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How to look HANDSOME - Top 7 tips | Indian Male Grooming 101 | BeerBiceps

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Subscribe to our HINDI YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/RanveerAllahbadia Top 5 HAIR CARE Tips : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNOZ-cjsAT0&t=3s Men's Grooming Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNOZ-cjsAT0&index=5&list=PLfNW_1ECVaTj-vnRN-L6hOaRpHZ_djf90 Men's Style : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfNW_1ECVaTh6m39Ecz6opUsyAfTCPyuS Gillette Mach 3 Turbo : http://amzn.to/2u8sb36 Super special video today, because its the FIRST BeerBiceps video on men's grooming! We're covering everything from haircuts to facial hair to facial hair grooming to nails, BUT especially for Indian guys. Yes there are countless male grooming videos on the internet, but none really for the average Indian man. So this is my ultimate video on a few hacks and hopefully, this video will answer the eternal question - How to be handsome? Being attractive, being handsome, just like any other life skill, boils down to a few key points. Hit play and hit like if you enjoyed the video. This video is sponsored by the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo ---------------------------------------------- BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness and food channel Fitness, food and fitness-food. Like, comment, subscribe and share on facebook! Facebook: www.facebook.com/beerbiceps Instagram: @beerbiceps Twitter: @beerbicepsguy Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693
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Text Comments (2667)
Sai Krishna (3 hours ago)
Your looking handsome
kaam ki baat (14 hours ago)
Girls please help us guys and tell ,which type of guys you like ,with beard or without beard
kabeer khan (19 hours ago)
Beard make nice look for boys..fuck clean shave...
lohith bgr (1 day ago)
How to get that eyebrow twizer Please upload link for buy
Ravi Yadav (1 day ago)
😆😂😂 ye handsome 😆😂😂😂😅😂😂😂
Ujjwal Kumar (1 day ago)
Thank you...
Yashansh Mishra (1 day ago)
2019.... who's here ?
ALL IN ONE (1 day ago)
o ho dslr
paul connor (3 days ago)
you should shower morning and night not just wash your face
Yogesh subburaj (3 days ago)
Make a video on how to reduce dark spots
Sachin Negi (4 days ago)
Beard is compulsory for Boys
Sachin Negi (4 days ago)
People look gay in clean shave😀
Anand Kumar (4 days ago)
Same video in Hindi
Jaseer Mk (5 days ago)
Go and fuck your girlfriend like hard.💯
Yuvraj Singh (5 days ago)
Yo loved the vid! Also when u added soccer because I like soccer and the unabridged tip was super helpful and the hands now saying the others werent
Suresh jiya (6 days ago)
Patchy beard kase badaye...pls is topic me ek video banaye...
Neel Mishra (7 days ago)
Without beard means chakka
Pragya Jha (10 days ago)
Lol! How to look you had a bath, just go and have a bath
noor noor (10 days ago)
Now girls also know ,so they thing wrong when boy look like mama boys
karthik david (10 days ago)
U look good with that uncut hair rather ☺️☺️ what do u say guys??
meUtsav Patel (11 days ago)
Make a video on dark circles
Sumit kadhare (11 days ago)
Plz video over watch
Sumit kadhare (11 days ago)
Sir, Plz selection of watch for men pr video bnayi na
vandana Gupta (12 days ago)
u r amazing I love ur videos..now I m going to show my bf this😍😘😍😍😍
vandana Gupta (5 days ago)
acha bhai...khud dhund le yr yha toh aj tk meine khud apne lye ni dhuda tere lya kaha se lao..
Inayath Inayath (10 days ago)
Hame bi koi set karvaa do didi akele thak gaya huu
Noajm IsMy Name (12 days ago)
Next tip is do a tattoo
Om Banjara (12 days ago)
Kuch sanjah me aya mere bhayu 😂😂
Dilli Babu Chalampalem (13 days ago)
I liked this video very much,,,,sir,,useful video and your explanation is good👍,, Thank you sir.
thetwoinoneguy (14 days ago)
https://youtu.be/-pwml-wtEKI Here are some more hacks for Men... do like and subscribe
Himanshu Shukla (14 days ago)
So I was thinking that if teens should also follow this advice??
Dushyant Singh (14 days ago)
Kaarthik Kaarthik (16 days ago)
Hi, useful tips for young guys
Dhiraj Rah (18 days ago)
Don't spoil India in ur video
Manguleswar Gochhayat (19 days ago)
Sir plz upload hindi version
Amit Joshi (19 days ago)
How to be handsome? Atleast not by the way of Cosmetic.
Lata Shinde (21 days ago)
From 5:50 to 7:06 did anyone notice that actually it was a shot taken in the mirror because after 7:06 you'll will notice his arm tattoos change from left to right😂😂😂😂😂
zohan salvador (22 days ago)
You wanna look handsome DON'T SHAVE bread r awsome
Røwdy bøy Gaming (23 days ago)
How to get beard faster bro make a video on it please
Y- RAS (4 days ago)
Clean Shave Are You Serious Bro 🧐. Carryminati, Bhuvan Bam, Technical Guruji, Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh, Lieonel Messi, And Even Me Want Your Location. 😂 😂 😂 Bro Look isn't make you Handsome Enough. Self confidence, Knowledge, Manners, Attitude, Unique Nature Make You Cool, Handsome and Different from Others. This Video Looks like you are selling us A Rezor and Face Creams, etc.
Y- RAS (4 days ago)
+Ashish Makhija On Your Marks
Ashish Makhija (4 days ago)
Leonardo messi? Go get a life bro! 1st go and google Messi's full name lmao
Sahil Kule (25 days ago)
I'm watching in 2019 😁 it's time of beard now 😊
Roshni Das (26 days ago)
Yuvaraj J (26 days ago)
What the duck on the earth ..!! Hair cut it’s all about face structure some have round face some will have big jaw for every body that hair won’t suit ..!!
Cristiano Ronaldo (27 days ago)
Tomhardy is one of the stylish Hollywood actor all time having an amazing mustache and beard.. so dont tell mustache is just out fashioned...
SIZZ surya (27 days ago)
Girls will be girls And Men will be men Fucking handsomeness At the end of the day fucking handsomeness is useless Be able and handsome hearted 😝 ENJOY and don't waste your valuable time Ohh fuck I have wasted my internet too 😫
BILAL AHMED (1 month ago)
Your favourite virat kohli
enjoy mention (1 month ago)
Pehlay khud to handsome hojao
Unlimited Happiness (1 month ago)
If you can't like the videos please don't dislike the videos please 🙏
A true Indian 3 (1 month ago)
Study well, play well or whatever you do in your field just do well , excel in your field , carry a good behaviour . Rest is your genetics on how you look . Don’t get fooled by these meaningless attributes for being handsome. Being intelligent is the new handsome these days . Playboy, chocolate boy , charming prince and bad boy era are over now .
Hardik Pandey (1 month ago)
Pradeep Salya (1 month ago)
Hello bro
Men's Advice (1 month ago)
Debanjan Dey (1 month ago)
Send me tips about perfumes
rachel philip (1 month ago)
Nice video.....appreciate your work.........Very helpful
Lijo Joseph (1 month ago)
Hii muje apka veido acha laga pls help me now iam in 36 years old pls telme dressing styl muje bal bi kam he
Ryan Kiddo (1 month ago)
In South India full shaven men are ridiculed. Though only mustache for young people is very odd looking but is still seen kind a better than full shaven. Most people down south grow beard or just have a little beard on than full shaven. Idk if I should do this.
Boys ke liye bhi bna dijiye ga plz plz💟💟
Kanish N. (1 month ago)
2:33 best part haha🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Muhibbil Hameed (1 month ago)
Ranveer allahbadia vs asad styling Like = ranveer allahbadia Comment = asad styling 😜
Who's this alia bhaat. 2😂😂😂👎👎👎
Manoj Kumar (1 month ago)
Dude whats the brand of that shirt you wearing ? its awesome
Himanshu Sharma (1 month ago)
Mosturizer kon sa h bhai plz send me link
Karkhi Karkhi (1 month ago)
Matlab tum khud ko handsome samajta ho🤭🤭🤭🤭
Amrit Pal Singh (1 month ago)
This is not a tutorial of how to look handsome.....its more about looking chakka or may be cute types..... Clean shaven and using baby powder😂😂.....u are not handsome man.... U r cute😊....its not always about classy and cute.... Some gurls like tough and rough looking guys..... U can't make everyone cute types
Krystian Szumski (1 month ago)
His accent is *ICONIC*
prince kumar (1 month ago)
Your smile makes you more handsome 😊😊😊
Giroud seriously?
arshdeep deep (1 month ago)
but ab pagg walon ka waqt aa gaya ha
Niti Jqin (1 month ago)
Moustache = child molester😂😂😂😂😂😂lol
Raghav Sahore (1 month ago)
Jine angreji 22 bolda Uni ta sadi english ali madam v ne boldi
ariff avan (1 month ago)
Not all boys look good in clean shave without moustache 🙄🙄
BEING BHOOKAD (1 month ago)
Pehle khud to handsome ban
The beast Incarnate (1 month ago)
*make new videos bhai.....*
aweas kmd (1 month ago)
What about keeping a light stubble beard?
laelson jesus (1 month ago)
Ayas Shaikh (1 month ago)
Bhai koch Hindi me bola Karo
FIGHT MANIA (1 month ago)
Bhai nipples par koi video banao
Krish Sume (2 months ago)
Hi bro, great to see Ur videos, I need a tip from you.. I mostly use t-shirts now my hands had got darkened due to sunlight.. Nw whn i remove my tshirt it has become like I have 2 coloured hand fair on the top and remaining dark brown, (nw i have started using only shirts) let me know any other effective tip to revive my fair colour back.. Awaiting for Ur reply
Arshit Rajpoot (2 months ago)
Hindi me bolo yr
Anumon Shibu (2 months ago)
Dear brother I don't have beard's my age is 20.still I don't have a single hair on my face is that possible . I need beard's can you suggest any cream or oil plz help me brother 💗
Madhu Singh (2 months ago)
Being a female ... I loved it... Don't know yy😊😊
Siddharth Jr (2 months ago)
Bhaiya... I have a problem of genetic baldness..... Do u know anything about it.
Siddharth Jr (2 months ago)
+Himanshu Gupta tumse nahi puch rahe hai........ Google tere pass bhi toh hai , phir kyu dekhta hai beer biceps
Himanshu Gupta (2 months ago)
Siddharth Jr Bhaiya you've Google at your fingertips...search about it.
Mint & Cola (2 months ago)
how to look like alia bhutt, please
AVINASH MISHRA (2 months ago)
by this you will not look handsome...bt am sure u will look beautyfulllllll!!😂
Ashish Ruikar (2 months ago)
Sagnik Bhandari (2 months ago)
Mustache shikar😍... If a shave mustache I look child
Ricky gupta (2 months ago)
Hindi me nhi bologe bhaiya
Abhishek Singh (2 months ago)
No moustache??? There you get a dislike 👎 nothing left to see more
PARMARTH SHARMA (2 months ago)
0:07 ek dam meetha lag rha hai tu
shubhangi pol (2 months ago)
Your all videos are awesome
Pappu Mistry (2 months ago)
Pls make video on white hair.?
Shiva Kumar (2 months ago)
Super thank you brother
Your tatoos are chaging from left to right and right to left how?
Darshan Shankar (2 months ago)
Y ur trying to be celebrity desi chuitya by saying ur brandambasador of Gillette matlab kuch bhi,just using Gillette shaving nd ur showing people ur sponsored by them jabarjasti sala chuitya
Darshan Shankar (2 months ago)
Hahahahaha so ur giving ur example so u think ur handsome nd teaching to impress girl the way u do hahahahaha dude get a life u luk like a college kid nd such a bhangu looks...
Shreyas Sahoo (2 months ago)
This video would have been much better if it was by an actually handsome man
Venky Vinol (2 months ago)
I am New subscriber
Rahul Pal (2 months ago)
Very helpful bro.but I have unibrows
Vivien Lobo (2 months ago)
For soft skin is razor okay?
Vamsi Jonnalagadda (2 months ago)
Wow what a English bro
sumit (2 months ago)
Bro mujhe moustache rakni hai to beard bhi sath mein rakho
Sai Charan (2 months ago)
My friends call me chakka if I clean shave!!

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