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5 Summer Outfit Ideas | Dressing to Stay Cool & Stylish During The Heat

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Text Comments (582)
Alice chettri (1 month ago)
I wana have a great look for my first date☹☹ got no idea for my out fit
Deniell Gueco (2 months ago)
Oh no you're hair
Shehzad Ahmad (2 months ago)
Nayan Tara (3 months ago)
nyccc bro😍😍😍
Pro2nd (3 months ago)
Men’s fashion is a joke now. It’s dress as girly as possible. Where’s the men’s fashion for men who carry guns and tools during the day. With a big set of nuts
Aryan Gaikwad (3 months ago)
I prefer casuals most Shocksless✌️
C -ROD (4 months ago)
You dont even know how to dress. Why would i believe you.
11219tt (4 months ago)
I have a job interview on Wednesday and they said dress “business casual” and I’ve never had a real job before (always done my own business etc..) so...AAAAHHHH!! WTF DO I WEAR??!!?!??
UnitedWEstand?? (5 months ago)
I just can't get with the flood thing though
Jose gonzalez (5 months ago)
Jose, where did you get the burgundy flannel shirt? What's the brand? Thanks
Midoriya Izuko (5 months ago)
2:19 I Really wanna buy those cloaths!!!!!
pfdude (5 months ago)
I Just Don't Like Flowers on Man, or Printed Shirt For That Matter LOOK: GAY http://pfmode.blogspot.com/2018/06/i-just-dont-like-flowers-on-man-or.html https://twitter.com/amazing_elegant
Shutto (5 months ago)
u sounded tired and drained...was it the heat from outside
Edison Wap (5 months ago)
hey guys, want a "free" brand-new T-shirt or short pant from Amazon? Now we want some honest reviews and feedback for our products, you can select a desired one among our products, we will full refund you by Paypal after shipment, if you're interested, please reply to me in comments for more details.
Vishal Joshi (5 months ago)
Worst Beard ever seen...
RISHI KUMAR SAHU (6 months ago)
that's good one
Ahsas Buriro (6 months ago)
randee ke bacha
Grape Juice (6 months ago)
Be looks paler
Bob Francis (6 months ago)
Jose really rocks the rolled up sleeves look.
Karan Machahari (6 months ago)
Raymond Sbdon (6 months ago)
number 5 outfit dope
arturo colombia09 (6 months ago)
Where did you get the Denim shirt? It looks amazing bro
Erik David Lacandazo (6 months ago)
Jose, please do a video for skinny teenagers
plz upload subtitles
drei9 (7 months ago)
Baiscally, Wear anything that is Tight. Only looks good with guys with Lean body.
Elodyne (7 months ago)
Its crazy how much this guy improved.
Explore the World (7 months ago)
hiii brother, I am.going to shop pants and shirts for summer season I have no idea what colours should I purchase for summer shirts and pants I also buy dress shirts for casual dressing and dress pants as well kindly suggest me what colours should I purchased
Miguel Morales (8 months ago)
José, I need you to be my best friend from now on!
Sachin Singh (8 months ago)
beards looks horrable on you
Jrreik Levi Andaya (8 months ago)
damnnnn you look way smaller in this vid.
David Grabenschroer (8 months ago)
Do you tailor your button ups so it closer to you lower back?
Jean-Marc Schwarz (8 months ago)
Love the last one!!
Emil Svensson (8 months ago)
U sad that this pants or shirt has only Been washing 2times Joe do u do to ceep them clean for a longer Time?
Chota Jimar (9 months ago)
J. (9 months ago)
I jut bought one of those H&M polos about an hour ago, funnily enough.
Moidul Shaikh (9 months ago)
I am 16 years best shoes for me tell me PLEASE 😊😄
Anuj Kerketta (9 months ago)
look no.3
Isuru Bandara (11 months ago)
What pants do you have in outfit 2
Andjelkovic Jasmin (11 months ago)
I like outfit 2 and 3 the most!
CinnabonManiac1 (1 year ago)
Aaron Villanueva (1 year ago)
Can't wear this stuff in Arizona summer
MisterAadj (1 year ago)
links maybe?
Steven ZJ (1 year ago)
that's no fair. this is clothes for fit men. ugh. what about skinny guys?
Moses King (1 year ago)
3:03 Khaki pants on khaki shoes looks awful. You need to break it up with a darker color.
Ajay Kumar Vadaparthi (1 year ago)
One thing I want to ask seriously to Jose is that cuffing the pants always is mandatory or not?
you occupied my thoughts Dear!!!!!!!!
James De Guzman (1 year ago)
hi jose. where did you buy that pants you've shown first int his video? thanks
N Bosch (1 year ago)
i'm sorry but can't people wear what ever they want???
Divyam Gogia (1 year ago)
your dressing sense is pathetic dude. believe me 👎
_Aqeel _B (1 year ago)
Your beard reminds of my pubes when they're not shaven.
Biplav Sardar (1 year ago)
sir where to buy this chinos and polos
Christian Antonio (1 year ago)
I guess u could say his collar was to poppin
PRASHANT KUMAR (1 year ago)
Hi,r u Indian
Brenda BaBoom (1 year ago)
Everything here is on point!! I'm a lady and I have the SAME aesthetic. Especially the UNTUCKED SHIRT look with trousers and jeans; and bc women bootys in leggings and jeggins need modesty and coverage.
Mistah Unknown (1 year ago)
Ever thought about getting into modeling?
Stretch (1 year ago)
what if you have pit sweat issues? i live in the South, and only VERY dark colors work on me in the summer. limits my shopping potential big time.
ALI Yousry ali (1 year ago)
what this shit? it's for winter not for summer
pena7184 (1 year ago)
great tips really liked the last look
Leader success ! (1 year ago)
I like the last outfit thanks:)
Crazy Dog (1 year ago)
hi i am from colombia and i think that you are a really good youtuber thank for the outfits are excellent
Huynh Tran Duy (1 year ago)
last style, can i combine with white shirt
Ryan Woodard (1 year ago)
I really like those pants in your first outfit, can you tell me where you got them?
Lizardo Chávez (1 year ago)
Which ones and what brand of shoes are the casual blues? You could put a link on where you can buy them. Are Clarks penton? Thank you
Vishnu Prasad (1 year ago)
amazing video...very useful
Bojack & Kage (1 year ago)
Where are those stan smiths from? Thanks
Hadid Nuristani (1 year ago)
Jack N (1 year ago)
Linen pants.. are these suit "linen" pants.. would like these in my wardrobe... brand? thanks
Paragon of Growth (1 year ago)
List where you get the clothes please
vankich (1 year ago)
''Lenin is probably your bestfriend during summer''....well then off to Russia for the summer !
Your Demise (1 year ago)
Sorry I'm not rich to be buying new clothes all the time
samayza 200 (1 year ago)
where did he get those panes and what is the brand called
Amry Furtado (1 year ago)
Great video. I love it and will do this
Squo Crawford (1 year ago)
I`m curious as to how often you wash your clothes.
Zoraida Magana (1 year ago)
You look like a young version of Montana from Blood in Blood Out, you know that movie. Especially with that smile lol. Anyway great videos :)
iMichael Johnson (1 year ago)
your realy very great thank you very much
Alex S. (1 year ago)
Did he say hm shirt or short? What brand was the white polo?
احمد الطيب (1 year ago)
from Egypt , i'm saying thanks for u . good videos which help me to improve my look
Chaniece Pinder (1 year ago)
Love each look...
TalentedMrRipley (1 year ago)
When you are THAT slim, EVERYTHING looks good on you!   Very nice *runs to the gym*
EAGLE___EMPIRE (1 year ago)
Anyway to look stylish without looking like a Metro Sexual or feminine like this guy?
Floyd Mayweather (1 year ago)
Nice video but your collar is falling off,
Nelson Muncada (1 year ago)
I like your style 👌🏼
vsk venkyy (1 year ago)
wat pant do u Wer for first dress
Williaem00 (1 year ago)
How tall is this guy ?
Veikko Kesti (1 year ago)
so you use more than 300k$ per year on clothes?
CHA REE CHAN (1 year ago)
what are your measurements no homo
Courage Ekhaguere (1 year ago)
Why do you need to say no homo for that?
valerie jackson (1 year ago)
NytyN DeeP (1 year ago)
wear the band in the other hand not with the watch...or jus go for no bands....with the watch..rest liked your white shoes idea....wearing only white since year 2000..
Game rilla (1 year ago)
This vid was made 2 days before my b-day!... not that big of a deal
Kiran r2k (1 year ago)
Nice bro..
Amal Premachandran (1 year ago)
genuinly am telling you....u r damn "ugly'
C. Alexander (1 year ago)
Correction: Alex Costa
C. Alexander (1 year ago)
I hate when these style guys do videos like this and do say or list where they got the items from 😕 that's why I like Alex Acosta
Gerome Flavell (6 months ago)
I think hes encouraging you to try the generic style rather than the exact outfit.
Kufii (1 year ago)
hello could any1 tell me what is the brand of short from the third outfit?
Juan Pablo Ramos (1 year ago)
Where did you get that backpack? Its so cool
Dan Vasquez (1 year ago)
I like the outfits except the bottom of pants where ankle is exposed. I would like to see variation if possible. Form ankles up I love the simplicity and color choices that make skin tone pop out
John Smith (1 year ago)
I'm in Australia, you can't wear pants in summer
ChedengMB (1 year ago)
We almost have the same taste brother especially the green short/white shirt/Stan Smith and khaki/burgundy shirt outfit. A man nod from SoCal.
Vivek R (1 year ago)
not a good looking guy and who buys stuff from H&M and target! lol.. thats where those fat feminists and single moms shop!

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