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The new Windows Terminal

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We are so excited to announce Windows Terminal! Windows Terminal is a new, modern, fast, efficient, powerful, and productive terminal application for users of command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL. Blog post: http://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/introducing-windows-terminal/ GitHub: https://github.com/microsoft/terminal
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Text Comments (4209)
Hayden Knowlton (1 hour ago)
I can finally find exploits for iOS 12.1.4
Den Den (1 hour ago)
Заголосил с комментов
Patrick Nixon (2 hours ago)
Windows is a dumpster fire
Chubsa (2 hours ago)
attrib -h -r -s /s /d But with style
Mr Хорёк (3 hours ago)
Hallis (3 hours ago)
Now stackoverflow will just be filled with people asking about this
RyanRising (3 hours ago)
Why do you taunt me with this Aero-looking ad when I have to go back to the full, flat reality of Windows’ new GUI design?
Emirhan Canbaz (3 hours ago)
Skye (3 hours ago)
Embarrassing that they've taken this long to start catching up with xterm.
Ahmet SaidRBX (4 hours ago)
really 3D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Louis Subearth (4 hours ago)
Do I have to go through GitHub to get it?
Everything (5 hours ago)
As a Linux dipshit, this is the Microsoft I can stand behind.
Zekemeout (5 hours ago)
If I cannot use ls I don't care
Benito Llan Matos (6 hours ago)
*Developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers; developers developers, developers developers* Ah, how times change.
ChilliReaper (6 hours ago)
ohh damnnn
Irian Yu (6 hours ago)
Great! for spywares and backdoors creation lol
notajay (6 hours ago)
Now I can flex my hacking skills to my friends easier
StormlightX (6 hours ago)
Retarded . But yes finally they are giving us what we wanted
bill gates (7 hours ago)
im telling you linux (ubuntu) isnt gona take over by itself, windows is gona take over itself with linux
Kreski z Kisielu (7 hours ago)
All cool, but why emojis in terminal emojis in terminal I feel pain
Endorion (7 hours ago)
executing delete system32 in style
leonardo hernandez (7 hours ago)
Hasta que por fin se dieron cuenta de la terminal tan mala que tenían
N'yoma Diamond (7 hours ago)
That ≤ got me fucked up
TechReflex (8 hours ago)
"You have 45 seconds to live" ~opens this video~
TechReflex (8 hours ago)
When you're paying salary to the graphics and visuals department every month, but you don't have a project for them at the moment, but you still want to give them some work.
Darren Ng (8 hours ago)
Wish we could get something similar for the file explorer...
Paul (8 hours ago)
Developers: hate emojis Windows: 0:34
Michael Motion (8 hours ago)
Still waiting for dat cool new ad for the new file explorer
Sharun Kumar (9 hours ago)
Anyone know what song this is though? Sounds catchy
no se que cojones esta pasando pero me hace gracia
Justice Warrior (10 hours ago)
How the FUCK do I copy an album in Windows 10 photos back to the pc???!!! It only seems to be able to share with ondrive and the problem is that the album is bigger than 5gigs!! WTFFFF Microsoft!!
Wolf on pc (10 hours ago)
When Windows have sex with ubunto
suleyman suleymanzade (11 hours ago)
C:\Users\Administrator C++ code ??? WTF
Danny Vo (16 hours ago)
do { finally.watch( "What I do" ); } while { new WindowsTerminal finally; } ... BSOD (Variable "finally" was not instantiated... yet.) Not the greatest piece of code, but it's what came up in my mind.
max dashen (16 hours ago)
Is this why I was forced to update windows
Benjamin Praeger (17 hours ago)
So it takes Microsoft 34 years to make a decent terminal interface? Is that what I'm getting out of this ad?
Balada Russa (18 hours ago)
I miss w7
De Shad Bostic (19 hours ago)
these comments are the best
Safah Mehdavi (20 hours ago)
Hmm I would still use ide
Trenton Pottruff (20 hours ago)
Okay windows... I see you...
Sh1mbo (22 hours ago)
I can run Dos games on it??
Gabriele Simoni_ (1 day ago)
yay I love text applications
Gabriele Simoni_ (1 day ago)
*that's pretty good*
Mesaj (1 day ago)
Whoever made this ad should receive a bonus, much love 😍
Danny Gonzolez (1 day ago)
Finally I can launch the cyber nuke
Misha Mukytyuk (1 day ago)
Everything new is old forgotten things
Akhil Gangidi (1 day ago)
y’all saying it’s weird that terminal is being advertised this way but it’s crazy that i can run a ubuntu terminal on windows without a virtual machine
Ferox (1 day ago)
What an awesome terminal, this is absolutely astonishing I’m shaking thank you microsoft !!! (ok now get this video out of my YouTube recommended tab pls)
Masrur Sakib (1 day ago)
This is too much hype for a CLI
I like this new iPhone
Evil Metal Man (1 day ago)
Hacking has never looked so cool.
Distorsioner (1 day ago)
New CMD concept?
Colton Loewen (1 day ago)
I am excited for this!
Caleb Wong (1 day ago)
Wow windows finally do what Linux have done 20 years ago
Nils Fürniß (1 day ago)
I have wanted this for a long time. There should be more hype for it imo
DLiciousCrabMeat (1 day ago)
Cool, now can i have a dark mode that affects all the plain white applications on my pc? Kthanks.
(1 day ago)
Alex Ch. (1 day ago)
dont like this idea, linux should be a separate operating system and a bit against windows because microsoft want only earn money... :( when microsoft overtake linux then it will be just like windows
deidara _ (1 day ago)
It's a terminal not web browser, jeez.
Sergey A (1 day ago)
Наконец-то сделали эмулятор линукс терминала, а то заебался излишний один убунту устанавливать
Morgan Freecat (1 day ago)
Looks good
Mackaber Witckin (1 day ago)
Oh Microsoft, I actually think you make pretty neat stuff but you have always suck for marketing...
Adarsh Pal Singh (1 day ago)
Woah, a $199.99 Linux Distro!
GameCrunch (1 day ago)
EMOJIS!!!! YAY THIS WILL DEFINITLY HELP ME YAY I JUST LOVE EMOJIS! wtf would they put emojis its not like an 8 year old kid is going to want to use this other than to get faster internet by deleting system32
Gabriel Francisco (1 day ago)
Isn't that just the Linux terminal? Oh yeah... embrace, extend, and extinguish... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween_documents
Ítalo (1 day ago)
Ficou bonitão
Sagnik Pradhan (1 day ago)
IG Windows got jealous of Cmder 😂 and Linux & Mac Terminals
Andrew Smith (1 day ago)
This looks so sexy
Sagnik Pradhan (1 day ago)
lol Something useful
Pewdinade (1 day ago)
Thank you WIndows, very cool!
Dai Edward (1 day ago)
VIET THANG VU (1 day ago)
dafuck it likes iphone ad
Imperium (1 day ago)
Finally !
itgeek920 (1 day ago)
Microsoft took 20 years to catch up. Okay.
rope (1 day ago)
Microsoft has been quiet for the last few years, but consistently making great decisions.
Mubeth Praditya (1 day ago)
main cmd dikira hack server kpu
Rafael Carvalho (2 days ago)
For those who don’t know what is it, just type FORMAT C: and you’ll see a fresh new computer!
Rafael Carvalho (2 days ago)
1995 - In the future we’ll have flying cars 2019 - Microsoft launch a new old MS-DOS
Watermelon (2 days ago)
"You can do it with style" ~ElectroBOOM Now I can 'tree' WITH STYLE, on multiple terminal cards
Marcel Etchart (2 days ago)
Somehow they made a terminal seem sexy. Bravo Microsoft's marketing team. lol Also I'm pumped to it out because of all the quality of life improvements.
Elvin Diaz (2 days ago)
Toothless 53 (2 days ago)
smokingpig (2 days ago)
Microsoft's acquisition of Linux makes this type of move make sense. I like how Microsoft is actually trying to make their platform more orientated towards nerds like myself. Command terminal is very powerful and effective method, and I like how Microsoft is incorporating a nicer method of interfacing. Looking forward to playing with it.
MasterDevX (2 days ago)
Okay, now lets go and install Vim :)
TaginusOfAinusgard (2 days ago)
Music sucks
陈浩楠 (2 days ago)
Kuba (2 days ago)
Troublesome P (2 days ago)
it's hacking tym 😎
Refaw (2 days ago)
where the fak do i download this i need this
ACROSS (2 days ago)
Song:Hey Buko -watch what I do
Hitarex (2 days ago)
will we able to install hacking tools ?
Boba Fett (2 days ago)
Windows sucks
HH Ryan Khan (2 days ago)
O.o so now we can switch this system and go to another system?
The Grinder (2 days ago)
Amit Shan (2 days ago)
............. Huh?
Fruitpunch (2 days ago)
You guys making deleting system32 look like an apple ad
John Lovell (2 days ago)
Not much longer and we will have a full windows distro.
乡FlawlessFinn (2 days ago)
ah thats hot
peepersweepers (2 days ago)
Geeks Tutorial (3 days ago)
I watch it again, and this time its Goosebumps! 😊 It is a sweet treat, no doubt!
Geeks Tutorial (3 days ago)
Immersive, I just had a tech orgasm! 😍

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