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FINALLY! A Pricier GTX 1080!

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Learn through Problem Solving and the first 200 people can save 20% off today on Brillant at https://brilliant.org/TechLinked/ Linus Tech Tips' RTX 2070 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CbqEKWGblE&t=196s Twitter: http://twitter.com/TechLinkedYT Instagram: http://instagram.com/TechLinkedYT Facebook: http://facebook.com/TechLinked NEWS SOURCES: PAYING FOR THE PRESTIGE https://www.pcgamer.com/geforce-rtx-2070-founders-edition-review/ https://www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/9onl5d/the_nvidia_geforce_rtx_2070_launch_review/ https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/983667-rtx-2070-reviews/ OH SO IT’S LIKE THAT, HUH https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/10/google-to-charge-oems-for-android-apps-in-the-eu/ https://gizmodo.com/google-burned-by-5-billion-fine-tells-europe-that-ph-1829793120 NOW THAT’S A NOTCH I CAN LIVE WITH https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/16/huawei-nm-card-for-mate-20/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n865Zh15uV0 QUICK BITS DISCORD BRINGS HARMONY https://www.polygon.com/2018/10/16/17983852/discord-store-beta-free-games-nitro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h9F_oPxtes https://blog.discordapp.com/discord-store-global-beta-is-live-38bfd044d648 YAY FLOATPLANE! https://techcrunch.com/2018/10/16/is-youtube-down/ LET US INNN… https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/16/facebook-tv-video-chat-camera/ HEY SIRI, ACTIVATE ATTACK DRONE https://www.cnet.com/news/skydio-r1-self-flying-camera-drone-gets-an-apple-watch-app/ BACK TO THE BEGINNING https://www.androidcentral.com/new-analogue-mega-sg-can-play-your-old-sega-games-your-new-tv #RTX2070 #ChargingforAndroid #HuaweiMate20
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Text Comments (840)
Nick Humphrey (2 months ago)
I can’t find a new 1080 ti for less than like 900 so it’s still more than a 2080. Idk where you guys are finding these deals besides risking it all on a used model from eBay
xorkatoss (4 months ago)
1:25 YOU NEVER PLAYED AGE OF EMPIRES? WTF???? you should try it out! also Age of Mythology is awesome (same creators)
CowboyRazor (6 months ago)
fuck sake i literally just got a god damn huawei p20 pro just before that phone came out
Rngson Gaming (6 months ago)
loved this video keep it up great host great stuff ,love it!!!
HUNter (6 months ago)
Yay, i guess?
thereddog223 (6 months ago)
can get a 2070 for 10 dollars more
Andre Woods (6 months ago)
The EU is ruining the world
Zaid Ali (6 months ago)
Ray tracing hmmm... I think I've heard that one in 2018
Rushi Goswami (6 months ago)
"I never played Age of Empires" linus please give him some time off so he can play.
Plus12 Gaming (7 months ago)
So their new notch is just like the very first notch?
MOTO/R/SPORT NEJ (7 months ago)
ChloeWade (7 months ago)
Nobody cares about Huawei it's Chinese shit
Son37Lumiere (7 months ago)
The 1070 will probably be the last card I get from nvidia, they can shove their prices where the sun don't shine.
Idtelos (7 months ago)
Use that money and buy a slightly used GTX 1080 Ti. I got one for 500 usd.
Brian Liddell (7 months ago)
No more Riley until he's played she of empires
Djuntas (7 months ago)
Hi guys, whenever I see AOE reffered I say this; Come join Theviper, Zeroempires or others on twitch or YT. AOE2 community is growing but we need more eyeballs still <3
Isaax (7 months ago)
To imagine there was a time where 60% performance increase per generation was underwhelming and there was no price increase at all
Intra Ignis (7 months ago)
So they took out one of the EA's in Mega Sega? Well, shit. I'd be impressed if it were "MG SG". Bastards.
Mark Maker (7 months ago)
" It's good to be the king " is really from every Mel Brooks movie ever made! LoL
Angela Jillia Galvez (7 months ago)
I want Riley and Naomi of IGN to be together 😍
LanLock Gaming (7 months ago)
congrats on being able to smoke pot legally , that shoulda been the news :)
icecrmpntjb (7 months ago)
“Google was fined 5 billion dollars” that number by itself is honestly hilarious
Hjominbonrun (7 months ago)
havent played age of empires? see ya. You lack credibility, wont watch further
Nikola Obradovic (7 months ago)
Quick tip. It's pronounced Wawei.
Megakoresh (7 months ago)
This news format is really the best there is. If mainstream news used it, they might just be entertianing enough for me to watch them despite the bullshit.
Francisco Velásquez (7 months ago)
hahaha that shirt
Jonathan Claeskens (7 months ago)
Dat Float plane AD =p
fra.carol (7 months ago)
Why the fuck can't samsung not to preinstall anything
Progress303 (7 months ago)
"It's good to be the king!" Mel Brooks "The history of the world Pt.1"
PowerDuDe_DK (7 months ago)
Does Riley even wonna know what's my "stick" ?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Niaz Ahmed (7 months ago)
Not every thing is about gaming.... :-) RTX cards cost more because of the RTX hardware and firmware. Content creators will benefit from it more.... Gamers who look for price/performance should wait till the next big performance leap. Other people with more money than they have atoms in their body, are welcome to buy whatever comes out every year....
Hanif Muhammad (7 months ago)
Show me da wei~ Ok, I'm out
Hanif Muhammad (7 months ago)
Android without google? How's that even possible?
Atombath (7 months ago)
wait wait wait, who is this actually charismatic person who emotes as if trying to communicate >.>
LowJack187 (7 months ago)
James is a Potato! Poor writing and misreference for "it's good to be the king". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z8SpgmF0sA
Acciunt XYZ (7 months ago)
So the whole google thing...as consumers we still get the playstore, and juat have to download chrome, maps and google assistant Instead of it being preinstalled?
kvernesdotten (7 months ago)
Maybe tone down the background yelling a little bit? Other than that, hooray for Linus Tech Links.
SorensenGaming (7 months ago)
Can't wait for later today! I love this channel!
Leo G (7 months ago)
Is Nvidia slowing down their gpus with the latest software drivers?
Jarrett Polkinghorne (7 months ago)
Riley you need to play 'Age of Empires'
A YouTuber (7 months ago)
I don't really trust Google, but I'd even take a Bing powered camera over a Facebook one.
frankyg2384 (7 months ago)
If the RTX 2070 doesn't support RTX, why would they put the RTX name on it, it's misleading to people that aren't as knowledgeable in PC tech. They should have named it GeForce 2070, not GeForce RTX 2070, just an opinion.
David Buratto (7 months ago)
"Sega" in italian, means "handjob" XD
David (7 months ago)
This one was actually kinda funny lol
Twigish (7 months ago)
Guys can you highlight the new battery drain issues on the gear s3 watches it seems everyone is getting the same and samsung need some pressure to fix it.
Strages (7 months ago)
Gex (7 months ago)
Dull the video color. less makeup, what are you doing? GPU's are manly, act and look accordingly. /facepalm
Rodrigo Antunes (7 months ago)
EU is retarded
gameflux (7 months ago)
Thank you Nvidia !
warsshan (7 months ago)
Riley to get his own channel in 12 months time.
Kyle Nokes (7 months ago)
"It is good to be the king" is older than Age of Empires II, it's from Mel Brook's 1981 movie History of the World, Part I. Honestly... -_-
Fall (7 months ago)
It's good to be the king actually comes from Mel Brooks' History of the World Part One.
Ritin Ramola (7 months ago)
these outro gets me every time.
Jeff Byous (7 months ago)
Dislike for not playing Age of Empires!
Micheal Johnson (7 months ago)
This episode is straight fire. The Best Net ---- I mean TechLinked yet.
Zero Requiem (7 months ago)
I like grames.
Simon Jakobsen (7 months ago)
never played Age of empires? *unsub*
The PC Enthusiast (7 months ago)
You really want to die in that thumbnail.
Alby (7 months ago)
Tomorrow: cover Apple taking Louis Rossmann's inventory.
R Houde (7 months ago)
I'm not fucking paying for chrome. Why would google charge for apps they own android???
whammy761 (7 months ago)
Does IRL have ray tracing?
InfernoCookiez (7 months ago)
Why is the EU so shitty, they ban memes and attack American companies to make money
Prezla men (7 months ago)
Support Googles domination,dont be a jerk,Google must wins against apple and intel :D
JaggedObsidian Gaming (7 months ago)
Oh, you know this episode did it for me Riley. ;)
tydfil (7 months ago)
Never played AoE?! How are you working at LTT?!
Brett Prior (7 months ago)
Ray tracing is such a god damn joke
Sammy296296 (7 months ago)
Riley is so f'ng good! Genuinely the best and funniest presenter I've come across in a long time....and I'm a serial YouTube potato!!
Guy Fawkes (7 months ago)
Duckduckgo is still the bestest search machine :D
Jonathan Ransom (7 months ago)
James and Riley are a good team. How about they become the only official hosts.
Lex Gso (7 months ago)
I prefer Bing to Google is that weird?
OSKY Oh (7 months ago)
im sorry i laughed for 3s at the huaway joke
MrDangerousshark (7 months ago)
Riley is the best linus yet!
JoshuaNY93BX (7 months ago)
Missed your channel for ever
Jessie TheMedic (7 months ago)
Didn't Sega make the mini retro first it even accepted old controllers and could play your carts too
Pierre S (7 months ago)
2:47 Sometimes, I rip the skin.
bojan mitrovic (7 months ago)
sega mega drive
Dakila Lozano (7 months ago)
a random english comment has been generated
ethan S (7 months ago)
lol 12% for 33% more. its like an intel CPU
Cid Sapient (7 months ago)
its good to be the king is older than AoE its from a mel brooks movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z8SpgmF0sA
Devinport (7 months ago)
The 2000 series has been botched sooo badly at this point. Good job ngreedia *smh*
Joonas Mäkinen (7 months ago)
Damn these edits are hilarious :D
Charles Kimbrough (7 months ago)
stop talking like tobuscus lol
Rox Fox (7 months ago)
this guy makes me ask my sexuality
FiveSquaredYT 25 (7 months ago)
Matteo De Vellis (7 months ago)
Yes now I can play CSGO in 500fps instead of 400fps
Eric Bourque (7 months ago)
Never played age of empires... pffff *Unsubscribed*
Bachir Taleb (7 months ago)
What the hell Riley ?? Never played age of empires ?? Really ??
Leviscus Tempris (7 months ago)
History of the world part 1 its good to be the king. Nuff said
namorcaz (7 months ago)
Great video. Love the humor.
TNinja0 (7 months ago)
Wait, You can illegally dominate the search market? How? I mean, is it even their fault no one else can do the job?
Joshua The King (7 months ago)
That's not true, my android phone came only with Google play preinstalled and none of the google apps mentioned in a video
VetteTTV12 (7 months ago)
So Huawei bought the hotdog / not hotdog app and got it to work like it was supposed to!? Awesome!
bryant nonya (7 months ago)
There's nothing new about this cost to Performance ratio in fact it falls under what's known as the law of diminishing return!
Alex Quiniou (7 months ago)
Jed Amiel San Jose (7 months ago)
That 0:03 makes me blush. Riley do that again!
No Puedo Dormir (7 months ago)
1:27 never played AoE? Ok, bai.
LoveStrangeDr (7 months ago)
Nvidia really let everyone down with this generation. I still remember the fan boys foaming at the mouth for RTX and the supposed 4k 60 FPS this generation was going to bring.
SUPERMILK (7 months ago)
OMG you are lucky getting a 1080 that cheap here they are more expensive than a 2070 xD
Zephyr Skies (7 months ago)
No amount of wololo could make Riley any less awesome.
Robert Van Ginkel (7 months ago)
It is good to be thing king! Aah! Being rushed! Start the game already!

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