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Hey everyone ! Join me in this shop with me at Forever 21 this video was a request. We see some men and women young teens clothing. Country must be in atm because I see Blake Shelton shirts and Shania twain, Also Selena and Aaliyah shirts. Fashion sure is changing. It's kind of fun to see different styles etc. Thanks for hanging with me. Have a great day or night. Take care and BUCKLE UP! . . . . . . #forever21 #shopping #fashion #style #beauty #shopwithme #reisworld #comewithme #shoes #makeup #skincare #facemask #shoes #selena #Aaliyah #BlakeShelton #NewAtForever21 #SHOPWITHME #designerdupes
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•Ciencia Animal• (8 hours ago)
The White 🌹 collection 💓⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cortez Miller (5 days ago)
Maribel Vega (13 days ago)
Maribel Vega (13 days ago)
Aline C. S. Ribeiro (15 days ago)
Elizabeth Robles (15 days ago)
omg the selena shirt i want so bad💕
Kastle Boo (16 days ago)
I used to love F21 but this style makes me wanna throw up 🤢
Reis World (16 days ago)
It is so different now .
christa garrett (16 days ago)
I don't know if I'm getting old but all these ripped tore up clothes do not look cool to me LOL
christa garrett (15 days ago)
+Reis World right that's so tacky!!
Reis World (15 days ago)
Yeah I really have to hunt to find pants in the store that don't look like someone's old worn out work jeans. I also hate when they have paint splatters all over them.
Kastle Boo (16 days ago)
christa garrett I second that
All be good for fun joy yorself ever time also hot weather😌
Reis World (16 days ago)
Veronica Monge (16 days ago)
U can get the overalls for $ 19 at Ross love this kind of videos thanks girl 👍
Reis World (16 days ago)
Hey Veronica! Yeah I feel like all of these forever 21 clothes have better and cheaper versions at Ross lol
Aline C. S. Ribeiro (16 days ago)
Hi! I loved your video, Reis! Thanks!
Reis World (16 days ago)
Hey Aline! Thanks from coming along with me :)
ashleyswshr (17 days ago)
Awww sweet Selena ❤️😩
poptartsag (17 days ago)
The N souls Jk (17 days ago)
Very nice
Lavender Smile (7 days ago)
The N souls Jk yes
Naturally Ray (17 days ago)
Is this forever 21 or forever 16??
Reis World (16 days ago)
lol I know right? I wasn't feeling this place, my 21 year old self wouldn't have either lol
sanchez gara (17 days ago)
Lmao I love your diaper joke! ( made me spit out my food 🥘) 😂😂😂😂❤️
Reis World (16 days ago)
lmao :)
Mariam Ayub (17 days ago)
So fun to look around and Forever 21 although many of the Styles don't really work for me LOL I did have a Barbie tank top back around 2004 I think. Maybe I was ahead of the game LOL sending you big hugs!
Mariam Ayub (10 days ago)
back in the 80s, I actually had my straight hair and wore a lot of dark outfits that would be the grunge look later on LOL big hugs!
Reis World (16 days ago)
Yeah all of our old fashion is coming back we were all ahead of the game :) We were trend setters and didn't even know it lol
jagpit show (17 days ago)
Loved the faith shirt.
Athena R (16 days ago)
Me too!
LaTanya Porter (17 days ago)
Cute.nice things this booties and jellies yass good trip thank you 😁😁🤗👀
Reis World (16 days ago)
Yeah I used to wear jellies in grade school lol Our fashion is coming back.
erihead21 (17 days ago)
Those shorts 🤦🏻‍♀️ maybe over a bathing suit but holy crap!
Lavender Smile (7 days ago)
erihead21 yes
Reis World (16 days ago)
oh I know right? lol
lippieloverunited (17 days ago)
My little sister would so wear that fanta hat idk if I would to hot for long sleeve.
Jessica Cruz (17 days ago)
I notice they use Frida more in many styles. Interesting.. The jelly shoes I had clear with glitter.
Reis World (16 days ago)
My husband is waiting for Salvador Dali to show up on shirts lol. I used to have clear jellies lol
Bella (17 days ago)
omg the only channel that is not talking about the Kardashian lol all the people I watch so over it
Reis World (16 days ago)
They act like its news lol You can't log on to the internet without an article popping up about it!
vannesa92 (17 days ago)
Those men joggers are cute . I guess I will be looking in the mens department more they look unisex
Reis World (16 days ago)
At this store most of the men's stuff looks unisex :)
Tyler Bowen (17 days ago)
Blake is forever21 he has made it!
Reis World (16 days ago)
lol yeah 1st the Country Music Hall of Fame, now Forever 21.
galaxy_ girl (17 days ago)
Reis World (16 days ago)
Hey! :)
gacha mindy (17 days ago)
Hi ilove #2

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