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Baby Bash - Suga Suga ft. Frankie J

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Music video by Baby Bash performing Suga Suga. (C) 2003 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Text Comments (25058)
Jayckeob R. L. Davis (7 hours ago)
I don't think that uniform is HR appropriate haha!;)
Hilda Medina (8 hours ago)
1:55 always fucking doing too much! Girl look like she twitching
Jessenia Zarco (8 hours ago)
My song ever
Bust A nut (10 hours ago)
Wow 2003
Crappy Doddles (11 hours ago)
Ha "suga"
Blue Sky (11 hours ago)
Looks so much like my ex lol
Dariyauna Mitchell (12 hours ago)
They play this in mcdonalds
Camden McInnis (12 hours ago)
It was 2005 on a cold winter night. I snook through my girlfriends window and we listened to this song while she laid on my chest. Life was more simple at age 15
terry tyler (14 hours ago)
all the while i never would guess this was recorded by Latinos. power to Frankie J and all latinos making quality music as opposed to the garbage on the radio now ☺
Bangtan_Kings k_love (19 hours ago)
Baby gazelle3190 (1 day ago)
N o s t a l g i a
Spiesee Boi (1 day ago)
Thank god we moved on from this fashion trend
brianna galvan (1 day ago)
Who still listing to dis 11-19-18 2:53
brianna galvan (1 day ago)
Who still listing to dis 11-19-18 2:53
xKingOfBongsx 420 (1 day ago)
What happened to baby bash mustache.
Linda Ramos (2 days ago)
They. Take. Me. Way. Back
IMAGINE FIVES (2 days ago)
All this songs around 09 had those chill nice vibes
IMAGINE FIVES (1 day ago)
+Vin Soriano I know grew up hearing songs like this back in the day but real people would know when it came out others wouldn't get the comment
Vin Soriano (2 days ago)
This came out in 03 but was uploaded on YouTube in 09 because YouTube didn't exist back in 03 lol
Emmanuel Gomez (2 days ago)
Algún latino en el 2018
Jose Saavedra (1 day ago)
Emmanuel Gomez no wey :v
I’m A Black Man, I have to say that these Two Mexican Dudes singing this Song, They’re Black Too. Just letting you know.
Jordan R; For you to make that comment, You Obviously Missed the Whole Point.
Jordan R (1 day ago)
So.bc they can sing they are now black? Lmao gtfo with that logic
blue dreams (2 days ago)
like if this is still the best song😌
Jose Becerra (2 days ago)
min Surika kpop lover (2 days ago)
Hailey Nuñez (3 days ago)
everyday i leason to yall dope house even baby bash
missj Stephens (3 days ago)
Um.... il take em both tho 😍😍😍
Bust A nut (3 days ago)
It's catchy
Suga Suga By Rapper Artist Baby Bash And Brown Suger By Rnb Artist D'Angelo Peep Game
SANJAY _ (3 days ago)
Mohzmmed Henni
Simon Da Costa (4 days ago)
Supere jadaure chui en 6e et jm ke c vrmt jainial akon
Raetooreal Ayyy (4 days ago)
damn its really been 15
Elena N (4 days ago)
Still alive.
Kenneth Martinez (4 days ago)
Dictionary OG hi yeah they get high tonight tonight Friday going to sit to do don't got job so good night everybody have a good time tonight look up they know but I said you could trust anymore you know what that's all right we still love them all
WaffleAssasin (4 days ago)
It's 2018 and this songs is still fire.
Tae: I'm god. (4 days ago)
Suga. _I mean Yoongi_
ashley (4 days ago)
Missing the old days 😭
Tahsin Chowdhury (4 days ago)
Anybody listening in 2050?
Eternal Rage (4 days ago)
And Chowder once said, "I like honey buns." That NEVER gets old!
Vin Soriano (4 days ago)
I remember summertime when I was a kid heading this all the time. Starting to feel old and I want to go back.
Moustafa Mahgoub (5 days ago)
Damn I miss them damn good songs days.
Young LS (5 days ago)
TEKU TEKU (5 days ago)
smoke weed everyone
Kitty Chemy (5 days ago)
This song reminds of childhood 😭💖 my mom would listen to it all the time and I love this song. Reminds me of early 2000s when I was tiny
TEKU TEKU (5 days ago)
ice cream the hottest
TEKU TEKU (5 days ago)
I'm high as fuck w this girl I met this song is perfect
Eis que o Chorão cantava Hiphop e vc não sabia kk
Luis X (6 days ago)
henrique10131 (6 days ago)
15/11/2018 - 02:01 AM - BRASIL!
I was only 3 weeks when this song came out😂 Edit: 15 years later and its still one of my fav songs
Ismael Alhakim (6 days ago)
This music reminds me the old school time of songs that had make me shake and dance at the same time.
Brk Brk (6 days ago)
Prince breezo (6 days ago)
Sugar how we get fly ?
Prince breezo (6 days ago)
0:58 I remember jamming to this
0:58 I remember jamming to this
Ånthony Ųzümåki (6 days ago)
💍👑💍👑💍👑💍👑💍👑💍👑💍👑💍 §UGĄR §UGĄR H0W YÖU G£T §00 FŁY. 👑💍👑💍👑💍👑💍👑💍👑💍👑💍👑
Muhimbaze Gedeon (7 days ago)
Until now I still listen to this shit , I don't know when I will stop listen this track,, was my favorite for sure
JD (7 days ago)
Damnn.😔 like if you remember something or someone when u listen to this song.
Kingz Z'dUp (7 days ago)
Concert is Houston for spm what lit asf
Mateusz 1991 (7 days ago)
Dobra stara nutka xD
Purple Potato (8 days ago)
This song was so ahead of its time ❤️
Nika the Barbie Doll (8 days ago)
2018 anybody?
Issam Lyaoui (8 days ago)
12/11/18 ❤️❤️❤️⚡️🔥
PEPE THE FROG talMUDA (8 days ago)
Rodrigo Borges (8 days ago)
I thing it isnt the amazon's uniform
Hater Para D.S (8 days ago)
Dame this Is music not the shit that we listen today 😒🙂
Tawnee B. (8 days ago)
So glad I'm a 90s baby ❤
Arizona Phoenix (9 days ago)
Who's watching in 2019?
Arizona Phoenix (9 days ago)
If ups dressed like that I'd never order cause I always get dudes delivering my packages ha
misledtitan (9 days ago)
My sexy Spanish Will Ferrell.
Bianca Rojas (9 days ago)
Does any one else wish they were this pretty cause honestly same
Bianca Rojas (9 days ago)
I feel you
eric (9 days ago)
Before feminism damaged women. Take note.
eric (9 days ago)
It's called a "phone booth". Your welcome.
CrAzE ShAdOw (9 days ago)
NNN 2018
El Abdeltam (9 days ago)
lol at the "azucaaar~"
Ashley Rocha (9 days ago)
oz818valley _ (9 days ago)
Damm 7th grade crazy
Dead Dentist (10 days ago)
You left me alone
Jay Flo (10 days ago)
A Weaver (10 days ago)
Gucci Bruno and Kodak brought be back here. Damn. Wayyyy back
krista& kayci (10 days ago)
Omg baby bash is coming to Kentucky!
GANNICU§ (10 days ago)
Highschool fresman year
Jones Rocha (10 days ago)
Zoe Deleon (10 days ago)
Who here in 2018
Big FAKS (10 days ago)
Mans got the LT jersey on
Khoa Bui Dang (10 days ago)
This song talking about suga Minyongi
illenessOne (10 days ago)
we will never have a delivery girl like that lol
Alan Perez (10 days ago)
This is Vibes 😎
Cam Man (11 days ago)
When you realize this song is about cocaine.
Lazell Render (11 days ago)
Where da sistahs at in the video 🤔🤔🤔
Star Dworchak (11 days ago)
i be there when there no money n when it come i a ride and die i be i have my man with a gret baby boy n are dog bo and my man know i with him thour the up n down when u in love with somone it for life it seen like a the man n woman are playing or players its head to found two people that in real love and i see people go with somone tell each other i love u then one or five yares with each other they not with each other and they telling some one esl that they are in love hay everyone being in love n love is different being in love is for life and love is for up into u move on but not me if i love u its for good n if i fall in love it for life n notthing can break that up
Star Dworchak (11 days ago)
baby bash is cute back when tish come out
Lion King (12 days ago)
Rtui. From. My
Wooo what music beatiful
Paulatina Pérez (12 days ago)
Kris Bonilla (12 days ago)
Damn that girl in the beginning is so beautiful
Nohemi Basoco (13 days ago)
E C (13 days ago)
The delivery girl is the cutest
Andy Appleton (13 days ago)
oh man when i hear this all i think is good times in high school loved this joint
Nuclearfist YT (13 days ago)
Guys I know a copy of this song Search this up: Sugar Robin Schulz

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