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Join Trinny as she ventures away from Zara and into Peter Jones (part of the John Lewis chain) for her latest SHOP UP. For a department store that has an entire floor dedicated to women's fashion, there's bound to be plethora of items to love.. or will it prove to be a store where you buy classic pieces for your mother...? For more information on this post, go to my T-Time blog: https://trinnylondon.com/t-time/style/shop-ups Products featured in this post: Somerset by Alice Temperley Stripe Button Through Blouse (£79) http://bit.ly/2HpG2KW Somerset by Alice Temperley Stripe Wide Leg Trousers (£89) http://bit.ly/2VE9Ih7
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Text Comments (148)
Anna Rehbinder (2 hours ago)
Absolutly loved the Alice temperly stuff would Work Very well as good basics in My wardrobe together with My out there stuff and of course maxmara
Anna Rehbinder (2 hours ago)
Trinny would you do a monki review/ styling would love to see what you would do with that
Sally Freestone (12 hours ago)
The only “shop-up” that managed to make the normally irrepressible Trinny seem subdued!!
John Smith (13 hours ago)
please boycott john lewis , owned by freemasons pushing luciferian agendas: selling transgender children's clothes ( girls and boys range) , one eye symbolism , anti christian Christmas adds etc. now they have this freemason's girlfriend advertising MK ultra symbolism: tiger print and butterflies
John Smith (13 hours ago)
hi Trinny ,who did your face lift ? you look amazing
lol365 (22 hours ago)
I love John Lewis/Peter Jones - the best customer service on earth - the way the company is managed should be applauded. However, the clothes have always been so classic that it almost discourages you from visiting all the time because the staples are always there. The homewares, appliances, crockery etc, are all fabulous and much more inventive.
Efart Agmon (1 day ago)
When you shoot a video,you should hold it iateral and than you can get a full screen
Beate F (1 day ago)
Dear Trinny, please do a show for a woman who are short and with wide hips, but please keep in mind we are modern and like to wear brands you like, sharp and clean cut. Thank you.
G S (1 day ago)
Love your jacket! You should be the new Dr Who 😘
sara ailane (1 day ago)
Can you do a house of fraser shop up please?
Michelle Sage (1 day ago)
All expensive for the average person on the street
Michelle Sage (1 day ago)
Don't like the hobbs navy tre ch it looks dowdy on you
leti fc (1 day ago)
Love those videos!!! I encourage you to go on with this "Classic English Store" series. Thank you so much.
Debbie Evans (1 day ago)
£700.00 for a dress ,,I don't think so !!!!!! Give me primark any day ,just could not afford those prices ,,,prob find them in a charity shop for a fiver
Trace C (1 day ago)
I loved you on "what not to wear",with Susannah and you are even more beautiful now x
Jo Collins (1 day ago)
Wished you'd tried on the items you liked. Love these vids x
hediye Dikmen (2 days ago)
hediye Dikmen (2 days ago)
Çok beğendim harika 😄 👍👍👍💋💋💋
Janie (2 days ago)
and fast fashion wise ive got some Zara clothing ive had since they started! and yes i agree with you just not inspiring at all
Janie (2 days ago)
Riess stuff was good
Janie (2 days ago)
oh dear no Trinny it was all so frumpy and expensive too ???
liz yerolemidesemale (2 days ago)
Where is your whole outfit from ????
T R I N N Y (2 days ago)
Coat Baum & Pferdgarten, top and trousers Serena Bute X
Austin D (2 days ago)
I think you are kind of like my mom...thinking certain colors look horrible.. but they don't... don't be such a prude around certain colors...your outfit in this video looks like you're a wealthy clown or tour guide.. I actually think you would look great in camel.. it would actually make me look straight to your face instead of all this pageantry..
김ᅳ (2 days ago)
i love your green coat i want to know what brand is. zara haul's coat is also the same brand? because the pattern is so similar..
Pepperless (3 days ago)
Hobbs needs an overhaul
d coughla (3 days ago)
Totally agree with your honest, yet tactful review, Trinny. Nothing exciting, too safe, formal and expensive given the price point compared with Zara. John Lewis need to review. Loved your outfit, Trinny.
Andrea Fin (3 days ago)
Some of brands stocked in Peter Jones seem quite different compared to your average John Lewis. Most of them have a bit of a younger feel now. Shame we didn't see the try on!
Claire Brighton (3 days ago)
I really enjoyed the video. Can’t say I’ll be heading over to JL for clothes. But your knowledgeable commentary is fantastic.
Sandra Boyce (3 days ago)
To be honest, Peter Jones and John Lewis have the worst selection of brands as they are tailored to a certain customer and their only saving grace is their own label. The J Crew selection is awful, and i'm surprised that you looked considering that there is a J Crew store minutes away.
Faranak Peart (3 days ago)
How about doing a plus size Mango, please? Xxx
Heather Dean (3 days ago)
Fast Fashion is not only about retail price. I would definitely consider J Crew fast fashion. They used to have better quality fabrics too and then just went south. I would not go back to them without a major statement of ethical sourcing and manufacturing. Don’t we all remember the factory in Bangladesh crushing garment workers. This is life and death. Literally.
Abhi (3 days ago)
Peter Jones is like Macy's in America
Lovely Life (3 days ago)
can u plzz make these videos full screen? it gives me headache to see such small photo in centre of screen, love ur content but plzz work on video size...thx
Alala Laamaa (3 days ago)
Try horizontal vidéos Thats how everything is filmem on YouTube
Kayla Davies (3 days ago)
Dearest Trinny puhleeeze do not fly by the camel and warm colors!! Many of us are Autumns or Springs and would love to know what is available that we can wear. I personally look like death in anything white, navy, grey, black, mauve, taupe, and most blues. Adore your TL makeup line and just made a special trip to London Fenwicks from California to see it in person and stock up. Very helpful, sweet young woman at the counter, btw.
Susan Laffan (3 days ago)
Love these videos
Andrea Lewis (3 days ago)
Your very cool and youseem sokind keep going like your style you rock
Claire Loving (3 days ago)
I think you summed up my view of John Lewis clothing and the prices ;o(
Forever Young (3 days ago)
Loves the ootd xx
PRINCIPESSA (3 days ago)
I think Modern Rarity is John Lewis's own label, which is why it is only available there.
Cherry Tangoo (3 days ago)
I love 😍 what you wearing anything you wear it suits you love from a can wait to come to London and go to kings road and maybe just see u by luck am a big fan.
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Hope you enjoy your trip X
Cherry Tangoo (3 days ago)
I love the jacket which brand
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Coat is Baum and Pferdgarten X
Ali M’s Beauty (3 days ago)
Totally agree about looks. It drives me mental when companies put a great look together and you can’t find all the pieces. It happens online as well
Joann Line (3 days ago)
Love these shopping videos Trinny. Can you please do another one at Massimo Dutti. I live in Australia and love this brand yet can't buy from Australia. Also one for Harrods. Another favrourite store. Really enjoying your videos.
Farah (3 days ago)
Could you do a guide on belts please? As you mention changing out the belts on dresses but I don’t have any clue what would work instead.
Farah (3 days ago)
Lol, I just found it and came back to say so and you had replied! Thanks Trinny!
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
See my belts styling & culling on the blog X https://trinnylondon.com/blog/the-january-cull-belts
Samantha Jones (3 days ago)
Ok - so did you buy the outfit????
Sharon Avraham (3 days ago)
Yayyy! Love your shop ups
judy bishop (3 days ago)
Would love to have seen if the two piece brown stripe outfit was any good on Trinny! I am 67 and really struggle to find anything in John Lewis that suits me. I find more clothes that suit me and my limited budget in H&M and M&S. Also Zara, but am too far from a store and their online shopping is risky with the sizing.
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Outfit is up on my Instagram @trinnywoodall 💛
Mary Clarke (3 days ago)
Ah .... missed the try on!
Gwen Massey (3 days ago)
Trinny, which brand, if any, have taken over the high street place left by Windsmoor. Stylish, tailored, well made clothes for ladies of a certain age AND size without us having to resort to rent-a-tent?!?!
Moira Chapman (3 days ago)
I think I'll give John Lewis a miss,so boring..
Mrs V Burt (3 days ago)
I find most things are big, baggy and shapeless. I like some structure and I’m fed up of pastels. Loved what you were wearing.
anabel picon (3 days ago)
I love lunch at Partridges followed by a wander round Peter Jones... love your videos!!
fleurkus (3 days ago)
You look amazing and I love your bag.
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed X
Mrs. Elena Stories (3 days ago)
You are such a gorgeous woman,you should be on tv,i see you in one of fashion shows!!!
virgo8708 (3 days ago)
YAY a store tour of a store I will probably never visit, love these kind of videos. ❤️ from Canada.
Linda (3 days ago)
Virtually no customers in the background of a 30+ minute shop up? Unimpressive, overpriced fashions and a terrible in-store experience (no music, bad merchandising & store windows, harsh lighting)? Did Trinny do this shop up as a favor to someone, with the caveat she wouldn't lie? This store needs to rethink who their customer is and retool...
Claire Brighton (3 days ago)
T R I N N Y I agree. Is a shift dress worth £500. I don’t think so. but just how much is the outfit you are wearing in the video ?
Claire Brighton (3 days ago)
John Lewis is one of the nicest department stores you’ll ever visit. Unfortunately the clothing department is their weakest area. Everything else is top quality and it’s such a calm experience. The staff are fantastic. Nice toilets and baby changing. You can easily kit your entire home out with top quality goods. I will hear no Ill will spoken of John Lewis!! And they look after their staff.
Ellie Roberts (3 days ago)
T R I N N Y I do get why so many people like Zara and have recently bought a pair of trousers there. But: in general, I find the fabrics rather poor quality and the prices aren't always as low as I would expect. There are gems, but for me they take a lot of hunting out!
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
I had so many requests to look at higher-range high street shops so thought I'd come to Peter Jones. I was quite shocked at the prices of some items, a lot of the brands are reputable British high street brands, but when it came to quality AND fashionability, I’d rather take Zara any day…X
Linda (3 days ago)
+Ellie Roberts Thanks for your reply. I'm from NYC and am personally unfamiliar with the store--so your opinion is especially appreciated. It seems like a lot of people here share your opinion (I love the store but I won't buy their clothing). To me, that's the worst possible feedback a store exec could get, since you are probably the audience they're targeting. Cheers!
Lydia Bocage (3 days ago)
I'm 50. I have a passion for looking great and fashionable. Year after year I walk into John Lewis's clothing dept and I walk out. It's just so sleepy and safe. Thanks for your advice of fashion Trinny.
terenia27 shandy (3 days ago)
700.00 nooooooo
terenia27 shandy (4 days ago)
I'm 38 and pretty much buy mostly on asos. stores I go to are cath kidston, house of Fraser, monsoon.
janice chambers (4 days ago)
Thanks Trinny it’s great to go shopping with you we don’t have John Lewis here in Belfast so I enjoyed seeing round the store with you love the styles you choose.have a great week my friend oh loved your outfit cobalt blue is my fav colour and your skin looks amazing Hi to Chloe too takecare lv jan❤️💐💐🍀💄👄🛍👗👜👚👟👡
Jasmine Adjei (4 days ago)
Great points. I am getting increasingly worried about our high street. Places like Debenhams nearly going in to administration and House of Fraser, its tragic. I think there is so much more they could all do, I'm wondering what the fashion council or when the British govenment are going to get involved to save the high street. I'm aware that the whole world and its dog prefers online. However for me, I like a bit of both. I actually prefer to shop in store to feel and try on the garments for size, then I would buy online only because it is coming from a warehouse, and I like that no one else has tried it on, or that there is less likely to be snags or loose bits of string etc. I love Zara, River Island as much as the next person. However I am starting to loath the high street because there is too much of the same kinds of stores therefore the same fashion but at different price points and I cannot stand that. I'd much prefer boutique one of a kind stores in different cities which pull me to the high street. That would actually make style more exciting than having to go to the same old stores. Zara now for me can be awful because you can nearly always guarantee that some person on a night out is bound to have what your wearing. I for one loathe that. I know people style things up differently, however the high street for me is killing the idea of individuality which I think is a shame. Everthing always comes down to money. Trinny please try and challenge yourself to pick other places other than Zara who I know do it so well. There just has to be more gems out there. This was refreshing so thank you. Going into John Lewis can be a little exciting because their own brands can have great gems of accessories like bags and jewellery.
Tiger m (4 days ago)
So elegant So beautiful So lovely Trinny ❤❤❤❤❤
margaret little (4 days ago)
A plimsole is a trainer or sneaker
G to the Emma (4 days ago)
I loved this video- you have such a beautifully soothing voice! I haven't been to JL/PJ for a few months now and I may need to visit soon because the Temperley range looked so nice! I found the comparison to Zara so helpful too. Thank you for the shop ups xx
EarthlingReggie (4 days ago)
Really helpful video T! Please, more of shop ups in stores like Andotherstories, H&M, (premium quality), Zara and Whistles. I am learning to shop less but better. ❤️
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Coat is Baum and Pferdgarten X
Maura O'Neill (4 days ago)
Hi, Trinny! I would love to hear more of your recommendations on caring for and storing investment (and all) clothing.
Maria Kowalska (4 days ago)
love from Poland
Yasmin (4 days ago)
I'd LOVE for you to do a wardrobe tour of all your stuff , key pieces etc and show us how you organise things, flod things etc...
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Lots more over on the blog X https://trinnylondon.com/t-time/style
Yasmin (4 days ago)
amanda watson (4 days ago)
Love love love John Lewis! But JL, could you hire Trinny as consultant for your stock!
MsJPo (4 days ago)
Is she saying plimsoll? What is that?
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Type of shoe!
Eleanor Barsic (4 days ago)
Thanksfor explaining how the dress/pants suit works... Drop crotch. I was wondering.
Liljana Zema (4 days ago)
Je shume e mire!
Snazzy Z (4 days ago)
Fab video
Tetyana Fil (4 days ago)
Please don't take us there any more...
mel grant (4 days ago)
Still not doing Lidl or Aldi then trinny
Clairebear Howell (4 days ago)
Trinity, please, please please could you do a highstreet summer occasionwear video? There are so few online !!!
Unicorn Lala (4 days ago)
Thx for the variety
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed X
Suzan Filiz (4 days ago)
Where did you bought your jacket Trinny? I guess you also weared pink one
Suzan Filiz (2 days ago)
T R I N N Y Thank you!! I couldn’t find it online. Does it belongs to previous seasons?
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Coat is Baum & Pferdgarten X
Jane Milroy (4 days ago)
Trinny you are so good at this, great to have a look in JL today 👍 x
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed X
Victoria Gadd (4 days ago)
Ugh what a dull range! You do not have thick calves. Your legs are fab
Rachael Tate (4 days ago)
Completely agree, I want to be inspired when I shop, I don’t want to see “safe” , if JL want to stay with it they need to up the X factor a bit, i would love to shop in a department store more often but find it very limiting................... and ageing ........ you bring up a very interesting point about how different shops compare ethically ..... would love to see Chloe in the Temperley leopard dress & biker jacket .......
Eatmoverest (4 days ago)
Where is your coat from Trinny? (your wearing another colour mix of the same one)
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
Coat from Baum & Pferdgarten X
Eatmoverest (3 days ago)
+Maame Wilson I know how rude not to answer to your views! Doesn't want anyone to buy it too! I'm guessing
Maame Wilson (4 days ago)
Pls where did you buy your coat from?
Monika Monika (4 days ago)
Hi, love your video, I just have hope that composition of this cloths is good, I find a lot of this labels in charity shops if I am lucky 😁
Shireen BX (4 days ago)
I can't hear a thing.....
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
No issues with sound on this video. Did you try reloading? X
Tracy Frost (4 days ago)
Please try and do more of these stores
muoian (4 days ago)
Trinny is trying her best lol
miss behaving (4 days ago)
Where is your beautiful blue green coat from? 😍
T R I N N Y (2 days ago)
Coat is Baum & Pferdgarten X
mercurial5810 (4 days ago)
Can we please see the outfit you tried on?! The whole thing was a letdown! Show us how it looks!
T R I N N Y (3 days ago)
It's up on my Instagram @trinnywoodall X
Margaret Daniel (4 days ago)
Thank you Trinny for asking Peter Jones to bring some cooler items for young at heart 50 years plus! ❤️
sarah baddar (4 days ago)
plz where is ur bag from, thank u
T R I N N Y (4 days ago)
Bag is Anya Hindmarch X
Lucy Brook (4 days ago)
Really enjoy how you cast an expert eye over things loved your outfit nothing caught my eye I'm short so most would be to long I felt the things are a bit safe I get a lot of stuff from charity shops this is a good way to try things x
Wendy (4 days ago)
what a lovely shop wish we had something like that in the Netherlands, hard to find such a good quality here, you have got a awesome taste, would love to shop with you !!!
T R I N N Y (4 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed X
Fuzzy TURK (4 days ago)
Love your blue trousers trinny where they from? ❤️
T R I N N Y (4 days ago)
Serena Bute top & trousers X
carol nessan (4 days ago)
Love your videos, they are great, thank you 💖
T R I N N Y (4 days ago)
Naomi Bennett (4 days ago)
Totally agree with you you can do better in Zara some of the products I find are very dull Great video Trinny as always 🌸
T R I N N Y (4 days ago)
My Reality (4 days ago)
Interesting video. I didn't see much at all that I would be interested in. The leopard print coat was interesting and leopard print will always be in my wardrobe but I don't think I would buy a trench in that print. What really took my attention was your outfit: the coat is fabulous and the bag you picked really set it off. I love color and that was a super sharp outfit. I would love for you to do a video for those of us whom are petite (5'2" to be exact). I also have heavy calves so any ideas you might have would be very helpful.Enjoy your honest assessments. Thank you.
Hisham A (4 days ago)
Thank you 🌷
denise fletcher (4 days ago)
Yes! Yes! Yes to everything, but what I really want to know is, where did you get that bag??! 😮😮
T R I N N Y (4 days ago)
Bag is Anya Hindmarch X
tara tara (4 days ago)
please Trinny could you do one video for pitite girls
T R I N N Y (4 days ago)
See more on the blog https://trinnylondon.com/t-time/style/how-to-wear X

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