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Carbon Dating Isn't a Thing for This Conspiracy Nut!!

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Hello all and welcome to another episode of Tinfoil Tuesday where we shall be looking at YouTuber "Conspiracies by Hans 4" who has a vast collection of conspiracy themed videos. Today, we take a look at his belief that Carbon dating isn't real. Thank you all for watching. Please do like and subscribe if you haven't done so yet and I shall see you all Friday for the 75k special. Here is the link to Hans' original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G829KKitEME&t=878s Disclaimer: This video has not been made for the intention of harassment against the subject.
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BE THE TRUTH (1 hour ago)
Einstein's Girly
DJBlizzard74 (8 hours ago)
Did he just say getting awards and prizes is satanic? Did he just say the only people who find dinosaur bones are the ones who look for them? Like that’s some big shock? Did he just say atoms don’t exist? Did he just call Einstein a grandma tranny? Did he really just call an established proven science fantasy? While believing an invisible wizard blew on some dirt to make a man? From a book that has magic, witches, wizards, unicorns, dragons, and zombies in it? Dude the combination of stupidity, irony , and cringe is actually painful.
Chris Saffran (18 hours ago)
Interestingly Hans4 leads off with a true (and truly critical) statement: that science isn’t science unless it’s verifiable through reproducibility—which is why the peer review process exists. Cleverly, he displays the introduction to the Wikipedia page on radiocarbon dating, which (like the abstract of a journal article) lacks references. But of course if you scroll through the rest of the page, where it describes the background, details, and methods on great detail, you’ll discover it heavily referencs 33 source texts and articles, including 10 peer-reviewed primary source journal articles. And that’s just Wikipedia—by no means a definitive resource for scientific information. He might try searching ScienceDirect for links to papers publishing reproducible experiments on this or any other scientific topic.
Dengoriffic (3 days ago)
He says that all smart people are transvestites like it's a bad thing. Here in Canada, our socialist overlords make everyone undergo a sex change within one year of reaching puberty (that's the point of socialized medicine of course ) but our intelligence increases dramatically. Yet, what even my - now staggering - intellect cannot quite grasp is why; if all acknowledged scientific achievements are Satanic, and yet mentally masturbating on your computer all day is somehow virtuous? And that these people's "research" consists of reading a Wikipedia "article" is truly hilarious. Deep thoughts indeed.
Jeff Collins (5 days ago)
This guy is OBSESSED with transexuals. After watching very few of his videos it becomes abundantly clear that he is not too bright. Anything that he doesn't understand can't possibly be real, but everything in the Bible is fact. He seems to think that a lot of people have changed genders. I'm not necessarily a fan of the overabundance of lgbtq being pushed so hard in all forms of media these days so I choose not to pay attention to it. This guy claims to be against it but the majority of his videos are about transexuals, it's kind of creepy. Also Dan is ftm.
dka13 (5 days ago)
I just still can't believe people think Wikipedia is credible.
Alex C (8 days ago)
Did he mention something Satanic ? It reminds me that movie Happy Gilmore ........ She is the Devil !! Athom is the Devil .......carbon dating that's the Devil ......what dinosaur ...also the Devil!! Dan you's da Devil !!
NoFaceMan6 (10 days ago)
Why didn't you try to debunk that Einstein is a grandma tranny? Guess you're too scared.
Tymas X (10 days ago)
SciManDan, not only do i spend my time watching you, i spend it looking up those poor sods you trash. It is great sport. I love watching you and only wish i could have half the ability you have to lay this out in such simple terms much to the dismay of the 'tards that you have targeted. I ramble when trying to explain things and you have this ability you just put it out straight and intelligently. My own understanding of science pales in comparison to you. But I do love to see you obliterate these crazy conspiracy theorists. Keep it up, Love watching your vids!
MundMoriginal (11 days ago)
I rate this video humongous/10.
phil wilson (11 days ago)
I'm not actually going to watch one of Hans' videos but I did take a look at his channel just for fun. Wow. That's all I can say. Just wow. Just from looking at the titles of his videos, some of my favorites include; Stevie Wonder isn't blind, Modern art is fake, Michael J Fox fakes parkinsons, and proof koala's are fake. He also has a strange obsession with transgender people 😂
Tabby Smithfield (11 days ago)
Projection and stupidity at its finest!
Michael McKeay (11 days ago)
Well at the beginning he wasn't wrong, the appeal to authority is a real thing, but that's why peer review is do important. If its tested by many people it increases its validity. They give their means methodology and results so that others can test the same thing. Oh and Darwin was wrong!
Harvey Smith (12 days ago)
He did start of being reasonable logical. Giving a rough idea about if you have an idea, you throw it open to anyone to test and prove or disproved. He then completely ignores his own logic. None of these people ever follow the basics. If you truly believe something, give and example and throw it open to be proved or disproved.
TheDeadlyAvenger (12 days ago)
BIG surprise, the guy is a religious nut job, no wonder he’s desperate to bash science
Cydonia2020 (12 days ago)
Hans needs a Clue-by-4 upside the head.
peterinbrat (12 days ago)
He calls Einstein a grandma tranny... and THEN it gets weird! LOL!
John L (12 days ago)
Good one. I've just discovered your channel, and find it an endless source of comic relief! Re fossils, I distinctly remember a high school field trip to Coal City, Illinois in the late 60's. Virtually all in the class found fossils. I still have several, including one perfect fern fossil.
shirime wows (13 days ago)
I don't understand how my phone works, therefore it doesn't. It's just Satan using his magic powers to show me the evil images that my sinful brain basely desires. argumentum ad ignorantiam par excellence
orfa973 (14 days ago)
Hit the post from 2 yards out that's unbelievable tekkers (I wonder how many people have that same trophy lol). Great vid mate, subbed.
#Hashtag 71 (14 days ago)
May be he need to read some books rather than wiki and saying this not possible because you dont understand how it work.😂😂😂
frank J crisante (14 days ago)
Do urself a favor...walk off the edge of ur flat Earth
frank J crisante (14 days ago)
Its laughable to say the least that this and assclown and his braindead followers actually think they r smarter than the smartest ppl who ever lived and were professionals in their carreers.. they act like a jealous 5yr old..ohh what. Ur allowed but im nott. Boohhooo. Get an education asswipe
frank J crisante (14 days ago)
To the guy in video: u are an asswipe, complete friggn moron..Ur an embarrassment to are civilization
frank J crisante (14 days ago)
Here is an idea...get educated,,learn something..and figure out these things for urself..become a positive member of society
matthew kimber (15 days ago)
JUST because somebody TELLS you a story about something it does not mean it's true carbon 14 double 7 then starts WAVING the good BOOK this story about something that you have been told UP'S E DO hold THAT THEORY!!!! I have dug up fossils DRIVING large plant on a sewage pumping station just they other side of Stratford upon Avon so I must be part of the CONSPIRATATDS!!!!!
Lawrence Porter (17 days ago)
So apparently every single scientist in the world now or in the past are all part of a big conspiracy that they tell people this is science when it’s really not! Man, how do these conspiracy tin foil hat wearing nut jobs survive? I don’t think they have enough brain cells to breathe in.
alf aasen (18 days ago)
Oh! I've found multiple fossils in my life, must mean I'm a scientist
Helmut Christian Tomas (18 days ago)
Right, everybody has the right and the obligation to do his own experiments, verify what scientists tell you; I imagine you working on your own to catch up with 10 generations of physicists without reading a physics book and then coming up with the standard model of particle physics and test it in your own LHC in your backyard during your lifetime of 30 years between starting to muse in your armchair and sinking into an alcoholic dilirium.
Sam Thompson (19 days ago)
Dinosaurs don't exisit?!?!?! hahahaha, one of the funniest and craziest things I've ever heard!!
coffee stout (19 days ago)
Started out laughing but it changed to sadness. That person has issues that need to be looked at by people in white coats. Feel sorry for him.
owenbrau63 (21 days ago)
How do these idiots remember to breathe?
GordoWG1 WG1 (22 days ago)
3:30 - and X-rays and nuclear power ;-)
sandy roberts-anderson (24 days ago)
I’m just an ordinary person, and a woman, to boot. I have found fossils.
Joshua Haddock (24 days ago)
There is NO WAY, an ALL knowing, ALL powerful, ALL Whatever God created complete morons like these. There is NO WAY!
Karl Karlson (24 days ago)
small mistake: The periodic table of elements doesn't show 12C, it actually includes the isotops and gives the average mass considering their relative quantities.
mentalplayground (25 days ago)
He is Christian so there is no space for debate. Dogma.
Redspeciality (26 days ago)
This guys thought process is the equivalent of saying,”I’ve never seen a million dollars, therefore it doesnt exist”
Kev G (26 days ago)
I love how the guy didn't read anything beforehand and his video is essentially just reading a Wikipedia page and interjecting useless commentary which adds so much time, it's tedious. Could have been a nice radio piece on what carbon dating is if he had just kept to reading it from start to finish and that's it ...
Kev G (26 days ago)
About his electricity box: I wouldn't care, but i would wonder why this person who claims the govt is lying to us to "keep us down" is not sharing free power with the rest of the world....
SilkySmooth56 (26 days ago)
I love the argument "Why do only paleontologists find the dinosaur bones? Why don't more people find them just in their backyard or walking around the forest?" Which to me, has the same answer as the question "Why do only bird watchers find these amazing beautiful birds? Why don't we see them in our everyday lives?" The answer is: BECAUSE THEY ARE LOOKING FOR THEM. I am positive that if they went out trying to find dinosaur bones or unique birds then eventually they would find one.
You Tuber (26 days ago)
Just because you call something god doesn’t make it real either
Øfsti Mellom (28 days ago)
KBO SciManDan! facts matters
deliriumguiness (29 days ago)
2:14 def not science: no safety goggles. Depicted person probably has no idea about science.
Lee Star Destroyer (30 days ago)
I live on the south Wales coast here in the UK, you can walk along the cliffs in certain parts and find fossils everywhere, this guy is a fucking plum!
Steve White (1 month ago)
A classic case of, I don't understand it so it isn't real, what a dumb wanker, all he's doing is burbling like a burst arsehole.
Alessandro Pizzotti (1 month ago)
It takes less than 30 secs into the linked video to realise this idiot is also a hater.
Jason Papai (1 month ago)
Im a american. I think that any one who digs in the dirt is a archaeologist
daro2096 (1 month ago)
Carbon dating relies on two assumptions. 1. that the level of carbon 14 in the atmosphere is constant. 2. that the rate of decay over time is constant. Take all carbon dating dates with a pinch of salt is what I recommend.
Cameron Walker (1 month ago)
Wait did you miss the post from 2 yards out?! .... You deserved that award. Congrats!
CaroGenie C (1 month ago)
Hans has no balls and his bum is like a lady’s. Methinks Hans is a tranny too.
Renata Bevilagua (1 month ago)
Those idiots don’t even understand how hard is to study science.So many people dedicate whole life to science.These people sit at home doing nothing,than reading something of internet,and think they know science 🤦‍♀️.Dan don’t bother to explain what photosynthesis to him, animal will get it faster than this idiot.
BastiSito (1 month ago)
So DINOSAURS are yodelling, too? Good gracious....
Topher Birth (1 month ago)
Where they "draw the line" is typically when something is casting doubt on the accuracy of their Bible.
Abigail Bell (1 month ago)
I myself am a trans woman and I have discovered a new hobby; going on Han's channel and posting, admitting I am trans. Such fun. Looking forward to see if he responds.
Abigail Bell (1 month ago)
Please pardon my ignorance, what is a half life and why is it measured in half instead of the whole?
Derek Gibson (1 month ago)
Dear SciManDan, I've just been checking Hans 4 site. I didn't realise that you were a "Tranny". What's it like? Seriously though when you hear his comments it makes you wonder what his ideal woman looks like? In fact it makes you wonder what he looks like? Do you think the local priest found him trying on his mothers clothes one day and forbade him from attending church if he did it again?
JackSpeed 439 (1 month ago)
If Einstein is a grandma tranny then grandma trannies were some of the smartest people on earth, ever.
JackSpeed 439 (1 month ago)
Ok using this guys idea of science means that every person on earth has to have their own Large Hadron Collider, staff it and operate it on their own. Also to prove you live in a house everyone has to be able to build one on their own. Simply put, if you didn’t do it yourself then it wasn’t done.
Trevor Stevens (1 month ago)
If you were to read just the 1st chapter of any educational text book, I'd say given the assumption you read the book having 0 knowledge going into it, it would be fair to say that there is no way you could have gained enough knowledge to KNOW there rest of the books contents AND conclude it's validity. This fool is doing just that, taking the info he "knows" already, and assuming that's all he needs to CONCLUDE in the FE theory. Reality and physics aren't predicated on his belief of them, the truth doesn't need his approval to remain the truth.
CRISPR (1 month ago)
I found a trilobyte fossil can I join the conspiracy too?
stdorn (1 month ago)
I think ill let him know about this http://mentalfloss.com/article/50997/10-states-fossil-hunting-sites-public
I think the Jesus Hans often speaks of is a tranny too
thebaldone78 (1 month ago)
My pa found fossils in his backyard when digging up an old stump! SMH
Timothy Jahn (1 month ago)
"Taking it based on faith".... Gotta admit, I giggled a bit at that one.
David Hardin (1 month ago)
good work Sci it's always a pleasure to see and listen to someone with a brain that thinks kep up the good work
Paavo Bergmann (1 month ago)
I so love the yodeling fossils!!!
Horace Bugzapper (1 month ago)
Did he say "Albert Einstein's a grandma tranny."?
Jerry (1 month ago)
For a moment I thought that you were being too harsh on this guy, then i looked at his channel and i admire your restraint :) This guy is a complete nutjob.
EliseAssap (1 month ago)
What is this guy's problem with 'Trannies?' he is obsessed he needs to see a Freudian analyst and sort that shit out.... and who the hell are 'them'? surely some of 'them' must be 'us'' - my brother was a volunteer on a dig when he was studying at University - is he 'one of THEM?' are 'them' the Trannies you are terrified of?
EliseAssap (1 month ago)
A-Ha... he said that we accept the science of c14 on 'faith' not facts......... so ..... faith is...... bunkum?
T2DG QUICKDRAW (1 month ago)
Large words confuse a lot of people. .thats why theres a DICTIONARY
T2DG QUICKDRAW (1 month ago)
Cult like following seems to be happening here...slagging off..repeating the same shite pw have been brainwashed..HOLLYWOOD ACTORS GET AWARDS FOR BEING TRANSGENDER AND DOWN WITH THE BAPHHOMET. .shit actors win awards all thectime.. Wake up people SKI MAN DAN is leading you down a path of bullying and mocking without actual facts..he sits there reading shit out of the internet after a good editing job....ANOTHER DIVIDER that has the sheeple listeninng to his babbling
kidpoker007 (1 month ago)
Cmon this guy can't be real, nobody is that stupid lol
No, Carbon Dating works... if you know how old the object is beforehand! LOL! Otherwise, if it doesn't match your expected results, just discard it. Hey, I didn't say that, someone else did... http://www.cs.unc.edu/~plaisted/ce/dating2.html The problem is this (simplifying for morons)... If you encounter a candle that is already burning, how do you calculate how long it's been burning for?
James Hannah (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/6HJYi8d9NCw?t=808 ROTFL OMFG!
James Hannah (1 month ago)
"Just because large words confuse you it doesn't mean it's not real." PRICELESS
James Hannah (1 month ago)
Of all the things to question or promote or create a conspiracy theory about, what carbon dating?
Scott Gibson (1 month ago)
Dan,don’t thank me for watching,I want to thank you for making these.I look forward to watching each new one.Thank you
He started claiming a female scientist was a man in drag...because women aren’t capable of learning?
BiffTech05 (1 month ago)
Wait carbon dating isn't a thing? Well there goes my Tinder profile...
Some Guy (1 month ago)
11:28 Before the yodelling started ?!?! Impressive, Dan !!
J Russell (1 month ago)
Yes! I have dug up fossils in my backyard! Several of them! I love finding them!
Glasses&Mouthplates (1 month ago)
His logic regarding only authorities have access to scientific truths and discoveries is like being jobless then whines about how people who work have the possession and access to money.
Travis M (1 month ago)
FlatEarthRandy only has 846 subscribers. That makes me feel a little better. I thought there were a lot of people that actually bought into his bullshit.
Light Of Logic (1 month ago)
What is with this guy's obsession with the concept of transvestites? And apparently every male that has discovered anything in science to be one? It's like he's insecure with his own masculinity/sexuality and projects his fears out onto others. Then it rolls over into everything to do with science and becomes complete denial because he doesn't understand it. Ad hominems and arguments from ignorance everywhere. Throw is some demon claims and we've got full on ridiculous.
Alpha Gaming (1 month ago)
I faund a fossel and I ame not a peleantolegist
Rob Voncken (1 month ago)
lol its sad that this goofball just comprehensively explained to me how carbondating works shame on me
John Norris (1 month ago)
It sounded like Hans might be a self-hating homophobe. You can bring a pretty pink pony to water but you can't make it science.
Marlinblack 65 (1 month ago)
Don't understand, must be a con. Funny how IBM wrote their name in Xenon atoms. What a great achievement.
ROBERT DUFAULT (1 month ago)
He is kinda right. Dinosaur bone don't exist. Over millions of years the bones are replaced with the minerals in the surrounding soil.
Sultry Fish (1 month ago)
For me it was when he said have you ever heard of someone digging up a fossil in there back yard. I have it was me I found 3 different fossils. How did we make it this far as a species?
K. B. (1 month ago)
I've seen this video before and can't bear to watch the whole thing again, sorry. Hans 4 gives himself away at 6:06, with his comment about "awards in this world"; at that moment, one realizes that this Is a self-styled preacher-boy. We will find no logic here. I also must remark on his sarcastic "uh- what" earlier on, following the mention of cosmic rays. That instance shows his total unwillingness to even attempt to understand things that are a little challenging; and further, probably anything outside his current level of knowledge.
sordello51 (1 month ago)
Nicely done. Finding marine invertebrate fossils on top of the mountains of west Texas is fun. From the time before dinosaurs is even better!
Shane Graham (1 month ago)
I'm confused. He seems to be suggesting that the male scientists are really female (or demon/aliens) and for some reason the few female scientists are actually males. Why? What kind of diabolical conspiracy would need people to just randomly switch genders? What's the point? And "revolution" has "evol" in it? Pretty sure that's an incorrect spelling of "evil". ;)
colin doyle (1 month ago)
haans scored a big zero did he insult a scientist because they looked like a tranny ,, i much rather trust a guy bi trans lesbo scientist than a dumbass flearther
colin doyle (1 month ago)
the problem we have here is ohhh whats the point
colin doyle (1 month ago)
do americans enjoy listening to this moron murder a nice language
colin doyle (1 month ago)
woooood boooooonnnee mental case usa POS
colin doyle (1 month ago)
theres a T in interaction mate please use it
colin doyle (1 month ago)
theres a storeeeeeeey total over play on the last sylable

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