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Why Amazon-Deliveroo Alliance Could End Up Eating Uber for Dinner

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May.17 -- Amazon.com Inc. is leading a $575 million investment in Deliveroo, buying a slice of the fast-growing startup and pitting it directly against Uber Technologies Inc. in a fiercely competitive European food delivery industry. Bloomberg's Alex Webb reports on "Bloomberg Markets."
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Siddharth Bhardwaj (30 days ago)
Where is the 45:00 version ?!?!?! Was amazing! :(
EmbeddedCraft (30 days ago)
Dear Bloomberg, looks like you have stopped publishing full episodes of Bloomberg technology. please keep posted entire episode of Bloomberg Technology.
Solomon Black (1 month ago)
Really funny clip title
Theta Kongpancake (1 month ago)
Meal Delivery? Think of the best cuts of meats and fish Think Filet Mignon and Abalone. You coud afford that if you made it yourself at home and stopped ordering Meal Delivery... that doesnt even sound appetizing. It sound productive :)
G T (1 month ago)
Theta Kongpancake lol when were you born? Did you ever order 🍕 from the local pizza chain and had it delivered in the pizza delivery guy’s car?
Theta Kongpancake (1 month ago)
You really eat food that has been driven around in some guys car?

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