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Hormone Injection #20

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this is my 20th month of hormone therapy. I decided to record my last one on August 29th 2011. The shot is 40 mg Estradiol Valerate
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Text Comments (67)
sangeeta RAI (2 months ago)
Jesus Sol (4 months ago)
My god he's ugly
Stanford Lee (4 months ago)
Weak seneka hormone is not fit my heart
Manjeet Hundal (5 months ago)
Nereu Hilgemberg (5 months ago)
Boiola cabra macho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Alfryd Tan (7 months ago)
How can people post up videos with human private parts?!
Jesus Sol (4 months ago)
Alfryd Tan where I want to see this where are the private parts
Alfryd Tan (7 months ago)
Remas Saad (7 months ago)
نزلو حاجات سخنه
riverwest1 (9 months ago)
I hope all is well, and that 7 years later, the estradiol is STILL flowing freely! - Would love an update!
sakhipriya saravanan (11 months ago)
Anahita Arbabi (2 years ago)
haha that soo funny
Zachary Church (2 years ago)
That's a dude
jamin4556 (1 year ago)
Zachary Church No shit....
mebo crespo (2 years ago)
hi ,nicole do u have phone number ?
Pussycat Maki (4 years ago)
This injection was given too much medial, the sting supposed to be more to the side. That is why it hurts so much. The injection place was bad. 
Shinelle Boodoo (4 years ago)
She is a Man
Moosa 2018 (4 months ago)
كلام عن فقهاء
Karim Lahzy (5 years ago)
nice ass :P :D
nicole menjivar (5 years ago)
Thank you
nicole menjivar (5 years ago)
How are you doing with hrt?
turkish bom (5 years ago)
ahahahaha dammmmgoddamit
Erza Rodriguez Lee (5 years ago)
she!!!! not he ya fackkkkking morroooooon!!!!!
Ray McCormick (6 years ago)
"She" no...HE !
mohammad AL shahrane (6 years ago)
انتم غللرحي
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
@totallygalactic your height and weight are exactly where I was When I started. I don't know how old you are, but I was 36 when I got my first shot, so if you are younger than I am, your results will be Amazing!
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
Thank you to all viewers, I appreciate it. Click ” like” to show your support, Muah
Angelo West (6 years ago)
You seem like a nice person,no negative feelings towards you at all,its your life,its your business.
Angelo West (6 years ago)
you seem like a nice person,no negative feelings towards you at all,its your life,its your business.
Giorgia Luccheta (6 years ago)
é homem??
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
Thank you bbakur92, I appreciate it!
bbakur92 (6 years ago)
You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, your gorgeous and seem really up beat and fun! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
Izzetmaster (6 years ago)
Spoken like a true stuck up "woman".
ابو يزيد (6 years ago)
اعوذ بالله من غضبة يخص يالوسخ باين انة ثالث
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
Getting another shot of girl juice today, yay!
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
I am going in to get another hormone shot in the morning. Please, if you enjoy This video or why of my other videos, please click on ”like” thank you I love you well a aa
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
@onlycrispy seriously? That's the best you can do? Omg! At least be original and creative With your comments, you know? usually, simpletons such as yourselfare very entertaining But you, not so much.. Have a wonderful evening, bye
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
I get one im shot once per month. Yay!
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
I prefer to have my Dr do it. I get blood work done regularly as well.
Kelly Harper (6 years ago)
Girl you should just inject yourself.Save you time and money and its not hard if shown properly. xoxo
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
I am getting another shot in the morning! Yay!
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
It's actually a male nurse
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
I have no idea! Lol! One way to make sure it does not hurt is to have no weight on the side that your getting your shot on, and do NOT tense up when the needle enters the muscle
JenniferAshlynn (6 years ago)
I do that every other week ...I get my RN friend to do it when he can..I get weak just looking at the needle LOL
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
Thank you strongman
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
Thank you. I always appreciate nice people!
Craig Nelson (6 years ago)
Im sure you have been poked in the ass a few times!
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
Thank you. I always appreciate nice comments. Have a great day!
Naku Top (6 years ago)
UGLY !!!!!!!!!!
heavenly80s (6 years ago)
Was looking at the progesterone injections and come upon your video. You are a strong person. Wow. I am lost for words. I hope you are happy with your new you. Good luck for you and best wishes. Happy New Year.
nicole menjivar (6 years ago)
No there is no sexual pleasure going on here. I just really enjoy my monthly shot.
Amit Patel (7 years ago)
Thats a man :O
WAFA709 (7 years ago)
وووع كانه رجال
jillyjiller1 (7 years ago)
I, too, would love to inject you in the butt!
Ray Ttt (7 years ago)
jaw too pointy
nicole menjivar (7 years ago)
To those of you that have posted or will post rude comments I want you to know that you can not phase me. You can't ruin my day or make me sad or infect me with your negativity. I'm way to strong for you, so please if you donmt like my video, click unlike and move on. Happy new year
Ray Charles (7 years ago)
nicole menjivar (7 years ago)
Yes I am a transsexual....you must be an inbred to be so ignorant. But what the hell IC069 I wish you a happy new year. May you get all that you deserve in 2012, I know I will! Muah
Houlian (7 years ago)
..this is a guy... wtf
subtel1 (7 years ago)
Oooo 40mg in one go would knock me for 6 !! I'm just about ok on 8mg of tabs over a day and the spiro doesn't agree either :-(
nicole menjivar (7 years ago)
My drs name is cosmas Nwos through BAART çLINIC. NO I DON'T FEEL ANY DIFFERENT THE NEXT DAY that's 40mg per month. I have the optipn of doing 20mg twice a month...plus spironolacxtone 100mg once per day by pills
darren sabrina (7 years ago)
Which doctor do u go to get your hormones.
nicole menjivar (7 years ago)
just got my 21st shot on October 3rd! yay
nicole menjivar (7 years ago)
I never have had any mood swings after my shot. I get one shot every 30 days. My Dr does my bloodwork every 6 months. I always get a copy of the results and my dr answers any questions i have.
nicole menjivar (7 years ago)
thank you so very much! and the key to not getting really sore is making sure that you dont tense up as it goes in! lol
GameShowGarbage (7 years ago)
Yay for 20 months. I hope your butt isn't as sore as normally gets when you have a shot. Also, you do look really wonderful.

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