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BUY BITCOIN NOW?! 💥 Microsoft and Whole Foods Crypto Adoption

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Text Comments (324)
walters koch (1 day ago)
You want to be richer? Why don’t you invest? I invested massively into crypto trading, I have Mrs Charlotte Luck a good and caring trading expert who handles my trades and its going so well for me.
walters koch (1 day ago)
+z8888 guru LAHIMA thats good news too
z8888 guru LAHIMA (1 day ago)
I put in $5000 and I'm up to $12250 after only 3 weeks of investing. Wow!
jason Appelton (1 day ago)
I like her honesty and sincere guidance
Tori Gray (1 day ago)
+walters koch thank you 🙏
walters koch (1 day ago)
+Tori Gray Contact her directly for guidance on crypto4charlotte @ g m a i l. c o m
W. Roberts (2 days ago)
I absolutely agree with you, Ivan. Big pullback today. Crap. Israel is the one who gave China facial recognition software. Israel's NSA makes Washington's essentially a sand box. Understand what Israel is really doing (Know More News, Rant here on YouTube; Henry Makow, James Perloff on Twitter. How dare anyone erase your identity but Jewish supremacists who are the heads of all these tech companies, all MSM, all global media?
Jafer (2 days ago)
latest news - MATIC; WILL be dumped by 50 % take profit guys
De Ka (2 days ago)
Ebay dismissed the add at the Consesus to be real
Sun (3 days ago)
great video!
Maxik Kesa (3 days ago)
Every time i'm just curious if you will say like atomic clock again =D
Jonathan Gabler (3 days ago)
Great episode. "Best of Ivan" material at 13:19. Adoption for crypto WOTY
What about civic? Is not what they already done?
Terry Higgins (3 days ago)
I am so grateful I was born a few decades ago and not now. Sod that. This future is scary and depressing. Forget it. I will be dead before it gets too bad. To the generations after me... Enjoy it!! It's gonna suck and the state will own you more than it ever has. Ha! As for me, I just invest in crypto for ONE reason: its not because I like it or believe in it (I think its opened a bad door for humanity), but the reason is to make a shed load of money to then go live a nomadic lifestyle out of the system a bit... That stuff costs money, money I wouldnt have without a crypto jackpot. Go BTC!!!!
Maria Ritchie (3 days ago)
Ivan, you need to get out to the fresh air, you are so pale. Come to Australia. 😘
reality check (3 days ago)
*DON’T BUY BITCOIN NOW!* *Major price correction based on the RSI to come soon.*
MAX WEST (3 days ago)
I m pointing out 2 things here: 1/ TX with minimal fee was possible when we were at lows, when mempool didn't exceed 10k txs. 2/we will probably see rising TX fee in btc again when new people come. Remember 25$ fee per tx? Of course with segwit we increased throughput but not even 10x, 3x-4x at best. Last time we saw mempool at highs of 250k unconfirmed transactions. If lightning network is not ready yet, we gonna see same monstrous fee again kinda soon
vrabac68 (3 days ago)
i dont see any signs of pullback!!!! dont sell people !!! big money coming !!! all coins will go up , even 1000th on the lists!!!!you will see !!!
Awesome T (3 days ago)
I agree, I'm expecting a pull back. But this fast bull run alarms me, it may not hit 5k ever again or it may fall under 3k in the next few months...
VOLTRON (3 days ago)
all the shills are back woohoo
Jussi D (3 days ago)
i think we will fomo pump a while still few more days , its like a small test to earliel bullrush, after such a longtime everyone waiting to buy so we will go higher, then huge dump and back to earth...
Alen Mustlovski (4 days ago)
You need to go full Alex Jones on us. We need to see that crap.
Jack Ellison (4 days ago)
Le Ville (4 days ago)
btc 20k , nano moon
Lavalambtron (4 days ago)
If it goes to one million then it's never too late, but will it? I have my doubts.
John Wesley Lane (4 days ago)
I think it will go below 3100 says davinci
zdzislaw biesiedzin (4 days ago)
I agree with you 😁
Miguel Andrade (4 days ago)
Ivan you da man
Mitani Go (4 days ago)
Hi Ivan, I missed what Microsoft really gains out of using the blockchain...? Is just so they won't have to store data themselves?
Ernie T (4 days ago)
You talk too much, get to the point already!
Sas Mar (4 days ago)
Iota will be HUGE !
chernihivske (4 days ago)
Barclays censored you!
Nismo (4 days ago)
Thank you Ivan
tomas (4 days ago)
There Have to be pull back for sure. Is not Bull market Yet... I made 1200€ in one week .Now waiting for correction in stable coins. I learn my lessons from last two years. Thnx Ivan for great contant . Gr from Poland!
Tamiil (4 days ago)
Why would anyone start buying now when it's going parabolic? The time to buy was at 3k-4k, I was preaching to anyone willing to listen to get in now, but nobody did. I was the only sucker buying crypto, I'm not doing that atm ofc, but everyone else seems to.
Daniel Holmberg (3 days ago)
Hush. We need people to buy else price wont continue up 😎
Karl Hensel (4 days ago)
Excellent video Ivan. Thanks again. In 2014 when I began my journey it was on a whim. I bought my first crypto on Ebay from profits I made on a sale there. I printed my paper wallet and held for years till I again stumbled onto an article stating that the coin I invested went up in value 20X. This was my genesis moment into crypto. I did not want to blindly stumble along any longer. I turned to the internet and You Tube where I was introduced to some funny talking young Russian sounding young man. I listened, and what he was saying made sense to me as he spoke in a manner that a technological novice could understand. It all began making sense. I was hooked! More and more videos, articles, live streams, and after being taught how to, I now conduct my own research. Despite all of the knowledge I have accumulated I would NEVER go all in on anything regarding crypto. Even the most knowledgeable sailors have no control over the winds. So I hope everyone learns as much as possible and remembers that the winds can change without warning but as long as you have a lifeboat and or jacket you should be able to keep your head above water. I can not thank you enough Ivan for you and others for helping me navigate through these sometimes treacherous waters.
Best Beats (4 days ago)
This guy knows a lot of stuff
Ömer Faruk BATAN (4 days ago)
The hype is getting at you Ivan... Calm down...
Stian Fisk (4 days ago)
Congratulations with 200k followers :-) We know we are in a bull market when Ivan starts to get alot of new subscribers... I remember ut was stuck on 176k subscribers for a long time :P
Ivan on Tech (4 days ago)
Hehe true
tim wade (4 days ago)
Bitcoin is never going Down, Only straight up up and Away! LOL Hahaha People all things go up and down. Bitcoin is going up overall but not all in 1 move!
Algo Basket (4 days ago)
Congratulations Ivan for 200K Subs :)
Ivan on Tech (4 days ago)
Thank you :)
Julian Nisbett (4 days ago)
Hope your enjoying New York , thanks for the updates also give the Brooklyn bridge a try...
Diego Louis (4 days ago)
Now BTC is rising you guys are getting interested to invest again, that is the mistake you young investors make in crypto investment because those coins you saw their price dropping some months back are now going higher and will still go crazy higher in soonest time, when bitcoin price dropped to 4k i rushed and bought about 4.5 BTC, 3 ETH, 7 LTC and so many other unpopular coins, today bitcoin came up to $8,125 and Etherum to $228 and LTC to $92, i believe that before the end of 2019 i will make a big profit out of this bitcoin i just bought, It's no longer a new thing that both Bitcoin and Ethereum has and is still making a lot of people "stupid rich" who knew that the Ethereum i bought last November at $98 was going to rocket to $228! I was up over 3,590%. the truth is that the smaller and unpopular new digital currencies that are rewarding investors with the next round of huge wins. For example, I recently obtained 27,000 coins as advised by my portfolio manager in a tiny new digital currency for just 18.5 cents per coin. Those coins now trade for around $4 each- 1,981% higher. And I invested in another one that's jumped from $1.50 to $10.71. Yet this opportunity is just getting started, today I'll show you the new digital currencies that can turn as little as $10 into over $1million in a blink of an eye. Yes, that's right. a single crispy $10 bill could make you a millionaire. now for the doubters, not only is it possible, it's actually happening at the moment, a huge number of investors worldwide have seen gains of 75,063% in Cryptonite, 59,577% in InfluxCoin, 60,450% in MaxCoin, and even 823,750% in DubaiCoin! I’m starting a google hangout group for information dissemination , email me to join or for tips on how to invest wisely on bitcoin and unpopular new digital currencies. (diegolouis000 @ gmailcom)
Lalit Malik (4 days ago)
Nice point about public blockchains
MatSoot (4 days ago)
Amazing content Ivan!! Thank you for doing what your doing 🥇
Nayeem Jamaly (4 days ago)
We are going to the moon 10k is imminent 🚀🚀🚀🚀🌙
Aimstone (4 days ago)
I live in the city, on 42nd st, come through Ivan...
Mark Couvillion (4 days ago)
Insurance is an expensive and exploitive scam. Insurance is fraught with MORAL HAZARD that ultimately must be monetized . Insurance negates the advantages that a push system of credit. Insurance does not solve any problem without creating several more. Insurance does not ad value to any enterprise, only cost and complication. When someone says "insurance", run the other way.
cocaincorgy (4 days ago)
Опять нанюханный
Aleksander (4 days ago)
The money pushing the price right now has been waiting for a long while. I don't think we will retrace until we've gone significantly higher. Only speculating ofc. But As the market matures, the volatility will change.
rbructer (4 days ago)
I have smashed the likes - Missouri, USA
Binary Sunset Chaser (4 days ago)
Who forecast the 2017 $20K BTC top??? No one? Richard Heart did
Johan Wollbratt (4 days ago)
Smash up that like and the stars are aligned for greatness this year for btc.
Crypto Art (4 days ago)
Anubhav Bhambri (4 days ago)
Always waiting for your video Ivan ,thanks for providing such a valuable info.on cryptos
R James (4 days ago)
It looks like the Bitcoin price may have been artificially low because of the ‘hash wars’ and the hyperwave Fud. Someone made the point that throughout 2018 people may have been preparing for the hash wars in secret, and hence driving down the price. 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin mining reward halvings closer every day....🌔...🛸
Jim Reed (4 days ago)
>>>>> SET STOP LOSSES! <<<<<<<<
sajawal virk (4 days ago)
Congurate to 200k subscribe
Jim Reed (4 days ago)
Global fomo better than globohomo!
Sanaz Ft (4 days ago)
Tnx Ivon 🙏🏻much appreciated
uP DikMachine (4 days ago)
IVAN resurrected! Happy Delayed Easter!
Jose Be (4 days ago)
Gzzzzz longest winter, OTC is dried up, it makes sense we shoot to 10k, there is still 500 Billion waiting but your right who knows...lol
Neckbreaker Mc (4 days ago)
Why are you coming so close to the camera hahahaha
JuicyVeganDwarf (4 days ago)
Thanks for the update mate. I have FOMOd in a little but not too bad. I also anticipate a pullback. I aim to try and sell a large portion of my holdings as we pullback but will probably miss it as it’s going to be fast and sharp. TBH I don’t mind missing it as overall I am bullish. If I time it right and sell then accumulate some more on a good trade, excellent. If I don’t, who cares in the long term it won’t matter much anyway.
bertrand (4 days ago)
Microsoft identity huge... , maybe Microsoft may collaborate with Civic..
Remi Odufuye (4 days ago)
Ivan Coming live like an Atomic Clock!! .. love it ! Thanks Ivan
Full of Energy
Jose Gonzales (4 days ago)
I don't think there will be any big pull back. The whale game is about to accumulate as much btc as possible. Therefore, there must be long bear market, where desperate people sell their btc. The bull run coming after must be fast, so they miss to buy back in. My opinion ;)
mrsheffield37 (4 days ago)
re Facebook sign-in/identity etc: see Scatter.
Elvis Adjei (4 days ago)
Yeah man we love you and what you do.
Scallo Dunbar (4 days ago)
Well said Ivan!
Boris Psenicnik (4 days ago)
Came only for Ivan's pants haha. Just kidding, good job guy!
Bernhard Scholler (4 days ago)
Enjoy New York. We love your videos 👍
kermit47 (4 days ago)
putting your identity on internet is completely idiotic irresponsible move. and the herd of morons will do that and will be exploited. good luck with that 🙄
ivan chill mc donald with wireshark xDDD joking. keep it up. great work you do for the space.
Gui (4 days ago)
you need some vitamine D man aahah
Swordkiller (4 days ago)
Iam sure BTC will pullback, but that just means that ALTS that are are at ATL in Sats will PUMP, that how its always been, ready your seats :)
ThanksMia (4 days ago)
Of course price goes up.... all of a suden microsoft starts getting in.
18Svea (4 days ago)
Thanks for reminding all that there is a possibility of a pullback
Chris Dennehy (4 days ago)
Feel like I can give you an eye exam during this.
eyemall ears (4 days ago)
Ivan stop telling me good news! I want the price to drop!!!!
IntoTheHeartOfMusic (4 days ago)
Altcoins are exploding today
Bryan A (4 days ago)
E bay just denied the news
Roland Senn (4 days ago)
I like it. Thanks Ivan
purple8348 (4 days ago)
very interesting - always deliver
Eddie3074 (4 days ago)
tirgod100 (4 days ago)
No u re not pessimistic Ivan. What goes up fast goes down fast and opposite. Fast moves are not healthy grows. Everything oscillates even life. Once up than down.
Michael Golpe (4 days ago)
If you didn't get my email replies, then, yes, you may be being censored! ;)
Joseph McIlvaine (4 days ago)
Regarding FOMO, while I agree there *should* be a pullback, which would provide a more optimal entry, we do not know when that pullback will occur. That said, I think most of us would agree that eventually BTC will make a new ATH sometime in the future, therefore, IMHO BTC is still at great buy at $8K, or even at $10K.
Michael Golpe (4 days ago)
Excellent video, Ivan! Glad you're okay and just very busy. It's $250,000 for FDIC savings and checking accounts in the U.S.
isthisit? 22 (4 days ago)
Hey Ivan Bitcoin SV solves the internet problem with bottle browser. And everything else with AGORA and metanet. Money Button, Bitstagram, CaChing. Ryan X Charles, unwriter, and other OG Bitcoin Devs. I know the Craig Wright stuff is super controversial but if you could give it a look and give it a unbias review it would be huge props to you and this channel. There is alot more people working on Bitcoin SV then just Craig. Thank you great video Ivan. I appreaciate your real look at the market like fundementals versus FOMO because of price.
Popcorn Seller (4 days ago)
Bitcoin is old news, buy Credits now!
THE CRYPTO BEAT (4 days ago)
Welcome to NY , ahh all I need is my family , Ivan on tek and Dj Armin Van Buuren and I’m good in life lol
Isabel Beebe (4 days ago)
What about The Key (TKY) for identity?
H V (4 days ago)
You are not pessimistic in my view at all. You are bullish with caution, and I'll bet that is what most people wished they would have been in 2017/2018.
Peter Nieuwenhuis (4 days ago)
Your doing so nice. Every day I enjoy your video and subjects.
dmc101100 (4 days ago)
What do you think about Craptopia going into liquidation? Peoples funds are stuck on exchange with no time frame to withdraw
Heikki H (4 days ago)
Congrats on the 200K subs! 🥳
redpaulxx (4 days ago)
Has the Atomic Clock stopped?
Jeschild Tan (4 days ago)
"intranet"... "intranet"... "intranet"... i kept hearing "intranet"... 😂
Variety Jones (2 days ago)
Cheng ching huan ling fang Wu tang clang chicheuang che zuang chen zao wong? Or do you think something else?
Edward Reynolds (4 days ago)
No pull back
MAX WEST (4 days ago)
Ivan my man. Great job. You are the main source of my news and excitement about crypto. When I found the first video of "programmer explains" 2 years ago I was like "yeah finaly this guy can tell me what the hell is going on with this technology"
J Merry (4 days ago)
Ivan, you make espresso nervous 😥
circuswerld (4 days ago)
Always go full Alex Jones.
Bitcoin Space (4 days ago)
Buy now or die.
Crypto Hack (4 days ago)

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