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99% Indians Are Making THIS HUGE MISTAKE | Biggest Self Improvement SECRET | BeerBiceps

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Meditation Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5thMTntbOY&list=PLfNW_1ECVaTioa4C5cWuNGOy5-T4NG8gr Subscribe to our HINDI YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/RanveerAllahbadia INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps https://www.instagram.com/beerbiceps/ TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy https://twitter.com/BeerBicepsGuy TAMIL BeerBiceps : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdoM4EsNWQdKlNEK_guukNQ ---------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy facebook.com/beerbiceps BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness, health, lifestyle, fashion, men's grooming and personality development channel Twitter: @beerbicepsguy Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693
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Text Comments (442)
Chinmay Thoart (1 month ago)
Considering this teenage group "20 to 23" yeas bruh😂
gurkirat singh (4 months ago)
Sadhguru speaking through Ranveer
avinash bakash (5 months ago)
Your English is awesome how can we speak English like you sir
Suyash Satpathi (5 months ago)
Babaji 😂😂😂
Luntire Resrkih (6 months ago)
One thing I tell everyone is learn and read Vedas they are they greatest gift to the world from ancient Bharat
NEIL SEN (6 months ago)
You are an inspiration, I have started meditating and already can feel the changes inside me :) thanks to Ranveer bro!
gaurav thakur (6 months ago)
Will definitely meet you man.... 😎😇
Travel Teez (6 months ago)
Great video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love to work on self-improvement
Soumya Debnath (6 months ago)
please interview Mumbiker Nikhil
Prakhar Rastogi (6 months ago)
Speaking like rapid fire 🔥
Yedhu Krishnan S (7 months ago)
Bro how many times day? We should meditate?
AMIT GHUMATE (7 months ago)
Wow.. this video is one the 👍great
Iliyan Sharif (7 months ago)
I love ur content♥️♥️
Heli Bhalala (7 months ago)
hai bro l had built the habit of meditation.
Chiragi Sabder (7 months ago)
yaar hindi ch hoti meje samaj me ati
Shambhavi Suman (7 months ago)
The most genuine content creator in the Indian youtube space. While others are making us addicted to social media and causing stress, you're the only one teaching us consciousness and enlightening us! Thank you so much Ranveer! This meant a lot to me.
Pranav Prathap (7 months ago)
You are my mentor..
hyderabadtaxi (7 months ago)
Hi Ranveer, Have you heard about Sahajayoga?? Just had a thought of sharing this website with you -- http://www.sahajayoga.org/Default.asp
harishtwo ✅ (7 months ago)
He wants to become next sandeep maheshwari.
jerry jjs (7 months ago)
Most confident indian guy
Moinak Ghosh (7 months ago)
AKSHAT PUGALIA (7 months ago)
Is it good for school students.
Joshan Sharma (7 months ago)
Personally I feel Ranveer is a bit young for these kind of gigs . He's a great fitness coach and probably a good entrepreneur but I just feel him trying to be a Motivator / Life adviser type meet ups are a bit too ambitious as there is much more experienced stuff available here .
Suchir's World (7 months ago)
If u want to stay motivated Visit on my channel nd subscribe I'm going to start my own motivational channel from monday Thank u so much🙏🙏
Thanks. Jesus bless
Asha Salunke (7 months ago)
Sir plz make such a vidoes which can helps us while meditation. I mean if we are meditating we can play that vidoes and meditatet
Vikram Singh (7 months ago)
Brother you talk about networking and socializing with people so that we can get ahead in our career . So can you give some tips on how you get to meet such good people in your life which let you excel in your life ?
Kunal Yeola (7 months ago)
Tu best hai bro
Snehan San (7 months ago)
Every Hindu has spirituality left in him don't need to go back to 1920!!except those cheap characterless celebrities rest all Indians are spiritual and it's not a expensive brand anyone can wear it's our heritage.
Raj Gaikar (7 months ago)
My honest experience i used to do meditation year and half ago. I continued it for near 2 months at that period my mind was so much peaceful every time, no matter what happens i was not getting angry or frustrated that was the best thing. But i stopped meditation(i don't know why) but now i started meditating again from last 15 days And this time i not gonna stop daily meditation until my last breathe😊 Minimum 3-5 minutes of meditation daily is also good but keeping consistency daily is the key😊
Ajay Punna (7 months ago)
Bhai.. I'm following since a year regarding fashion and spirituality which has helped me a lot.. Heartful thanks bro
Saket Naik (7 months ago)
Nusta dhuuuur bhaii
Harry l (7 months ago)
Sab western style ko chodo our Indian culture and style ko recognize karo, use karo Chalo, Ek Naya Shuruat karte h Let's develop our own style and let western people wear our style dress Dil me apnapan Rakho and change yourself It's time to change
GUNNERY SGT HARTMAN (7 months ago)
Spirituality is for weak people Im happy without being spiritual
yogesh alande (7 months ago)
Aditya pratap (7 months ago)
Sir I am your big fan but it made me sad you said FMF is the worst channel that you ve seen on YouTube 😐 After that I am not getting that feeling of respect that I used to get in watching your videos
Great Vibes (7 months ago)
Meditation honestly changed my life as well. Way less random and negative thoughts. Everyone should do it. Great video once again
akash katiyar (7 months ago)
I want video about digital marketing please plzzz bro
Ranbeer bhaiya ...u are amazing.u are a successful person in such a young age.u are flying so high.and i wish you never settle less.in sha Allah
SuperMinnu (7 months ago)
Indeed my favorite Youtuber
Aman Kishore Singh (7 months ago)
A very imo nd intersting topic, i think spirituality develops our brain, both conciousely as well as subconsciouslly, meaning in all aspects
Rahul.P. Yadav (7 months ago)
I like his confidence...!!!👍👍
Kimberly Dawson (7 months ago)
So passionate, Ranveer! Love it! 💕
SkullCrusherRulez (7 months ago)
Meditation is not just a thing. It's a way of life.
mohit jain (7 months ago)
ur hand gestures are too annoying! anyways great content
Thank You Ranveer Vaiya Love from Bangladesh ❤
rohan ghuge (7 months ago)
play stug (7 months ago)
chutiya bana rha h bc..........
Utkarsh Verma (7 months ago)
The biggest misconception among modern people (especially youngsters) is that they think achieving spirituality or internal peace is a person's Ultimate Goal, when actually it is our fundamental necessity. We can't do anything in life without being peaceful from the inside. It is the main ingredient of Human success!
Azor Ahaii (7 months ago)
Wow , gr888est thing about beer biceps is that he cares for indian youth . And is aware of the fact that how poisonous is western culture . To be honest our "Vedas" and "Puranas" have more knowledge and wisdom than anything in this universe !!
subramani D (7 months ago)
Superb information bro
Cineworld Cutomer Care (7 months ago)
You defamed FMF just because Dhruv Rathee said you to do it! You shit damn person... A piece of shit 🍁
Sahil Khan (7 months ago)
I am watching beerbiceps after 6 months & his quality is improved like a beast.. best of luck Ranveer 🔥
Cristiano Lover (7 months ago)
Thank You brother! Lovely video :)
movie magic (7 months ago)
Rocky Biswas (7 months ago)
I dont know why but i hate exams i can learn,gain knowledge by reading, watching. But giving exams really put me in depression my 12th boards is coming in 50 days and frequent thought coming in my mind is i am gonna fail and it eventually think me to suicide. I want to be successful in life but studying in a system like India is not my cup of tea. I am an average student but i know what i can do in life i can be one of the famous successful person in life.
Gaurav Anand (7 months ago)
Hi I started doing meditation after watching your Transcendental Meditation video almost 5 months back...and today I am totally a changed person. It has razed all elements of stress, fear and anxiety and has even put calmness into my each activity. I am thankful to you for introducing the power of meditation through your channel. All in all keep improving us. Great going.👍
Gaurav Anand (7 months ago)
Just watch Beerbiceps transcendental meditation video..and start from tonight itself for atleast 10 minutes. You may have to try hard to sit for first 5-7 days but after that you will enjoy those minutes of calmness. You will feel like you are surrounded by zombies and you are the only king who is indifferent to petty things happening around. Its seriously a life changing experience. All the best.
Gaurav Agarwal (7 months ago)
Can u please share how to start, where to start meditation?
Nikhil Aparajit (7 months ago)
Such a genuine advice Ranveer bhaiyya... I have watched your meditation playlist and now have started doing meditation almost everyday. It is a bit difficult to hang on but I am sure I will continue doing it for a long long time
Hm_g_u_p_T_A (7 months ago)
Really inspired ... Content sir thnks a lot...
Chandramouli Srinivasan (7 months ago)
You are doing a Fantastic Service.. Great advice to not only to Youngsters but for all...
vivet chhetri (7 months ago)
Thanks for the videos. Its works like a medicine to the viewers. Once agian grewt job beer biceps 🍺💪 !!
Lenin chembiyil (7 months ago)
Ur presentation is full of energy. Good
Vraj Patel (7 months ago)
Big fan!! Gr8 work bro keep up
Rahul bharti (7 months ago)
Love u and thanks 4 sharing ..... There is a desire in u 2 give everything to everyone with no measures. The secret is this, that desire resides in everyone🙏
Megha S. (7 months ago)
Awesome...I always had similar thoughts but you made them crystal clear today ☺️👌👌👍👍
Biswajit Mohanty (7 months ago)
Bro spirituatity is not only about breathing.there are many components of life that can be better with help of spirituality. Spirituality is about counciousness
Sumiran Anand (7 months ago)
Great to see such spirit and passion for what you do....that's inspiring!
Krishna Murthy.D (7 months ago)
Rohan Rai (7 months ago)
Beerbiceps ❤❤❤
Shruti Yadav (7 months ago)
Ur body language is un healthy for the eyes its too much
Hey Hi hello (7 months ago)
Guys do research about spiritual awakening,kundalini energy 🙏🏻
Sai Pawar (7 months ago)
Wow, this is such a great video 😍 Even i have a channel. Do check it out and show some love 😊
Dhruv Sherathia (7 months ago)
Go slow
Abhijeet Singh (7 months ago)
Wow now you are spiritual guru
worst forever (7 months ago)
Shandaar jabarjast jindabaad!!👏💪
Ankit G (7 months ago)
So much to learn from u bro ❤️.
Krishna Choudhary (7 months ago)
Great video yrr
Aarohi Arora (7 months ago)
Explain spirituality
SAI NOOKALA (7 months ago)
😍😍😍😍 Must needed thing now Jee ahead 😜😜
Gaurang Dhanotia (7 months ago)
Bro Hats off to you, India needs more & more ppl like you 🙏
Dipu The Dentist (7 months ago)
Huge huge Fan Bhaiya... How I wish I can meet u one day 😍 Dream
GDK- creative studio (7 months ago)
He has maded a video with madhuras recipe
Saqlain Shaikh (7 months ago)
Great inspiration sir
Kaseef Khan (7 months ago)
Ranbir kapoor ko q laye bhai bich m
Arnav Kamo (7 months ago)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t say the F word or any other vulgarities again🙏🙏
Satyam Mishra (7 months ago)
I've started meditating after watching your videos. Does meditating by yourself is different than guided meditation videos on youtube? What's your word on it?
Shambhavi Sona (7 months ago)
You're an inspiration... Keep it up with such fab video❤️❤️❤️
Irawati Pratinidhi (7 months ago)
Meditation has really helped me!! You have helped me make a huge positive change in my life! Trust me people, I'm just 17 and he says that it's for young people..that's true.. start it..your life will change
Yash Nagda (7 months ago)
i started but i am unable to build the habit.. 😑
Wanderer ! (7 months ago)
Bhai Sachi me kehra hu.. baaki jinne b lifestyle channels h wo bs ldkia aur paisa hi dikhate rhte h.. bs apne Bhai ka channel h Jo Zindagi jeena sikhata h 🔥❤️
Mangoshek (7 months ago)
The meditation actually works..... actually feeling so calm that it's like a state of zen or solitude tbh
Sohil Pathan (7 months ago)
Legend of YouTube!! Beerbiceps
Pushpak Chandak (7 months ago)
Ranveer you’re going to be a billionaire one day.
sayali vaidya (7 months ago)
The most beautiful ans ive ever heard u inspire my daily yrr just in love with ur content. Ps. Im following whatever u say
Ravindra Chaudhari (7 months ago)
This video I am learning meditation point so I will start meditation thanks beerbiceps
Dr N.M (7 months ago)
Bro when you visited lodhi garden
aniket (7 months ago)
Meditation is awesome
Prathamesh Jadhav (7 months ago)
Western philosophy ki maka BHOSDA
Raghavendra Singh (7 months ago)
U can also get high just by breathing
doctor Mehra (7 months ago)
Wtf is spiritual development? I am an atheist, am i a monster? You will find a lot of Muslims talking about jihad killing kafir, they are spiritual people

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