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The PowerPuff Girls Characters As Anime - Cartoon vs anime

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The PowerPuff Girls Characters As Anime - Cartoon vs anime ! All cartoon characters of Powerpuff girls but in anime ! Cartoon vs anime ! Thumbnail @ 0:54 ! Plsease share and subscribe for more videos !
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Text Comments (149)
Flora Aves (1 month ago)
Anime ppg I like
Maerechelle Calidguid (1 month ago)
I love anime
Kelly Anthony (2 months ago)
Frankly speaking *Rewrite* typing not speaking... 😯😯😐 Sorry for that... Frankly TYPING I choose anime...yeah, no second thoughts Anime rules😉😉😉😉😀
Maerechelle Calidguid (2 months ago)
Team anime
princess kyumi (5 months ago)
Couzin Forever! (1 year ago)
Um Mmm the rowdy ruff boys in anime are not the rowdy ruff boys they r rowdy right boy's
Vivian Lin (1 year ago)
I espixally love how the boys change into anime I can't get enough of it. They are so hot!! 😜😝😄
FatinIR (1 year ago)
i love powerpufgirls i new episod her name is bills 😘
Zaii San (1 year ago)
those who love anime please comment 😏😏
Ranjeet Singh (1 year ago)
blossam is best.🙌
Karen Molina (1 year ago)
Me gusta mas el anime
Tais Viana (1 year ago)
Que dimais ; ) ; ) ♥♡♥♡
Their is a powderpuff girls anime version
Caught By Blayze (1 year ago)
The Japanese one is powderpuff girls Z
萬歲傭空 (1 year ago)
Blossom is always the best😍😍😍😍😍😍
Masedi Manthata2 (1 year ago)
Anime wins
Deysi Chan (1 year ago)
Butter cup is like me why she like me like I'm a tom boy she is I Don't like Dress she don't like WAHT
en anime es mejor weyy
Sophie Wood (1 year ago)
Powerpuff girls Z--
Mary Kinser (1 year ago)
anime is so much better
Saynab Abdulle (11 months ago)
Nicole Kinser soooo much better!!
Vivian Lin (1 year ago)
Nicole Kinser agree
Thu trang nguyễn (1 year ago)
I like bubbles
Lu Thiago super super (1 year ago)
finalmente novos animes
Luke PlayzYT (1 year ago)
Butch Jojo (1 year ago)
-DAFAQ- im sorry this already -have- IS anime.
Snowball the rabbit (1 year ago)
most of these are from ppgz
me to😍
Robert C (1 year ago)
I Love the music and the design awsomesauce.'.'.'😄😄😄😄😄🤣🙂🙂🙂
minhhue nguyen (1 year ago)
I like blossoom
Sophia Lumbres (1 year ago)
anime is the winner for me!
Diamond Boy (1 year ago)
why does bubbles get to have kokona hair :c
Karis Avendaño (1 year ago)
me gustaría la comparación con los de Bleedman
lil’ Jordy (1 year ago)
The anime version of the powerpuff girls is and actual show it's called PowerPuff girls Z
Saynab Abdulle (11 months ago)
Yeah it is ✌🏽️
Vivian Lin (1 year ago)
lil’ Jordy Yup
Karou Mastbruta (1 year ago)
*brings up every character from ppgz* DO WE NEED ANY MORE PROOF!?
Credit the artistes !
Sirena Lillywing (1 year ago)
I like the first pic for the rowdy ruff one
Roberta Bebbs (1 year ago)
you got to admit mr. Professor is ugly in every show Powerpuff Girls Z" Powerpuff Girls regular
Roberta Bebbs (1 year ago)
you know thats a real show right the Powerpuff Girls Z
ι'м α gσиєя (1 year ago)
It is called powerpuff girls Z
Narendra Bharat (1 year ago)
anime wins
Kelilah Favor (1 year ago)
1:15 I'm sorry, WHO IS THAT?!?
Azhan Ayub (1 year ago)
Kelilah Favor they are the powerpunk girls..evil version of ppg
Leysinuri Ixba (1 year ago)
voto por anime
so....Bubbles became Teto?
Katie Tom (1 year ago)
Those anime characters are from Powerpuff Girls Z
Larkinnrose Rainwater (1 year ago)
the anime mayor tho
Pastelkitten 223 (1 year ago)
Power puff girls z is my fav
KookiesAndTae (1 year ago)
they already got an anime called powerpuff girls Z
Zero-G 1 (1 year ago)
the "anime" version is just powerpuff girls z. its a good show. watch it
Wolf Gamer 0-0 (1 year ago)
I would love of the series was animie!
powerpuff girls is a anime its called powerpuff girls z
Lubri AL (1 year ago)
que puedo decir me enamore 😍😍
BabyDony Gaming (1 year ago)
when thay said anime for the girls IT WAS JUST THEM ON POWER PUFF GIRLS Z wich to me doent count same for pufeser
Ahmed Rashiedy (1 year ago)
bubbles and blossom anime version
milkyway gacha (1 year ago)
when u noticed there was powerpuffgirls z *le cringe*
milkyway gacha (1 year ago)
and I don't even remember all of the charectors sience I was little
aarmau shipper (1 year ago)
i think anime (im a anime drawer ) :3
Rainbow Kittens (1 year ago)
Buttetcup my fav ppg
YoBallaHere #Yolo (1 year ago)
Anime is better -.-
Gumball Plays123 (1 year ago)
Did you know that the powerpuff girls are actually an anime it's called powerpuff z check it out
Soph thegamer87 (1 year ago)
wait, sedusa..........with that anime picture??!?!? 0_0
Unicorn Lover (1 year ago)
The girls are cute
Unicorn Lover (1 year ago)
Aw bubbles
Altino Mageste (1 year ago)
0:11 you took that from the show "powerpuff girls Z" didnt you?
Amelie Brachet (1 year ago)
sooo cool 💝
Mariana Cid Sappia (1 year ago)
me encantó el anime de el alcalde y moco rojo
Michela-707 (1 year ago)
The anime i called ppgz powerpuff girl z
master gaming (1 year ago)
Mochi_Gacha (1 year ago)
The first pic is from Powerpuff Girls Z
Lorain Draws (1 year ago)
blossom,bubble and buttercup is so adorable
3Valerie Chase8 (1 year ago)
RowdyRuffBoys Z
marcie lairson (1 year ago)
I love bubbles she is so cute!!!!!!
Josh Yik (1 year ago)
I like Bubbles! So cute!
Hadijah Sulaiman (1 year ago)
there's a powerpuff girls z it's anime
Orgen Dwyane Amistoso (1 year ago)
I love the anime power puff girls couse is beautiful then the cartoon character
Yauriz Franc Rativo (1 year ago)
i ment buttercup in boys
Vivian Lin (1 year ago)
Yauriz Franc Rativo Buttercup in boys is Butch, I think
Yauriz Franc Rativo (1 year ago)
i liked bubbles in power puff boys
power puff girls have a anamie it is power puff girls z
Saynab Abdulle (11 months ago)
maddie fnaf Yeah!! It's true!!!
blueforbeauti (1 year ago)
the anime bubble buttercup and blossom are from an anime called powerpuffgirlsz in kissanime
Natalie Hargreaves (1 year ago)
Most of this is from powerpuff girl z
Ninjeta (1 year ago)
power puff girl and power puff girl z
kaya Artuso (1 year ago)
I wish the Powerpuff Girls could be anime
Vivian Lin (1 year ago)
kaya Artuso Sane
roses_ are _rosie (1 year ago)
PowerPunk girls?Who are they?
Powerpunk girls (1 year ago)
My favorite is brute and buttercup.
蘇冠宇 (1 year ago)
HarleyDarling YT (1 year ago)
most of this is Power Puff GirlZ
HarleyDarling YT (1 year ago)
Kenna Dreamurr -Undertale- power puff girlz is anime but power puff girls are not anime
Natsuo Todoroki (1 year ago)
Undertale Reacts Exactly so technically it was already an anime in the first place
Altino Mageste (1 year ago)
Undertale Reacts THANK YOU! Someone with a brain!!!
PaıntıngPøtatø (1 year ago)
Im cute there
Yem Ho (1 year ago)
I like Blossom best! ♥️😀
Dung Le (1 year ago)
my girls🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 .
Akvile 123 (1 year ago)
go check powerpuff girls z that was awesome anime( better than cartoon)
Hồng Nhung Trần (1 year ago)
Powerpuff are so cute
xcloudy (1 year ago)
omg. punk bubbles is amazing. Its my fav!
Ashley Mae (1 year ago)
Bubbles (boy) anime is so cute and bubbles (girl) too in anime
Raven TheGamer101 (1 year ago)
Monic Monica as in the blue boy he's Boomer
Madilyn Ibarra (1 year ago)
adrien is in the rowdyruff boys! i love it.....<3
Andrea Montiel (1 year ago)
The cat Lady123 (1 year ago)
My fav couple is buttercup and butch
Holly Burrell YAASSSSS
Jhuliana Olivera (1 year ago)
boto por anime
guido guanuco (1 year ago)
yo tambien
Squidnee (1 year ago)
why the dirty joke 'Sedusa' though? sounds like the word seduce. really cartoon network? I mean, know their names match with Their character and all, but why?
Smol Bean (1 year ago)
Squidnee Medusa Sedusa... Yeaaa
Wednesday Arasmith (1 year ago)
the rowdy ruff boys are so cute (coming from an 11 year old)
Vivian Lin (1 year ago)
Wednesday Arasmith I am 12 but I agree
Nguyễn My (1 year ago)
I like blossom best and why it has rowdy ruff boys and power punk girls??
Dennie Visser (1 year ago)

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