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Nikola Tesla Documentary | Missing Secrets | Nikola Tesla: Master of Lightning english subtitles

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not interisted.
Hugo Benavente (1 month ago)
Edison era un estafador.
Hugo Benavente (1 month ago)
Edison was a greedy pig thas the true.
Ogi Gligic (1 month ago)
He was a Serb. Same like Mihajlo Pupin !!! Doc.not mentioned.
Subek thakur (1 month ago)
This world doesn't know how to deal with goodness
Kaushik Borah (1 month ago)
Its rare to find a man like him.The greatest inventor ever Nikola Tesla.You could have done more.May someone get your ideas in future and do what you tended to.
Ntinaki1985 Ntiniomou (1 month ago)
Always the jew bankers behind all bad scenarios....jp morgan.....tesla was a great great man ......amazing
MD. ARSHAD IQBAL (1 month ago)
Indeed he was a real Genius!!!
Bman (1 month ago)
Be was an extra ordinary human. Only a handful of people have ever advanced the human race , that has endured and will endure for eternity. Too bad that nasty vendictive Edison vets way too much credit. Probably be was born in America. Tesla is the unsung hero of the ages. Here is a man who thank GOD had a mind that didnt think like everyone. He was not greedy but viewed the people of the world as kindly as one could. Serbia has to be proud to be the birthplace of probably one of the smartest person who walked the earth.
Vedant PATIL (2 months ago)
Who are those fullish people's who dislike the video??
Jonathan Fernandez (2 months ago)
School never taught us shit about tesla never heard of him was grown. Interesting..
starstruckt (2 months ago)
what about the time machine?!! and the philadelphia experiment????
Seanpaul Mahadikar (2 months ago)
BTS Bangtan ARMYDiamondd (2 months ago)
Chione Thuker (1 month ago)
i also
Billy Ellis jr (2 months ago)
Thomas Edison was a heartless animal killing piece of shit. He killed innocent animals to test electricity currents to try and make Teslas AC current look dangerous. He killed dogs, horses, cows, and even elephants. What a scum bag. The worst kind of human piece of crap that ever lived. A real arrogant mean and self absorbed piece of shit. He should be erased from history. And never talked about again. He deserves to be remembered as a self serving, egotistical, animal killing, patton stealing, lowest piece of garbage ever known to man. I hate him. He shoulda been electricuted right after he electricuted that poor innocent elephant in front of everybody on the street. He doesnt deserve any honor or reconition for anything. He should be remembered as an animal killing fucktard. With no compassion for any living thing. He shoulda been executed in public in front of God and everybody for his disgusting and heartless deeds to animals and people. I hate the very mention of his stupid stupid name. Thomas Edison is a major piece of shit. Somebody shoulda shot him in the head the first time he electricuted an innocent animal. I hate him. I wish i could go back in time and beat the living shit out of him then assassinate his worthless ass and leave him lying in the street like a pile of steaming pig shit. Fuck thomas edison. Fuck him. And anybody that likes him. Worthless form of life. I hate him. So much.....
many kori (3 months ago)
perhaps only scientist who cared first about humanity
Kıvanç Erdoğan TOPAN (3 months ago)
My friend hello... What is music in the first seconds Thank you for your help
Rahul Rathva (3 months ago)
Sir nikola tesla will be the man who is able to the noble prize...i think sir nikola tesla was the real scientist who is able for more than the noble prize...
Joker (4 months ago)
I respect scientists than religious people... they made our lives easier
Alexandra Calistru (2 months ago)
Well thank his orthodox priest father and his mother for conceiving him also, today he would probably get aborted. Many potential geniuses probably already were, since we're aborting by the milions.
Henry Cisneros (4 months ago)
¡ I love the conviction of TESLA! he was connecting whit the universe 🌠
Your Highness (5 months ago)
Gautham Krishna.S (5 months ago)
nicola odinson....god of thunder !!
Light Shadow (14 days ago)
Gautham Krishna.S Oh so it’s Nicola Edison.
Sowmyabhashini BHASHINI (5 months ago)
Great man! The then society of New York should have recognised & supported him financially so that he might have done some more wonders with his intelligence .
Vidya G (6 months ago)
K (6 months ago)
English subtitles is too much good
Sarvar Yazdani (6 months ago)
it's really nice
Nursima Dayı (6 months ago)
lins (6 months ago)
Man... this seriously made me cry. Just simply imagining such genius man, in the park, feeding pigeons and calling them his true friends. If Tesla was alive today he would be so proud but also so inspired and excited
Aaron प्यार (2 months ago)
Wellcome to life
Abhishek Ash (7 months ago)
Very useful, informative, inspiring and interesting documentary. "Tesla" a great inventor
TontDare223 (7 months ago)
Please dont put links ON THE SCREEN!!! There’s nothing more frustrating
Hiccup (7 months ago)
Great Documentary for admirer of Tesla.Great music,well researched and use of actual photo and quotes makes it wonderful.Thankyou for uploadingTesla inspires me always!
Alden Hall (7 months ago)
Does Mike pence know about this?
Breezy Man (7 months ago)
This man brought us the industrial revolution. His hard work and his incredible genius change the world forever. I hope people will remember him and see the power and potential in the human spirit!
Chad Simmons (7 months ago)
Tesla was great-man..pigeons cried..when he died!
Anup Kalarikkal (8 months ago)
Inventing machine :o
Kristian Dimnik (8 months ago)
Real life Tony Stark :D
YU (8 months ago)
Serbian men Srb mentalitet
Viola Gentsch (8 months ago)
Any evil doing to discredit this amazing man. America the evil men
Nikola Perić (8 months ago)
mohit srivastava (9 months ago)
What about his cosmic webs experiment
pang pung lora (9 months ago)
What is the secret about 369
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sunil kumar (10 months ago)
Tribute to tesla
Sher Lock (10 months ago)
Men, destitute of real intelligence sucking all they could from this Genius Tesla. It's never ended even today.
wilford padio (10 months ago)
dmn my eyes cried...
Christian Soldier (10 months ago)
Tesla got his ideas from Satan
estrynix eagle (2 months ago)
What a wanker !!!
Quilah Arsenal (11 months ago)
He cared more about people than making money
Aaron प्यार (2 months ago)
So weird actually xD
Quilah Arsenal (11 months ago)
Thomas Edison stole his idea
oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
That is why I have no respect for Edison
Murali Manohar (1 year ago)
Why people disliked such a massive information I would like to salute for this awesome documentary made...
When we think of radio we think of popov
ahmet hagif (1 year ago)
That is a useful documentary with english subtitle so that i can improve my english skills of reading and hearing.
4eVeR ÇİÇEK (2 months ago)
Me too. I love such vids
Henry Cisneros (4 months ago)
ahmet hagif me too brother 🌠
Great Tesla
Prathik Nair (1 year ago)
I will continue your work.
Chandra Simha (7 months ago)
Yes u can . because Tesla is a great humanitarian and u can continue his work by serving people in need.
Akshay Seth (9 months ago)
Prathik Nair pls do!! mera electricity bill bohot jyaada aata hai
thu ra (1 year ago)
+1 :)

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