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Carbon Dating Isn't a Thing for This Conspiracy Nut!!

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Hello all and welcome to another episode of Tinfoil Tuesday where we shall be looking at YouTuber "Conspiracies by Hans 4" who has a vast collection of conspiracy themed videos. Today, we take a look at his belief that Carbon dating isn't real. Thank you all for watching. Please do like and subscribe if you haven't done so yet and I shall see you all Friday for the 75k special. Here is the link to Hans' original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G829KKitEME&t=878s Disclaimer: This video has not been made for the intention of harassment against the subject.
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Text Comments (3589)
Gaz D (7 hours ago)
Dan you said the trees do make sound if no one hears it fall. I beg to differ there is no sound until the sound wave hits a receptor the ear or mic is this not the case. So sound is only in our heads
SciManDan (7 hours ago)
Yet the sound wave itself is still produced is it not?
Gaz D (7 hours ago)
Oh man these people are mad
Tterribilis (1 day ago)
S.O.B........I Loved Dinosaurs.........and now they're fake too. I was upset enough when I found out that we never went to the moon and that all news was fake....Now Dinosaurs. We need to get hold of this "tool box" that they're using to deceive us. If we have ONE goal as a society, it should be.....Get the Tool Box.
Michael Chiarcos (1 day ago)
SciManDan, does this moron (Hans 4) literally live in a plastic bubble or something? Fossils are found almost everywhere. I have a collection of them I found in a stream 30 min from my home. My daughter found some in her schoolyard. The only place you are not going to find fossils is in volcanic rock, at least not intact fossils. BTW, has no one ever told him that plants and bones that have been 'completely fossilized' are not the original bones and plants and therefore have no carbon in them?
Daniel McEwen (1 day ago)
How are dinosaurs not real? I could have sworn I heard Jesus planted them to mess with us.
nicholaus mills (1 day ago)
I have dug up fossils in my back yard I lived in Utah for a few years and while doing work on the property I owned I found many fossils it was quite exciting
Hermentotip (1 day ago)
"Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from conspiracy for a redneck" -Arthur C clarke
Christian Herrig (2 days ago)
It is really seldom that the idiot on tinfoil Tuesday is a idiot within 2 minutes... I'm fascinated!
Robert Gregg (2 days ago)
As he was reading he said " What " so this means he has no idea what he is even reading. He just said Dinosaur bones are fake. What does he think that they take some bones bury them sometimes many meters under the ground just to dig them up out of undisturbed ground, or out of solid rock ? Tell me who planted all the bones, plants, and sea life in the solid rock? Wow hes stupidity know no bounds. And to shamfully talk about Steve Erwins death like you were there, when it happened. Im sure his children would like to know his still alive. You fool!! They do find them fool, one of the best wooley Mammoths ever discovered was by a farmer digging a trench across his field for drainage.
teebosaurusyou (3 days ago)
Interesting that one of the first things Hans spews is 'DO NOT TRUST IN MAN, TRUST IN THE LORD'. Yet this twerp is a MAN (or is he perhaps a cross dresser with a deep voice????) and therefore, by his own words CANNOT BE TRUSTED. If it's one thing I hate it's cross dressing satanic hypocrites making youtube vids. :-/
Sito Jaxa (4 days ago)
Most of the science in Star Trek is correct
Andy Lewis (4 days ago)
I want to know more about the miss of the season
Roosevelt Franklin (6 days ago)
Why is it that the palaeontologists are always the ones to find dinosaur fossils and for that matter why do coal miners always find coal and gold miners find gold but when I dig a hole in my back yard I find bupkis? It’s as if they know where to look and have the very skill set required to find what they are looking for.
Teabag__McLag gaming (6 days ago)
Cull the herd
William White JR. (6 days ago)
Can I laugh hilariously at the fact that a guy who calls peer-reviewed and heavily conducted research an 'appeal to authority' uses Wikipedia as HIS authority? OTL FML
Jack Allen (7 days ago)
Religion...it is a sad state of affairs when people rely on religion to validate ideas. Religion is nothing more than a control mechanism, the Catholic church has made a HUGE business out if it for a couple  thousand  years. Give me (the church) 10 present of your earnings and I can connect you with God. In the mean time I will lie to you and deceive you. Satan,. again a human control construct. Study religion and it becomes obvious this is a "scare the kids" method of control. The "church" rewrote ALL the books of the Bible and threw out a few with the council of Nicaea in 325 AD presided over by the emperor Constantine. Of course the second council again rewrote the ancient texts  even more and then King James had a go at it, lol. Sad really, Of course we are all allowed to believe whatever we want. Namaste.
Maniac Moustache (8 days ago)
I want more videos on this guy
Maniac Moustache (8 days ago)
Extremists man
New Falconer Records (8 days ago)
The most profound revelation I received from this video was the explanation of that tiny soccer trophy that I'd been staring at for countless videos. I can sleep now. But damnit, hitting the post from two yards out. That hurts. Oh yeah, and now I've learned stuff about carbon dating that I never knew before. Thanks ignorant man looking at Wikipedia for helping me to learn new things in a clear and concise way due to SciManDan
Steve Fox (9 days ago)
made me laugh when he said you dont dig up fossils in your yard, i have found countless small fossils with my kids in the rocks that make up our driveway.
Thomas Woodruff (9 days ago)
I AM an Accelerator mass spectrometrist. Maybe this a-hole would like to come tell me I made it all up.
Qas Perr (9 days ago)
This is why The Illuminati existed. Smart people having to hide their intelligence from the dangerously, superstitious mob.
Qas Perr (9 days ago)
You probably could find fossilized bones in your backyard. But how many people are going to want to fuck up their grass?
Qas Perr (9 days ago)
A story like The Bible?
Qas Perr (9 days ago)
This all stems from feeling like science is an affront to their religion.
G L (9 days ago)
Sorry, but I can't reproduce what they are doing at CERN (European Proton Synchrotron, and other experiments) in my backyard --> thus it's not science what they are doing there....;-) the world can be sooo simple when you are a flatard
TheNoyouyesme (9 days ago)
Wut is it with people not knowing how to go outside and use their bloody hands to go on a dinosaur dig, or folks who don't know how to go study elements and their isotopes with their own bloody eyeballs in a geology lab..
dtwhitehouse (9 days ago)
Conspiracy nut needs to explain splitting atoms if they don't exist. magical Nuclear bombs? Nuclear energy plants are fake?
Kevin Criswell (9 days ago)
Lol. Guess this guy has no clue women have Adam's apples also and collarbones and hands I think this guy has some severe self sexual identity issues.
John Magnotta (9 days ago)
Thank you scimandan... it is truly amazing what schools are allowing from students nowadays. Its surprising some of these people actually make it thru a day without dieing!!!
Declan Doyle (10 days ago)
So all it takes is incredulity, religious fanaticism, a shite understanding of basic science and an unhealthy dose of Gobshite ism to be "woke" & a truther? No thanks. If I ever become fossilised, I hope it's not next to one of these wankers.
Steve Mack (10 days ago)
Why does he assume those squiggles on the page are actually words. It's just the rays from the screen infecting his brain! Run away, run away!
Damian Eadie (11 days ago)
Who was paying Mary Anning for fake dino bones in the 1800s?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Anning
Sharod Ruffin (11 days ago)
Idiot's like this, make other Christians look dumb... (the greatest thing about the internet is everyone has a voice, the worst thing about internet is that everyone has a voice.) It is sad that people of my same faith are so bullheaded to look at facts, repeatable experiments and just blindly denying it because they cant understand it, or dont what to. Looking at the history this is where the worst catastrophes in history stem from.
Nic DeGrave (11 days ago)
"I can't understand what words mean and it's making my inner child ache with despair like when my daddy never loved me and the other boys laughed in the shower room after gym and and and--FAKE NEWS!"
Steven Mill (12 days ago)
Why give publicity to these slavering loons who are not interested in any rationale or scientific debunk of their conspiracy theories
Anonymity (12 days ago)
The profound ignorance and personal attacks on other people pull this asshole out of the “should be pitied” list and onto the “should be ridiculed, violently” list
Cathy (13 days ago)
and yet they seem to have no trouble believing in computers and mobile phones, etc, etc.
Aaron Allen (13 days ago)
He's right about something: Nobel prizes can be "satanic", or at least given to "satanic" people. Mother Theresa was given one, after all.
jonnine (13 days ago)
Delve into the... crackpot alleging satanic cross-dressing and some pointless conspiracy? No, I'm not that much of a masochist, sorry, and I've cooled on giving a flying fuck about how badly certain sub-normal halfwits misunderstand... everything... from YECreationists to flerfers to islamists... I just don't give a shit. They can join in with Trump supporters in a huge circle-jerk, and then they can bugger off and go to hell along with the other folly-bound fools who have been polluting the planet for the last hundred years, at least. And when I say, " Planet", I mean, "Gene pool". I hope I'm more enthusiastic tomorrow ; I was feeling gay earlier on, but then this extremely queer guy opened his mouth and gibbered for a while... using up air in the process. Shouldn't be allowed!
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
14:05 Hans is in the German and Scandinavian world about as common as John (in fact it is John : Iohannes is nominative and Iohannem is accusative of same Latin version of Yohanan, and Iohannes > Hannes > Hans is as good an etymology as Iohannem > Iohann > Jo(h)n). Just to make it clear I am not the same person, and I do not share his interest in outing trannies among the élite, people who on his view are opposite sex from what they are publically known as.
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
He probably has very feminine looking ladies and very masculine looking gentlemen in his family and surroundings and any even slightly androgynic appearance signals "tranny" to him ....
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
6:15 I'd have to back up Hans4's scepticism of Nobel prize per se. In 1906, the Nobel prize for literature went to Carducci, Inno a Satana. Yes, it means Hymn to Satan. Not the last time Nobel committee has done a somewhat seedy choice. As to Libby, he had got the halflife somewhat wrong, the halflife I use is the Cambridge halflife, which is on my view very securely calibrated on modern historical organic material as being what backs that halflife up.
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
_"almost the same"_ As long as food taken from down in the sea is not involved. You know the Vikings who were carbon dated to Anglo-Saxons, despite history saying Vikings? They ate lots of fish. You know the men in Spanish or Portuguese coastal areas who had syphilis in pre-Columbian times "so syphilis didn't come from Azteks"? Well, they ate lots of shellfish. It's called the reservoir effect.
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
8:20 We know for a fact that squirrels and men do not uptake carbon via breathing, but via eating. This means, if they are eating plants that grew recently, their carbon uptake is likely to reflect that. There is some delay in uptake, since human tissues do not all exchange into replacing atoms from outside at the same speed. In trees, there is the fact that only outermost rings (one light, one dark) is taking up carbon from this years atmosphere, the two rings inside that have carbon from last year, the two inside those have carbon from the year before that and so on. Btw, this is an aspect I have not taken into account in my tables of carbon 14 increase. I have treated charcoal, basically wood, as if it were hay and included the carbon 14 uptake of one single year. Which is of course wrong, a tree that has grown for 40 years on its level you cut it at has a carbon age of an average of 20 years, and a tree which has grown for 100 years where you cut it has a carbon level average of 50 years. By contrast, human tissue seems to be on average exchanged every 7 years. Probably some kind of difference between bone and some other stuff. The discrepancy in Mungo Man indicates that such a delay or difference could then amount to some millennia (c. 2000 years) between tissues, meaning the carbon 14 content was growing drastically back then.
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
4:24 And before you go on, I can corroborate most of it for you. Except the "see how much has decayed part" in prehistoric or proto-historic (Bronze age of earlier) settings where no reliable historic calibration exists. 1) Carbon 14 can be reliably measured by measuring radioactive radiation from carbon. 2) It can be reliably measured as forming one in a - whatever the high measure, way beyond a million anyway, because Carbon 12 can also be reliably measured as not emitting radiation. 3) You can even reliably measure a half life, indirectly - namely by calibrated carbon dates checked against what history tells you of the age of objects (and this means you can then go on and find objects of same age, by checking they have same carbon 14 content).
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
An object that is 100 of years old will have a pmC which is 50% to the exponent that 100 years is of the halflife. 100/5730 = 0.01745200698080279232111692844677 0.5^0.01745200698080279232111692844677 = 0.9879760628287867902830304684176 So an object 100 years old will have a pmC of 98.7976 percent modern Carbon 14. 200/5730 = 0.03490401396160558464223385689354 0.5^0.03490401396160558464223385689354 = 0.97609670072267086328978415897413 An object that is 200 years old will have a pmC of 97.60967 pmC. And so on, which is a check _both_ on the half life _and_ on the carbon 14 content being 100 pmC from back when the organic object is from. Now, how do you know that we don't have for instance a longer halflife but a rising carbon 14 content for these 200 years? Well, that would give different dates showing different halflives. I did the maths behind that one. So, how do we know we are not having a higher carbon 14 content now than back in the time of Göbekli Tepe? I am presuming your side has no calendar and narrative based calibrated date for GT. What you do have is a tree ring based calibration, and I frankly find tree ring datings that old too badly proven. This brings us to, how fast could C14 have risen? I'd say the Flood was in real year 2957 BC (based on the Biblical chronology as endorsed in Roman martyrology, a longer one than Ussher, LXX based) and we get carbon levels for 40 000 BP from then. On the other hand, Troy VIIa corresponds to the historic date for Troy's fall, 1179 BC. So, Carbon 14 levels rose from 1.5 pmC to 100 pmC between 2957 and 1179 BC. In 1778 years. Prove this impossible, if you can (and skip tree ring calibration - or go into depth on it).
TheCsel (15 days ago)
I’ve found fossils, does that mean I can join the Illuminati now?
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
3:26 Appealing to the science of the computer and of his medical practitioner is actually irrelevant. Neither of them is based on carbon dating or on the exact scientific concepts involved in carbon dating. OK, most of them, sometimes a contrast liquid might contain C14 to be traceable.
Hans-Georg Lundahl (15 days ago)
By the way, one of the best drugs against infection is penicilline (except in hospital environment where there are plenty of strains of penicilline resistent bacteria). And penicilline is extracted by scientists, but it is produced by mold fungi. Not sure if it is also available in synthesised version (there are other antibiotics that are synthetic), but mold fungi naturally produce penicilline. I am a huge fan of blue cheese.
shujat liaquat (15 days ago)
Yo Dan please school his ass again 😌
darryl tomlinson (15 days ago)
Ok disrespecting the science geniuses is crossing the line considering his 5th grade education.
Doctor Logic (15 days ago)
Jugger naut (16 days ago)
one c is not enough for the greedy reptilians, they want 14 of them. wtf
Aaron Mollere (16 days ago)
@Scimandan what is your scientific analysis of the distribution of the IQ bell curve in the flat earth or tin foil hat community? Are we, as a society, still approaching being a type 1 civilization in the next century or can we agree that without dissueding these people from speaking ever again to another human being we will actually regress into putting Brawndo on our crops. “Brawndo, it’s what plants crave.”
Mark Collins (17 days ago)
Assholes. Why are there so many? Making videos flaunting their incredulity at big stuff, large numbers, ‘fuzzy math’, stuff their parents didn’t tell them about. Not just having opinions they mutter to their friends at the tavern round the corner. Making half considered shit up and broadcasting it to the ends of the earth via a a technology that makes use and actually has it’s origins in the deeply considered and tested ideas of the scientific pioneers dismissed here as satanic liars. Careless boobs, abetted by powerful applied science in expanding this net of angry desperate know-nothingism
Mark Collins (17 days ago)
But they’re just folks.
Herschel1738 (18 days ago)
Conspiracies by Hans 4: "Everyone should be able to do science themselves." Theoretically, yes. Practically, no. A terribly wasteful redundancy of effort. Conspiracies by Hans 4: "How do these people KNOW..........." Hey, Conspiracies by Hans 4, perhaps the first step you should take in "doing science yourself" is to actually educate yourself about HOW scientists research these things. It would be a better use of your time than JAQ'ing off on YouTube videos.
hash factory (18 days ago)
Dude. He called Einstein a granny tranny satanist... WTF is wrong with these people. As curious as I am, I am not sure I could stomach watching his full video .
Hypatia Atheiria (19 days ago)
studying the wikipedia page for half a min will NOT make you an expert in 14C
Hypatia Atheiria (19 days ago)
took me three years of undergraduate in archaological sciences to learn radiometric dating methods not half an hour from a single wiki page
Hypatia Atheiria (19 days ago)
we can assume the uptake is the same because its in the air that is breathed
A7XfoREVer0031 (20 days ago)
All this guy did is just say stuff doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t mean it’s not true lol
Eric Mathiasen (20 days ago)
I don't think they date fossils using chemicals, do they? I mean fossilization replaced everything, hence the name. Fossils are dated by strata, aren't they? I'm not aware of any chemical means of dating fossils since they are essentially rocks, which can't be accurately dated except in rare circumstances by anything other than external means.
Allan Gibson (13 days ago)
Rocks are easily dated by decay series. Uranium is popular since its decay series is well understood (the US government has spent an impressive percentage of its total budget on this bit of research - something to do with defense...). The ratio of the various decay products will give a reasonable gauge of age. The global reference strata help too (KT boundary for example).
ChronoChrome (21 days ago)
1,000 Year Beard (21 days ago)
Definitely the most nutty of all... he needs professional help.
Guillermo St (22 days ago)
I find it hilarious that this retard who calls Einstein a grandma tranny thinks that carbon dating is ridiculous and 'sci-fi', yet I'm sure he finds the idea that a sky god waved his hand and the whole universe popped out of nowhere very sensible.
Andras Nolsøe (22 days ago)
scientificalists are evil liars.
Jim R. (22 days ago)
Hi! New to this page. Love it. Watched 5 or 6 episodes just today already. It's especially satisfying to bring my friend here at work into my office to watch since he is a "flat earther". Keep up the good work and I'll keep watching. Love the accent too.
MrSysdump (24 days ago)
This idiot when i was a kid in 9th grade we went to a query known to have fossils and when fossil hunting i personally found hundreds of fossils including Trilobites and various other things from hundreds of millions of years ago. Just because he doesn't go out and put the leg work in doesn't mean it doesn't exist of course it's going to be other people finding the fossils when you aren't looking yourself lmfao.
Butters Stotch (24 days ago)
I am willing to bet he doesn't understand math and this is why science is hard for him to understand.
BSharpMaj13 (25 days ago)
He may be scoring an own goal but at least hes not hitting the bar from 2 yards out.... Sorry. I had to.
CM BP (25 days ago)
Adams don't exist, I've never met one
zeke 11 (26 days ago)
Dan needs to do the Gorillas are just humans in costumes one.
Robert Lewis (26 days ago)
"Atoms don't exist" try telling that to Japan
zimma23 (26 days ago)
would never be a kent hovind fan. but watch his presentation on carbon dating... then follow it up any way you want.... carbon dating is fully ficticious. itz not science at all.... go for it. psymandan,,,, wrong again...... z.
just the truth (27 days ago)
The fact he goes to Wiki for the basis of his knowledge, speaks volume.
Ross Bagley (27 days ago)
This guy needs to visit any older neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. Go look at the foundation stones under almost any house built before 1970. They are so loaded with ammonite fossils that you will see dozens, including some rather large examples, right on the facing surface of the cut stone.
Keda_P (28 days ago)
Dude, like I said before, stick to science. You are engaging in politics now. Science in the CPU or GPS is lab science that can be tested and verified. Historical science like C14 dating is based on assumptions. So many assumptions that the date is more ssumed than calculated. And this is where the line is drawn between imagination and science. No evidence of C14 dating working. If you bring something to the lab and you tell nothing of its origin they ALWAYS date it wrong. "Watch it for short period of time and count". Yes. Extrapolation. Moon is moving away by 4cm each year. Distance to the Moon is 384,000km.. does it mean that 96 million years ago it was floating 1cm above ground? Extrapolations are BAD science. You are ASSUMING that the C14 decay is happening at the same rate always, and yet it could be different in the past. You are assuming that generation of C14 was same as today in the past. Assuming and assuming. 100% of your arguments (in this video) are arguments from authority, which are not actually valid.
Translation: "I don't understand it and it doesn't involve my views or the views of my religion being incorruptible and perfect.... so Satan".
MrHistorian123 (29 days ago)
Hans 4, you are ranting against something you haven't the intellect to understand. To work out the half life, you take a sample of material and work out the number of radioactive atoms in it (mass of radioactive substance/atomic mass) = no of moles. No of atoms (N) = no of moles x Avogadro's number. You measure the activity (A) of the sample in Bq using a detector. A/N = decay constant in secs Half life in secs = ln2/decay constant. I worked out the half life of Potassium 40 in my second year at St Andrews Univ, and that's 1250 million years. Frankly, Hans 4, you're a charlatan.
Millan Tronni (29 days ago)
07:30 Actually, you don't need to infer that the cosmic rays is/have been constant over time By measuring C14 in tree rings (mainly European oak), you can determinate very accurate what the level of C14 was a ceartain year, European oak rings goes back unbroken some 12000 years. Between 12000 years and to some 50000 years, stalagmites rings in certain caves are used (but not limited to only stalagmites but also cross references by other methods)
Bassem B. (30 days ago)
So many of these people's videos can be summed up with "I do not understand this, therefore it must be false."
aldermania (30 days ago)
I´d say a good analogy to Hans reasoning would be this: Hans has not read Romeo & Juliet by Shakespear. He reads in the plot-section on Wikipedia that Juliet dies in the end. Hans dismisses it and calls it "fantasy". End of analogy.
ForbiddenFateGaming (1 month ago)
Actually I myself have found fossils before and I am NOT a paleontologist. I recently found the fossilized remains of a orthoceras from the paleozoic era. Not a dinosaur by any means but still notable.
Theo (1 month ago)
Bah ahaha great character Gotcha Ya! Love your videos man
Frank Volante (1 month ago)
He has the intelligence of a single cell amoeba, and the cell in question is AWOL.
Lord K Glencoe (1 month ago)
Thanks again Dan today I've learned a couple of things about carbon 14 dating that I didn't know before. I apologize that I need you to be debunking some idiot in order to make it interesting.
Rudder (1 month ago)
Again a religious stance "satanist deceiver"... Talking about an unproven concept 😏
Marc Schoofs (1 month ago)
the only problem is when these nutcases become the governing body and start to influence education and the school system. When they want young earthe creationist teaching our children a bunch of garbage.
Turtle XX2B (1 month ago)
Why are there so many paranoid lunatics on YouTube?
Peter McGill (1 month ago)
The poor bastard has 37 likes vs 2,000 dislikes. Now you're just being a bully, Sci Man Dan. Keep up the good work.
Filipe Cardozo (1 month ago)
I always expect back in black to play at the end of your videos
Sly House (1 month ago)
its funny how he get exciting by thinking he's got a point...but actually digging his own hole...dinausor dont exist,you are right they are extinct !!!
Allan Gibson (13 days ago)
No dinosaurs are not extinct - I feed their decendants every morning. KFC serve them for lunch and dinner.
Dean Machine 69 (1 month ago)
Ha! Tool box! Vomit!
Dean Machine 69 (1 month ago)
What a fucking tool
Victor Martin (1 month ago)
It's mind boggling how many retarded people that there are in society.
Ollie Downton (1 month ago)
Honestly where do you find these guys Great laugh cheers man!!!
JPCinema (1 month ago)
Yup, this nutter you've unearthed deserves a Darwin award. lol
uNo (1 month ago)
... He really just bring dinosaurs into the mix when he does not even understand how the whole process works. I mean a scientist could explain this in the most dumb down version possible and his brain fries instantly. lol
Damaged262 (1 month ago)
With my limited ability to understand concepts that I can't experience within my lifetime, anything you say must be fiction, fantasy or sci fi. With the exception of biblical scratches, that is. I can accept those verbatim, because God.
Damaged262 (1 month ago)
Just to be clear, that was sarcasm and no disrespect to those who don't know me yet.
Samuel Holbrook (1 month ago)
I did a check of the guy's channel. Apparently everything is a hoax. Brown recluse spiders are a hoax, narwals are a hoax, great white sharks are a hoax, and he has a very unhealthy obsession with transgender folk.
Rob Fowler (1 month ago)
My Dad was a service tech for beta counter devices. I can assure they are real devices used in hospitals & radiology labs for all sorts of medical tests.
Rob Fowler (1 month ago)
But really, isn't any dating app just Carbon dating? I mean, we're all carbon based life forms after all.
beez1717 (1 month ago)
Stop insulting people because you don't understand and take the time to understand them! That would be like insulting someone pointing to a red object and saying what it is in ancient Greek and then you going and insulting the person because you don't understand what they were saying and you didn't even try to figure it out.
Wayne Goddard (2 months ago)
That world is flat (and I'm Batman.)

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