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I Dressed Like It Was 1987

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I styled 3 outfits inspired by the popular fashions of thirty years ago! From the hair metal rockers and groupies, to blazer-clad working ladies and teen pop idols decked out in acid wash jeans, I had a great time pretending it was 1987 and exploring fashion history through one of the most iconic decades - the 80s. Let me know what you think of my ~lookbook~ and if you want to see more of these! A huge thanks to Kayley Melissa for rocking out this 80s hair! You can check out her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/LetsMakeitUp1 Sorry for the typos in this video! *Swimmin, *Eyebrows Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ IMAGES via Getty Images SOURCES Getty Images Seventeen Magazine YM Magazine Elle Magazine Vogue Magazine Blast! Magazine Survey Of Historic Costume Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley MUSIC Mind The Gap Meet Her At The Disco Via Audio Network SFX Via AudioBlocks
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Safiya Nygaard (1 year ago)
HELLO FRIENDS!!! hope u guys enjoy this adventure into 80s fashion! who's ready for 77? lmao
Emily Baker-Carrigan (7 days ago)
Safiya Nygaard love ya
Bruce- -NeedArt (3 months ago)
Safiya Nygaard all those looks suit you
Lauren (4 months ago)
I definitely remember my mother wearing a suit like that to work. Red and tweed were soooooo in
Hayley Alexander (4 months ago)
Kalie Crupi (4 months ago)
Safiya Nygaard omg I love this
Arcane Turbulence (9 minutes ago)
First one, You almost nailed it. you forgot the shirt under the laced shirt. You did pull of the 80's hooker though.. lol.. Lace was cool, but it was still a reserved look at the time.. boobs and stomachs were covered under the lace. bare laced arms and shoulders were fine, but the parents of girls in the 80's would have backhanded them before they got out of the house if they were wearing what you are. lol Nailed the acid wash.
Twysted Syxx (5 hours ago)
My nostalgia! I was in kindergarten in 1987. My youngest son is in kindergarten now. I still can't believe this was over 30 years ago. Lol
Holly (6 hours ago)
3:45... totally didn't freak out when I saw queen....
Broadway obsessed (9 hours ago)
Her hair is so big! Because it's full of secrets!
Broadway obsessed (9 hours ago)
I love how the second look looks so much like heathers! Love that movie/musical
Hamil Trash100 (19 hours ago)
Life in whatever (22 hours ago)
You dumb they remove ozone layer killer because it illegal
Jody Reed (1 day ago)
Your hair is not big enough, mine was at least 2 times bigger.
Katelyn Wiley (2 days ago)
tyler looks like spock
Greenpumpkinpie (2 days ago)
7:19 Court me so off Guard 😂
SenoritaTJ (2 days ago)
I love you in the glam metal outfit.
Rose Tyler (2 days ago)
I really appreciate how much you researched into the metal aspect. I love it
I am super bored (2 days ago)
Doing a big school project that needs people in a group to wear 80s inspired out fits, learn 20s dances, and dance to 50s music...
Holly Anderson (2 days ago)
These outfits in this video are my favorites out of them all😍
Wooli e (2 days ago)
I love the 80’s.
Mona La Vampira (3 days ago)
This is the Best 80s characterization i've ever seen!
Ashley O. (3 days ago)
These looks are GREAT!
Tejshree Rade (3 days ago)
They r lovely styles..... would love to try it.... except the hairs ....
Caitlin Jessica (3 days ago)
We not gonna talk about disco Deaky? Edit: OMG I SAW THEEEEEEEEEMMMM
veronica cesena (3 days ago)
I love joan jett
Mary Offenderman (4 days ago)
Tyler hair made me think of Ace Ventura when nature call style when he is in the enemy tribe
Hannah R (4 days ago)
It must have been a hassle to brush out all that tease in her hair. And the first outfit she looks exactly like a female uncle jesse from full house
Hannah Brown (4 days ago)
If Veronica and Heather Chandler had a baby it would be Saf
Katja Thomassen (5 days ago)
Loved the first look! Especially the boots!! And the only reason I pressed the video so fast was because I'm born in 1987 😂😉 love the info!!!
Mariam H. (5 days ago)
Thank God I was just a baby in the 80s. The fashion, the hair, the makeup.. everything was just so utterly ridiculous haha! I do love watching these videos though, very well researched and executed.
Erin More (5 days ago)
He definitely looks like a Pokemon trainer
Becky Miller (5 days ago)
The 80s weren’t so nice to my hair. However it was already big so I didn’t have a hole lot of work to do. Lol. It was the 90s that killed me. It was so uncool to have my big head of unruly hair.
ピンク101 (6 days ago)
Oddly enough when I think of the 80s I think of the how woman dressed for office work in the 80s it’s almost similar to how some rockstars dressed almost
GRANNY AGATHA (6 days ago)
The 2nd one looks like Veronica from Heathers
Hayley Loya-Ruiz (6 days ago)
Anyone else think she looks like Veronica from heathers?
Acie SongBird (7 days ago)
Eleanor Rose (7 days ago)
Stop calling out my mom-
call me lu (7 days ago)
OK so, im highkey in live with the glam rock look- maybe not so much the hair n the boots BUT i would 100000% wear that everyday
Caitlin Woodhouse (7 days ago)
I listen to Queen and they did lots of makeup and hair like your hair in the first round. They are a really good band
Lisa Hancock (7 days ago)
I love the teen look both so rocken
Lisa Hancock (7 days ago)
In the 1980s people wanted big hair it was a statement to be bold be bold or go home thing any ways you look good
Lisa Hancock (7 days ago)
You look sexy I love it I was 3 1987 it was wild lol
Penelope Celata (8 days ago)
She looks so good in the second outfit
Isabelle Irvine (8 days ago)
In the second look, she reminded me of Veronica from Heathers
Harriet Kightley (8 days ago)
The first two looks were very young Winona Ryder
stephanievf1 (8 days ago)
LOVE this!! Haha omg Tyler’s hair!!
BLUE LEMONADE987XX (8 days ago)
Uhmm heathers
My mum did her hair in the way you did yours with the office look. Her hair was down mid back and she did that EVERYDAY
atomich01 (9 days ago)
I was 15 years old in 1987..... awesome awesome time! Everything was in fashion, no matter what. And yes, I had BIG hair!
Asila Neda (9 days ago)
Oh my gawd safiya looks SO good in the second hairstyle
I was just chilling but then I saw queen 3:45
Ginny (10 days ago)
Nayops 18 (10 days ago)
4:51 My favorite one♥️
jackillin (10 days ago)
Gosh, I was 11 going on 12 & in the UK in '87...big perm, crimped hair, neon coloured earrings, bracelets & t-shirts & massive homemade rips in my jeans...yup! I miss the Coreys. Did ya say it was 30 years ago??? No way, more like 10, right?
Taryn Small (10 days ago)
You look like my mom XD
Kit Hardwick (10 days ago)
honestly, I'd wear that office look to work tomorrow.
Jemimia (10 days ago)
In the working girl outfit, with your hair and makeup, you look so much like Nina from the Americans. I think you look great! Actually you rocked all the 80-ies looks!
Jade Reed (11 days ago)
It’s been a year since you did these “fashion by the decade” videos and I want more! Since u did videos for the latter part of each decade in the first series, next u should do another series featuring fashions from the early parts of each decade, like maybe 1962, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, & 2012! I know 5 years doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but it is. Having grown up in the 90s myself, I know there’s a big difference between what was in style in 1992 vs 1997... in 1997 we wore Asian & 70s inspired polyester & “childish” things (butterfly clips, or think baby spice)... But in 1992 there were a lot of leftover 80s fashions like neon colors /color-blocking & stirrup pants (think salt n peppa) with some new ideas (hammer pants anyone!) but there was a big transition into grunge with baggier clothes and flannel combined with more subtle flowy feminine pieces like the “blossom” hats with the big sunflowers and spaghetti strap shift dresses (I think the show that best illustrates the convergence of grunge & feminine floral patterns & girlie accessories that was happening at the time would be “my so-called life”). So many ideas!
Livi Olson (11 days ago)
I’ve been binge watching all of these videos lol
Helen Macey (11 days ago)
Thankyou you just helped me finish my 1980s project
iloveGIRsomuch1 (11 days ago)
You looked like my mom in the 80's with the first style. Like... the only difference being the face shape.
ani vasileva (12 days ago)
with the second outfit she reminds me of elaine in seinfeld
carmine glx (12 days ago)
Ok but like the hairstyle of the second outfit fit you SO WELL OMG
taylor sister's (12 days ago)
OK so Micheal Jackson is a pedo
Fay Coleman (12 days ago)
You honestly looked really cute with every hair choice! You could totally rock any of them. All of the looks could be pretty wareable still with a little tweaking. Good job!
Emma S (12 days ago)
I was born in 82 and this brings it all back to me. From northern Ireland the fashion it was hard to get these pieces as they were either expensive or it didn't come to the UK at all. I remember my hair in a ponytail and it was down to the backs of my knees it never held a curl or roller at all. I just rocked the jeans dungarees tomboy look. Rough and tumble clothes. I do remember wanting to look like my aunts fashion but did love princess bride and Victorian pirate sleeved shirts and Goth vibes even then. Long as hell hair and a waistcoat for a wedding guest look. Epic
ladydrace (12 days ago)
Gosh, this video gave me ALL THE SENTIMENTAL FEELINGS! Also... maybe a slight eye-opener as to exactly how early I was bisexual... In any case, THANK YOU! This was awesome. <3
franciszek do (12 days ago)
hairspray no longer has cfcs
Bitches And Cream (12 days ago)
Corgis (12 days ago)
Crafty Cat (13 days ago)
My dad has a crush on Debbie Gibson lol
Saf rocking the Heather Chandler look. HEATHER, HEATHER, HEATHER, *SAFIYA*
*PrettyTrash* (13 days ago)
And phil lester haha love that love him love ya to safiya ❤❤❤
zhannell feve (13 days ago)
I was gonna say Robin Sparkles 🤣🤣🤣
kenzie Fisher (13 days ago)
Saf you look and sound alot like robin as well! lol she was my favorite in how i met your mother
Madeline T. (13 days ago)
She looks really good in all of the outfits, and even resembles Siouxsie Sioux in the first one
eileen posokhov. (14 days ago)
the second one looks so good on her wtf
wow PHANtastic, baby (14 days ago)
lol the second hairstyle is just normal Greek girls’ hair & the third look is soooo my mum in the 80s😂👌🏼
Aidan Collins (14 days ago)
Winter is coming.. according to Saf’s pillows XD
K_Kitten_B (14 days ago)
Cat Girl (14 days ago)
11:16 Tyler looks like he should be named wolfgang
Jane (14 days ago)
0:22 BBY BOY
Jane (14 days ago)
Saf please wear leather jackets more often
Audrey Lee (14 days ago)
And you know, you know, you know, life could be beautiful! Aka Saf looks like Veronica Sawyer
Lol no 67 (14 days ago)
You forgot the birth of brendon urie 😂😂
Stephanie Paquin (15 days ago)
I got up at 5 am every morning to do my bangs before school 😂 and loved it! I am always ready for 80s big hair to come back.
Jordan Ramirez (15 days ago)
The jeans are amazing. How did you do it?
Karen Lawson (15 days ago)
This is the year I was born in 😊 Oops. I thought it was 1997. Still a good episode
Trauma Strike (15 days ago)
I dig Tyler's hair LMAO
Morbid Stitches (15 days ago)
Earlier in the school year, during Homecoming week, there was a different theme that students could dress in. Wednesday, the theme was 80s vs. 70s. I chose 80s. I knew everyone would be wearing neon colors. I chose to do 80s Glam Metal. I already owned a leather jacket, similar boots, and faux leather leggings. I used A LOT of hairspray for the volume. I also followed an 80s Glam Metal make up tutorial, and added a black lip. Then I got into Heavy Metal.... My mom regrets it, because I then started listening to Marilyn Manson.... My brother said "Finally, my little sister has some taste" when he found out that I listen to Heavy Metal, and other Bands that play similar music genres.
I dunn o (15 days ago)
Heather chandler left the chat
Cilou The-Fae (16 days ago)
Kayla Hansen (16 days ago)
Anyone else get the How I met your mother reference? I love that show so much 😅
Julian Buttrey (16 days ago)
Tyler’s hair makes him look like heiachi from tekken
Lydia Jacobs (16 days ago)
1st outfit...hair's not big enough and no spandex? Lol you almost had it though...the boots were spot on. Over all great video!!
Emma Ingram (16 days ago)
I'm in a Footloose the Musical and all of tgese are definitely 80's styles
P Squiddy (17 days ago)
Robin sparkles !!!! Let's go to mall . . . today
jo jo (18 days ago)
My mom's hair would break off in the 80s because of those styles
Megan Preisinger (18 days ago)
Also you needed a swatch for the mall girl look, along with a billion pins with inane sayings on them for your jean jacket
Megan Preisinger (18 days ago)
Not nearly enough blush
zoe beazley (18 days ago)
3:45 thats all.
zoe beazley (18 days ago)
Cameron Kuriger (19 days ago)
The musical Heathers is better than the movie
Julie Viltrakis (19 days ago)
Love these!!! And the office look is super cute today!! I think!
Metta in a can (19 days ago)
I've never realised before how very ageing 80's clothes were!

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