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A Secret Affair - Best Lifetime Movie 2017 - Based On A true Story

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rhia villacastin (20 hours ago)
Love this movie, made me cry, its worth watching till the end💝
Feda Msd (9 days ago)
Ana Buenavida (9 days ago)
I’m half way into this movie and I’m absolutely in love 😍 52:49 omg awww and what a marvelous ending! So much love 💕
Lisa bb (9 days ago)
I dont like the guy she met his voice is annoying and doesn't fit
Agnes Ragó (10 days ago)
She was engaged. I wonder who she will get together next time cheating on the Irish guy. I don't like this film.
Esther Brandy (10 days ago)
Is half of Italy build on water?
#DontMindMe 2501 (10 days ago)
Now that was worth 23% of my battery 😂😂 loveedd it 💕💕
Rhea Valdez (11 days ago)
How can an affair with another person be romanticized when at the end of the day, everything that happened started wrong? Movies like this highlight the good part but never the wrong ones.
Too far fetched for my blood!
Biluala Tady (15 days ago)
Wooooow beautiful movie
Amy Williams (16 days ago)
Kim12822 (16 days ago)
This movie is a feel good movie of sweet romance. When you finally meet someone who connects with your heart and soul. HE is so tentative toward her. I don't like that she is not honest with her boyfriend but it's a movie. By the time you get to the end of the movie, you will see the love and compassion they truly had for one another. Don't miss a moment from watching. Xo
Betty Santoro (16 days ago)
Wish they had cast a taller more handsome man. Some of the casting of these lifetime movies are pathetic.
Natasha Dylan (8 days ago)
Betty Santoro I know I thought he was gay to be honest when I first saw him.
Pnscar Doe (9 days ago)
well when your only choosing from white ppl this is what you get .. joking
Esther Brandy (10 days ago)
He is okay
Tess Bentulan (18 days ago)
I love this movie ....
abigail dizon (18 days ago)
i love this movie
MS. E HERRERA (19 days ago)
Wish I cud have that kind of love affair,at least I won't felt this pain,the pain caused by a cheater husband! I cried when d lady cries!!!
Esther Brandy (10 days ago)
Sorry, ooh dear
Annie Holloway (16 days ago)
MS. E HERRERA I’m so sorry.
radhika padmasekar (19 days ago)
I want you to get lost with you forever,would you❤❤❤ #reallytouchinglines
Nei Ahm (19 days ago)
It just take my breath away Enjoy it Thnx🤗
kerry clougher (20 days ago)
Don't like this..
Linda Ngede (20 days ago)
Fantastic pure love story.
Daina Gani (20 days ago)
Nice one
Jithin P K (16 days ago)
Job Thomas (21 days ago)
Very nice movie...
veronica clayton (21 days ago)
she was engaged to someone else,@the dirty slut went with a creep like that,so weak
Holistic Life (22 days ago)
Gosh, I hoped to see this movie again, it is one of my preferates!
Dyonne Washington (23 days ago)
Janine Turner is absolutely beautiful
Myz KennyMac (24 days ago)
Instead of having an affair, why not just break up with the person you're in a relationship with. Just because you are compatible with someone else doesn't make your actions right.
rhia villacastin (20 hours ago)
Thats the point, and vanessa did it just to make it right....
Myz KennyMac (6 days ago)
Meli Holmes very well said. Wish I could shake your hand:)
Meli Holmes (7 days ago)
I totally agree with you. People look at love like a fast food restaurant these days.People shouldn't get married unless they are truely in love.Knowing and having that love in your life will keep you from infadelity because you would never do anything to hurt that person because their feelings are like your own. It is really sad people don't court eachother anymore let alone become the person to prepare yourself for true love if your not true to yourself then how can u be true to others .....I can't stand cheaters honestly they just think of themselves
Myz KennyMac (7 days ago)
Ana Buenavida If I remember correctly, it wasn't right after she came back that she broke up with him. She went back to see that guy but either way, she was wrong.
Ana Buenavida (9 days ago)
Myz KennyMac she did break up with him as soon as she came back. She didn’t know that was going to happen and when it did she broke it off
Senulu Adane (25 days ago)
let's get lost together and forever...I love you😍
Lolo Lolo (27 days ago)
Love this movie 💜
Carol Baguio (1 month ago)
what a beautiful serendipity movie!!! Love is real
Selmi de Almeida Silva (1 month ago)
Final feliz😍😍😍
Allan Rizano (1 month ago)
I love the story.
Ajay Laishram (1 month ago)
really nice
R.K Point (1 month ago)
I love this movie. Thnx alot to add it
Taliya Haininga (1 month ago)
great movie indeed.....of cos for those who love romance..this thought me lots
miles away (1 month ago)
Love this movie 😍
Oshane Salmon (1 month ago)
Great movie 😍😍
Evangeline Taganas (1 month ago)
nice movie.
Nancy Mwanza (1 month ago)
nice movie
Mago Mgoha Mpali (1 month ago)
its a good movie i end up pee in my paints
linda makyambe (10 days ago)
izasan30 (1 month ago)
Great movie,,thanks for sharing
Boy George (1 month ago)
Is this based on true story? Sounds like Romeo & Juliet movie 😸
Dainess Zubery (1 month ago)
Mhuuuu nice move i like it thanks for sharing❤
Virginia W Warui (1 month ago)
Am in love with this movie...what a sweet romantic movie....
ASMR Dimension (1 month ago)
Whats this called?
It's a good one! Yah gotta see it!
Alicia Daley (1 month ago)
Grate movie it's a shame the reporter got shot but then there was the actual happy ending were he appears x
Alicia Daley (24 days ago)
Don't know u so stop saying that people happen to like my comments
Luv Luv (24 days ago)
Alicia Daley Why would you ruin the ending for others?
Mel Moreno (1 month ago)
Love this movie it made me cry
santy 4u (25 days ago)
Mel Moreno Mee tho
Glydel Mae Malang (1 month ago)
Excellent. 😊
Sciarra Burley (1 month ago)
Thought she was engaged?
linda makyambe (10 days ago)
Saraswati Patel (1 month ago)
Wow movie 👍
zeesha hussain Hussain (22 days ago)
Have mis
abigail bautista (2 months ago)
Its a great movie. Worth watching until the end.
Tracy Norman (2 months ago)
this was a very good movie it's just reminds you that life is short.... and that you never know how true love is going to come.....
هاي يلي تحب نتعرف تحكيني وتس اوانستاجرام abomhear88
Hajira Qureshi (2 months ago)
Sweet 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Meli Holmes (7 days ago)
Muhammad Azam (19 days ago)
Henry Ford (2 months ago)
Good movie.
Nanding Zonio (21 days ago)
I love this movie soooo much... 😘😘💗💗💗💗
Linda Domenick (23 days ago)
So beautiful I cried so because I had a true soulmate and his love is in my heart I know he is in heaven one day we will be together my love
God's creation (2 months ago)
Beautiful movie
delremy sumalpong (2 months ago)
I love this movie very much...beautiful romance..
Karen Love (2 months ago)
Absolutely loved this movie!!!❤️
maddy mania (2 months ago)
Come on is it a true story cant believable...
Geraldine Conlan (17 days ago)
Tim Janes (2 months ago)
Good movie well acted and no bad language. Predictable plot to those who are older.
Jaswinder Shergill (2 months ago)
Excellent movie great ending
Great movie! Loved Janine Turner in this! Thanx for the upload!
Tawanda Makamba (2 months ago)
kaydreams (3 months ago)
I love this movie very much.Thanks
Rene Aparicio (3 months ago)
The girl never said that she was fuck**ng other guy. The real victim is the fiancee
Fifi Sabalis (3 months ago)
Beautiful romance movie. Enjoyed very much. Thanks

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