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Build Your Own Garage Storage | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

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Don't pay big bucks for heavy duty storage; build your own system for a fraction of the price for just under $250. Rob helps you get the mess in your garage sorted with a really simple design that anyone could put together. Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden, Lifestyle and Pet needs. Here you'll find DIY Lifestyle Hacks, Home Makeover Tips, Quick And Easy DIY How To's, Gardening Tips and more. Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden, Lifestyle and Pet needs. Here you'll find DIY Lifestyle Hacks, Home Makeover Tips, Quick And Easy DIY How To's, Gardening Tips and more.
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Don Mega (2 months ago)
could've built it for 1/8 the cost using sheet boards rather than premium wood.
Stunning Misadventures (2 months ago)
I love this, thank you so much for sharing!
Jairo Alonso (2 months ago)
*Ryan has the best materials out there on the market [ Check Details Here=>**deam.design/9trw** ]. I was stuck while building my first wood shed, so frustrated I have to abandon that project. I'm glad to have come in contact with Ryan's building plan. It's amazing.*
Shaun Gutierrez (4 months ago)
What size wood is used for the pillars...almost looks like a 2X4 but not quite 4"? (Looks like 1X3 for the horizontal pieces?)
35TheDarkknight (6 months ago)
ShrimpByNight ByThomas (7 months ago)
Is each shelf strong enough to hold a 10 or 20 gallon fish tank?
Marshall Loveday (8 months ago)
Been looking at garage shelving ideas on the internet lately. This is the first one I've seen with some really different, and usable ideas. Easily adaptable to our American 2x4 lumber. (Not too much 'timber' here at the big blue or the big orange stores....
James X (3 months ago)
Australians say 'timber', Americans say 'lumber'.
M Robson (9 months ago)
What an annoying c*nt
MaJó (10 months ago)
Like the idea of removable shelves. Very nice one.
Vlad Koshel (10 months ago)
I think you can learn more about it on woodprix website.
Remington Mcneese (10 months ago)
Hi fellows. I think you need to take some time and take a fast tour on woodprix website to learn how to make it.
Alphonse Faure (10 months ago)
has anyone located or put together plans for this? I want to be able to lay it out and get my measurements right
NLightening7 (11 months ago)
What is a batten?
Remington Mcneese (11 months ago)
I think you can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .
Shinan Chua (1 year ago)
His SMILE is freaking contagious!!! :D
Chantel van Wyk (1 year ago)
I did it! Made these shelves (2 bays) over the holidays and it came out so well. It was my first time working with wood or building anything for that matter. Planning everything beforehand made it easy.
Ben B (1 year ago)
great video, one of the best Ive seen, That is what I like, the shorter the better, to the point, without drawing it out 15 min. Even if you skipped a couple steps that is all good, for free educational videos, wnhy would someone complain over a 3 minute video that showed them how to make the best kind of shelving. keep one on the barby mate
jok nob (1 year ago)
try to find dressed timber from bunnings is like finding a bleeding rock
Kung-Fu Mojo (1 year ago)
So it's just showing us an idea? I mean I can watch the video over and over and figure it out, but is there a plan somewhere?
Doris Dupuis (1 year ago)
Brillant. J'adore
Jessica Leah (1 year ago)
ooo la la! TIGHT system.
SkyHound (1 year ago)
Can someone please convert all of this to Imperial (standard). My brain hurts trying to figure out all of this. This video should have been 10 minutes long to go into the detail necessary for me to actually build this. We are not all pros.
IgorD (10 months ago)
Out of 195 countries in the world, only 3 are using imperial units. How is this standard?)
J Eliason (1 year ago)
I really liked the adjustable shelving idea, and built a unit in my garage. Thanks a lot!
Logan Smith (1 year ago)
I`m in the retirement stage of my life. I perform a bit of cabinetry, produce musical instruments, and conduct woodturning in my small shop. I found this woodworking book, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it), and obtained it despite the fact that I own numerous woodworking books in the house. It`s the most detailed book I`ve seen. Every topic of the book is covered well.
Adiel Méndez (1 year ago)
Very good!
Romelia Polly (1 year ago)
I can make it myself. Just got instructions from Woodprix website and I'm ready for do it :D
Charis Williams (1 year ago)
Martin Poole (1 year ago)
3:11 somebodies had some happy pills! lol
Skyler Parker (2 years ago)
I love this woodworking book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). Some of the topics outlined in the book include wood working methods, justification on the development cycles of trees, and various lumber characteristics that craftsmen favor. I also gave my father another copy.
Sergei Rybakov (2 years ago)
Well done, mate!
tom james (2 years ago)
This is worthy for any to-do list, have you seen some of the awesome projects found in Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible? as seen on his website. Thanks for the video, bookmarked!
Joe Besser (2 years ago)
It's nice see a potential serial killer has a hobby to help stifle the demons in his head.
Daniel Hayek (2 years ago)
3:13 "the shelves are removable" was amazing, who is this ray of sunlight?
wranglers2 (2 years ago)
I love it but crikey it would be nice to have some plans and wood inventory. sigh.
Mark Pederson (2 years ago)
wranglers2 use your creativity and design them to fit your needs as someone's needs are different than yours.
Selena Wilson (2 years ago)
Garage storage is vital for a sane mind and happy home!
Keli Weisgerber (2 years ago)
I am pretty sure you can find good solution on woodprix page :)
Better homes and gardens usually have the scaled plans for there projects. can someone steer me in the right direction to find them. Cheers
Mike Blenkinsopp (2 years ago)
He forgets to say that the back support rail on each shelf needs to be shorter than the front one or it won't slide into place.
im a comment J (2 years ago)
keep all this stuff has about 50 things OH NO i have that much stuff under my bench
matt kilem (2 years ago)
Which language is he speaking?
Emma G (1 year ago)
The great & colourful language that is Aussie! :)
jer bo (2 years ago)
suzana nikova (2 years ago)
I really don’t know whether he’s going to sell it or not, but I’d get Hyezmar’s book before he sells it. It has some good plans, others not so good, but it’s something to work with at least:)
thankforsharingable (2 years ago)
you can probably buy $50 metal rack which can hold 100kg.
Bedir (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing. Very interesting and useful!
Ross Williams, DC (2 years ago)
Excellent mate
majid rabii (2 years ago)
you are amazingly fantastic , I've seen quite a bunch of videos to make my garage storage , but no brainer, you are the best.
Franks Tem de Tudo (2 years ago)
Pete Curran (2 years ago)
Outstanding - I'm on it! 👍
Ismael Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Could someone please draw plans for this in US measurements (ft/in) and email them to me at [email protected] thanks!!!
Ismael Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+jaypeak yeah! Good point!
jaypeak (2 years ago)
just convert them with a calculator lol
Les Higham (2 years ago)
great idea! heres my calculation (1in10) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5-o1sl5A--KbkVvbV9wS2NzZTA
Tykras (2 years ago)
Nice! Except all the lengths are 1/10th what they should be. The full length of the bottom should be 260cm (2.6m), not 26cm for instance.
Margaret Moore (2 years ago)
Haahaa .. I just love those cheeky Cockonee accents from Scotland UK ! ... Piles eels n mash guvnor .. Chaos n Dave .. runt rabbit runt ! .. Ronnie n Reggie Craven .. Peaches n pears etc...
Oolaay (2 years ago)
fail troll, but nice try lool
Charlie Mendoza (2 years ago)
Pretty good tutorial! I bought some pretty sturdy steel shelves here before http://www.rakuten.com/prod/285830560.html?listingid=441187152 but I kinda wanted to get handy and build one myself. Thanks for the awesome video!
joe king (3 years ago)
onestly mate u are funny as hell to me like building odd thing was looking a for a drift car video nd don't no why seen you as build garage stuff top noch bud from Scotland
Alan Fok (3 years ago)
Pine smells good and look like ikea.
Javier Marquez (3 years ago)
If you add a 1x2 above the shelve you'll have stable sliding shelves that are still removable.... and did this guy get some right before they shot this, this is one very happy man
Aqeel Rasheed (3 years ago)
+Javier Marquez What do you mean "add a 1x2 above the shelve??
Beetfarmer89 (3 years ago)
This guy is too happy. He needs to smile less.
Mountain Rogue (3 years ago)
Was I the only one waiting for a "crikey, we've got a live one ere"..?..?
Razzle Dazzle (3 years ago)
The happiest man on the internet. Nice shelving idea. Thanks.
patrick mcglone (3 years ago)
I rest my case!
jayfbee (3 years ago)
I laughed out loud at the comment at 1:20 great video.. brilliant idea.
slicedpage (3 years ago)
+jayfbee hahahaha it was funny,well spotted
patrick mcglone (3 years ago)
is it me or does almoat every home improvement show feature a Australia accented guy? why is this? Jesus Christ I can understand every 5-7 words..what the FUCK America!???
Graeme Hart (3 years ago)
+patrick mcglone Probably because this is from an Australian show.
slicedpage (3 years ago)
+patrick mcglone it's you almoat
Andreas Killet (3 years ago)
I have built my own storage now. Still have to do some little works on it, but it stands and is stable. This Video is a good inspiration and gave me the right guidance (thanx for that). https://www.dropbox.com/s/1cyn1tjktjpkyht/2016-02-07%2011.11.00.jpg?dl=0
dymondwillow2 (3 years ago)
If there is a batten on the front and back of the shelf, how does it slide in and out?
Bruno Bronosky (2 years ago)
dymondwillow2 dymondwillow2 luckily I searched the comments before asking this same question. Thanks for the replies. 2:43 indeed shows that the rear batten is not full width like the front one.
RDPproject (3 years ago)
+dymondwillow2 Pause the video at 02:43 and you see the back batten is slightly shorter
Raz Tomsa (3 years ago)
+dymondwillow2 , what he fails to say is that the ones that go on the back are not exactly flushed , you have to space them. Also, when you are building the " ladder" you have to space it for the front batten . Other than that, good DYI vid
minshara (3 years ago)
any plans with this project?
Randy Jacob (3 years ago)
Do you mount these to studs?
Congratulations! This was the best project I have seen!
linuxmq (3 years ago)
Man you are good! Beautiful work. A pleasure to watch these videos. Very entertaining and such a great Aussie accent! LOL
Michael Thomsen (3 years ago)
Really, people need a video to show how to make a simple box frame design...
John Harris (3 years ago)
MeraH SangkaLa (3 years ago)
Great dude
Joe Walshe (3 years ago)
Nice short and clear video. I'll make a video of my own shelving. Just need a smiling face and a sense of humour,
Sally Smith (3 years ago)
Genius shelving guy :)  I will be using this plan tomorrow!!!  Happy day to you :)
DentargPL (3 years ago)
This is really nice project. Just finished the frame (still waiting for ply delivery). I have not idea how they connected long rails inside, cause it's real pain in the ass, especially for the second one (guess you have to drill every part separately, which is time consuming). But I've mounted one inside the other one outside, and got additional space on top and bottom shelves. It's good idea to have 800mm spacers when assenbling the frame. I've got 2 made from 2x4s, but 4 or 8 would be better. Total cost for me (Poland) is around 175USD with 9 ply shelves. I've made top and bottom shelves from scrapwood. You do not need exact dimension, but when introducing such projects cuts list is really handy.
Les Higham (2 years ago)
"I have not idea how they connected long rails inside, cause it's real pain in the ass, especially for the second one (guess you have to drill every part separately, which is time consuming). But I've mounted one inside the other one outside," it lets the design down! glad i only screwed the upright 'ladder' parts! had to unscrew the front uprights to screw the back long rails then bolted the front ones on!
Crazylalalalala (3 years ago)
Those god damn, good for nothing, two faces ladder frames. How could I possibly trust them...
He Great Than I (3 years ago)
Man, you left out some really important details with this cool design.  Didn't mention recessing the "ladder wrungs" 3/4 of an inch so that the shelf supports will sit flush with the frame. Yeesh! Now I gotta go back and cut them all off. That'll be an ugly bugger.
Aswajar (3 years ago)
Yeah, you can actually see in 3:32 that the back was cut shorter so that the shelf can slide in and out. It would have been nice for him to be clear on that part.
MKRM27 (3 years ago)
Is this guy high?
ozzie strom (3 years ago)
+MKRM27 YOUR JUST JEALOUS, he enjoyed making his project while you're sitting on you big A_____ having a cold one. If you think you can do better, make a video. Let's see what you can do. I enjoyed it........
id104335409 (3 years ago)
+MKRM27 I'll have what he's having. He looks happy as shit.
N Holt (3 years ago)
+MKRM27 Yes
EugeneDaniel (4 years ago)
The shelves...are removable! !!!
Jacob Chang (4 years ago)
Great plan, but I'm disappointed they didn't list the materials needed or a specific plan.
UKBB (3 years ago)
+N Holt This video leaves a lot of specifics out like the braces for the shelf the back brace needs to be cut out to clear the shelf supports.
N Holt (3 years ago)
+Jacob Chang You need wood
Anthony Hunt (4 years ago)
For everyone asking for "exact" dimensions. Just do the math. Man, I'm surrounded by idiots.
+Anthony Hunt I think exactly like you!
N Holt (3 years ago)
+Anthony Hunt I don't like your "exact" comment
CJay McCann (4 years ago)
Rob, Thanks for this wonderful storage idea. Like that the shelves are removable too, for every changing needs. Appreciate this post!
Jeff Bell (4 years ago)
Thank you Rob for this brilliant, simple system! I was able to build this in western Canada for $120 in wood! (Glue and screws ran me about another $50.) Now that it's all said and done, I wish I had done 18" between the shelves instead of 12, as it seems a bit of a waste to use 2 bays for my car-cleaning liquids. Maybe I'll do another one on the other wall.....
CnF C.W P (4 years ago)
+Better Homes and Gardens Can you use 1x4 instead of 2x4s for the uprights? measurements in inches
Y0uEnj0yMyself (4 years ago)
+C.W P You could always split the difference and use 2x3s
Jeff Bell (4 years ago)
I wouldn't. 2x4 uprights will hold the weight of garage storage type things, 1x4s not so much.
Neal Vanderstelt (4 years ago)
250 for material that sounds very expensive..  i bet i could do much cheaper!  
Richard Nance (2 years ago)
Costco 2 8x4 hanging shelves 170.00 right now online.
Jeff Bell (4 years ago)
$170CDN including glue and screws!
Mon S (4 years ago)
I built this last year... It isn't hard at all !!! If you can saw and screw, this is the best and simplest.
camiLaloV (4 years ago)
syfy101 (4 years ago)
Does anyone have the plan drawing?
Terry Morris (4 years ago)
Thanks to Russ Tarvin and bill3rail for the conversion from metric to inches.
tago72 (4 years ago)
The shelf battens are useless. If you look the shelf is supported by the laddder battens at 2:41. The shelf battens (two boards connected under the shelves) are not supported by anything, so why have them?
The Garlic Farm (3 years ago)
+tago72 They add rigidity to the shelves.
Chuck Costello (4 years ago)
He explained why before he attaches them.  It's not for the shelf to sit on, it's for keeping the shelf from sagging over time from the weight of stuff on it.  They make the shelves able to hold more weight.  The bigger the batten, the more weight they can take over time without the shelf sagging under the weight.  The battens are supported by anything because they ARE the support.  He goes through this info pretty fast and it took me a couple times of watching and re-watching to make sure of what he says.  Overall a very simple build. 
bratan007 (4 years ago)
Is there a trick to making "ladders" straight?
The Garlic Farm (3 years ago)
+bratan007 You could screw some stops to the top of your workbench. Then butt the pieces against them for assembly.
Chuck Costello (4 years ago)
Making sure that the ends of your rails and rungs are square and accurate measurements in between rungs.  This ensures that when they're attached to another ladder with the same measurements the shelves line up and are even and level across the unit.
willian cavallari (4 years ago)
I have made a VERY detailed model of this shelf on Google Sketchup. I have studies this video carefully and I have kept measurements as close as possible to reality. My battens might be a little wider but, like they say in the video, is up to you. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=ubd7e6772-798c-4104-89dc-00bb8eec2330
Reuel Monte (1 year ago)
Can you send me the scetchup plan ?? [email protected]
scrich55 (2 years ago)
Great! Thank you
willian cavallari (3 years ago)
+Amir Eghbal you can download the sketchup viewer. Anyway the program is free and the viewer isn't so big to download
Amir Eghbal (4 years ago)
+icyhotonmynuts Who the hell asked you? Mind your business. Yes, I am aware of this new thing called Google.
icyhotonmynuts (4 years ago)
+Amir Eghbal Why don't you Google it and find out, Amir?
gatesx8 (4 years ago)
I made this and it turned great...thank you so much.
Bryan Hill (5 years ago)
this is my next project. But are the plans for this on better homes and gardens. Or is there another place to get them.
Alfredo1987a (5 years ago)
removable shelfs is a great idea!!
lublu nogi (5 years ago)
какой у него глас неприятный!
twkvf6 (5 years ago)
Can anyone find actual plans for these shelves?  They seem awesome but this video doesn't have a lot of explanation.  Thanks!
willian cavallari (4 years ago)
Look up the comments I have actually designed a plan and left a link.
Rebecca Anne (5 years ago)
I can only handle watching this on MUTE.  How freaking annoying is he?
Lynn H (5 years ago)
snarlingrabiddog5150 said it perfectly. I noticed this VERY important point as he slid the shelves in. Some more details on this would have been helpful
TheMarcos1017 (5 years ago)
good very good
Jesus Rivera (5 years ago)
Very nice.
Savannah Cheyenne (5 years ago)
Hahaha, I like this guy.. Thanks for the How-To, this is my next project!

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