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Yandy Valentine’s Day Lingerie Haul: Sugar Femme and Classic Glam | Ruby Red

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Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SUB_RR_YT Use code “aubrey_red_20” for 20% off your order at http://www.yandy.com Who’s ready for Valentine’s Day? No matter what you and your partner are doing for this special day, it’s easy to be ready for your after date night with these great lingerie styles from Yandy! This year, Yandy has categorized their lingerie styles into 4 different personas: Girl Crush, Classic Glam, Sugar Femme and Bad Bitch! For this haul, Yandy provided me with a few styles from the Sugar Femme and Classic Glam personas! Comment your favorite Yandy Lingerie style below! Sugar Femme LOOK 1: Playtime Babydoll Set in Pink https://www.yandy.com/Yandy-Playtime-Babydoll-Set.php LOOK 2: Dainty Pink and Black Garter Chemise https://www.yandy.com/Dainty-Pink-and-Black-Garter-Chemise.php LOOK 3: Mosaic Lace Teddy and Skirt in Black https://www.yandy.com/Mosaic-Lace-Teddy-and-Skirt.php Classic Glam LOOK 1: Evening Romance Lace And Mesh Babydoll Set in Pink https://www.yandy.com/Evening-Romance-Lace-and-Mesh-Babydoll-Set.php LOOK 2: Romantic Red Babydoll Set https://www.yandy.com/Romantic-Red-Babydoll-Set.php LOOK 3: Romantic Red and Black Chemise Set https://www.yandy.com/Romantic-Red-and-Black-Chemise-Set.php LOOK 4: Leila Lace Teddy https://www.yandy.com/Leila-Lace-Teddy.php Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SUB_RR_YT INSTAGRAM: @aubrey_red_ TWITTER: @aubrey_red_ SNAPCHAT: AubreyRed
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Text Comments (359)
Roger Francis (1 hour ago)
luv u Ruby R u r the most beautiful and sexiest woman on the planet 🌹🌹💓💓🌰🌰🙏🙏😍😍👅👅💦💦😘😘
raymundo rosas (5 hours ago)
Te vez bien rica
raymundo rosas (5 hours ago)
Que ricas nalgas amor
Bernardo Gómez (8 hours ago)
Que buen culo, por su puesto que te daría pene todos los días.
Erick Rodríguez (1 day ago)
Sensual Cupid.... amazing girl
Antonio Lopez (1 day ago)
Hola bonita bnos días estas super hermosa mami ❤❤❤❤tienes tu cuerpo hermoso💘💘💘cariño 😍😍😍😍
DANIEL ALVAREZ (2 days ago)
Que hermosa estas
Kristen Hill (2 days ago)
Hey girl, I loved the haul. Can you tell me what size you ordered the first baby pink one in? Thanks!!
Ruby Red (2 days ago)
The perfect woman
Jose A Garcia (3 days ago)
Está mujer que sexy y buenota está hasta se me antoja mucho.
SporadicallyCombust (3 days ago)
does anyone know what size she wears??
SporadicallyCombust (3 days ago)
what size do you wear!!!!! :(
Emerson Fogaça (4 days ago)
Don J (4 days ago)
Common guys, this video deserves at least over a million views. I would love to see more of these lingerie videos. Just perfect!
Eder Pratiado (5 days ago)
Você é lindíssima beijos
Mister Mikanski (5 days ago)
Oh my god, Ruby do you so sexy
Louis Davis (5 days ago)
U r very exotic 😉 👌👍 sexy
river river (6 days ago)
Estás preciosa en todos los sentidos
Nelson Zelaya (6 days ago)
Love you You are so sexy
Dyno Dave (6 days ago)
Smmmokin, hold on sugar, daddy's gotta sweet tooth tonight...
Anthony Ciritella (6 days ago)
A sexy voluptuous girl
General Technics (7 days ago)
Very sexy ruby
Alvaro Cruz (8 days ago)
Te vez bien buenota con todos ke rico culo tienes
D'wayne Captain sr (8 days ago)
Sexy Rudy red gorgeous juice booty's Mamacita picture
D'wayne Captain sr (8 days ago)
Gorgeous Mamacita picture white 👭 women
Javier Gomez (8 days ago)
Betty Beauty
Loving Pukhtoon's (9 days ago)
What's your boob's size baby
Loving Pukhtoon's (9 days ago)
Nice boob's baby Ruby
Issa Trap........SMH
Belly Ashmid (9 days ago)
hey rudy are my girlfriend?
Fredy Dominguez (9 days ago)
Elvin Franco (11 days ago)
Elvin Franco (11 days ago)
Elvin Franco (11 days ago)
More. Videos
ellen691 (11 days ago)
Best ass on youtube
Fredy Dominguez (11 days ago)
muy sexi le queda la ropa bella mujer.
Brian Reynolds (11 days ago)
Very sexy got me drooling
Johnny Espinal (11 days ago)
B my valentine me goddess 🔥🔥
Fredy Dominguez (11 days ago)
Fredy Dominguez (11 days ago)
bello cuerpo hermos mujer
swl9380 (12 days ago)
u look amazing hott
Hasayn Jadoodi (13 days ago)
Just Ray Carson (13 days ago)
thanks for sharing your video.
bikram dey (13 days ago)
Gorge😍us fashionara and seXist 😍😘😘😲
Fredy Dominguez (13 days ago)
hermosa mujer
ñonga chupas (13 days ago)
Juan Muñoz (13 days ago)
Don Vergas Ibañez (13 days ago)
Que hermoso hilo dental hermoso hilito
Don Vergas Ibañez (13 days ago)
Estas super super hermosa.miamor
Francisco Medina (14 days ago)
Hola que preciosa estas todo se ajusta muy bien a ti que eres lo mejor del vídeo sensacional gracias
Pato Sanchez (14 days ago)
😍 beautiful ass baby 😍
Mqicol Diqz (14 days ago)
6:29 😍
Fredy Dominguez (14 days ago)
Fredy Dominguez (14 days ago)
bonita mujer y su ropa
Jesus El alfa y omega (15 days ago)
Te amoo eres muy hermosa
Real Deal (15 days ago)
omg 2:01
ie sakai (15 days ago)
나이스 바디 (nice body)
chetos Rosales (15 days ago)
Tanto daño me hago viendo este video.. y me seguire haciendo mas daño
Fredy Dominguez (15 days ago)
Bonitas ropas.
the doctor (15 days ago)
Stunning as always
Tamy Bertani (16 days ago)
My favourite are you 💗 You look Supercute in all this Pieces. Have a Sweet and Happy Valentines Day 💐 😘
T Money (16 days ago)
Can you possibly do a couple yellow naughty and nice hauls here soon. And throw me a shout out. Dorian T thanks Love.
T Money (16 days ago)
New to your page. Keep showing love and I'll keep stopping in showing love. Share 👍🏾 like. Ext
Luis martinez (16 days ago)
Delicious, super sexy body, gorgeous woman, I would love to meet you 😘😘😘😘
Ken Mitchell (17 days ago)
You are the sexiest woman alive mmmm
Eduardo B Hernandez (17 days ago)
Eres hermosa 😍😍
Eric C (17 days ago)
I think Ruby is incredibly beautiful. But if you are going to model lingerie garter then you should wear the stockings.. Without it just looks like 2 straps hanging down. Still one of my favorite videos. ;-)
Randy Raley (17 days ago)
Bet your glad your not in Rockford today.... It's miserable!
Saenz Jose (17 days ago)
sin duda el rojo matapaciones 😲😲😲😲😲😍😍😍hermosa
Clemilton Martins (18 days ago)
Manuel Rosas (18 days ago)
Pinche pedorrote q te cargas mamasita.y esas piernotas estás riquisima
TheGumbyRules (18 days ago)
Amazing!!! So beautiful.
Reveriano Ramos (18 days ago)
Que sabrosa estás de todo
Hal 502 (18 days ago)
Sexy woman
cornelio mejia z (18 days ago)
Beautiful tattoo mami
cornelio mejia z (18 days ago)
Very beautiful body baby 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Kodak Red (18 days ago)
This woman is so fine
Nick Pant (18 days ago)
Woman for Love!
Eric C (19 days ago)
Ruby is so beautiful! Best video so far. Very nice.
Rafael Tavares (19 days ago)
Pinokio (19 days ago)
Красивая дама... перфекто)
Craig Jones (19 days ago)
You are amazing 😍😍
Carlos Perez (19 days ago)
Hey baby i wanna ask you something are you single you hot I wanna merry you
henry taylor (19 days ago)
Everything you wear is smoking on you no matter what size and those sexy heels.
evilzander1 (19 days ago)
Wow your soooooo fraking stunningly gorgeous
Mexicano Tejeros (19 days ago)
Estas Super Mami Chiquita Me Encants Mamasita
Erickson Contreras (19 days ago)
Todo muy rico rugby red ..te queda muy bien me dejaste bastante duro mamasita que nalgotas tienes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
red horizon (19 days ago)
this video was a tiny bit dark for the lighting! you look beautiful as always!
Jvictor Mendozita (19 days ago)
Rico culaso mi amor
Adonis Lord (19 days ago)
Alexander ALVAREZ (19 days ago)
Un Angel Bello Y Sexy ... 👌👅
La loca88 (19 days ago)
What sizes are these?
Chabi Lal (19 days ago)
nice dress
Joseph Hamilton (19 days ago)
devilintent (19 days ago)
BB67 (19 days ago)
baby you killed it you are incredibly hot
Junior Z (20 days ago)
Valentine haul is breathtaking. Your curvy is amazing. When can I put a Rin* on it?
Cris69 cr (20 days ago)
Hermosa mujer , tu culo es una obra de arte 😍
Winnerz Glo (20 days ago)
how do you not have a dude?!
Ellis Hunter (20 days ago)
PlayTime Pink lace is all you need. Nice 👍🏾. I see you are getting more subscribers 💰

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