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Drake - Energy

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Energy (Official Video) Taken from the Album - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late Available for download here! http://smarturl.it/IYRTITL Share/Stream “Energy” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/79XrkTOfV1AqySNjVlygpW DIRECTED by FLEUR & MANU PRODUCED by DIVISION Music video by Drake performing Energy. © 2015 Cash Money Records Inc. http://vevo.ly/ew4yKt
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Text Comments (42650)
Oxi Clean (12 minutes ago)
2018 anyone?
Sushi taro (49 minutes ago)
Hold on a minute when fouseytube was doing his crazy invitation by saying these lines which drake is saying" I gotta a lot of energy I gotta a lot of energy theya re taking away from an Arab"
juventus store (3 hours ago)
اضغط لايك اذا كنت عربي 😌👉
jaleela hall (7 hours ago)
yung deedy (14 hours ago)
Clara J (16 hours ago)
Came here after that “back and forth to Italy | Age of consent in Italy” meme😂😂💀
Alejandro Grande Sanchez (21 hours ago)
anyone watching this hit in december ?
George the BOSS (23 hours ago)
Who is watching in November 2018?????
JD Fit (1 day ago)
November 2018 and we still got enemy's 🖕🏻
Alicia Bashir (1 day ago)
Its funny cause Im learning that people are gonna hate you regardless so you may as well say fuck em and keep it moving lol
Alicia Bashir (1 day ago)
Gotta lotta enemies! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ima mess (1 day ago)
goats ofallgoats (1 day ago)
Oof nigga
ashley medina (1 day ago)
Best song
Omar Gallegos (1 day ago)
Este wey se robó el intro de la canción maquiavélico de canserbero
Nugget (1 day ago)
Alguem tem o link com a legenda?
Captain Entri (2 days ago)
Elias Singleton (2 days ago)
Wyd bruh why
Faraaz Rafiqzad (2 days ago)
If you are watching in 2018 it’s too late
1:57 the bronco is in park
БЕК Ялгашев (2 days ago)
Tio Wea (2 days ago)
Panda Girl (2 days ago)
0:52 jbunzie❣️❣️❣️
xxxblizza (2 days ago)
Watching November 2018 Greez from germany
Helys TM (3 days ago)
November 2018 ?
David Rivera (3 days ago)
Mixiii _ (1 day ago)
AllOutKx450 (1 day ago)
David Rivera right here
khanyisile Khumalo (2 days ago)
Tara Baily (3 days ago)
King drake👑👑👑👑
Gonzo (3 days ago)
I’ll eat it later
cris (3 days ago)
2070 anyone?
Pat Cyrus (3 days ago)
The song has a lot of swearing in it but........ that's real talk. 👊🏼
amos ct (4 days ago)
I got a lots of elements after this song
sebastian mnaphi (4 days ago)
I miss this drake
The Crown Group (4 days ago)
Who would have thought that a half Black and half Jewish rapper would get this much mileage one day. If you went back in the 80' and 90's during the golden era of hip hop a guy like Drake would have been dissed and probably shot! Just shows how much hip hop has evolved from accepting Eminem to now Drake.
Reeham Mohamed (4 days ago)
Lonely Pulse (4 days ago)
Fxk Kiki this shit hard
Trishana (4 days ago)
stop reading comments..... watch the video first
David Anonymous (4 days ago)
Blast em
Amber VanOrman (4 days ago)
OMG this song is awesome
Gang 6 (4 days ago)
Who is watching in Decembar 2018?
Gang 6 (4 days ago)
I wrote in Decembar coz I wanna be first 😂
يلي عربي وعم يسمعها لاييككك
Kaleb Ridenour (4 days ago)
Wonder who he stole this one from
Deadpool (5 days ago)
Drake the goat
Bd Friend (5 days ago)
Drake doesnt seem black to me but still uses the "n word". Why???
Bd Friend (4 days ago)
+Deadpool he doesnt look black though
Deadpool (5 days ago)
Bd Friend cause he’s black
DA MN. (5 days ago)
Can somebody plz post that song sneakin ft. 21 SAVAGE
SpartanG (5 days ago)
The pop references are real in this video, Tom cruise, Oprah, Floyd Mayweather, Dan bilzerian, and even OJ who I bet most people didn't even know was there
ASAP 3RD (5 days ago)
Who still bumpin?
Shades (5 days ago)
november 2018 without socks?
Shitti Demond cat (5 days ago)
November 2018??
random lonely derp (6 days ago)
Why does this suspiciously sound like sicko mode...
Latest News (3 days ago)
Why does Sicko mode sound like this, this came out first.
FuryYT7 (5 days ago)
ikrrrr? ??? ?? ??
PurpleEyeSkullKermit (6 days ago)
2019 anyone
Kvngx (6 days ago)
Kocham cie misiaaaaa najmoicniej na swiecie :3 czeka nas wspaniale zycko :33333
Ollis BumsBlog_ (6 days ago)
Hoodie Bankz (7 days ago)
When the face swap goes wrong
Bestmommie Ever (7 days ago)
RatedBaton (7 days ago)
Bart Simpsons (7 days ago)
Who is watching in November 2018?
Fepx094 (7 days ago)
Who is watching December 2018
Fore Skin (7 days ago)
NOV 2018???👊🤘🤘
Who is still watching on November 2018 ??
Josh Amos (8 days ago)
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
VITOR CABRAL (8 days ago)
Jennefer Cameron (8 days ago)
First of all 💦💦💦💦💦
TheLogical TeenageBoy (8 days ago)
How come this comment section doesn't have T? Well, they say it ain't no easy grab...
Omar Rafaideen (8 days ago)
I'm confused weather he's telling us who is enemies are? Or he's telling us that all these people in the videos have enemies
Trippie Redd (8 days ago)
No nut november 2018??
E B (8 days ago)
Canadian niggas.,,.. ehhhh
Reneta Petkova (8 days ago)
photo biz (8 days ago)
This beat sounds like paint flowing I don’t know why
Gabriel Rambarath (9 days ago)
November anyone? 2018
Claire Juliet (1 day ago)
Meee because im going to teach my entire school how to dance to this song
Alex Mohamed (2 days ago)
Omg yeah
Kodi Jones (3 days ago)
Itzsahas z (5 days ago)
Raider 1903 (5 days ago)
Me bro
elles boswinkel (9 days ago)
Vilyan Hills (9 days ago)
Obama’s bumping this thinking bout Donald trump
breana contreras (9 days ago)
who’s watching November 2018 ?
Albert Mccarthy (9 days ago)
who is watching in november 2018??
Oscar Torovei (9 days ago)
November 2018????
erika andres (10 days ago)
xz ese u z
!nFiniTy (10 days ago)
white drake scared me
Alicia Felix (10 days ago)
LuvU*I'm coming down.........
Red Night224 (10 days ago)
ERICKS714OCps3 (10 days ago)
Who watching in November 2018?
Lechugin Bebé (10 days ago)
Herson Medina (10 days ago)
2018 aquí
Hound Wrath (10 days ago)
November 2018 GANG I miss these kinda tunes🔥🔥👌
Mrpurple music (10 days ago)
who watching in November 2018
noah Gysi (10 days ago)
November 2018 someone here?
I Got lot of Enemies! But i killed Them Lol!
Kamau X (11 days ago)
This shit still going hard
arunanag (11 days ago)
i live on kennedy road ;P
Christopher Charabie (12 days ago)
I love drake from France
Ermm .. me
AJ Dombrow (12 days ago)
Who’s watching in November 2018?
Jewel king (12 days ago)
Jewel king (12 days ago)
Good morning
Jewel king (12 days ago)
Lovely song
Mousa Alhussein (12 days ago)
Who is watching in November_2018
Giselle Guerrero Gomez (12 days ago)
Tonya Feathers (12 days ago)
Tonya Feathers (12 days ago)
Tonya Feathers (12 days ago)

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