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Where Instagram Boutiques Buy Wholesale | Preview of wholesale prices.

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FOR ALL ASPIRING BOUTIQUE OWNERS GO HERE: ihttps://www.instagram.com/boutiquebossguide/ @boutiquebossguide I wanted to film this video first in respect to my peers and myself as we work very hard to operate Boutique Businesses. Secondly I wanted to give potential owners and customers a preview of pricing. As well as a popular wholesaler. Thumbs up this video if you would like to see more like this. Let's Connect: Keep up with me: Instgram:@jackiem_giamonae Twitter:@BOSSMAMAJACKIE Snapchat:BOSSMAMAJACKIE My Daughter Mila:@baby.mila.monae My sons Ace & Eli:@miramontesbrothers My Businesses: Become a Boutique Owner Guide:@boutiquebossguide Fashion Boutique:@gia_monae(Code:JACKIEISTHESHIT 20% off) Mama & Me Boutique:@milamonaeboutique(Code:BABYMILA 10%) Women's Empowerment Movement: @soymujer_iamwoman www.giamonae.com www.milamonae.com www.soymujer-iamwoman.com
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Plus Size ToiDoLL (1 day ago)
Thank you so much, I have been doing a tons of research and your vis was very helpful
Plus Size ToiDoLL (1 day ago)
Thank you so much, I have been doing a tons of research and your vis was very helpful
The Lyons Family (1 day ago)
what is the website for this store? do they do online whole sale?
Jasmine Fields (4 days ago)
You are getting hustled. What do you say to them? I always have my business license and resale license. I get leggings for $1 and Dresses no more than $8
Jasmine Fields (1 day ago)
Look at things on my store there. All those nipple tassels you see less than a $1 I got them for
Jasmine Fields (1 day ago)
Jasmine Fields (1 day ago)
+Gia Monae i just bought those glitter pallets eyeshadow that sell for $20-$25 for $6 28 colors each
Jasmine Fields (1 day ago)
+Gia Monae vendor hours are 5 am during the week I am telling you. My vendors hipped me to this. Next time I go I'll post a video
Jasmine Fields (1 day ago)
+Gia Monae I went Friday morning at 5 am whenever I go I always go 5 am starting Friday and my shelves yes I do get Saturday no wiggle room there. Also I have had my vendors for over 10 years
Kambrey Scott (6 days ago)
Wholesale prices can surprisingly be pricey! I never realized until I started my own online boutique! Thank you for posting this!!!
Gia Monae (1 day ago)
i dont think anyone does until they actually try to start a boutique
Yasmeen Torres (7 days ago)
Girl... Thank you so much for that video. I appreciate how true you are on this channel.
a.p.p.s exports (10 days ago)
I am a manufacturer of women's clothing and I work in a customize way for customer designs, if the customer is not able to give design, then I have a designer myself. I will give you my best design Website- www.kurtisexporter.com What’sapp- +918426832972 Email- [email protected]
Debra Washington (13 days ago)
Why do you ppl waste your time and money going to the shows just to show and tell ppl about these cheesy cheap looking clothes
Anahlee Vee (13 days ago)
Hii where is this located ??
Troi Summer (19 days ago)
Another informative video. I’m still in the planning stage of my business. I’m grateful for the information you share. I made the mistake of reading the comments and wow! Business can be very rewarding; however, it’s haaaaard work. It’s not pretty. I think the problem is folks only show the highlight reels but not the behind the scenes stuff. They don’t show the indecision, being scared, thoughts of giving up, failure, etc. People don’t want to be that vulnerable. But it’s the REAL! I believe you are passionate about what you do and some will see that and appreciate your willingness to share.
Teresa Owen (25 days ago)
I hate paying for poor quality but I will pay for good quality. I feel that good quality clothes should be priced higher because of the higher wholesale cost. Should be about $35 to $75 dollars for the avg. person. Not going higher into the high priced clothes. Only thing is the places that sell $50 crap clothes don’t get repeat business. However, places like Gina’s or mine will get repeat business because the quality is there. Gina, you keep on doing what you are doing. Inspiration to all of us, thanks for the info.
Teresa Owen (25 days ago)
Bad thing is quality fabrics and quality design is not cheap but when people who buy cheap crap and over price it and sell crap for $70, then people who buy quality items like Gina or myself and sell it, get lumped into the same category. When you buy from those online stores that have $7-25 items you know it’s cheap. The price is cheap the fabric is cheap but that is fine because you know it’s cheap and don’t want to pay.
Teresa Owen (25 days ago)
The girl that say this is just a reason to sell overpriced clothes. Total bullshit. I bought stuff for $2 on alibaba and aliexpress and the clothes look nothing like the pic. Then I realized the items they send is a copy of the actual designer item in the pic. The designer or brand uses quality fabrics , which makes it look better too. Cheap copy they make don’t. Then, I started to look for the actual brand that made those items and they were all U.S. brands that sell wholesale also. I contacted them and the pricing was exactly the same as she is showing. I showed them a pic of their item in China and they said the same thing. They all get their items manufactured there but with quality fabric, then later those pics of their clothes get circulated and copies of those designs get made with cheap fabric and sold cheap. The quality item from the brand is actually really nice clothing. If you buy for $18 a piece for wholesale then you need to mark up to $55 to $65 because of your other costs too, such as store rent, employees, etc. However, those pieces are well made and designed to be sold at that price.
Gia Monae (25 days ago)
This comment!!! Yesssssss!!!!! This is business! Especially the last part in your comment about markup!
Teresa (25 days ago)
I totally agree with her. Someone else said fabric is just pennies. Well, not true. I sew and also have an online store. Cheap fabric feels like the lining inside a pant or dress. Good fabric, lays and drapes well and there is definitely a difference in price. I started buying from China on Alibaba. Purchased items for $3 or so dollars. You know the first pic you see on all the photos and you buy it because of that pic but when you get it in, looks totally different or kind of similiar but in a bad way. Well, those items can be sold at the $20 and $25. Stitching is off, material is super thin, etc. Some people drop ship that crap but then they have to mark it up to $40 because their drop ship cost is $15 and the customer gets it and looks at it like what the hell!
What trade show is that???
Sandy Ly (1 month ago)
http://www.cheapshoptrade.com is a good fashion site for you and your family.
Totally agree with you. To run a boutique is most expensive than a ever day fashion store!!
Jasmin Castro (1 month ago)
Where is this at ?
Chrissy O (1 month ago)
Myvendorlists.com has all the vendor list if you want to start selling boutique clothes. I’ve ordered and I love them.
Marcia Foster (1 month ago)
I honestly think u doin a great job! When u give ppl good quality they will be come back! The cheap way ain’t tha best way! Thanks for the video ❤️
Jalissa Smith (1 month ago)
I currently do resell and get my items from consignment stores and thrift shops but wanted to start doing wholesale. My biggest problem is that I can buy a designer shirt for around 20$ which is cheaper than most the clothes you found and will be worth marking up. I dont understand how you are able to mark up unrecognizable brands for that much! It seems really expensive but i would rather do wholesale since i never know what i will find at the thrift shop.
avery crenshaw (1 month ago)
these three boutique is the best !
Gean bernard (1 month ago)
What’s the name of the wholesale? Do they have a website?
Okayyy Im distracted by her beautiful nails😂😩
Patrick Tripp (1 month ago)
ladydede88 (2 months ago)
Wow this is the 2nd video I watched about wholesale prices she was paying the same for her wholesale.
bouchra's boutique (2 months ago)
A clothing line store for modesty fashion soon🌼 follow. Un boutique en ligne pour la mode modeste bientôt 🌼 abonner vous.
Maggie Huang (2 months ago)
Hi we are clothing factory in China, we can make clothing for you without minimuns. whatsapp +8615678833650
Alwan Fashion Limited (2 months ago)
hi, If you really want to buy your more cheaply, you should import it from a vendor country like Bangladesh. If you are interested to import quality ready-made garments from bangladesh, please visit our website www.alwanfashionbd.com
Samira Verma (2 months ago)
That set for $36 dollar wholesale price , umm.... how much do they sell it for $100. Get outta girl. That's pretty ridiculous
Ashley Cartagena (2 months ago)
IF these pieces are being ethically made and sourced with fair wages then uh yah these are completely reasonable prices (I mean have you ever sewed a jumpsuit??? Shit takes time and SKILL.) so I’m definitely more concerned about the origins of these items and anyone who’s shocked about the prices should consider how much they value human life or how their hunt for a bargain comes at cost to so much more than just the store
Sophia Kat (2 months ago)
What makes you think wholesale items are ethical sourced? It's a little obvious that aren't really ethical 😶
AdrienneS1970 (3 months ago)
I don't recall you giving the name of the place.....
Ki Jo (3 months ago)
This is not wholesale whatsoever
Gia Monae (3 months ago)
Ok expert 👌
April Smith (3 months ago)
I will like information on how to start my own boutique
MissNickij (4 months ago)
For ppl saying this isn’t wholesale, it actually is. The price depends on the quality of the clothing. The brand that she’s looking at is also sold in Nordstrom. You pay for quality. These clothes will not get messed up after one wash like cheap wholesale clothes.
MsSylla (4 months ago)
This isn't helpful for someone who is trying to get into the online boutique business as a seller
MsSylla (4 months ago)
Ok but where is this place located?
Haley BrieAnne (4 months ago)
So you buy everything from Gen X?😂
Siliziwe Matinise (4 months ago)
Where are you, what country is this?
Bethany Brecht (4 months ago)
Where are these clothing sales located?
T.E. V. (5 months ago)
It is so annoying that every single 1 requires 2 invoices or sellers permit. How the HELL is anyone supposed to start off a business?
Jessica Gonzalez (5 months ago)
What is the name of this wholesale place?
Geneva B (5 months ago)
Facts as a boutique owner myself I can attest to this. Check us out on IG @bellesnoires
DOMINIQUE (5 months ago)
What is this place?
R Lee28 (5 months ago)
of course you have to invest if you want to run a business..... Also for customers, people don’t wanna pay for good stuff just don’t shop lol why are people complaining ???
Michelle Obie (5 months ago)
Thank you finally someone that can related to the boutique world
Rodranyesha Colquitt (5 months ago)
How do I get wholesale permits
Chitown ShaSha (5 months ago)
Are those the wholesale prices???? 🤔
kjfazzari (5 months ago)
Hey hunny! Love all your vids. So inspiring. Starting my own kids clothing boutique... and I just wondered if you had any advise / tips on buying swing tags for my clothes. Should i get them straight away for my launch? Or later? And any tips on where from? whats a good price ect ?? Thank you! All the love from Australia xx
Jinx Winters (6 months ago)
Sorry but those were cute but you could find them way cheaper elsewhere... sure you wanna live your dream of having a boutique but we aren't gonna pay for you to do that by buying mediocre clothing... your cost on those pieces was astounding
coke li (6 months ago)
I am from China, I specialize in wholesale fashion storage clothes. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100027056590590
Shae W (6 months ago)
Amen Sista 👏🏾😩 you are speaking some REAL ish in this video! Soooo helpful! Thank you 😊
BeinCute (6 months ago)
Forever 21 and h&m clothes do last. I still have clothes from 2004 that I am rocking today. As a designer ppl will charge you a 100 dollars for some fabric IT DOES NOT mean it’s good quality. Trust me , I’ve seen fabric that was 300 dollars a yard for prom only to see it tear. It’s more all about details n certain fabric
akira today (6 months ago)
The "wholesale" was store prices like a forever 21 or pretty little things, how is she making profit especially when she is showing customers the actual worth of the clothes.
Kk Silvan (6 months ago)
Hey I’m new to all this and am in the very begging of starting my online boutique I’ve been trying to buy wholesale but some of the major vendors will not sell to me until I buy from a wholesaler first and sell my first item but how am I suppose to do that if none of them will let me buy from them... would appreciate any advice!!
The Blue Gorilla (6 months ago)
It appears to me that most of you don't understand wholesale prices for quality goods. The higher the wholesale, the higher the retail. Step your business game up...
Donouska (6 months ago)
Is it possible to buy from emory park and put your own tags on the clothes ? I would like to start an online boutique but I don't really want to have their brand on the clothes !
Tasha's Sewing Tutorials (2 months ago)
Yes its legal
sharleny rodriguez (6 months ago)
Hello i have been following some of your videos and i find them very interesting because i want to start an online boutique but is do have question for you that i can't seem to find the answer for i dont live in the us and all stores requiere a seller permit number wich i dont have what can i do in that case hope to hear fron u soon thanks i advance
marie p (6 months ago)
I've been researching ethical clothing, do you know if any of these brands you showed are ethical? If you are reading this, I want you to be woke to the nasty side of the fashion industry, watch The True Cost on Netflix. I want to own a boutique where I know where it is being made, not in some sweat shop. I know ethical clothing prices are much higher because workers making clothes in other countries are getting fair wages and quality working conditions. I see your thought process is to get pieces that will stand out (which is the point), but do you think of how and where it was made? I'd love if you'd answer this!
Gulraj Nahal (6 months ago)
Where is the store??
Dear Good Men (6 months ago)
Curt Walter (6 months ago)
This stuff must be for LA boutiques. It would be difficult to pay $22+ a piece for a Central PA boutique. Thanks for sharing though.
Leah Thomas (6 months ago)
The clothing are terrible. I would never wear them.
ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV (7 months ago)
This is a Great Video, However this is what is happening Now with this whole FAST FASHION THING. Every retailer WANTS to make FAST MONEY but not buy Quality Materials. This is where the Whole Fashion Industry is going because the Younger Generation wants Fashion now they can afford to look good and trendy but not break the bank. It is called You get what you pay for . This is the fashion industry now. Cheers !!
jessgoesgreen (7 months ago)
Wholesale is bulkbitems? U wouldn't make a penny off those items u would sell it for the same price u bought it for
XxDarkSkin Beauty (7 months ago)
Where Do I Go For Basics??
Eimpress Mie (7 months ago)
First video. New subbie! Thanks
Robynsosweet (7 months ago)
So Gia where is that place that you are. Where is it located please?
Nie (7 months ago)
Sounds like you’re going through the middle man sis..
jasmine (7 months ago)
Prices are reasonable for those who say it's too expensive lol I've been doing research for a year now cause i want a boutique myself of either clothing or something else.
Style (7 months ago)
Amen sis everything to this whole video... AMEN
Freedom-Fashion Diorella (7 months ago)
I want it allll
ID setters (7 months ago)
amei muito seu canal no youtube, passa no nosso canal. Beijos
Parr’s Beautiful (8 months ago)
What is the name of the wholesaler you where at?
Deepa magaji (8 months ago)
Where is this place located
CandypinkHeart (8 months ago)
Yesss cause that black Coachella looking lace jumpsuit that was $25 would be the sell out item gone fast and could easily be repriced in a store for a good $ 70 or $80 it's worth the investment because it's almost a guarantee stunner... wholesalers have to have a good eye as well for the trends and for the customer you are shopping / selling for and to ...
Kalpana Macwan (8 months ago)
Can you send me the address of this place
Danielle Reid (8 months ago)
Great to see these videos i always wanted to know where do some shops get their clothing and how you can get started Thanks so much !!!
Em Jay (8 months ago)
Where is the place?
brownnluvly (8 months ago)
Jackie, (sorry if I misspelled) THANK YOU! these videos are so helpful. I had a question about how to determine when to reorder an item, so I don’t risk ordering too much or too less. I’m just starting out ...so how do I avoid waiting to the last minute and having to wait on back order when an hot item is selling fast. Also what is the average time that it take to receive orders from vendors?
Debora Martinez (8 months ago)
How would you mark it up? Example please, thank you love ❤️
Debora Martinez (8 months ago)
Great work! Thank you! I love ❤️ this , do more! I’m clueless and just started my online store
Debora Martinez (8 months ago)
How do would you sell or profit from the sets? More over make money back by selling them at a boutique 😊🤷🏽‍♀️❤️👍🏽💆🏽
Rim Uk (8 months ago)
SoSewChambraii (8 months ago)
Good to know and see especially the prices
Che Bang (8 months ago)
You can find those same quality clothes at a Kohls or Target and for less 😂
Erica Riley (6 months ago)
Right! The wholesaler has too high a mark-up. She's overpaying... so after she puts her mark-up on it, it's no longer worth it to the consumer. Find a cheaper "wholesaler" or partner with other stores so you all can buy large quantity for less and pass the savings on to the consumer. Just because you overpaid, doesn't mean your customer wants to!
Che Bang (9 months ago)
The point in buying wholesale is quantity not just quality. So the price of an item goes down as the quantity goes up. So this video is just an excuse to sell overpriced boutique-clothing.
Che Bang (8 months ago)
Gia Monae Gia if it costs you so much no matter the quantity then please tell me why you're doing it? Because of the profit you'll turn? Let's face the facts these pop up social media boutiques are dying out fast because anyone can start one up. The clothing isn't the best quality and it's a cheap investment because quantity wholesale items are cheap. You buy an item in bulk and then flip it for double, triple or quadruple the price? If not than you are buying an item for 20 bucks and selling it for 23 bucks? That is just stupid business and anyone with common sense knows that's not how these boutiques are ran. P.s. I'm as irrelevant as your crying ass video 😂✌
Gia Monae (9 months ago)
I beg to differ even if you purchase 20 packs of an item the most you will receive in a discount is a $1 off per item so if it's $20 then you pay $19. Ur comment is irrelevant 👌💛
Rebellious Rags Boutique (9 months ago)
Great content. Here is a very helpful video also. https://youtu.be/H7CEfstXzCE
gladitsnotme (9 months ago)
4:58 someone call Cher Horowitz and tell her i found her stolen outfit
Erika Quesada (9 months ago)
Wow high prices !!
Alyssa Tapia (9 months ago)
Hi, where is this? And do you need a CA wholesale license to get in or would AZ license be efficient?
suhani zaveri (9 months ago)
where it is?
NurseLifeforreal L. (9 months ago)
hello hey lady i love your video. i would love to have a online store can you help what steps do i take please email me at [email protected]
Gia Monae (9 months ago)
Other than the information I provide on YouTube I charge $300 for 4 hours for additional information and private questions
Joy James (9 months ago)
Actually those are great prices for wholesale! I'm a designer and do trade shows and let me tell you we do our best to keep prices reasonable. In the end customers will notice the difference between well made and poor quality that falls apart in first wash. @joythedesigner
Mika's So Random (9 months ago)
Thank you so much!! I need to find these places now! Thanks so much again❤️
Caligirl1700 (9 months ago)
what is this wholesale center called??
Jamie Avelar (9 months ago)
Where can I buy wholesale bikinis?
Amelia Castaño (9 months ago)
Great video! Yes good quality clothes is expensive. People just don’t get that, they don’t want to pay for quality now a days. Cheap is the trend now.
J Washington (9 months ago)
I just believe in designing things yourself. I know a wholesale is a lot cheaper but your pieces won’t be unique
J Washington (9 months ago)
Gia Monae I completely agree and respect that
Gia Monae (9 months ago)
if only it was done as easy as it is said. Designing and manufacturing your own products costs tons of money. For example the sketch desig and finalization of the sample can cost about $1000 and the manufacturing would be a minimum purchase of 500 pieces of the same item at price point between $7-$15... not everyone can start a business that way
Miraude Rose (9 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your story. You have help me to understand pricing my inventory. Mirauderose.com

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