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Mantera (FULL MOVIE)

3888 ratings | 893103 views
After a security breach in the research lab of Weston Technologies, their prototype weapon system MANTERA [Man-Transformable-Exo-Robotic-Armor] is apparently sabotaged and destroyed. But secretly, the project's leading scientist has shipped a disassembled MANTERA duplicate to the other side of the world.....to an unwitting college student named Azman. He recruits his friend Kevin to help him assemble the curious metal pieces, and they are stunned to discover they have in their hands an incredible device -- a motorbike that allows its owner to transform into a lethal weapon that is half-man, half-machine. But when evil forces from Weston Tech unleash dangerous robots in order to retrieve their lost technology, Azman must quickly team with the secret society known as the Alliance of Light in order to master MANTERA and fight for both his life and the fate of the world.
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Text Comments (182)
aji weyid (6 hours ago)
the best. go on mantera 2
GoldenSpinxz (7 hours ago)
Only bored couch potatoes can appreciate this low budget indie films.
maria mir (15 hours ago)
Nice great movir
DAVID P. (16 hours ago)
The acting was poor, the robot scenes were cartoonish/anime like, and game-like. Also the ending left something to be desired. HOWEVER, it was a descent plot and an enjoyable movie regardless of it's faults. I would recommend it to anyone who likes gaming movies with real life action/characters mixed in. I thank "The Orchard On Demand" for this download.
Rajhab Adjah (18 hours ago)
I Like This Movie Because Full Screen and No Sponsor2 Iklan.
Rajhab Adjah (18 hours ago)
I Like This Movie Because Full Screen and No Sponsor2 Iklan.
lawrence law (1 day ago)
i m a malaysian n yes, for this movie, i will give a tumb up for local movie production..Still, there are plenty of room to improve...keep up the good work.....
Jonalie Rabz (1 day ago)
So there is mantera 2 maybe coming.?? Answer plssss.!!!
우용대 (1 day ago)
이게 영화냐 ~~~?? ㅋ
lifestyle (1 day ago)
This movie or cartoon or play station😕😕😕😂😂😂
Liane P (1 day ago)
no good quality of film! im just honest but sucks!
Carmen N Rivera (2 days ago)
Awesome movie….!!!
Robert Peters (2 days ago)
good movie but is there a nummer 2
Ishant Sharma (2 days ago)
It's ok but make it more realistic.
а в Америке крутя киноленты на российском.
fcuking Sg Invain (2 days ago)
This film is good, almost all except the robot edit. I hope in the next Mantera 2 the robot is more realistic, ok.
This is my favorite Malaysian film.
Nabum Johnny (3 days ago)
Hero is too weak😀
Reymone Son (3 days ago)
Mantera part 2 I want to show that
Report for Clickbait (3 days ago)
57:16 hafizah salah eja kah kah kah
TheBlueskyson (3 days ago)
Surprised to see porn star Ron jeremy in this as one of the bad guys. lol. ty 4 movi. Not bad.
Angelique Sears (3 days ago)
pretty good movie would like to see a part two
bboy do bitcoin (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/um8FPt2sZxA Se escreve meu canal ai povo rico
Ladylysa Lysa (4 days ago)
Not bad..
Kathy Smith (4 days ago)
Sorry... 30 minutes in and I had to stop it.
leo pena (4 days ago)
that CGI should be in the top 3 worse ones ever
Maxs Banes (4 days ago)
Nice i love big bikes im a fan of bikes and to see this movie with a combi of cybernetics and robotic concepts plus bikes, its awesome, thanks for uploading this movie, i want to see more of this hope they will make part2 on this love it guys nice job 😍😍
remizee (4 days ago)
Always get to opinion: bad for some and good for some. haha
scottpc1234 (4 days ago)
Stupid shit
David Cataldo (5 days ago)
flames in space where's there's no oxygen... amazing
Mikazuki Augus (5 days ago)
Story are good But those actors You need more practice in acting :/ And the graphics of the robot Its nice But Can you please make it A Realistic like TRANSFORMERS Its Easy to Make that Well keep it up :) I hope one day i will teach ya acting
Mikazuki Augus (2 days ago)
They just shared i know but its easy to make that realistic if your a real Actor you know what i mean idiot
Bruce Hughes (2 days ago)
How TF can they make it more realistic you idiot they just shared it. Ppl are effing stupid. This world is doomed
buddy wilcock (5 days ago)
well,that was disappointing
Marlon Aplacador (6 days ago)
Loretta Earle (7 days ago)
An enjoyable, if predictable, action movie with lots of evil robots being defeated by a 16 year old computer genius who was sent a kit of parts which made up a super motorbike which transformed into a good robot to protect him. Harmless fun.
rosemay galviz (7 days ago)
Very good movie👍👍👍👍
Rhidz Waja (7 days ago)
English please
k. movie is good. but come on. arabs don't make robot, they drink camel piss, without oil, they will be fighting for a goat now, they can only buy shit they can't make.
Justine Cansino (7 days ago)
Sucks haha
TV KITA (7 days ago)
Gokil nh film keren abiz... 💞
Lameck Ngoma (8 days ago)
Poor acting, poor dialogue, sfx good  but transformers rip off. Terrible epilogue. Is there a sequel to this low budget sic-fi thriller?
Geng Carreon (8 days ago)
Great movie ...thanks👍👍👍👏👏👏
Edison Tavares (8 days ago)
Aqui Brasil, Olá meus queridos
syafie hamzah (9 days ago)
the film is worst.. editor is soo n00b..cover cgi effect broo for improvement...
Рина Канцэр (9 days ago)
Totul ESTE perfect. VA iubim pe toti actori
halijah ali (9 days ago)
Macam mospeada.. Terbaik
Dhiraj Dhiraj (9 days ago)
Hindi me dalo bai
Nazier Todak (9 days ago)
27 05 1980
Denz Chilo (10 days ago)
Làng kwenta poru kwento
Bhupen Ronghang (10 days ago)
bad acting and stupid looking hero = flop movie .
P Kuudsk (10 days ago)
if you are under 13 you might like this movie
hugo donoso (10 days ago)
Espero la siguiente me enganche con la historia de fantasia
Jesantoni Hevileon (10 days ago)
I hope anytime a comercials show up you feeling a big fingers into your add hole!
Peter Black (11 days ago)
Mandeep Tharyan (11 days ago)
Print is the best bro but this movie is not hindi dubbed please hindi dubbed movie upload now
Merere Daud (12 days ago)
Total garbage
farhad hussain (12 days ago)
ওই সালার পুত হারামি সুয়ার
Alias Ali (12 days ago)
Baguih jugak filem ini. Seronok menonton nya. Terbaik lh..
Wellington Castro (12 days ago)
Colocar em português
Mosirin Ulom (12 days ago)
Film yang sangat membosankan..
Andy Mariam (13 days ago)
Wow nyce movie
THE KING (13 days ago)
Salme Ruth (13 days ago)
Good movie
pinoy cryingjoker (13 days ago)
Dami negative comments.. I'm pretty sure pangit na movie to haha
Robbie Costa (13 days ago)
LOL - "we are gonna need your bike and your glove " - leave boy standing there , fly across the globe to headquarters - " now all we need is the boy "
The guys name is Ass-man.....:D. What a dick name to have.....lol
Satyam Dubey (14 days ago)
Poor acting, poor storyline, low grade time waste.
Hit Man (14 days ago)
Good acting but the things are a bit unrealistic
Douglas John (14 days ago)
Cukup menghiburkan....
pshycoterz NA (14 days ago)
Why not on full CGI
laura adiza (14 days ago)
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Yasmen Tubis (1 day ago)
they are asking credit card #
Nsk (6 days ago)
Thank you, laura
Maxwell Twum (12 days ago)
Redirecting when signing up
Aure Belle (14 days ago)
Thank you very much, the site that you share is very helpful, never get bored sharing ...! you are the best friend !!!
alicia key (14 days ago)
thank you for sharing with us, THIS SITE IS VERY OUTSTANDING !!! good movie
Martin Marin (14 days ago)
La ubieras piratiado de mas enfrente
Misho Tatarski (14 days ago)
THE WORST MOVIE EVERRRR! Like who direkted this movie? -a 6 year old? This was the most painfull hour and half of my life for my eyes!
Raymond Kom (15 days ago)
Do u call this a movie
Kamarul Hanif (15 days ago)
Tomok Ada rambut lagi lah siot hahaha..
Tang-ina maganda sana kaso may pagka kingkoy hahaha. May halong Animeted ung movie.
Weng Koi (5 hours ago)
Mas ok pa to kisa sa Victor Magtanggol..
Ray Anthony Brady (3 days ago)
Baka puta nanay nya o lola nya!
Mikazuki Augus (3 days ago)
victor magtanggol dugyot
Isaac Roxas (4 days ago)
Mas malala parin ang GMA
Mikazuki Augus (5 days ago)
Pangit ng pagka gawa ng movie Yung mgq actor ang OOA
Nuzo Kezo (15 days ago)
not worth watching
Ashwani Kumar (15 days ago)
This is what I want
anak bertuah (15 days ago)
Bangang...X kan dah dapat motor canggih-manggih pon sampai X terpikir dari sape punye
Anuar Omar (5 days ago)
Melayu juga yg nak mnjatuhkan melayu..heihhh,kau yg bangang tuu
Alju Kimong (16 days ago)
just enjoy the movie
Sky Ryder (16 days ago)
I wouldn't pay 25 cents to watch this movie let alone 3 bucks.
Quang Le (16 days ago)
good movie
Raymond Choo (17 days ago)
Good try mixing Gi joe,transformer story line . Lol
Janrey Chavez (17 days ago)
superb movie
mongare kevin (17 days ago)
loved the movie.....and its content too
Akmal (17 days ago)
Tomok ke ni? Hahha
amzedx847vz (10 days ago)
Tu kembor die ler 2 ....yg. ade hutan ateh kpale bah boh taw kot lah ....bwahhahhaha :D
Liza create channel Uy (17 days ago)
Mantera nice movie.....part 2 please...
san sansan (17 days ago)
Hulagan 808 (17 days ago)
Cheesy as ffffuuuuuuuq
Raphael Andrews (17 days ago)
Moral playing video games can be very dangerous.
January (17 days ago)
future technologies all touch screen except the old computer keyboard 2:20 lol!
Blither box (23 hours ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELsDc8sAskQ    They did a lot with 64k back in the day.
Jennifer Eastep (18 days ago)
*In Russian accent... This is impossible! This movie is beyond the laws of acceptable bovine fecal matter!!
TheBlueskyson (3 days ago)
u have a way wit words Jenny! lol
ejay Tabujara (13 days ago)
Charles Smith (14 days ago)
hahahaha that comment made my night
Aspawi Aspawi (18 days ago)
It would be better in full english
Beloved Nyenyewa (18 days ago)
piece of shit
Mayon Ramsan (18 days ago)
Worst edit movie Eva🙄🤯😤😤
rema yun (18 days ago)
D n s near
Ariel Nans (18 days ago)
Nice movie..
Michael Duschane (18 days ago)
it was the best movie I ever slept through!
Gary Brown (37 minutes ago)

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