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F**k You I'm Drunk - Irish Drinking Song - Lyrics ,

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I bang on the door but you won't let me in, 'cause you're sick and tired of me reeking of gin. Locked all the doors from the front to the back, And left me a note telling me I should pack. I walk in the bar and the fella's all cheer, They order me up a whiskey and beer. You ask me why I'm writing this poem, Some call it a tavern but I call it home. F**k you, I'm drunk F**k you, I'm drunk Pour my beer down the sink I've got more in the trunk. F**k you, I'm drunk F**k you, I'm drunk And I'm going to be drunk till the next time I'm drunk! You've given me an option, you say I must choose, 'tween you and the liqour, then I'll take the booze! Jumpin' on Western down to the south side, Where I'll sit down and exercise my Irish pride. F**k you, I'm drunk F**k you, I'm drunk Pour my beer down the sink I've got more in the trunk. F**k you, I'm drunk F**k you, I'm drunk And I'm going to be drunk till the next time I'm drunk! ----- **No Copyright Infringement Intended.** -----
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Text Comments (949)
Midnight Smile (5 days ago)
Me: I think you have a problem Friend: F**k you I'm drunk! Me: Fair point, carry on (P.S. I don't care that I am several years late)
Evilsmilelol (13 days ago)
I play this when I’m coming home from a bar drunk real loud while I fuck my wife doggystyle screaming fuck you im drunk .
Hayden Harpe (25 days ago)
this is a lie unless the wife is foreign
Luther Smithers (25 days ago)
Don't need the west side to exercise my Irish pride - I do that right here in my living room. In other words...fuck you, I'm drunk.
listen up lady clem (26 days ago)
😂🎶my kind of song, 18 year old drunk American female.. Still feeling the drunk irish spirit right now! 😂 #drunkirish
314Drift (28 days ago)
Just saw some marines singing this on terminal lance 😂😂😂 Semper Fi brothers!!
Kenneth Salcedo (28 days ago)
Terminal lance sent me here
Julia Camara (1 month ago)
Me too, I'm drunk, I want to sing this with you Irland😂🍺
Bella Hawk (1 month ago)
This song is so true
Paula Cannon (1 month ago)
Love the song and the comments are epic LOL 😂
sQuibleable (1 month ago)
Yeah I’m drunk.That doesn’t mean I can’t care for the kids KAREN. hey kids why is the number twenty dishonest? Because 9 + 11 = LIES. THE MEDIA IS CONTROLLED BY THE GLOBALIISTS #mattlauerisinnocent
Justice Dunham (1 month ago)
I only had one officer tonight beer.
Zach Deangelis (1 month ago)
Meet me in the bar next week 3/17 we’re doing a sing along
rob nelson (1 month ago)
I've been sober for almost 2 weeks now!!! Not in a row or anything.. Just all in total.
Manthan Shah (1 month ago)
Non-Irish drinkers: "Our drunken parties are the best!" Irish: "Pour my beer down the sink; I've got more in the trunk."
__ (2 months ago)
I love how drinking songs give you headaches
Jack Mehoff (2 months ago)
Everyone here is drunk
Caleb Schmalz (2 months ago)
My ex fiancées family was so anti drinking and with me having both German and Irish heritage I had to hide the fact I drink 😂
Travis Walsh (2 months ago)
I don’t have a problem with alcohol, alcohol got a problem with me
SS OFICER ANONYMOUS (2 months ago)
Cop-hey have you been drinking Irish man-yes I have Cop-let me smell you're breath *sniffs* Cop-sir come with me you have not been drinking Irish man-but sir
Constuctive Critisism (2 months ago)
An American song not an Irish one
jacob casler (2 months ago)
who'd've known packie from gta 4 could sing?
Julia Camara (2 months ago)
I 'm from Britany, the first time I heard, I love..the third time, I sung with heart that song..😂
The Devil Himself (2 months ago)
Evan Dinosaur (2 months ago)
Dylan Thompson (2 months ago)
You made me swear you got erectile dysfunction you drunk sluts sick my 7 inch it can penetrate even through metal even superman 😊😊👅👅❤️❤️
AnaklusmosTheGamer (2 months ago)
I not as dunk as a I thin you am
JJ Flash (3 months ago)
Soul surviver 4 (3 months ago)
This really made the Irish blood courses through my veins
Mikio Makeente (3 months ago)
I am born in America, but in blood: Irish, Scottish, German, Pennsylvanian Dutch, and Native American Cherokee to and possibly Susquehannock.
Mikio Makeente (3 months ago)
Proud to be Irish and Scottish!! What do you say? I say to hell for those downers, and horray to those who rise up for freedom, quality drinks to forget things, and then head home for the night as a proud Irishman. Wake up to responsiblies but then: "F*ck you if I am half-drunk to work, I am proud to be Irish!" *walks five inches to a computer for work at home half-drunk falling on face from being so*
Robin Kristiansen (3 months ago)
i just zuch im drunk waht dit i finf ?
Keyser Söze (3 months ago)
Dropkick murphys. Fuck you I’m drunk.
Matheus Mendes (4 months ago)
Strange , why is this song in one of my playlists?
Christoph (4 months ago)
Shit, is it that time again? F it.
Fujoshi Wolf (4 months ago)
I'm not even Irish, but I love this song! I listen to it every day!
boiii boi (4 months ago)
To Panemaniacs, Stop with all the bread jokes. I don't love bread, I loaf it
leroy 2404 (5 months ago)
i swear to drunk im not god
leroy 2404 (5 months ago)
sounds like jacksepticeye
james wright (5 months ago)
My step brother used always sing this sing when got to drunk lol
Kaydin Trent (5 months ago)
im not as think as you drunk i am
staley101 (5 months ago)
Not the most lyrical Irish song I've heard But fuck it I'm getting drunk.
holyfnshet (5 months ago)
8:55 in the morn and i woke up at 7 guarantee ill be piss drunk way before 11 my grandfather was purtrican and irish by side so today i will excersize my livers pride couldnt understand a fuckin wise thing he ever said between the broken english he spoke and the liquor inside his head but there was 1 wise thing the sailor said that i did hear. getting dizzy is fun so hand me a beer. down the gullet it goes down the gullet it goes dont tell me a joke or it'll come out my nose x2
CharlieTriesToCheer (5 months ago)
Chords anyone?
My name Is Olivia (5 months ago)
Wtf this is great And I'm a 14 y/o girl
Makenna Wall (5 months ago)
What is this song even mean
Brother Davi Sancti (6 months ago)
I got the Irish blood in me and I'm drunk as hell
G-Gee (6 months ago)
I have a joke for you. An Irishman walks out of a bar.
Brother Davi Sancti (6 months ago)
Always Here (6 months ago)
Yomín (6 months ago)
Scottish anthem right here
RB26 GTR (3 months ago)
Your stupid
Jaybuza (6 months ago)
Most drunken comment section ever hehe
Brother Davi Sancti (6 months ago)
You have no idea
Alpakapucuf (6 months ago)
At 1:44 the background fuck u is absuluetly awsome
Zeke The Cheshire (6 months ago)
Some people call my brother a no good alcoholic and that's nonsense he is a great alcoholic
DoctorDisco [SweetTv] (6 months ago)
I'm actually drunk, most funny minutes of my life
Corey Hanson (6 months ago)
Been sober a month. I miss being happy.
Andrew Denino Brown (7 months ago)
Who else is here from the drunk girl upskirt?
fumpa umpa (7 months ago)
Download link
Toby Elliott (7 months ago)
Freek Sho (7 months ago)
And it's all for me grog.
Zsuzsanna Circleedge (7 months ago)
I only had one irish "boyfriend" - I left him. Cause he was too drunk to fuck. Irish man are not very satisfiying.
Zsuzsanna Circleedge (7 months ago)
Oh well you Irish man - go on drinking and you will never get a good fuck then.
Zsuzsanna Circleedge (7 months ago)
I can not fuck you because I am drunk.
Love it
Nate Sharpe (7 months ago)
Has JackSepticEye seen this?
Ulfberth War-Bear (7 months ago)
Omg imagine if the irish invested in another substance like weed lmao
david johnson (7 months ago)
Reminds me of a sign we got for my grandmother, "God created liquor to keep the Irish from taking over the world."
Chris Joy (7 months ago)
I don't remember liking this video. When did I do that?
sleep.deprived.absol (7 months ago)
Hey I know one of the guys that wrote this song, he told me that he wrote this song in two minutes and he still gets royalty checks for this song even after he left the band!
Mejay (8 months ago)
Who else searched drunk depresive in thee you tube searcj engine and fovbbt thia song?
David Hays (8 months ago)
Camille Florez (8 months ago)
Saw these guys live many moons ago. My friend's band. Ahh, the good old days!
Kisa Shimizu (8 months ago)
a good irishmen would not dump a beer down the sink
Dimension Exo (8 months ago)
Who is still singing this song in 2018.
Nicholas S (8 months ago)
Would you rather have Whiskey or Whiskey? Plz like I'm lonely LOL
Genderless Goldfish (8 months ago)
*FUCK YOU IM DRUNK* is my reaction to most things lol....if I drank xD
Sisthra (8 months ago)
That little giggle at the beginning honestly adds so much to the atmosphere, I love it.
Bubba DooM (8 months ago)
9:06 PM 7?28?2018
3Crosh (9 months ago)
Alcohol is the only thing keeping the irish from taking over the world
Christoph (9 months ago)
Each time I drink when I shouldn't be I end up listen this song
LanceGamingYT (9 months ago)
(Gets drunk) Me:(Me and my drunk friends sing this song)
Matt Alexander (9 months ago)
Dude so I'm not only drinking I'm smoking weed too so fuck u I'm faded fuck u I'm cross faded yea fuck u I'm faded fuck u I'm cross faded
Matt Alexander (9 months ago)
Get faded till my problems fade away
방탄X엑Elissa (9 months ago)
When your Irish and haven't ever drank
The Phantom Dialer (9 months ago)
Suga's black hair then your not Irish
brian plays (9 months ago)
788 people are sober
brian plays (9 months ago)
What do you mean this isn't the Irish national anthem
Musi Mix (9 months ago)
i promise im nit drunk&--
Charlie Vance (9 months ago)
It's in the Irish culture to drink that's why I love being Irish ALL IRISH PEOPLE LIKE THIS POST
SonGoku 522 (10 months ago)
Ireland. Home of the drunk
Dutch29 Gaming (10 months ago)
I have found the theme song for my life.
Dakota Bryan (10 months ago)
Almost 11 months ago, I loved this song. I have been 100% sober since then. I came back to reminisce, and am sickened by the attitude that I used to have. This song is kind of sad.
No alcohol? That really insults me as a Slav.
ok hello (7 months ago)
Booooooo...pick up the Johnny walker red and get to it
Dakota Bryan (9 months ago)
Christoph Hauser yes sir. 2 weeks away from 1 year
Christoph (9 months ago)
Dakota Bryan still sober?
Help (10 months ago)
Please stand for the national anthem
Alucard (10 months ago)
Jacob Williams (10 months ago)
I’m actually very intoxicated
Na Fianna (10 months ago)
*Tiocfaidh ár lá!*
RB26 GTR (3 months ago)
Saoirse don tuaisceart.
Eirinn go brágh!
bodhrani jam (10 months ago)
Here's a nice Irish style Birthday song. https://youtu.be/X0hmyBnuqMI
Brian Sherwood (10 months ago)
No occifer I have not had tee many martoonis....I’m A ok to oscillate this cubicle....I mean operate this uh vehicle.
PAN ANDREW (10 months ago)
Get off that stage. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
POEsessed_ (11 months ago)
I feel like this should be Peter Griffin's theme song. 😂
laurenoconnor (11 months ago)
“Irish drinking song” isn’t all Irish music drinking music?
k (10 months ago)
Lauren O’Connor no
BRENNA ROWDEN (11 months ago)
Lol if me and my friends are drunk we will sing this song lol

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