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Drake - Energy

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Energy (Official Video) Taken from the Album - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late Available for download here! http://smarturl.it/IYRTITL Share/Stream “Energy” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/79XrkTOfV1AqySNjVlygpW DIRECTED by FLEUR & MANU PRODUCED by DIVISION Music video by Drake performing Energy. © 2015 Cash Money Records Inc. http://vevo.ly/ew4yKt
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Text Comments (42763)
Kevin Perez (5 hours ago)
Did drake predict deep fakes
JRM Media (14 hours ago)
4 year's later
Eliot Robinson (14 hours ago)
God's plan is the best song of yours
gh zurah (16 hours ago)
Last good drake album, fuck all the new singy trappy bullshit.
ravi man (19 hours ago)
Vincent Jennings (1 day ago)
Monday 2019 were y'all at day onesss?
Wya Velve (1 day ago)
1:00 *Hold Up* So no one gonna talk about this
ActionCookiez (57 minutes ago)
S P (1 day ago)
Why they do little jimmy like that 😂😂😂😂🤓
Reggie McCoy (1 day ago)
"What He Saying Is When It Comes To Helping People And Having Fun Ejoying Life People Wanna Take It The Wrong Way By Talking Negative Trash Wanting To Fight Which Is Not Cool." Folks All It Takes Is Listening To The Lyrics In Order To Get A Better Understanding Where People Are Coming From. 💯
Arturo Garcia (2 days ago)
*Me in 2019😳looking at comments from 2015 realizing how much shit changes!*
Arturo Garcia (2 days ago)
Miss this drake 😪
Goodvibe - (2 days ago)
dedicate this song to some maggots i have the misfortune of working next to. who cover their shitty work performance and anxiety over their inferiority by burying me with total lies. and what do management do? eat it up. and how do i get my revenge? how do i defend myself from lying sacks of shit? how do i get mine back? even when you're on your A game people can simply make shit up to try to bury you. this shit has me thinking like tony montana. i work my ass off and what do i get? disrespected, lied about, looked over, like a punk ass bitch.
Jesus Plaza (2 days ago)
He is my favorite singer ....the best.one ...I like his musicstyle ............look alive
Jesus Plaza (2 days ago)
El.mio Drake ....Cuba ....
Eddie Lee (2 days ago)
Ps.. real ones
Eddie Lee (2 days ago)
So tired of being home sick.. this is one hella bid I done pulled.
Baunaco (2 days ago)
This sounds like the Drake -Energy remix
Mahjoub Garmez (2 days ago)
Leyla Yılmaz (2 days ago)
Leyla Yılmaz (2 days ago)
It's Britney Twitch (3 days ago)
I like the part where he says he got enemies.
Recon Expert (3 days ago)
KonKaiser (3 days ago)
1:00 Can we Just talk about this guy having the N-Word Pass?
SPARTAN pirate0 (3 days ago)
KonKaiser Miley Cyrus
Iván Le Redent (3 days ago)
ro lu (4 days ago)
..fake swag..fake lyrics..
Melmel Hodgepodge (4 days ago)
Still hits fucking hard bruh
Santiago Aguilar (4 days ago)
If someone listen to this song on acid, jist wow aing got no words, love u all be safe oooo
Ali Jordan (4 days ago)
Kimbo slice
1⃣2⃣ Firepro (4 days ago)
Nekfeu sort de se corps Esque il y à des français
Blake Peppers (4 days ago)
You just talk when you rap you sound like a idiot
Blake Peppers (4 days ago)
You just talk when you rub you sound like an
Blake Peppers (4 days ago)
you suck at rap🤬
Swaggy obj Ouy (4 days ago)
Whoever dislike this is a bitch
Omer (4 days ago)
June 2019, still got enemies and energy.
Majid Aw (5 days ago)
Just smoke weed and chill Buddha lmfao
Majid Aw (5 days ago)
Jew nasty AF
Rodney Johnson (5 days ago)
ravin narine (5 days ago)
people talking down like I gave a fuck
kuintinable (5 days ago)
2:00 if you look in the background you can see CHP blocking traffic to make the scene
Harshan Padda (6 days ago)
When class is finished the test Me: 2:09
Juju bee (3 days ago)
Ok so I think I already told u this, but I actually laughed at this comment😂😂😂 I'm actually wheezing, just look up a compilation of the dolan twins wheezing and that's me😂 Also, yes...I said this in my head during every ap world test in 8th grade (yes, I did say 8th grade) I also have been saying it during every single one of my AP gov tests and ap physics tests because even tho gov is easy as fuck...her tests are HARD (idk how to explain it) physics kicks my butt I'm just stooooopid I would also like to mention I'm only to be a sophomore next year and i will already have taken 6 APs by the end of the year) my school doesnt do semester classes, our classes are for the whole year But ANYWAYS enough about my stupid school ranting... you actually made me laugh and I appreciate this comment and ily 😂
Juju bee (3 days ago)
Snxy (6 days ago)
am i the only one that i here a little bit of song billy bounce
Snxy (6 days ago)
Drake: I GOT ENEMYS me: i know is it t series
Klea Vila (6 days ago)
1:00 no one’s talking about that white girl that just said the N word
Nissa (6 days ago)
She didn't said the New Word she just sing the lyrics
yoyo gaming 47 (6 days ago)
Ghost writer
Bang Bang (7 days ago)
Caden (7 days ago)
Y I never get likes😢😢😢
LouLeg Productions (7 days ago)
Oj Simpson with the bronco 🤟🏼
abdilhadi Mukhtar (7 days ago)
Keoni Guerrero (7 days ago)
sugarraydiamond (7 days ago)
Lov this 3n3rGi3!!
La-Toya Richardson (7 days ago)
I am trying to understand the content of the music video and what it means in preferences of the song? Is there any? Either way love the song...
Troy Scott (8 days ago)
Sos...camp..m...soraya on deck..nope
Waqt is here (8 days ago)
2.00 Simpson
Kevin Hicks (8 days ago)
0:25 when the raptors win the finals
hamza nouika (8 days ago)
18/06/2019 ????
Oh-its Ace (8 days ago)
maybe i am high but, after looking at this video... is drake the trend setter for deep fakes? #WOKE
Joseph Watson (8 days ago)
Who here after OJ got out?
Chase Marsh (8 days ago)
Drake do got that energy
fMr __ (9 days ago)
Merci 2pac pour la prod
daniel gamesXT (9 days ago)
Yes fuck drake
mohamed JAÇÕõÕ (9 days ago)
Eminem the charge i like Drake 2
Keith Caesar (9 days ago)
Alyssa Imhoff (9 days ago)
Enemies I got a lot of enemies trying to take your energy away from me
E M (9 days ago)
I always be blasting this vid on my tv, just me?
Sticks and Pucks (9 days ago)
Marlon Reynolds (9 days ago)
Try to take the wave....
yunia yq (10 days ago)
2020?... Maybe no one to like this likebutton FOR ME
notjasper (10 days ago)
Where did this Drake go?
Andhra Gamer (10 days ago)
If u drake real fan give one subscribe to me
John Ambriz (10 days ago)
Got a lot of enemies 🔫
Benafkot Eshetu (10 days ago)
Sexual energy is the most powerfull energy
Pelotero (8 days ago)
Have u heard of nuclear ?
destiny pfs (10 days ago)
2k19 ya all
BOY BORGES 15 (11 days ago)
This song makes you question life
Marelyn fuentes (11 days ago)
YOUNG Dagger DICK (11 days ago)
Marelyn fuentes (11 days ago)
Marelyn fuentes (11 days ago)
YOUNG Dagger DICK (11 days ago)
Chavonegs wtf I found you
Aparece Akahpellah el rapero venezolano
Jaspreet K Sarana (11 days ago)
SKG _Combat (11 days ago)
Energy..... Drink
Dedric Clark (11 days ago)
Nobody: Warriors: *INJURY* Drake: *ENERGY*
floki smite (11 days ago)
Alguien de LATAM
ElektoGames YT (11 days ago)
Toronto Energy
Sr Mito (11 days ago)
Toronto campeão
Mike Based (11 days ago)
Simone Wade (11 days ago)
Alex Bricks (11 days ago)
This wasn’t the science element I was looking for...
Subscribe To Pewdiepie (12 days ago)
Drake 2020: 1:50
Subscribe To Pewdiepie (12 days ago)
Gro: 0:19
Midge Mathis (12 days ago)
Got problems with their memories, kills me everytime I hear it.. Funniest shit ever. What = that. Doc martins= don't be racist what you don't get it?? What= that?
Francisco Castro (12 days ago)
Fukc bad
James Jorda (12 days ago)
Toronto champion vibe.
BT_THE_GREAT_ (12 days ago)
Who here after the finals
What finals?😆
yoitzaswr FTW (3 days ago)
Fucks yeah
Darren R (10 days ago)
tryin to drain us of this leonard G
Benafkot Eshetu (10 days ago)
@Uğur Salman yes
Uğur Salman (10 days ago)
dk of doom 101 (12 days ago)
You are the worst
Chase Hibbard (12 days ago)
Lets Go Raps!
Zakaria Mohamed (13 days ago)
wtf is wrong those faces 😂
Robert kooo (13 days ago)
G0! Raptors!.. yeah Baby! Drake the mascot...
Rabunrb (13 days ago)
2019? where are the real fans?
Goku Ssj (13 days ago)
De las mejores de Drake 🔥🔥🔥
Ch Minouu (13 days ago)
drake lit on the song
Arman Khan (14 days ago)
I got enemies

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