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Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety. John Oliver discusses why some people may still feel uncertainty about childhood vaccinations. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Natalia Kalinina (5 hours ago)
For those who are still skeptical about vaccination - and the polio vaccine in particular - search up "iron lung polio" on YouTube. Tell me if you would prefer autism to a life like that of retired lawyer Paul Alexander, the last of the survivors of the previous polio epidemic.
Gong Tommy (11 hours ago)
Damn the roasts are VERY REAL
King Of Anime (16 hours ago)
What about Nasal Spray (Nasal Vaccines )
KNACK warrior (18 hours ago)
Paula Tiffany (21 hours ago)
Hello! I am working on my master's thesis and it involves a survey to determine what the population believes/how they feel about vaccines! If you could please take 5 minutes to answer it would be greatly appreciated! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TDS3XQ6
Paula Tiffany (19 hours ago)
+eeeaten as of right now, yes
eeeaten (20 hours ago)
just for people in the united states, right.
"My kid got this disease we haven't seen widespread in a century!!! Oh well, must be been God's will that I only have 6 kids."
Ami Patel (1 day ago)
tooooooooooooo be fair to fish....we havent figured out how to breathe water soo.....
Maniachook 4099 (1 day ago)
7:20 oof
iHear Tarot (1 day ago)
Used tarot cards to ask if vaccines are “bad for us”, the answer may or may not surprise you: https://youtu.be/lc6VTCI7Eg0
eeeaten (20 hours ago)
so what do the tarot cards say about whether there's life on mars? nasa could save billions with this.
ScootieXP (1 day ago)
Hapened in the USA: https://www.facebook.com/mark.ethan.739/videos/284956465398829/
steff (1 day ago)
CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION. What every science student learns in their first month of uni. Thanks John, education is important.
Tabatha !! (2 days ago)
This comment section has restored my faith in humanity. Turns out there are people on the internet who aren’t dumbasses? Incredible!
Zulkafli Maidin (2 days ago)
Another Lancet gems
charlie mai (2 days ago)
White parents drool at the mouth about giving their kids the "newest, trendiest,and coolest" new vaccines....if you are a minority ,don't buy into this cracker BS ,it's your children ! Not a customizable car
Jasryl6 (1 hour ago)
@eeeaten First off, I’m so glad the CDC and the media warned the public, in 2013, that getting vaccinated with DTaP put their kids at greater risk of getting this new resistant strain of pertussis. I recently read a 2014 DTaP study, done on baboons, that also backs up my case. But, as far as your study, notice how they excluded the unvaccinated individuals from the study. Yes. I read it. “Participants were excluded from the analysis if their vaccination history was unknown”. Unvaccinated individuals were included in the unknown group. Why? Because unvaccinated individuals show better health outcomes. That’s why the CDC still refuses to do vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies. This study is comparing different groups who all received the DTaP. Pure garbage!
eeeaten (21 hours ago)
+Jasryl6 your information is out of date - it's from 2013 where there was concern some strains (known as pertactin-deficient) were infecting pertussis-vaccinated people, as the vaccine reduced circulation of other strains - ie genetic changes in the bacteria were making it more effective in infecting vaccinated people. further study has been done (eg http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/137/5/e20153973) that shows "that the current acellular vaccines continue to be effective in the setting of high pertactin-deficient B pertussis prevalence, and therefore remain the best way to protect against severe disease."
Jasryl6 (1 day ago)
+eeeaten We aren't protecting them. This is straight from a BSC meeting. Not only is DTaP responsible for a new, more resistant strain of Pertussis, the current vaccine doesn't protect against that strain. Worse than that, vaccinated children are at far greater risk for it. As far as herd immunity? Increases in Pertussis are due to the fact that the vaccine protection wears off. This is why they are adding another MMR booster. These shots don't last. Works out great for the manufacturers who will just keep pushing more and more boosters. Ruth Berkelman chair CDC's Board of Scientific Counselors for Infectious Diseases. 2013 BSC meeting, the recent resurgence in pertussis cases has been associated with waning immunity over time in persons who received the acellular pertussis vaccine (which is administered as the pertussis component of DTaP vaccine). However, a recent study suggests another explanation for decreased vaccine effectiveness: an increase in Bordetella pertussis isolates that lack pertactin (PRN)—a key antigen component of the acellular pertussis vaccine. A study that screened B. pertussis strains isolated between 1935 and 2012 for gene insertions that prevent production of PRN found significant increases in PRN-deficient isolates throughout the United States. 2 The earliest PRN-deficient strain was isolated in 1994; by 2012, the percentage of PRN-deficient isolates was more than 50%. 3 Pawloski LC, Queenan AM, Cassiday PK, et al. Prevalence and molecular characterization of pertactin-deficient Bordetella pertussisin the United States. Clin Vaccine Immunol 2014;21(2):119-25. To assess the clinical significance of these findings, CDC used an IgG anti-PRN ELISA and other assays (PCR amplification, sequencing, and Western blots) to characterize 752 B. pertussis strains isolated in 2012 from six Enhanced Pertussis Surveillance Sites and from epidemics in Washington and Vermont. Findings indicated that 85% of the isolates were PRN-deficient and vaccinated patients had significantly higher odds than unvaccinated patients of being infected with PRN-deficient strains. Moreover, when patients with up-to-date DTaP vaccinations were compared to unvaccinated patients, the odds of being infected with PRN-deficient strains increased, suggesting that PRN -bacteria may have a selective advantage in infecting DTaP-vaccinaed persons.
eeeaten (1 day ago)
which diseases shouldn't we protect out kids against?
Jasryl6 (2 days ago)
RFK Jr. responds to John Oliver - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ViZRj4V1VM
Jasryl6 (1 day ago)
+eeeaten So, your answer to RFK Jr. (a person who has fought tirelessly for a healthier environment) is some unknown blogger. Big surprise. Your answer to Dr. William Thompson (Senior Scientist. lead author and 5th-ranking member at the CDC) is also some unknown blogger. I sense desperation. You are eagerly clinging to this religious cult. But, facts keep getting in the way. RFK Jr. is definitely not stupid.
eeeaten (2 days ago)
rfkjr is more stupid than i thought he would be. http://americanloons.blogspot.com/2011/05/204-robert-kennedy-jr.html
redstoneactive5 (3 days ago)
Looks like some parents got their medical knowledge from CKII physician events. Great, just great!
Punkt (3 days ago)
This is a far cry quote lol
Thomas Pastor (3 days ago)
0:48 Yep.
Papa Wolf (3 days ago)
Let evolution play its part
French Toast Pickles (4 days ago)
If parents won’t vaccinate their children that’s terrible they are putting them in danger
spoons (4 days ago)
So glad my parents vaccinated me as a child 🙏
firestarblue (4 days ago)
The problem is: parents see everyone being diagnosed with incurable autoimmune disorders and fear tinkering with their kids’ immune system will result in a life of dependency. In nature we r generally exposed to one terrible disease at a time as it goes ‘round the village; maybe vaccine schedules should reflect that and be spaced out better.
Calen Johnston (1 day ago)
firestarblue Natural does not mean better. We live in a civilized world with large cities with more people and not villages.
Dick Schultz (4 days ago)
Thank you John for taking on stupid anti-vaxer's.
waptek0 (4 days ago)
1940 wide usage of pertussis vaccine, almost eradicated by 1968 1923 diphtheria vaccine cut infection down by half in a year , gone by 1951 polio vaccine did this it in 6 years, chickenpox vaccine did this it in 4 years the 90% pre-vaccination era measles infection rate was gone in 3 years Hib immunization wiped it out in 2 years ALL until "ewe" people stopped getting vaccinated
pjvish (4 days ago)
As a frenchman, i'm relieved that despite all the other problems we have, we don't have to deal with this level of stupidity
eeeaten (2 days ago)
really? https://www.thelocal.fr/20180822/france-badly-hit-by-measles-epidemic-sweeping-europe
AxelQC (4 days ago)
Why do these Sanctimommies think they know more about medicine than a guy with 8 years of medical education and decades of practical knowledge?
Maria Jose da Cunha (4 days ago)
So glad I live in Uruguay, where vaccines are mandatory, and you actually are not allowed in school with out them!
Spider-Lee Loves TØP (5 days ago)
27:00 He just admitted he was a lizard!
Susie English (5 days ago)
Anti vaxxers should have a long chat with those who lived through polio diptheria measles epidemic and see how that turned out for their families. Anti vaxxers are morons and should be lined up and stared at
Firegen1 (5 days ago)
If we could hammer correlation is not causation into education during childhood, a lot of conspiracy based theories would either disappear or at least be a lot more interesting to read.
Truebornseeker (5 days ago)
lorrane (5 days ago)
You don’t die from measles ! Kids get flu like symptoms and a brief rash. I am a school teacher. I’ve been teaching 6 year old children for two decades. Measles, mumps and chicken pox are childhood illnesses that strengthen the child’s immune system. You don’t get measles mumps or chicken pox twice. Parents and kids today are pussies.
eeeaten (2 days ago)
wow, a teacher spreading misinformation. https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/189/Supplement_1/S1/820569
Deadhood 635 (5 days ago)
You bastard
I got 6 shots 3 in one arm and 3 in the other at one time when I was 11
Soon as I saw iowa on the rising unvaccinated children my eyes widenedand i was like fuuck
fromfaraway32 London (5 days ago)
People should understand that kids geting vaccines protects the weakest in are society like young babies and old people who have less emunity and vaccination creates protection groups so the lines isn't spread to those people protecting them
Dorcas Malahlela (6 days ago)
Did that black guy seriously stand next to trump as he said that about vaccines and say nothing? Didn't they say he was a doctor? Or was it an online thing? Also: Auntie Fish? lol
eeeaten (2 days ago)
"that black guy" is a nut as well http://americanloons.blogspot.com/2015/09/1451-ben-carson.html
Animaster (6 days ago)
Ur not a lizard mark zuckerberg is
17joemi (6 days ago)
This is what media does, brainwashing people and is doing a good job. This man is a clown. He forgot to mention that you can't sue if something goes wrong. Regan give protection to the vaccine manufacturer company signed this act called National Vaccine Injury Act 1986. Can you believe a putting a product in your body and if something happens nobody can respond you?? Kids are having other problems from vaccines, if you don't believe me look from the vaccine injury table. This is a compensation program the government has for vaccines injured people. www.hrsa.gov
17joemi (1 day ago)
+eeeaten tell me if everything is so international like you say how come in some countries they started vaccination at 2 months vs. US that started the first day of the new born. Us has more vaccines that other countries.
17joemi (1 day ago)
+eeeaten reading is not the same as living it. That is insane I Know about US and Belgium healthcare system. Super ridiculous to talk Ireland just for reading it.
eeeaten (1 day ago)
+17joemi why am i telling you how things are? because i can read, and what you claim is nonsense. as i just said, the information showing the safety and efficacy of vaccines comes from international doctors, hospitals, universities, public health ministries and medical scientists. not from the cdc, they just review and link to it. i understand that you don't trust big pharma - i don't either. but the cdc isn't making stuff up, it's too easy to fact check using international science. if you don't get your information from international science, or from the cdc, where do you get it? you're getting it from fringe loons masquerading as 'alternative health' experts. they want your $$ just as much as big pharma does.
17joemi (1 day ago)
+eeeaten exactly and because is so crappy like you say What makes you think that the vaccine are completely safe with the CDC.
17joemi (1 day ago)
+eeeaten so why you are talking about the US like you live in it. Telling me about reporting to CDC and telling me about how things are here. You are full of shit.
Midnite St0rm (6 days ago)
Man an autism vaccine would really confuse the fuck out of these people wouldn’t it? Like cats with balloons tied to their tails.
Emily Anderson (6 days ago)
Um Mall of America has an amusement park, an aquarium and lots of other cool stuff :) Funny though - for real
JDHalfbreed (6 days ago)
Do you ever get the feeling he can't open jars on his own?
Sabine Stark (7 days ago)
The missing piece to the vaccine/autism correlation in Oliver's argument, which has been admitted by the CDC and is known by many pediatricians, is that a high fever occurring during a time of delicate and critical brain growth (12-24 months) may disrupt healthy brain growth. It is this unfortunate timing of the fever, not the vaccine, that nudges, averts, or completely derails normal brain growth, presenting what is a wide spectrum of learning disorders known as autism. It's that simple.
Sabirah Shuaybi (6 days ago)
No that is completely delusional. There is a genetic predisposition for some kids to have an inability to rid their bodies of the toxins in vaccines. But, we are unnecessarily introducing those toxins. The part that can contribute to autism is that some heavy metals and other compounds, like foreign proteins, interfere with neuron growth. Vaccines also interefere with the immune system, in a negative way, as would a poison do. Some of this interference can last months, if not years. There are cases of autism (or what would look like autism) that were significantly improved, if not neutralized, by removing certain irritants from the diet, including gluten, that can cause inflammation in the guts, where a significant part of the immune sytem resides.
sharktye (7 days ago)
He looks like an owl that can't get a date to prom
StatePod (20 hours ago)
sharktye Ike
Mary H (7 days ago)
Thank you for the voice of reason, FINALLY. Too many panic stricken, conspiracy ridden, uneducated minds in this world today that are absolutely harmful to humanity.
melvina628 (7 days ago)
Just read all the ingredients first.
I thought you people don't trust "big pharma", so why would you trust them when say ingredients X,Y, and Z are in vaccines?
Nelly Gustavo (7 days ago)
Of course Vaccines causes autism. Kids who doesn't vaccinate dies. Dead people can't have autism
cmdub97 (8 days ago)
Our bodies create most of the "toxic" chemicals that many people are afraid of in vaccines.
austin sellers (8 days ago)
If u guys consider this comedy, i feel sorry for you.
yummyNikNak (6 days ago)
+austin sellers Dude the audience in the studio is just there for effect like every other late night show ever. The whole show is intended for TV and YouTube
austin sellers (7 days ago)
yummyNikNak than why is the audience laughing every few seconds? Its really lame.
yummyNikNak (7 days ago)
Tbh its more meant to be informative than funny
Marie Vanleeuw (8 days ago)
I’m pro vaccine but hate getting them because I have a form of aichmophobia (fear of sharp objects). I manage it very well since it,s not very severe but every time I have to get a shot (which is like once a year but still) I get a full on panic attack and sometimes even faint. But I still value getting vaccinated because otherwise I’d probably just DIE! (Jk, but kinda not?) And a couple of months ago I was due to get a shot (I think it was for tetanus). Your parents can sign something at my school where they choose to let you get vaccinated in the school (by an actual doctor who the school sort of hires?? Idk really but the point is a doctor comes to the school and all the kids who’s parents don’t feel like going to the doctor can get their shots there). I was freaking out all day and when my class got called to get vaccinated I got, you guessed it, a panic attack! So while I’m freaking the f*ck out a woman shows up who I recognise as the mom of one of my friends and starts yelling at one of my teachers. I can’t really hear their conversation but I do hear something about “blablabla, forcing her, blablabla, illegal, blablabla, autism, blablabla, a lawsuit”. When suddenly she sees ME and walks over to me and ask me in this baby-voice you’d use on a pet or toddler “Are they also forcing you to do this” I was confused and still couldn’t think straight because of the panic attack so I just gave her this look like “wtf are you talking about?!” But apparently she took this as a yes and started yelling at my teacher (again) saying things like “How can you force this poor child to get that shot! Can’t you see how scared she is?!” My teacher (who knew about my aichmophobia and was absolutely done with this woman’s sh*t at this point) called some of the stronger built teachers (cuz we don’t have security at our school or something) who had to interrupt THEIR lessons that they where teaching at the moment, and had to literally DRAG this woman out of the school. Then my friend explained to me that she wanted to get the shot at school because she knew her mom would not allow her to get it but that her brother (who is anti-vaccine and a couple years older then us) told their mom that she was getting a shot so her mom left her work to tell her of. In the end she did get the shot (and I did too, and didn’t faint! Yay for me😏🎉!) And I just wanted to share this little cuz I’m bored and just wanted to show how stupid it is, and how easily it could have just been avoided if her mom actually did some research! Ok bye✌🏻💕
JenniferLove73 (8 days ago)
Henry Robinson (8 days ago)
"Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist." "What proof do you have for that?" "What proof do you have against it?" oh how rules are only rules when it is convenient!
Chud Yee (8 days ago)
All of you pro-vaccine people are lunatics.
harshita joshi (9 days ago)
While I can't imagine ignoring vaccines, the parents will not vaccinate their children unless they feel comfortable. He's giving into insanity because he can't beat them.
111 23 (9 days ago)
It's 2015!
Robin Kjems (9 days ago)
also love how parents would rather have a potentially dead child than a potentially autistic child <3
eeeaten (8 days ago)
would you rather your child have measles or autism?
Madeline O (9 days ago)
ALSO...having a child with autism is much much better than having a kid who's fucking dead. autism is not a terrible disease, just a condition that makes raising a child a little different (like a lot of other things)
eeeaten (9 days ago)
oh jesus. nobody chooses between a dead kid and an autistic kid. even if they're dumb enough to believe vaccines cause autism. they're choosing the risk of being unvaccinated over the risk of harm from the vaccine.
pamela lul (9 days ago)
Thanks, John Oliver for an excellent article. I had measles before the vaccine was developed. I was so very sick. I remember that my temperature was so high that it didn't register on the thermometer. When I had my son, I made sure he got all available vaccines.
Didn’t know people we’re into owls that can’t find a date to the prom, I guess it goes to show that there’s someone out there for everyone
Turbo Charged (9 days ago)
Kill yourself John Oliver, you are a joke to call yourself comedy
eeeaten (9 days ago)
Jeremy Cornwell (10 days ago)
Playing god= walking dead People are alive that a virus marked for death
eeeaten (9 days ago)
Wyatt Parker (10 days ago)
Fucking owl can't get a date to save his life... this guys probably sits around with a shitload of unopened jars around him. What poison!
unicorn sprinkles (10 days ago)
Any Anti vaxxers in the comment please I want to see into the mind of theese poop turtles
alex tell (10 days ago)
what i hate is when people say "i dont vax against polio because theres no chance my children will get it". Because people vacinated against it!!!!
Tseng Akera (10 days ago)
I do agree with trump about spreading the vaccines out over a longer period of time. I remember when I entered boot camp getting 5 shots at once (two in each arm and one in the ass) and holy fuck did I feel like shit the next day and that was as a healthy adult that already had full vaccines, I can only imagine how a baby with no immune system feels. Don't get me wrong they need to get them all, but limit the amount at one go. You don't need to give an infant 3 shots all at one go, most the time waiting a month for that third shot isn't going to be detrimental to the baby. And i'm talking like the hep shots that can be spaced out, keep the Tdap and the really important ones on their proper time line. (i'm using Hep A as an example cause it's a lot harder to get Help A because of how it's transmitted)
eeeaten (9 days ago)
babies are exposed to way more antigens as soon as they're born than they could ever get from vaccines. if you delay vaccines you're leaving kids vulnerable to harmful diseases for longer. if you find yourself agreeing with trump about something you should probably reconsider your position.
Taylor Jackson (10 days ago)
It sucks that even with all of the information we have now about vaccines (or anything really) people just don’t want to listen to it, preferring to assume incorrectly. According to my stepmother, my sisters don’t get vaccinated anymore because “there’s dead aborted babies in them” and “I can refuse on religious beliefs.” Okay Rebecca, tell me how well that’s going for you when you have three kids contract the flu because you’re spreading stupidity about vaccines.
Sean C (10 days ago)
Seems like old Donny doesn't understand immune systems or vaccinations any better than he understands anything else. But in his defense a sickening number of people, parents most significantly, are ignorant of how immune systems develop or grow. Our immune system does the bulk of it's developing from around 2 years old up to the onset of puberty, in the 12-14 year range. Early development is absolutely crucial; we can augment and/or boost an immune system once developed, but one that is undeveloped is a serious issue, as we have very little means by which to actually prompt said development later in life. The sad fact of the matter is, all the parents out there who are ridiculously over-protective, germ-panicked fools following their babies with purell and wet wipes, they're absolutely doing their children far more harm than good in the long run.....
Jae (10 days ago)
The fact that this is still an issue is sad.
Plant Paradigm (10 days ago)
How does herd immunity not work again? If you have been vaccinated you should be immune right...so then how do you get the disease if you have been vaccinated...that doesn't really make sense to me.
eeeaten (9 days ago)
@Plant Paradigm have you had polio? herd immunity works.
Scurvys Second Mate (10 days ago)
Plant Paradigm There is no such thing as complete immunity. Vaccines work, but not all the time.
Mario583 (11 days ago)
Vaccines are the DEBIL ~ Mommy Boucher and people who do not believe.
any one (11 days ago)
stupid people voted for the stupid king. we are going backwards now
Brennen Kuehner (11 days ago)
yo this dude look like an owl that cant get a date for prom
Tournel Henry (11 days ago)
You don't know who to ask about vaccination? Have you tried your fucking doctor!!!
TheDarkKiller392 (11 days ago)
Dead child or autistic child?
Jasryl6 (4 days ago)
+eeeaten I continue to find more and more studies showing there is a link. Take a look at this JAMA study from last year. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/article-abstract/2587559 - This is a study where grant money from GSK and Merck was involved. So, of course, they are very careful with their wording. I know not to waste my time sending you studies that don't somehow involve industry funding. You still never told me what WOO stands for, by the way. Now, you have me curious. I tried searching WOO. Nothing turns up. Did you ever listen to the full 3 hours of the Dr. Thompson recordings? In it, he says that the CDC has confirmed that Thimerosal causes tics. I was wondering if you're still in the avoidance phase. Or, have you moved on to declaring the CDC's senior scientist is an anti-vaxxer? Findings  In a cohort study of 196 929 children, of whom 3103 had austism spectrum disorder, maternal influenza infection during pregnancy was not associated with increased autism risk. There was a suggestion of increased risk of autism spectrum disorders among children whose mothers received an influenza vaccination during their first trimester, but the association was statistically insignificant after adjusting for multiple comparisons, indicating that the finding could be due to chance. Meaning  Our findings do not call for vaccine policy or practice changes but do suggest the need for additional studies.
eeeaten (9 days ago)
+TheDarkKiller392 totally agree :)
TheDarkKiller392 (9 days ago)
+eeeaten it is, because we'd all be screwed otherwise
eeeaten (9 days ago)
+TheDarkKiller392 lucky vaccines don't cause autism then!
TheDarkKiller392 (9 days ago)
+eeeaten lol, fair point, but there are still a lot of other worse ones like polio, and measles can kill especially at a young age
H M (11 days ago)
When vaccinated people feel so good about the protection they get from vaccines, why then are so paranoid about getting sick from unvaccinated people? Aren't they protected? Why the paranoia?
alex tell (10 days ago)
we just dont realy like to watch children struggle for thier life and die must make us bad people
Icynecro (11 days ago)
+H M well at that point it's like a new disease, and you're still protected against the old strain. It's like the flu, there's a new strain every few years and that's why a new vaccination may have to be made each time it appears. If there's more people infected with a disease there's a higher chance it can mutate and form a new strain.
H M (11 days ago)
+Icynecro Oh, how sad. All that hype about the vaccine protecting you, only to find out it doesn't.
Icynecro (11 days ago)
There's a possibility of a new strain of the illness forming that the vaccine doesn't protect against.
Chapter13 (11 days ago)
Why does it always circle back to Trump?
Jasryl6 (1 day ago)
Our public health officials approving a new vaccine. The public health is clearly their top priority. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_JJMpe00mM&t=26s
Matthew Roberts (11 days ago)
My issue is with the over use of mercury in the shots other than that just quit using mercury... *also a scientific proven danger, mercury has been proven by those same scientists to cause cancer.* _That's why they tell you not to play with the mercury from thermometers or florescent bulbs_ ... as per the warning labels on the packaging...
alex tell (10 days ago)
do you know that both parts of salt are dangerous chemicals but when they combine into a compound just like the mercury theres not a problem
Stressed Peach (11 days ago)
Correlation does not equal causation is such a basic term that is even common sense, believing that correlation equals causation puts you at a Alex Jones level of intelligence. Why? Because if I told you that ice cream sales has increased, and the Frog population had a sudden increase at the same time therefore ice cream sales= affect the birthrate of frogs, you most likely would be like "wtf that makes NO sense like how can you think that???" Or something of that nature. Correlation can make one research the two variables to see IF there is a cause. Me assuming that ice cream sales affects the frog population is a ASSUMPTION NOT FACT. Assumptions are dangerous, especially when it comes to health. ESPECIALLY the health of CHILDREN. You should assume that your child is going to get autism or something if you give them a vaccine just because the amount of people with autism has risen since the 90s and so has the use of vaccines. That's literally judging a book by its cover, which isn't that what you teach your child not to do? Don't assume what you'vee read is right either, maybe read up on how vaccines work, and the biology of a human and how vaccines help. Or at least just look at both sides. Your child's life is on the line, do more than a few minutes if research. These parents are so concerned with their children yet they don't listen to the professionals.
Nathan Racher (12 days ago)
As a Hoosier, I apologize for Dan Burton, and more importantly for Mike Pence.
KarmaZERO (12 days ago)
The only vaccine my mom refused to let me get was the chicken pox. Why you may ask? A cousin of mine had a SEVERE reaction (almost died) to the vaccine and, since we are related, it was suggested I was left without the vaccine because I could also react badly. I ended up getting the shot when my step-dad took me to a checkup because he and my doctor didn't know I was supposed to have it. Didn't have a bad reaction, also, but I could've.
Kuchi Saké (12 days ago)
You don't *GET* autism, you're fucking born with it!! Besides the fact that it's a retarded argument that vaccines cause autism, is fucking insulting as well. Jesus Fucking Chris on iceskates,.. how fucking stupid are these people!?!?!? Sincerily, people with autism.
NerdyGentlemanGamer (12 days ago)
I think people aren't asking the real question; Why do anti-vaxxers believe that autism is so bad?
Jasryl6 (11 days ago)
I shouldn't even waste my time on this level of ignorance. But, I have worked with autistic kids. A few of them had minor struggles and were clearly a little different. Others had sever meltdowns that were uncontrollable. 2 of them (age 8 and 11) were still in diapers and completely non-verbal. You can't watch a movie, lie Rain Man,, and think you are suddenly an expert on Autism.
Redspeciality (12 days ago)
Scientists and doctors dont know anything. Better we should ask the most intelligent source that exists- Donald Trumps gut! It knows all and sees all!
Park Jamin (12 days ago)
Vaccines need to be legally enforced. If you disagree, explain why
eeeaten (12 days ago)
because legally enforcing vaccines results in knee-jerk reactions from people who hate being told what to do, so may actually result in less people vaccinating and more being being alienated from the state.
Adnoto Litera (12 days ago)
Who to ask?! The freaking health care provider. Go back to your high school education about vaccination. I mean what is the confusion other than listening to the unqualified for information?
MDethfan (12 days ago)
That's right everyone, don't you dare question big pharma and the CDC when it comes to any vaccine. If it's over medicating people, sure that's ok, but never a vaccine! Don't get your news from a comedy show.
eeeaten (9 days ago)
+MDethfan wow that was quite the standard antivax rant. try asking questions one at a time and listening to the answers. vaccines experts 'question vaccines' all the time. vaccines in development are often rejected, and vaccines are subject to a large amount of testing for safety and effectiveness. "Do you honestly think that vaccines never injure or kill people" - no one claims that vaccines are 100% safe, just much safer than the diseases they prevent. vaccines don't cause autism. there are too many studies on this to count. vaccines don't cause allergies, asthma, diabetes, auto immune disorders, ADHD either. the amish do vaccinate and they do have autism. look it up. vaccines still don't cause autism. "We need to figure out if we are compromising immune systems" - it's been figured out. vaccines give your immune system the ability to fight off extra diseases. "What did the 1986 law 'National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act' do" - it gave parents an avenue to follow if their kids were harmed by vaccines. the money all comes from vaccine profits. the act also enables the united states to have a reliable vaccine supply. don't trust big pharma - i don't. their motivation is money. a part of that means that their products need to be safe we won't buy them if they're not, so when they're making their products safe they're looking after their income. if we don't trust them (we don't), then where do you get your information on vaccines? from 'alternative health' snake oil salesmen? or from scientists and doctors who study vaccines?
MDethfan (12 days ago)
I research doctors, experts and true investigative journalists on both sides of the subject. You would be surprised how many so called, 'never question a vaccine' expert types there are who just parrot what they hear. The devil is in the details and lack of proper long term research is blatant. Where is the vaxxed vs unvaxxed studies? Have you seen how some of these vaccines are fast tracked without proper testing? Then you can start listening to the thousands upon thousands of interviews with parents who have witnessed vaccine injuries take place in their children, providing video evidence of behavior before and right after. There is definitely something there! Even if somehow half were lying, which is a crazy thought, the evidence is still overwhelming. Some injuries have been fatal in less than a day. Do you honestly think that vaccines never injure or kill people like medication and medical malpractice do all the time? We go from 1 in 5000 in 1978 to 1 in 40 today, and that's just ASD. 1 in 6 children have a developmental disability today. Kids have all type of issues that were once either uncommon, very rare or unheard of now. Extremely high rates of allergies, asthma, diabetes, auto immune disorders, ADHD etc. We need to figure out if we are compromising immune systems long term by unnaturally shocking them so young. Look at the Amish, zero autism cases. What did the 1986 law 'National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act' do and how did that ramp up vaccines like crazy afterwards? I could go on for pages but lastly I will say, whether it's medication or vaccines, big pharma is not your friend in a crony capitalist economy. We are at 72 recommended doses from birth to 18. How many more vaccines are in the pipeline? When does it become overkill?
eeeaten (12 days ago)
where do you get your health information then?
kaare hansted (13 days ago)
The one video about the Frans child is basically the Steam trailer on plague Inc evolved. What the fuck
kikml22 (13 days ago)
you look like an owl who can't get a date for prom
DesertDaisy Marie (13 days ago)
I vaccinated my 25 weeker preemie on schedule too xoxo
Y. S. Love (13 days ago)
I've never been afraid of vaccines giving kids autism.That was never a reason I wanted to get one vaccine at a time or wait to go get one. I just have lived in a low income area with a hospital meant for the "lower class" which has a higher rate of complications especially for rushed vaccines. Swine flu vaccine complications were a serious issue because the disease wasnt weakened enough in some of the vaccines distributed during the rush to push it out & one mandatory vaccine for middle schoolers sterilized a handful of people. I want to know which vaccine has a complication if it happens, so I wait to see if theres a reaction. When theres a immediate risk I go to a "upper class" areas hospital to get vaccinated because let's be real all care isn't equal. I'm not talking waiting a year either, I'm talking a few days or a week people. I dont have children, but I will vaccinate if or when I get them. I'm just gunna check the hospitals record of incidents before and go to the best hospital vaccines.
Giuseppe LoBasso (13 days ago)
10:06 Daaamn John boy snapped on fish! I wouldn't fuck around on the beach for a minute or two if I were him fr
Mikayla Pastor (13 days ago)
My son was 100% not vaccinated. I’m pro vac dad isn’t, he ended up with Aspergers Syndrome or “high functioning” and his dad is still in denial. Now he’s 5 so it’s just frustrating. I can’t keep a pediatrician bc him not being vaccinated for so long is “high risk”. It’s scary overall he’s always sick, I could go to jail without dads permission without his consent for vaccines.
Anya Thörnqvist (19 hours ago)
Mikayla Pastor I would seriously consider divorce or jail if I were you.
Cop Killer (13 days ago)
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I don't vaccinate. Maybe I'll regret it one day, but I don't see the need because I don't get sick. Aside from Chiken Pox when I was a kid, I've actually never been sick... Also, I'm vegan of 22 years and work out.
alex tell (10 days ago)
two words Herd, immunity
Stuart Smith (12 days ago)
If I told you "I don't wear a seat belt. Maybe I'll regret it one day, but I don't see the need because I've never gotten in a car accident." What would you say to me? How about this one: "I don't use condoms. Maybe I'll regret it one day, but I don't see the need because I've never gotten someone pregnant." This kind of logic is fundamentally flawed. Don't ever use it. If you ever have children PLEASE get them vaccinated. They could DIE from the diseases they're being protected against. That said, please don't listen to this BTW guy above me. I don't know what his deal is. I hope you have a wonderful day!
BTW (12 days ago)
Hope you die soon, painfully and alone.
EvilHomerSimpson (13 days ago)
#bring polio to america #iamevilhomer
The Addict Of Gaming (13 days ago)
I'm autistic and I got my vaccines. EVIDENCE...................................... Wait a minute, my siblings aren't autistic..........
eeeaten (13 days ago)
i don't think anyone says vaccines _always_ cause autism.
gaydrienagreste (13 days ago)
people have latched onto vaccines as a way to excuse how much they dont want to raise an autistic child
Dan (13 days ago)
Another factoid by Oliver that isnt full disclosure -- Pediatricians are paid $400 per child under the age fo 2 when 63% of their patients adhere to the CDC schedule. That's the only reason why pediatricians recommend the CDC schedule!!!! https://youtu.be/7VG_s2PCH_c?t=1019
Ava Levesque (13 days ago)
+Dan Do you...actually think my avatar is how I look like in real life? Holy crap you are stupid!
Dan (13 days ago)
+Ava Levesque it's a nice little article you posted, especially for a cartoon character, but it is bribery and it does influence pediatricians just like Pharmaceutical companies bribing office staff and buying lunches and sending doctors to concerts. It is still Bribery or payouts. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N5ePF6XPR5LmLGTjiBMpD5JfFJAm6JYJ68OyV5GJySw/edit?usp=drivesdk
Ava Levesque (13 days ago)
Andrew Vaughan (13 days ago)
I didn't vaccinate my 5 children and the one who lived turned out fine.
Dan (13 days ago)
Vaccines: The Untold Truth About The CDC, Big Pharma and Their Corrupt “Science” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N5ePF6XPR5LmLGTjiBMpD5JfFJAm6JYJ68OyV5GJySw/edit#heading=h.202ch2zgjhgs
Ava Levesque (13 days ago)
+Dan Have fun with your dead kids.
Dan (13 days ago)
+Ava Levesque don't think so Ava, the cartoon shill. You see that document provides hardcore evidence on many many different fronts of which you have none! Good luck with your poison!
Ava Levesque (13 days ago)
You are absolutely, horrifically gullable and stupid. Please, please, get your head out of your ass. It's not a hat.

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