark or restriction. The CS2 option won't work on many new operating systems. And the CS6 download link you'll see around the web and YouTube is for a illegal copy of Photoshop. So do that at your own risk. That option is not included in this video.
NexiumX (23 days ago)
+Phoenix D What is the serial number?
NexiumX (23 days ago)
+Phoenix D XD
NexiumX (23 days ago)
What is the serial number?
SO basically its illegal after 30 days? No thanks
Aya (1 month ago)
It keeps saying installation failed... I have the macOS Mojave 10.14.4 Beta.. is that the reason I cannot download it?
Spyro The7thTailedFox (2 hours ago)
This Didnt work.I got a really bad Virus and now my pc Is fixing and im writing this on the phone
Minty Bubbles (2 days ago)
I appreciate the effort you put into making this possible (: ^ )
SheheerPlayz (2 days ago)
tbh they should just make it a one time purchase <_<
hey thank you for the video really help!!!
Gregory Sarkovzk (3 days ago)
Read before you download a CS2 product Adobe has disabled the activation server for CS2 products, including Acrobat 7, because of a technical issue. These products were released more than seven years ago and do not run on many modern operating systems; Adobe no longer supports them. Adobe strongly advises against running unsupported and outdated software. Only customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products may use the serial numbers provided during the download.
Lighstone Legend (4 days ago)
Maybe people wouldn't pirate this software if It didn't make you pay for the rest of your life, and not to mention the cost
Fight Potato's (5 days ago)
Them 336 dislikes are those people who actually went and bought photoshop 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Michael Rothkopf (5 days ago)
Adobe gives you cs3 free.
Originito (6 days ago)
Question it’s says serial number? What do I do now 😂
Ahmed Kasim (5 days ago)
William Yale (7 days ago)
Your voice is like a young Arnie!
Sisi Lissick (7 days ago)
didnt work for Macbook running on Mojave :(
410684584 (8 days ago)
would cs2 work on hp probook 6565b?
Danielius Lyu (8 days ago)
It doesent work when i try to install for windows it says i need to get another file or something and says a error
Tamago 198700 (8 days ago)
>tutorial on getting 30 day free trial
Howfinity (8 days ago)
They stopped the 30 days sadly after I made this video
George Lyras (8 days ago)
Don't you all listen to what the man says in the video for crying out loud??? (Or see what the actual video is showing??)
George Lyras (8 days ago)
There's no virus, this is directly from the adobe.com website. The man showed you where u get the key (different one for each OS keep in mind, MacOS/Windows) and also, IT WON'T work for MacOS 10.14.xx
Wallace 0.1 (12 days ago)
Man thanks so much, I'm a brazilian student and i cant pay for it, so you helped me a lot!
MLA YT (12 days ago)
Oh totally not clickbait. HOW BOUT YOU SHOW US HOW TO ACTUALLY GET PHOTOSHOP ( NOT FOR FREE ) There are no tutorials on how to do it
Slyngbom (12 days ago)
Harry Dale (12 days ago)
You can just use the windows store/app store to get it
Divakar Sripathy (13 days ago)
does that work in win 8.1????
Nikolai Mihov (13 days ago)
it is legal because the official developer gives it to you i downloaded photoshop cs2 and i may download premiere pro cs2
Bhagyesh Chandane (14 days ago)
Where is the serial number??
Joe Twenty Three (8 days ago)
Farooqi Saim (14 days ago)
it does not work because I am on windows 10 (-_-)
Rishabh Agrawal (11 days ago)
Same herr
Djordje Peric (15 days ago)
This is only free for 30 days not unlimited,when the free trial ends you have to pay it from there...still sucks
Aadrita Majumdar (17 days ago)
Asking for a serial number and name
theleadermic (17 days ago)
i was looking for this for 2 years here in algeria we don't have e-method to pay to this kind of programs finally real video not a clickbait thaaaaaaaaaank you man sub+like+comment you deserve 100K soon
Caleb Carney (18 days ago)
How is this already so outdated?
Vensurated Graphics (19 days ago)
google doesn't require phone verification so just use the 30 day free trial.
Safitea Private (19 days ago)
I downloaded CS2 but it keeps crashing when I try to open a file. :( Maybe because my system is too new for that old version???
Jonttu (19 days ago)
Thank you
Yunus Parvez Khan (19 days ago)
Thank You Bro, Now I can use it for free
Tay777 (20 days ago)
It just asks for a serial code
Joe Twenty Three (8 days ago)
Heres the code 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431
Rachel Miriam (21 days ago)
can anyone who has done this tell me how is the version? Is it like really old and nothing like the newest version out there, OR is it basically the same, with little differences? xo
Thomas Turner (22 days ago)
Adobe charges way too much for Photoshop, $8 a month is understandable, but $21 a month is completely ridiculous
AdeelDrew (23 days ago)
i'm using photoshop cc 2015 and stil better than photoshop cc 2020 :D
NexiumX (23 days ago)
What is the serial number?
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
NexiumX (23 days ago)
my trial asks for my credit card number i done it after 7 days money was coming out of my account
NexiumX (19 days ago)
+Jensen Healey I Did But money is still goin out!
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
Because you have to cancel the trial
Tina booth (23 days ago)
Anyone have a code that works?
100anti (24 days ago)
could i download trial on chromebook
NexiumX (23 days ago)
no sorry :(
buttersp00n (24 days ago)
it was only a 7 day trial for me
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
It used to be 30 days but because people were not paying and only using the trial they changed it to 7 so it is harder to do as it is needed to be done more often
NexiumX (23 days ago)
JOSHUA SAMUEL (25 days ago)
Jesus loves you.
the real me (26 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Does this delete System 32
Nikolai Mihov (13 days ago)
`N O` `I T C O M E S A N D K I C K S Y O U I N T H E F A C E`
the real me (19 days ago)
xXNPGXx1908 and I thought I was clever
xXNPGXx1908 (19 days ago)
+the real me Yes it is. I've seen it like 500 times now.
LV Red Devil (20 days ago)
the real me (20 days ago)
xXNPGXx1908 is it now?
michael pickel (27 days ago)
Need a fun group.Help share our group. Send your pic's in for photoshop edits/requests visit.https://www.facebook.com/groups/PhotoshopRequestsandTrolls/
Guuk (28 days ago)
Is it cs6 or cs2?
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
Eddy López (28 days ago)
what do i put for serial number ????
Tina booth (23 days ago)
+SHEPINATOR doesn't work anymore
SHEPINATOR (26 days ago)
Pi61 (30 days ago)
it asked for my serial number btw
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
NexiumX (23 days ago)
WeirdGuyComics (30 days ago)
For some reason it says open in 16 hours....My computer is crap
amna khan (1 month ago)
i am using android and i did everything but I'm facing a problem while installing it. it is asking for my username, organisaton and serial number. can you tell me what should I do?
A Dark Gothic Forest (1 month ago)
you cant use the free trial anymore without having to put your credit card info in lol
Razan Elzogheir (1 month ago)
it took me a minute lol
AwareStub Man (1 month ago)
I'm so confused... Why they have to make us to pay monthly???
AwareStub Man (16 days ago)
+Lebron James THOSE ARE EXAMPLE (except about the adobe is the question) :/ What thing made adobe ps monthly???
Lebron James (16 days ago)
+AwareStub Man are you a kid? There are so many subscriptions online that make you pay money lol, and have nothing to do with your whatever electric bill and rented house
AwareStub Man (29 days ago)
What is the thing that makes pay monthly? Electricity bill for house Rented house (A thing in adobe photoshop that makes it monthly?) Water bill for house (What more i didn't think of...)
+AwareStub Man To make MORE money
GamingWithWolfy 1223 (29 days ago)
+AwareStub Man to make money lmao
Alex Cardenas (1 month ago)
says i need a serial number and login
Phoenix (1 month ago)
you are retarted lol
Dragon Song (1 month ago)
OPS RUSTYY (1 month ago)
I love how you’re low key hinting to use a cracked cs6 lol
Andrew Hagl (18 days ago)
Could you please elaborate
Tania Akter (1 month ago)
Now no option for free trial pls help..
gibroyomero (1 month ago)
So i got a warning for Trojan:Win32/CoinMiner from Windows Defender in the exact moment i accepted to install the product which it stated was by an unknown source.
DANNYTHEGAMER (1 month ago)
Arjun Kumar (1 month ago)
I hope you die
drew ahmed (1 month ago)
yes sir, we got on- wait no he said legal its fine
drew ahmed (3 days ago)
+Gregory Sarkovzk sorta do tbh
Gregory Sarkovzk (3 days ago)
oh come on nobody cares about piracy these days
When I'm on the installation step and the loading is done it says, installation failed, I just realized i'm using the Yosemite update for mac should I update it to Mojave to be able to download it ? Thanks !
Claudia Elena (26 days ago)
same here, but i got Mojave and it says installation failed.
Omar Ref (1 month ago)
JaM14 (1 month ago)
Done, thank you
Delca (1 month ago)
"Only customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products may use the serial numbers provided during the download." Okay so it's technically not a legal way either...
Peni Lebaivalu (20 hours ago)
+Young but Retro thank man!
Young but Retro (20 hours ago)
+Peni Lebaivalu the serial number is on the download page
E ML (1 month ago)
Well yes, but actually no.
Peni Lebaivalu (1 month ago)
hahahahaha yes, cause it asked me for my serial number. damn it.
Brandon __ (1 month ago)
can i run photoshop cs2 on windows 7?
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
Yes it was designed for win 7 anyway
mkof (1 month ago)
Reelo (1 month ago)
all the dislikes are people that work at adobe
Reelo (1 month ago)
Kellen Burke i didnt think tht hard when i made this comment
Kellen Burke (1 month ago)
You mean Adobe... People don't work at "photoshop"
Maarten Keus (1 month ago)
"I want legal photoshop" *HOW TO GET FOR FREE TORRENT* "I said the real legal photoshop" *this amazin quality video* "perfection."
Scarlet Moon (1 month ago)
Honestly, the CS2 version looks a lot like Gimp, if not exactly like Gimp. Which sucks because I never really figured out how to use it properly. Guess it wouldn't hurt to try, but SAI is the one I'm used to and so it might be a bit weird or me.
risky perdana (1 month ago)
Thanks bro... :-)
English With Yassine (1 month ago)
they asked me for the serial number, what should I do?
Tina booth (23 days ago)
+Teodora Kutri accidently installed 6 instead of 2!
Teodora Kutri (24 days ago)
+Tina booth I don't know why.Maybe try again because it worked for me
Tina booth (24 days ago)
+Teodora Kutri didn't work for me
English With Yassine (1 month ago)
+Teodora Kutri Thanks. I've already installed it.
Teodora Kutri (1 month ago)
1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431 try with this
steamfend (1 month ago)
the serial number on pc is 1130-1414-7569-4457-6613-5551 and on company just right none ^^
TheFireLegendGamerPro (1 month ago)
Thank you very much, friend!
MinionsAreComing (1 month ago)
Pixmatic Studio (1 month ago)
Thank you for stand with legal way.
TeejFN (1 month ago)
thanks! i needed photoshop for my thumbnails but didnt want to spend 200$ + a year. i downloaded cs2 and very happy thanks so much
StockExpoment (1 month ago)
just buy it if you really want it xd
Maria Kowalska (1 month ago)
clickbait... :/
Julian B (1 month ago)
it was very help full
BAwesomeDesign (1 month ago)
Just needed it for Warp Transform and Liquify. For everything else I use Clip Studio Paint. Works fine in Windows 10.
Luna Music (1 month ago)
It asked me for a serial umber...
Velodity (1 month ago)
wow I never especially need PS but i thought it would be nice to have because I assumed it would be a crack or something but I'm glad Adobe actually gives it to you.
I do not know (1 month ago)
Can I renew the free trial on the same account or will I need to keep on making new accounts?
StemS (1 month ago)
You have to make new accounts.
Ram Kishore (1 month ago)
I didn't find the CS2 serial number. plzz help me guys
Peni Lebaivalu (1 month ago)
thank you. it worked for me. really appreciate it dude.
Ram Kishore (1 month ago)
1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431 try this one guys. Definately it will works
Aya (1 month ago)
It keeps saying installation failed... I have the macOS Mojave 10.14.4 Beta.. is that the reason I cannot download it?
TomHolmez12 (1 month ago)
problem is cs2 is really fucking old, might just torrent it instead
Pavme (1 month ago)
AW, it says Installation failed!😭
Game Hax (1 month ago)
i need Full Version.. for my Class work. please, before exams, i need it!
눈_눈infires (1 month ago)
i havent tried this yet but might be helpful illegally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgTPerA5L-Q
red striker (1 month ago)
whats the organization for the windows
I am getting en error while installing in my mac. it says 'The Installation failed'. what do i have to do? pls guide me.
Frickin Chicken (1 month ago)
1000th like!
TempestSora (1 month ago)
Is there any virus risk or data risk when trying to download the older version (CS2) on your Mac just to see if it can work for yourself?
YG (1 month ago)
No there is no virus for CS2. It is from Adobe's official website
TempestSora (1 month ago)
Before I download the CS2, will the second link work for macOS Mojave? The requirement was Mac OS X v.10.2.8–v.10.3.8 for Mac specifically, so I don't know if macOS Mojave has the right or usable version (10.14.2). Edit: Nevermind, you explained everything in the video. thx
Abdalrahman Hasan (1 month ago)
thanks man!
SEANYMONEY -_- (1 month ago)
THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH <3 This helped me a lot
Kikemons LV (2 months ago)
That,s trial??
Speedshyper (2 months ago)
TY man
KillerTurtle (2 months ago)
Doesnt work
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
If it says the serial is invalid then exit the installer and re install selecting to replace all previous files
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
serial is WIN 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431 MAc 1045-0410-5403-3188-5429-0639
Jensen Healey (19 days ago)
Yunhosworld (2 months ago)
same here but i cant seem to find the page to dowload it
Jenna Brooke (2 months ago)
but i am thinking to crack
PixêL cz 茶 (2 months ago)
I haven't got a f*cking macos, it's s*it!!
SOLO nerves (2 months ago)
Is 787 GB enough
Legit1 (1 month ago)
ripper_ mlg (2 months ago)
Thanks for the helpfull information i didn know you could get the CS2 version for free... Thanks :D

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