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Zuckerberg Alone Cannot Fix Facebook, Arjuna's Natasha Lamb Says

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May.16 -- Natasha Lamb, Arjuna Capital managing partner, discusses the rise of impact investing and her criticism of Facebook Inc.'s leadership with Bloomberg's Carol Massar on "Bloomberg Technology."
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Peter W (27 days ago)
Why is it very obvious not to invest in an oil company? Did the individuals in the video not use petrol to get to work?
Aaron White (30 days ago)
Diversity scorecards are the dumbest thing I've ever heard off. Where does Arjuna Capital get off thinking they should tell Microsoft or Oracle how to run their business?
Peter W (27 days ago)
It’s a recipe to loose money.
Aaron White (30 days ago)
Does Analog Devices have a corporate policy against hiring women? What's up with that donut they're putting up by Arjunas metric. They gotta be proud of that.
BlooDh3xx (1 month ago)
... which genius though that interviews on the street would be a good idea?
TheCookieJar Is Empty (1 month ago)
BlooDh3xx lol

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