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Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes - Lyrics

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Text Comments (9187)
Deborah Stammler (3 hours ago)
I thought he was saying Batman lol
Brittney Hoover (9 hours ago)
You ever realize that we...the ones that still listen to these songs...will be the coolest parents ever or already are and our kids will think we are old and are listening to “Old” music. Not today’s kind of old either. 😁😁🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️☮️☮️☮️☮️🔯🔯🔯
Mithycal Creature (15 hours ago)
Don’t you ever feel like a song is meant for you because I feel like this song is my life.
Gabby Smith (16 hours ago)
My dad loves this song. It rimeds me of me
Regan Auger (17 hours ago)
Probably one of the best covers in history. and noooooo one knows what its like......
Tolis Vascos (11 hours ago)
to be the sad man If only they would scrap the electronic drumming, it would be a perfect cover. Daltrey is getting old and so am I
Homo Gamers (18 hours ago)
anyone in 2019?
Jason Pauley (1 day ago)
If you don't get this song then the hell with you.........
mahesh sharma (1 day ago)
Caleb FERNANDES (1 day ago)
W L (1 day ago)
I was asking for one during the flood. Cover of the World Herald. 2011. Let there be light. Sunday paper
W L (1 day ago)
Elmer. You got a light
W L (1 day ago)
What did you do Dan and Steve. Next door
W L (1 day ago)
Elmer. Where are your sons? Where's NOAH AT
Ronald Swinsinski (1 day ago)
It's all about blue eyes, just ask Pete Townsend... Google won't help you to the Truth.... Our days are gone!! REMEMBER...
Ed F booboo (1 day ago)
Fucking horrible
R G (1 day ago)
The Who is better
Jefferson Worthen (1 day ago)
No one knows how i was hit this day nov 19 of 2006 coma head surgery lexys suv hit me at 45 on foot still alive behind blue eyes 💀
Fabricio Ferreira (1 day ago)
Sempre ouvirei esse Som ... 🤘🖤
Jan Furuly (1 day ago)
Listen and Leatn....and a door Will open for you...
SoLo DoLo (1 day ago)
Behind brown 👀
Diego Chulo (2 days ago)
Carmen Maiese (2 days ago)
Let me find out
Alexandre Veilleux (2 days ago)
Thats never Free... I know
Artur Michalak (2 days ago)
What about brown eyes ?
Thomas McSweeney (2 days ago)
you poor children who do not look with your eyes to see all that there is to see what a world what a shame.
Robin Long (2 days ago)
Nobody knows what it's like to be a woman behind blue eyes, and yes I know this song isn't about blue eyes ,, I was born with them...
Pluskwa (2 days ago)
2:30 hawking
william castro (3 days ago)
Amei essa música
KnowsNothing (3 days ago)
Fuck dude if you want to be an artist be original
Hannah Challinor (3 days ago)
Random Stuff (3 days ago)
Angry birds
Faith Shoults (3 days ago)
Sings like an angle And still died as a legend 😍💙
Jacqueline Hunter (3 days ago)
I’m totally addicted to this band, so many truths 🤨
flying shark (3 days ago)
Great Song everrrrr
James Hudson (4 days ago)
The who brought me here
ahriman sheop (5 days ago)
Truly no one knows, but I do. Oh do I know. And I'll keep that hurt until I meet my maker
Bayu Effendy (5 days ago)
No one knows what it's like, to enter sandman
50 DaysAgo (5 days ago)
the way he says conscience is so annoying
Peter Leinen (5 days ago)
Dakota Brown (6 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this conveys way more emotion than the original
TiamatXV Xianash (2 days ago)
Indeed you nailed it. While Roger Daltry made a clear statement with the song; this cover has opened the soul of the singer; poured out his emotion to the max. Excellent post. Thank You.
Priscilla Caputo (6 days ago)
Great song
Trevor Tolan (6 days ago)
My zypreka goes great with fireball
Dan Rhodes (6 days ago)
thats the great thing about music it can mean something different to everyone. Thats why its art. Qh, and my eyes are blue. Great song it makes me sad in a good way
Narendra Babu (6 days ago)
Good song with lot of emotions
i gumby (6 days ago)
My blue eyes brought me here.
Mr. PAZO (6 days ago)
I come here sometimes to remember how happy I was when I was younger. Anyone else?
senyap qL (6 days ago)
I still remember u :'(
EMMK 8 (6 days ago)
I can’t stop watching this!
Gustavo Marques (6 days ago)
No one knows what it's like,to be the Batman,to be the Sandman...
Nikki Lovejoy (7 days ago)
Dante Sparda (7 days ago)
Look at this plaggio.
Dylan Jurosovich (7 days ago)
Please like this if you will remember this in 2019?
shady_gaming 03 (7 days ago)
The original version of this song is by The Who I believe
shady_gaming 03 (7 days ago)
We can agree to disagree
Brad Haines (7 days ago)
you're right, from the 70s. this is still better
talin nalo (7 days ago)
Susan Rentz (7 days ago)
Better than the who
Susan Rentz (7 days ago)
If I had lung cancer no one would ever give me this shit. It has good s)e s ....I m not that friggen lucky either...I just keep going . I can't stop this from happening. I've tried.
el moicas (7 days ago)
Está mejor la versión de The Who, obviamente la original.
Christian Juhlin (8 days ago)
The Who did it better
lyricman nixon (8 days ago)
hello my sisters and brothers . this is me . i know you dont give a f . so fuck you´´´´
Red Leader Playz (8 days ago)
Discover T.H.E. W.H.O. Repeat it!!
Redpill Swift (8 days ago)
No one knows what it's like to be Phil Swift from Flex Tape!
Nimet Bayrak (8 days ago)
Tuğkan - Kaç
Lee Tee (8 days ago)
This song will forever hold a place in my heart ♥️
Enzo Ferrari (8 days ago)
This song s about me
1990 • (8 days ago)
People don’t even know this is the original: https://youtu.be/dMrImMedYRo It’s sad.
Rashmi Bhuyan (8 days ago)
LIMP!!!! There, I said it🙁
Bo Derringer (9 days ago)
You lie you cheat you still.. I still back..
Wendy McDermott (9 days ago)
I hope things are going better for you, My friend.
Привет всем)))
- Daniellus - (9 days ago)
For me, this song is so similar to ,,Numb,, written by Linkin Park. Why? Blue Eyes are symbol of sadness, missing. Same as Numb. And both are great as f#@k! ~ Lets listen Ed Sheeran kids ~
pínєαpplє lσvєr (9 days ago)
"and no one knows what it feels like to be hated" as a person who suffers from pretty bad anxiety i know the feels of thinking everybody hates you.
Hocheli Stm (9 days ago)
2019 Jan 13
Magic Leoning (9 days ago)
Im pro pipeline, as long as there going to make it cheaper for us to buy gas. Otherwise its just a waste using our money to help them make more off of the sale.
alejandro (9 days ago)
No one knows this is from The Who???
小島信一 (10 days ago)
I'm disgusted ! What a lot of incompetent people to post with 2018‼️ What a lot of ignorant people to agree with that ! It's silly person,s parrot - cry to write 2018and contribute . No medicine can cure a fool Post more sophisticated things ! Contribute that more mind worked !
Tracy Holland (10 days ago)
I love this song
Michael Boland (10 days ago)
Behind hazel eyes...
bob ryan (10 days ago)
Worst cover ever
MrTakewls GT (10 days ago)
Why this song tell the story of my life?(i have blue eyes) All the phrases happened to me wtf i just found out about this song
O.J. Cook (10 days ago)
Kat MacAuley (11 days ago)
Behind Blue Eyes No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes And no one knows what it's like To be hated To be faded to telling only lies But my dreams they aren't as empty (Decempty) As my car seems to be I have flowers, only lonely My love is vengeance (Dan Xian Si) That's never fill No one knows what its like To feel these feelings Like I do, and I blame you! No one bites back as hard On their anger None of my pain woe Can show through But my dreams they aren't as empty As my car just seems to be I have flowers, only lonely My love is vengeance That's never fill Discover a i a e a No one knows what its like To be mistreated, to be defeated Behind blue eyes No one know how to say That they're sorry and don't worry I'm not telling lies But my dreams they aren't as empty (aren't Decempty) As my car seems to be I have flowers, only lonely My love is vengeance (Dan xian si) That's never fill No one knows what its like To be the bad man, to be the sad man Behind blue eyes ================================================================ CATHERINE W. AUSTRALIA ABORIGINAL Born in SHANGHAI n BACK ***** MIRACLE in AUSTRALIA SONG--"ANGEL BROUGHT ME HERE" ***** 1988 HSC CHAMPION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I MET The SONG WRITER IN SYDNEY AFTER HE FINISHED HIS SYDNEY SECRET ADVENTURE. HE SUMERISE HIS GLORIFIED SUCCESS SEEKING WISDOM JOURNEY IN AUSTRALIA AFTER HE STUDY TO BECOME A COMPUTER HACKER IN NEW YORK. HIS LIFE RICH IN "the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE" and "the TREE OF LIFE--INBORN GENE", BOTH TOO BRILLIANT THAT AFTERWARDS HE WAS INTERFERED BY DISGUISED EVIL FORCES. (THE 2-TREE THEORY IS FROM PRINCE'S DAILY PRAYER LIKE "ONE SONG" @ One Song by Prince (1999).) One Song by Prince (1999) Released on December 31, 1999 - internet only, which back then, meant not very many people saw/heard this. Hopef... AS SMART AS HIM, HE WAS STILL NOT ABLE TO ESCAPE the CHEATINGS, Fail to MAKE RIGHT JUDGEMENT From CERTAIN ILLUSION BY the Particular Evil Forces. WHY HE FINALLY WRITE A SONG EXPRESS HIS FAILURE??? BECAUSE ALTHOUGH BOTH TREES of HIS LIFE ARE UNCOMPETABLE BUT HE WAS STILL LACK the KNOWLEDGE OF HOW the WORKING SCHEME IT IS, WHAT'S THOSE DEVILS' FINAL GOAL? JUST LIKE PRINCE'S TEACHING IN "ONE SONG" : This creates a pyramid-like structure with the dictator on top, and each level under it knowing less and less. Upon reaching the bottom level - which is where the majority is, u will find chaos, disorder, and illusion.(CLICK PAUSE @ bottom RED TIME BAR @ 3:44, YOU GOT the TEXT.) HIS PITFALL(DRAWBACK) IS HIS WORRYING ABOUT FUTURE CAREER DEVELOPMENT and QUERIOUS ABOUT OUTERSPACE. AT THAT TIME, MARTIAN--the Next Planet in Solar System HAVE SOME INTERACTIVE WITH THEIR SYDNEY FAVOURITE COMPUTER HACKER, THEY HEARD ABOUT IT AND COME TO SYDNEY. THE HIGH TECH OF MARTIAN HAD BEEN WELL BEYOND MOST PLANETS OUTSIDE OF SOLAR SYSTEM. THOSE DEVIL PLANET HAD NOTHING BUT BRAINWAVE, SATELLITE GPS MACHINES SOCIETY WITHOUT AGRICULTURE OR CIVILIZATION. ===================================================================================== ACTUALLY HE HAD NOTHING TO WORRY, BUT THERE ALWAYS EXISTS BUSINESS COMPETITOR HAVING A LION SHARE OF the MARKET--WOOLWORTHS CO. GROUP. I HEARD THAT HE EVEN THINK ABOUT (or 单相思) woolworths' his Equivalent Girl inhere who was in the track of becoming a very skilled computer hacker. BUT THIS CASE DIDN'T WORRY HIM LONG, HE JUST ADMIRED WOOLWORTHS BOSS GROUP'S ADVANCED TECH. APPLIED IN BUSINESS AND DOWN TO TRUTH ATTITUDE. NOTHING FANCY UP TO YEAR 2003, JUST INVESTIGATE THE SHOP MANAGERS. HE HAD GROWN UP and Very Well Educated to be Qualified as the MAJOR INHERE OF "COLES MAYER CO. GROUP". 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HE USE "SHANGHAI DIALECT" IN THIS SONG Which is" 单相思 "IN SYDNEY WITH THIS MUSIC WORD WRITING. The pronounciation is [dan xiang si] close to the Word here "VENGEANCE"? IS IT A REALY NORMAL ENGLISH WORD??? I DOUBT !! ======================================================================================= AT THAT TIME, ALL THE USA COMPUTER HACKER COME TO AUSTRALIA HAD LEARNT SHANGHAI DIALECT BECAUSE SOMETIME MARTIAN--the MAJOR personelle INTERACTIVE WITH THEM USE SHANGHAI DIALECT. MARTIAN LOCATED THAT ONE OF MATHS GENIUS' NATIVE LANGUAGE IS SHANGHAI DIALECT. THE MATHS GENIUS IS NOT CHINESE BUT GROWN UP IN SHANGHAI INHERITED FAMILY MATHS GENIUS TRAITS FEATURING SUMERIAN TRIBE (BIBLE FAMILIES of JESUS & JOHN the BAPTIST). SOME COMPUTER HACKER BOYS HAVEN'T FINISH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MATHS COURSE AND DECIDE TO START OVER FROM JUNIOR HIGH TEXTBOOK. THOSE COMPUTER HACKER SUPERSTITITION TO RECKON EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GENIUS--MARTIAN RECKONED TO BE OVER THEM--ARE FANCY. 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Brandi Jo (11 days ago)
Scream Queen Here, and I just got my Wicked Prayer remake done. This song goes with Jimmys character (Who's a Darker Crow) And comes when he's sorting his life/darkness out. James o Barr Approved. Tell your friends, see ya!
Jesus Chavez (11 days ago)
MusicMixProducer MMP (11 days ago)
Skreet Hustle by Young Kira is better than this.
Surf's up????? Tá dando onda???
Yanky Mandel (11 days ago)
Aaron Rogers brought me here
Nathaniel Burdon (12 days ago)
Ever wonder why we have blue eyes?
Thomas Huffcutt (12 days ago)
I heard this is about being a pedophile. Thoughts?
Newf Ie (12 days ago)
this song is definately a testiment to how good of a band theses guys really were. too bad the industry imploded around that scene after a bunch of screw balls went to far. performers perform. the reactions and action of others are not atributed to someone elses ablity to be who they are. it was years later i learned the truth behind the legend, it never affected me even to this day on my opinion of just how important these guys, korn and espically whitey ford are to the revolution of rock in the 90s is uncomparable. and im pure rock. raised of floyd, tull, raiders, sabbath all of it and these guys kept just enough hope going that to this day my genre is still rock. be safe not stupid and work like theres no tomorro.
Marcus Wilcox (12 days ago)
So much emotion and pain attached to this song one of the reasons it is in my gig set! I relate to it so much
reekashade (12 days ago)
I feel blue.
Kellen Burvee (12 days ago)
This song gives me tears to my eyes . So that's why I like the song
vhonest🎵🎧🎵 (13 days ago)
Norman Howard (13 days ago)
SG TS (13 days ago)
Listening to this is a cathartic experience every time! A happy face can only conceal so much for so long. Feelings of ostracision, persecution and emotional turmoil...
CH MC (13 days ago)
Fred is a moron, but the song is pretty good ...except for that robo L I M P thing
Jasmine Stroh (14 days ago)
No ones knows..
love eyes
Brandon 0 (14 days ago)
It sad that no one here even knows the original version by The Who.

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