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10 People Who Got Shockingly CLOSE To Large Creatures

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Top 10 closest encounters to the biggest animals Subscribe to TheHub http://goo.gl/87YJzG For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Getting close to large animals is something we’ve all probably done once or twice. Whether you’ve taken a trip to your local zoo, or gone on safari for a summer vacation, you’ve probably spent some time in close proximity with the big five. However, part of the fun of these trips is the knowledge that, as close as we get to the animals, there’s usually some kind of protection between us and them.
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TheHUB (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching! Hit that Like button :)
YASH DARJI (2 days ago)
Kez Dugs (17 days ago)
I rode a elephant in India. Scary but good!
Banana Productions (20 days ago)
john bednar “.l. .
MK-SCORPION (3 months ago)
TheHUB sure
mobile gameplay (3 months ago)
TheHUB [email protected]:&/&/
Gary Callihan (3 days ago)
Angela Sierra (8 days ago)
Nora Sanosa (14 days ago)
Stop calling animals creatures its a Very big trigger to me >:(
Clemmie Brooks (15 days ago)
Hello mate I'm new to your own channel and could have a real world of Warcraft
Aswin Anil (17 days ago)
lucky bay:the area known for great white sharks. me: and that place is called LUCKY BAY???? seriously???
Allie Gerling (29 days ago)
i love your chnnel#
Kawii _Kiwi:3 (1 month ago)
Wow...... poor Polar bear
Antoinette Coetzee (1 month ago)
And a did see a dolphin 🐬 jumping on Sunday :D
Antoinette Coetzee (1 month ago)
Wow BIG Animal
Panda GamerPG3D (1 month ago)
Jesus Robles (1 month ago)
Prasad Shrestha (1 month ago)
I liked the video
Glenn Bjerregaard (1 month ago)
So this is basically just story time?
Elina Muresan (1 month ago)
How big is a giant squid???
bryce Wilson (5 days ago)
about 42 feet long
joannawie (1 month ago)
wilna filiace (1 month ago)
What you talking about have you saw the movie jaws
Jack Bronte (2 months ago)
David W. Nunez (2 months ago)
Is it great white cat or great white shark?
David W. Nunez (2 months ago)
Is it funny?
David W. Nunez (2 months ago)
Me cute and great white shark not it scary
David W. Nunez (2 months ago)
Me cute and great white shark not it scary
Kenny Bostic (2 months ago)
On the ten Largest Creatures, there were some amazing pictures. I noticed when it got to the part of the giant squid, the first picture it showed were two Cuddlefish, these are not squid and like the Octopus they can change colors. I believe that they are somehow related to the squid family.
masterJero22 PVP (3 months ago)
noigxcsade/ ggxvdb? dg
Andrew Gallacher (3 months ago)
Oh that's scary AD.... Oh that's interesting AD... Oh that AD..... Hey they AD..... Well don't AD.... Yeah sharks AD.... There's quite a lot of AD..... Ads in this AD.... Video isn't there AD.
Sierra Washington (3 months ago)
Your first mistake is letting a ten year old girl swim in a lake that’s full of creatures like this. Who the hell raised her?
MoonShine (3 months ago)
New subscriber boi
David Mycheals (3 months ago)
This sucked!There was no actual footage!
Simon Quilligan (3 months ago)
Awesome 😎
Geovanny Sicha (3 months ago)
I like your show
annette Sagaser (3 months ago)
Icenesis Wayons (4 months ago)
What a bum click video!
Charlotte Williamson (4 months ago)
Once I was in a dingy on holiday and a pretty big whale was like 15 feet away!!
Amelia Collins (4 months ago)
tarturgreads time (4 months ago)
Latrivia Brown (4 months ago)
Mitie plumbing and gas (4 months ago)
Stop click baiting bich
norka reynolds (5 months ago)
Katie A (5 months ago)
Liam Harrison (5 months ago)
Erin Yerty (5 months ago)
wow pathetic like that really HAPPEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RacinGIRL911 (5 months ago)
Good video, but I expected more video/pictures of the actual events...
Mango monster Vlogs (5 months ago)
You just got a new subscriber Good work man
The gamer Evan (5 months ago)
Weight rhinos are extinct☹️
J00B_Y The Ciller (5 months ago)
It got scary for me yesterday wen I was swimming in a lake and a alagator snapper came up to get some air right next to me
CKent (5 months ago)
trhe videos of this videos is nearly related what you are talking about
Blueberry GasterBlaster (5 months ago)
Sharks are cute
Stickman History (5 months ago)
"TheHUB has many thrilling videos." Yes, thrilling videos such as 'AWKWARD Handshakes: TRUMP Edition' or 'Dame Tu Cosita Dance Competition'
FanMade Studios (5 months ago)
Was that mole mola
lonley potato pleb donis (5 months ago)
Cute water puppy WHAT??!! 🐶👉🦈WHAT NO NO NO NO!!??
Kitiaram (5 months ago)
The "great white" shark was actually a whale shark. It was clearly marked with squares with spots in them, and the way the mouth was open, you can tell its feeding on krill.
Marcus Thompson (5 months ago)
I had an elephant on Far cry 5 called Elle and long story short she died
NBA Gamers110 (5 months ago)
Marva Lewis (6 months ago)
I loved the video but it almost made me pee
Hanna Wiercinska (6 months ago)
Hammerhead sharks are nice as long as you dont get in its way
Layla Fort (6 months ago)
They die😑
Layla Fort (6 months ago)
What 😨
Raisa Grech (6 months ago)
funtime springbonnie (6 months ago)
Ahhh, a dinosaur ( basically ) on the thumbnail... how persuasive......
Brianna Huff (6 months ago)
Awesome 🌟 🌟
Sean McGahee (6 months ago)
That was a whale shark, not a white shark! This is obviously poor mans version of national geographic.
xMysticWolf Dailyx (6 months ago)
Dolphin s are worse than sharks!!!!! Dolphins are smart and rough when playing with humans i searched it up and read a book on whos deadlier dolphins or sharks
FAAA Ochoa (6 months ago)
i love this vid
Tom Nguyen (6 months ago)
i saw a shark. i ran. no question ask
Madilpscutie (6 months ago)
More sharks die than humans over 1 million sharks die a year by people
Soccer17 (6 months ago)
Mac McG (6 months ago)
Your image of a great white is not a great white -- it's a BULL shiatar.. an the large FISH was not a great white -- it was a SUNFISH!... Give me a break folks with the large mouth bass idioms!
charlene oconnor (6 months ago)
Get rid of ants
PeanutBrainLOL (6 months ago)
Evan Voelker (6 months ago)
I kayaked over a humpback whale pod and nothing really happened
Nicoden Beltran (6 months ago)
unicorn girl Xoxo (6 months ago)
You have be carefull :p
TheGamingChannel2 (6 months ago)
XVenae SimmsX (6 months ago)
This man keeps saying how we all want to fo near to them man I want to get off this planet away from them not near
Eden Lara (6 months ago)
A polar bear walking at me then is trying eat me but she can because she's on the water ang was running daster getting away!!!!
Eden Lara (6 months ago)
Wow I'm very shock of that is that true true true??!!
Hueh Jazz (6 months ago)
to bad theres no real footage of the stories your telling... disapointing
safari harder (6 months ago)
Wen I was on the ferry boat coming home from vacation one year we saw a pod of ORCAS 🐋 (one of my FAVORITE ANIMALS) not to far from the boat. And the next year coming home from vacation there was a pod of harbour purposes RIGHT BESIDE the boat. Those were the BEST experiences.🚤🐬🐬
Unicorns Do fly (6 months ago)
Omg one time over this summer we went to Oklahoma to see my uncle and aunt and we went hiking in the haunted forest were the Indians used to be and then we saw a......LONGHORN it was like 6 feet away holly was I scared!!! But t thank goodness that the longhorn did not see us but there was a buffalo that got close to us to!! Man it was a time of my life!!
Dark_ Angel13579 (6 months ago)
I live in wa and yes we are known for sharks but Geez Thanks For reminding us
Brayden Edmonds (6 months ago)
I was thinking maybe you could shoe to videos and pictures.
Killer12Shot Unreliable (6 months ago)
WaifuplacΣ (6 months ago)
There is no way that a 10 year old would be able to pry open a alligators mouth.
dribbles74 (6 months ago)
There is a drought in Western Australia.
Weird_sloth2006 (6 months ago)
At 3:13 what’s,that large blac, weird creature on the right in the water
Julinpro19 The Gamer (6 months ago)
What about my home boi shamoo
Diamond Server Gaming (6 months ago)
I Subscribed
Wes Babcock (6 months ago)
The giant squid is called the colossal squid.
Wyatt Martin (6 months ago)
Honestly if I was looking for a whale I wouldn’t use a kayak
Wyatt Martin (6 months ago)
I love how rhinos move there nose when they are sniffing it’s cute!
Keaton Herring (6 months ago)
ummm..... ahhh......................hi
Mariely Jimenez (6 months ago)
Hey I love the great white shark but I don’t like that they have sharp teeth
Lumma (6 months ago)
For the story about the polar bear, the "object" that the man threw was a dog. Just telling you for those who wanted to know the object 👁👅👁
Tracy Kay (6 months ago)
lol wow yall are babies. im 29 I'll be 3o this year and im only 5/4 most of yall are waaaay taller then me
Ema Robinson (6 months ago)
Alligator 1229 (6 months ago)
And my sister she torched a Dholfin she only likes small things and cute things
Alligator 1229 (6 months ago)
Also I have a sister shes7 and I am12 my sister is Screed of a great white shark and she screamed I was like it's ok
Alligator 1229 (6 months ago)
😳 wow I am screed right now I don't like big animals that big but nice 👍 vid
Adaya Farm (6 months ago)
His name was jeff
Zulma Wale (6 months ago)
riyan patel (6 months ago)
Gemma Top (6 months ago)

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