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Why women’s clothing sizes don’t make sense

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Women's clothing sizes are very inconsistent. So no, it's not you. It's the women’s clothing industry. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Liz Skelton (14 hours ago)
Top shop is a British company, the UK sizes differently than the US . A British size 4 is closer to an American size 0.
In NZ, US size 8 is still a 12. 16 is still a 20, take a US size and add 4
Gingy The Cat (5 days ago)
This girl doesn’t talk normal. She speaks like she has a retainer in her mouth. I had to use subtitles to understand her.
Firestar1215 (6 days ago)
Then there is an issue of when 1 size difference is like 20 inches. "hmm I'm close I'll just change 1 size aaaaand now it can't get into it"
Emme Yott (6 days ago)
The real reason why sizes make no sense is not the fact that various brands use different numbers for the same sizes, it's the very fact that sizes don't exist. We're not just bigger and smaller versions of the same body, we have different proportions. If it was all just about finding my size every time I buy from a new brand, that wouldn't be so horrible. The problem is that I need to reject many brands altogether because they are not made for my body type. My waist is in one size and my hips are 3 sizes away. It fits comfortably around the bust but has ridiculously small sleeves....
Lisa Bornfree (7 days ago)
I knew all along the sizes are not correct. Different brands, different sizes as the years goes by. Guys don't get frustrated when you go shopping with females 😂😂
out of curiosity why would skin colour/ethnicity affect size, if at all?
spooky (9 days ago)
It's sad women's jeans arents sized like men's.... Like I'm 34x36 Regular Fitted in Men's but what is that in women's sizing?
deecakes (11 days ago)
The more annoying thing is when I use the size chart to buy something based on my exact measurements and the clothes are still too big.
The MadCatter (11 days ago)
thats annoying. i want to be able to go into the store, find my size, and leave. but nooo
Kristina Sandnes (11 days ago)
It’s a struggle finding clothes in ONE size. It’s different everywhere! I can wear anything from XS to M.
auburn.honey (12 days ago)
And this is why is impossible to buy clothing online. Even though they give a *rough* estimate of what the measurements are for each size, when purchasing pants or jeans from online markets that sell different brands of clothing it's just impossible to have a sizing chart (with measurements) for every single brand. So they have one for the website and you have a 50/50 chance of it being accurate. I've ordered 2 pair of jeans from the same online retailer, both the same size, one fit me fine and the other wouldn't go passed my thighs lol. It's a nightmare. Which is another reason why women take much longer to shop than men. We literally have to try on all our clothes before purchasing them. The easiest solution is to label pants and jeans by height and waist, just like men's pants.
Riya Nambiar (12 days ago)
So much respect for this "if you don't like the size, just cut it out it" 🙏
catalina caliope (16 days ago)
not just clothes ... Bra's too... Like cup A, size 20-50 bb... it's so frustrating
gavin Reid (19 days ago)
The sizes in the 50s were of malnourished women.. LOL. Just admit it..women then had healthy sized bodies. Now most women are obese , overweight.
nimooay b (19 days ago)
This is why It takes so long for us 2 shop!
iamlatsku (19 days ago)
I have two mens jeans. Both 33/32. One fits, the other doesnt. Its not just womens clothes...
This Is Very Nice Video I All Ready excited Thanks For Sheering The Video
Savanna Potato (21 days ago)
I'm fat and averagely a size 18 so I would always be second guessing my size when I would see women clearly bigger than me wear a size 14 now I know why
Rachelcookie321 (22 days ago)
I have the weirdest body shape ever. I have a hourglass shape. (My waist is average my bust and hips are huge.) I also have big thighs and am pretty short. Shopping for jeans is really hard for more. I have to belt jeans from the curvy section and the belt never sits right. The belt tends to do a straight line across my stomach while the jeans sit in a V shape. Wearing skirts is also really hard because they’re usually REALLY short at the back.
Snow Fae (24 days ago)
At banana republic I'm a size 00 and it's frustrating to find that size while at H&M I'm around 14 or 16 in pants while at rainows I'm just a medium in pants
Sarah Allen (24 days ago)
I disagree with that last quote, it's a good one, but it's assuming that I found pants that actually fit me. The real reason why there's a problem with the sizing numbers is because of the inconsistencies. It's difficult to find a size that fits when you don't even know where to start for different brands.
Marcus Susnjara (29 days ago)
This is just an excuse for women to buy clothes
Michelle Cannes (1 month ago)
This is why I get my clothes tailored. Jeans, however, I have to buy. Tailoring jeans would be way too expensive. Besides, where I live, the sizing system is extra small (for babies ya know) small, medium, extra large, extra extra large, and extra extra extra large. Similar to the number thing, since no sizes are the same in different brands.
Alex Reddo (1 month ago)
This is similar to men’s trainers
Purplebluecrow (1 month ago)
How did that lady say "its bc women are getting bigger" but Marylin Monroe would be considered too big to be considered thin, and would be put into a medium LAMO. It's more likely that it's bc most ppl see the thinner the woman the more attractive regardless of health and want to make more girls loose weight to try and be that nearly unattainable weight we see as perfect beauty
Allen A (1 month ago)
My girlfriend says that there is no logic to sizing in her clothes. She tries everything on at the store and reads every size chart for each garment online before buying anything. Even then, some clothes have the wrong labels sewn into them because they are made and sold by people who don't speak English and who use the Metric System instead of inches. This can lead to mistakes in sewing them that can be somewhat interesting. Then there are the mistakes in pulling orders at the warehouse. I once ordered jeans in 40 waist, 34 inseam and got 44 waist, 30 inseam. I assume that the worker was dyslexic.
Riti Aggarwal (1 month ago)
In India the sizing isn’t like size 2 and size 8 and whatnot bullshit, it’s just the size of your waist in inches marked inside the jeans that we go by. It’s much easier as I can predict what waist size I want depending on whether the jeans are skinny or loose, high or low waisted etc. I never understood what the sizing chart meant in every video from every American YouTuber I saw, and now that I do, I must say it’s not as convenient as ours.
TheReal Doge (1 month ago)
Is that why girls take a while in stores
Giulliana Martinez (1 month ago)
I was trying some shirts the other day at forever 21 and though I have always been a size M that day they didn't fit. Like... or it fitted me bigger or it was smaller. I was so sad. Now I undestand. Wow
Lucia Rose (1 month ago)
Because women clothes aren't really meant for a woman's body type. It's meant for transgenders.
jacob carolan (1 month ago)
Waist measurement, measurements around the widest part of booty for gifted girls, and leg length. All in inches like men’s jeans. No way for some companies to make inches smaller and mess it up.
endm (1 month ago)
I am a medium-large usually but in one store I was an xxxL in a pair of leggings and it still was too tight
James Irwin (1 month ago)
Paul Sheldon (1 month ago)
Lol man's jeabs behaves the same. I spent 3 hrs buying jeans in a single mall.
Italo Emmanoel (1 month ago)
Isabel Dame (1 month ago)
Im naturally very petite and its actually so frustrating that most of smallest sizes still don't fit me
Melancholy MAZH (1 month ago)
My ED brain is freaking out over my real size now
All my clothes are too small 😭😭😭😭😭 but I’m going shopping BAIIIIIIII👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿😀😀😀😂😂😂
carolanns (2 months ago)
Always been this way 🤔
Anime Lover (2 months ago)
I am a size 10,12,14 in pnats which is crazy cause jeanshopping is a nightmare i never knew which size to get and i would always feel fat when i end up getting 14 or 12 tho 10wouldnt fit
DameFuegoAmor (2 months ago)
I always grab my usual size and the size up because half the time it runs smaller. Some places I'm a 12 others I'm a 16. 🤷🏻‍♀️👖
DameFuegoAmor wow
ΒΈΡΗ ΧΑΊΡΗ (2 months ago)
I think,vanity sizing,is when you shop for when you get thinner :)
Aly Burr (2 months ago)
I don't care about what the tag says in the slightest, I just wish I could walk into a new store and actually know what size I need instead of guessing
Ellie Marie (2 months ago)
I was on board until she said that there's nothing wrong with women's bodies and that we're fine. We're not. You yourself said that women are getting bigger and that sizes on average get marked down. So the industry is helping us to cheat ourselves because we'll pay a lot of money for that. And because of that we don't realize that we are getting unhealthy until we are pretty far gone already
H H (2 months ago)
This woman's voice is awful
Calinederschpiel (2 months ago)
Women's clothing sizes don't make sense, because women don't make sense.
Marcus Johnson (2 months ago)
I sell women leggings. This was driving me crazy. I understand now
riana (2 months ago)
This is exactly why I gave up on remembering my size. There is literally no point.
Yenny Y (2 months ago)
My shirt size is S - XL, depends on the brand. I certainly wish I was joking.
Fairy Nyx (2 months ago)
"If you don't like the side just cut it out" That is, if they make and sell your size at all.
i s a b e l l a (2 months ago)
i always just choose the smallest size and it works out lmao
Maelyne Coggins (2 months ago)
3 jeans ... at 3 drastically different price points
The Cuddley Cactus (2 months ago)
vanity sizing is such crap! when your size is actually a small and you end up trying on a t shirt that is labeled as small and its large enough to wear as a nightshirt, thats not cool. Like they say at the end of this, if you really don't like the size on the label just remove it! I end up removing labels and tags from not just t shirts but lots of different garments just because they are annoying! tags are so rough & scratchy and they put them in the worst spots, like the back of the waist band on jeans and pants and the back of the neck on shirts. Ive had to actually grab a pair of scissors and go into the bathroom in the middle of class or work just to remove an annoying tag on a garment. so now i try to remember to remove them right after i bring them home!
Tokyo Working Man (2 months ago)
This is some bullshit if I’ve ever seen it. The problem isn’t some secret agenda to market towards a certain type of women. The problem is you bought pants from Zara and Forever 22. These companies have extreme turnover with styles and concepts, changing literally week to week. So the production time is small and without much quality control. My mother has done technical design (the people who create measurements for clothes) for over 40 years and she always says that companies like those don’t put much stock into correcting sizing cause there is no time, and they are cheap in price.
jjmah7 (2 months ago)
Renee Williams (2 months ago)
Yep in the 80’s I was an 8 and now a 3,5,or 6. I still have clothes from high school and the sizes are larger numbers. Crazy. Wish someone would fix this. Hate trying on the same pants in 3 different sizes. Great video
Sorry to be, mean but (2 months ago)
No clothing sizes make sense. When I was 13, I could wear a size 14, or even a size 18, and it would feel the same. It really depends on the brand.
Mallory Johns (2 months ago)
Weight fluctuates period the stretchier..the better.
KISSARRAH (2 months ago)
Why are they including Juinors' sizes in a video about Womens' sizes?
Rebecca Elder (2 months ago)
This whole "If you don't like the size, just cut it out of your clothes" thing is great and all, assuming that you actually have the time and patience to go out and spend literally hours searching randomly sized clothes and trying them on until you find the right fit. This practice is unacceptable and companies should really do better for women, especially considering how much women contribute to the economy.
Kinsey Lise (2 months ago)
At 1:33 there are three women, does anyone know what pattern the leftmost woman's image originates from? Thanks a million!
Photography Ag (2 months ago)
I'm anywhere from a 4-6 usually but I can be a 2 it all depends on the store and if it helps I also wear my pants a bit big
Jethro (2 months ago)
My problem is according to most sizing charts, my bust is a medium, my waist is a small and my hips are a large 😒
Ladyerica54 (2 months ago)
H&M is the worst. They will literally have a size "4" be two completely different sizes depending on the style of the jeans (boot cut vs flare, etc.)
Mango Melons (2 months ago)
Fake pockets can f off, I don't care what numbers people use, just make it he same everywhere cause trying stuff on it horrific. I've ended up going to the same store for all my clothes, just to avoid not knowing what size I should get
MimiMadness94 (2 months ago)
Sorry but who ever narrated this video does not have the voice for it. She mumbles. She doesn’t enunciate. She uses vocal fry. Like who listened to this video and said “yeah that sounds professional”
Dee Cookie (2 months ago)
Madhavi Gadam (2 months ago)
Well ! that's messed up . hate Forever 21 sizing .Its a shame that these companies play with our minds and depress us . I can fit in to a Mens small but sometimes XL ( for women ) in some of these stores is also small on me
Angelcake101 (3 months ago)
everytime i come across numbers im like ".....what?...." i dont even bother remembering. then my mom got a little jacket in large but her bust size was too big so she went to get another and gave the old one to my older sister, but her's was also to big, then the 2nd, too big...the 3rd.....too big....me, perfectly fine lmao
Lunacy Loveborne (3 months ago)
I’m still buying at teenage instead of actual sizes (I’m very skinny and nowhere sells lower than a size 8) so everything is Always either too wide or too short. I’m so used to it that I might as well invite my local tailors to my graduation 😂
Onion rings (3 months ago)
I am very skinny (not anorxenic) size 0 at target doesn’t fit and size 2 is kind of lose, but at Walmart size 2 fits perfect
nikolsan15 (3 months ago)
I’m a medium in shirts but have to buy large or xlarge cause of my bust size. Overall women’s clothing is problematic.
Undead Ladybug (3 months ago)
I have to cut the tags off anyway because I practically get a rash from them, so itchy! I've also seen a size 000 before, I am not kidding...
Hello Old friend (3 months ago)
Daniela Tovar (3 months ago)
I thought this was going to be about women's pants not having pockets. That's pretty messed up, y'all!
Amy Rangel (3 months ago)
Who Am I? (3 months ago)
Woman's clothing sizes don't make sense cuz I can't fit in them
Michael Merritt (2 months ago)
Who Am I? Very funny.
Moutassem Kassas (3 months ago)
I'm glad I'm a man and all measurements for pants and dress shirts are real measurements that can't fluctuate between brands.
Michael Merritt (2 months ago)
Moutassem Kassas you’d be disappointed
Winona Daphne (3 months ago)
this is SO fascinating!! wow the facts about how the standard sizing chart came to be is really interesting
lizzy the owl (2 months ago)
One time my Dad and I were in SEARS looking for a women's blazer and literally *nothing* fit my shoulders. They were fine everywhere else. We decided to go to a "32 and up" store in the same mall and when we got there the cashier said, "Well, I know the sign says we don't have a size zero, but we do. It actually might still be a bit too big for you though." That was literally the only thing we could find that actually fit. Shopping for clothes is just plain tedious, especially when you're in the body type range where regular brands think you're too fat and brands especially made for a larger physique think you're too skinny to appeal to.
XxMaskedMiseryxX (2 months ago)
I hate having wide shoulders 😞 but I guess we have to learn to embrace them 🤷
MrMuffin _ (3 months ago)
"If you don't like the size, cut it out" how about start being healthy?
Sharon Fauber (3 months ago)
Amen cut off the tag!
The_Howler (3 months ago)
I'm an XL in US and a 5XL in India. My mother is a medium in US and 3XL in India, alternatively my brother is a XXL in both countires...such a fuckall system.
ViktorNotRussian (3 months ago)
Men’s clothes are bout the same
Alexandra Petuhova (3 months ago)
also i just bought jeans in mens section because they have fricking pockets
OneTooManyGames (3 months ago)
One day I'm a 22 next day I'm a 24 i hate it i have to return clothes a lot sometimes either too big or too small, I get 18w in pants now and it's fine ...sometimes
Trash Lillies (3 months ago)
i just wanna buy pants from different places w the same number and have them all fit me
DomiFury (3 months ago)
When I stop wearing kids sizes I'll wear men's clothing.
UmmYeahOk (3 months ago)
Strange. The sizes I wear are going up, not down. Guess I need to shop at Chico’s. Only way I can be a size zero again
Party (3 months ago)
So that's why women take forever to shop...
Perfectly Imperfect 368 (3 months ago)
This is my problems that drives me insane when I buy jeans, my hips are pretty wide while my waist is thin, so finding jeans that fit perfectly is absolutely impossible, and if I do find them, I consider it a miracle
Rundik (3 months ago)
Hey, I tell you a secret. You stay fat even if you cut the size label off
Inaya Sultana (3 months ago)
Mens trackies are my best friend
What about other countries tho? Zara is a Spanish company. What about places like Russia that developed fashion completely separately from the west? Also, how much of a piss baby does one need to be to freak out over a number on a piece of clothing?
+Michael Merritt the video implied that someone might get upset their number is too "high"
Michael Merritt (2 months ago)
Екатерина Гулецка it’s about consistency. Not about not likening the number. Somethings wrong when your a size 12 at Forever 21 and a size 6 at Zara (for example)
MidNiteR32 (3 months ago)
It's not like men's clothing is anymore consistent. Good luck trying to get clothes that fit you well if you're under 5'9 as a male, especial pants that are a proper length, because the vast majority of clothing is made for tall slim men.
Leyna Kim Nguyen (3 months ago)
I wonder why am I watching this since I wear men's pants and shirts? As look as it fits and isn't too tight where it doesn't stop my legs from moving its good enough. But at least now I understand why other girls take a longer time to pick clothing.
sandy amiry (3 months ago)
Buying jeans is hell especially boyfriend jeans or mom jeans, since they don't make a size that fits both my waist and hips/thighs, I always have to size up from 25/26( europian sizing), which would fit my waist, to a size 28/29, so they can fit my hips and thighs, which results in a huge gap on the jeans on my waist, but I usually wear a belt. Anyone know any companies that sell jeans for curvier girls/hourglass shaped girls?
Katherynn Hamilton (2 months ago)
I wish I knew. I have the same problem. If I get it to fit around my hips and my shoulders, it billows out at my middle. I end up altering my clothes. I also had my spouse help me measure myself and order online. Most places have pretty good return policies, and they have sizing charts with all the measurements.
Sleavo (3 months ago)
well fatty , if u don’t like what they sell..make your own. 💀
Ashleigh (3 months ago)
Dude jeans are better. I have a pair they are awesome

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