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Dropkick Murphys - "Rose Tattoo" (Video)

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Dropkick Murphys "Rose Tattoo" from the album "SIGNED and SEALED in BLOOD" Directed by: Chris Friend - http://www.visionfriend.com Band footage by: Mark Higgins http://dropkickmurphys.com http://instagram.com/dropkickmurphys http://facebook.com/dropkickmurphys http://twitter.com/dropkickmurphys
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Hip Hop Blows (5 hours ago)
I’d like these guys a lot more if they weren’t from Boston ( Yankee Fan 👍)
Louise Belcher (16 hours ago)
This song helped me decide to get tattoos (and rose tattoos).
Darek Dzon (1 day ago)
very good song.POLAND
Jonathan Tierney (1 day ago)
Legends ..im Dublin born and bred ,the boys fly the flag proper..🇮🇪
woodesroger (2 days ago)
ive not smoked in almost 2 years
hamming bird (2 days ago)
Tatü Tata Bla Bleue (4 days ago)
Quelles sont Les roses sans e`pines
Estos cabrones me hacen sentir orgullo de ser Irlandés. Aunque soy mexicano lol
Barny Brewman (4 days ago)
Great song, although, like most punk bands, they have evolved into more of a mainstream pop band. I like their earlier music better. That raw, unrefined sound is what punk is all about, in my highly disregarded opinion. That said, they still are one of my top ten favorite bands.
Das Teddy (4 days ago)
SCRJ <3 In a rose tattoo...
Fred Robson (8 days ago)
Algum BR?
C.M. Caruso (8 days ago)
never noticed it shows dee dee ramons grave stone
NamesAre Oldschool (8 days ago)
I was just in a phonecall with my crush then I listened to the song she heared it and said what's this shit Never tapped the red button and blocked someone so fast
Franziska R (9 days ago)
The knife
Josh Brown (9 days ago)
I am a proud medieval knight of the ages
Josh Brown (9 days ago)
I'm a proud German slash Irish man I love it
Veljko Kovačević (9 days ago)
Ivan Fostac (10 days ago)
The Notorious One-Conor Mcgregor
Arròs Cru (10 days ago)
Arròs Cru (10 days ago)
Jacob Meier (11 days ago)
I got her name written here in a rose tattoo. Hahaha Yes i do.
Mick Winters (11 days ago)
I love it, don't know if its the Guinness or what, but I like it ha ha
Mick Winters (11 days ago)
A Guinness to ya lads
Nicole Hernandez (11 days ago)
My rose has no name but many reasons....
Pregger (11 days ago)
Eines der besten Lieder überhaupt.
Arturo Borunda (11 days ago)
Buena canción 👊
wolf brown (12 days ago)
Shifty Shellshock (12 days ago)
After hear this song i decide to tattoed the picture of my mom whit a rose in my arm, for sure, signed, sealed in blood, i will die for you.
Mike Lloyd (13 days ago)
Bora da, cymru!
Sylvia Whitlock (13 days ago)
I just turn IRISH.
Emilio Gomez (14 days ago)
I love this!!! Good bless you Ireland. BEST regards from Spain
The notorious 00 (10 days ago)
Me encanta Irlanda y el espíritu de la peña de allí tío...y este pedazo canción claro.
Dan Rolnik (15 days ago)
When an IRA meeting breaks out in song.
michaeL Whitestone (16 days ago)
michaeL Whitestone (16 days ago)
any 666WWWhore TaTToo ?? Die hard bitchsons
Allan Wyatt (16 days ago)
Love their music. Disagree with their politics.
Wolf (17 days ago)
pitty they are dead....:(
Lucy Maga (17 days ago)
Kiss from Brazil!!! Love your song 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
kay hoffmann (17 days ago)
Just proud, being a fan ofDM!!
Vladut (18 days ago)
The Irish are back
Filimon Galogavros (18 days ago)
The Irish are proud and original people . Greetings from Greece !!!
Filimon Galogavros (18 days ago)
I take a drag from last night ' s cigarette That smoldered in its tray Down a little something And then be on my way . Brilliantly poetic .
Filimon Galogavros (18 days ago)
In a rose tatoo In a rose tatoo In a rose tatoo .
Martina Dell'unto (19 days ago)
in a rose tattoo in a rose tattoo signed and sealed in blood I would die for you <3
REAL TRUTH (18 days ago)
If your Lucky enough to be from Dublin and Your GrandDad took a Bullet in 1916 , then Taking your neighborhood will Have to do !!!I dought these Cunts are from Boston or I would have knocked your COMMIE teeth out -- too many filthy TATOOS you YID !!!FECK OFF !!!
Greg S (19 days ago)
Big up Boston, visited there last year and it was brilliant (oldest pub in the states too)
Samantha Johnson (19 days ago)
Love u fairlighy Mae braden
Semmel Bayern (20 days ago)
Grüsse aus Essen Germany 😎
Saku Kejonen (21 days ago)
THE GINGER NINJA (21 days ago)
In a rose tattoo in a rose tattoo in a rose tattoo I got your name in a rose tattoo
michaeL Whitestone (22 days ago)
Eu drink Earl Grey
The Sci guy fan (22 days ago)
what irish man drinks pbr.
Balduin Schmitt (22 days ago)
The Irish had an great Culture 👍👍😂
Warner De Leon (23 days ago)
One of the greatest songs ever. I can't believe people didn't like this video or song!
Ja Mu (22 days ago)
What exactly does it mean to have someone name in a rose tatoo?
Hasakirio (23 days ago)
dont understand how someone can dislike this piece of Art <3
Chris Gikas (24 days ago)
God Bless Ireland...Cheers from Greece
Blaine McCammack (24 days ago)
Heil Victory
Anthony Perkins (24 days ago)
Ment to say this song is my life. Live life like every day is your last
Anthony Perkins (24 days ago)
This song isy life
Caspar Goodrich (24 days ago)
Mick Kraut n injun Love ya guys
jana zipajova (25 days ago)
Je to bomba poslech vybornej
Gordon Hanley (25 days ago)
It makes me sad knowing that this type of music will hardly live on from these points, at least let's be grateful for the few years of such quality music we're gonna have left for us until the mainstream rappers and pop singers completely take over.
Don Whitehorse (21 days ago)
I can't agree with you, one because it would make me sad to see your prediction come true, but also because I think there will always be people who strive to make music that is as good as this, or maybe even better. Even if it takes a while.
Eckhard Mann (26 days ago)
Lost in time and lost in space Verirrt in Marseille..
alan jax (26 days ago)
fucked many bands over didnt they con men pikeys
James Knorr (27 days ago)
I’m getting a Dropkick Murphys tattoo when I’m older. And beer to go with this song.
Brian Ambrose (28 days ago)
Saw them last night in Seattle. They killed this one! Better than the album version. Still stuck in my head, so hear I am for another listen.
Cecilio Pelli (28 days ago)
_ dimention (29 days ago)
I'm that assh*le who made 63,666,666 views 63,666,667 views 😅
mechel hansen (29 days ago)
i have to relevate my posting, - the oldschool dropkicks are great - the new ones are mainstream - pardon
mechel hansen (29 days ago)
shit, this band make`s me feel to be proud to be a member of the human race. greetings from germany
Herby Widmer (29 days ago)
SCRJ Forever
J Stephens (1 month ago)
Drop kick murphies
Pal Kaposi (1 month ago)
how does mi5 keep track of all the 65 million..?!
horst piwonka (1 month ago)
lav ya
Chris Fischbach (1 month ago)
I swear I wake up every day listening to this song and keep on trucking because of it. Such a beauty!!
Valermon Ize (1 month ago)
Jun ny (1 month ago)
In a raw statue, in a raw statue I've got your name written here in a raw statue... Do my ears work bad?
I am seeing the meaning of the song being theorized and debated - *you all wrong* ... *it is about his grandparents, specifically his grandfather who raised him from a young boy* and taught him what it was to be a man according to Casey. He looked up to his grandfather as if he were a superhero and to Ken Casey, he was a hero and still sees him as a hero even though he has passed. He used to go to all their shows before he passed away (well, all the ones he could make, and they had to be near or in Boston, he was too fragile to travel). Ken Casey would point out his grandparents in the crowd and dedicate this song (or sometimes they would dedicate their version of Amazing Grace to his grandparents). He admired his grandfather for he was a Union Leader and he would watch as his grandfather would lead men to follow his ideas and his ideology and eventually he became a Union Delegate. For a kid from the poor streets of Boston, where everyone are leftists and the support for the establishment of, and the power of a united workforce to basically hold the company (or in Casey's grandfather's case, the Municipality - the TAX PAYERS) hostage until they get more money. It is unethical and it is a weapon and always has been a weapon - here in the States, and before that in the He talks a lot about it and the meaning of the song and the feeling of losing his grandfather and much more. Easy to find I am sure of it. I haven't seen it since the song came out - a bit after the song came out and people were interviewing him and they would asked what is the meaning of this song when *_Signed and Sealed in Blood_* came out.
*_QUICK DKM SURVEY, ONLY 2 QUESTIONS_* : Let's see these answers! I'm very interested in both for several reasons but biggest is my curiosity since they have such a huge catalogue, I am interested to see what people have to say! >> *_QUESTION 1_* : Which do you personally prefer when it comes to DKM's very first single "Barroom Hero;" Is it better when Al Barr is the vocalist (including in concert) or when it was originally recorded 21 years ago with the original vocalist, Mike McColgan? (I know my preference, I can't wait to see other peoples') >> *_QUESTION 2_* : What is your favorite DKM song? If you HAD TO CHOSE ONE - but if you can't choose just ONE, please keep your list of favorite songs to no more than 3 if you must, and we will recognize that whatever order you list them in is completely arbitrary and does not mean they are in any sort of "order."
Yo, I dont know why but people have a difficult time believing me when I say I have known Tim Brennan - in fact his entire family, his brother Pat, 1 year older; his mother Maggie; and his dad...whose name is escaping me at the moment but whatever). He is a normal dude who grew up normal in our Hometown of West Hartford Connecticut. Growing up he was always performing for our schools (i went to school with Tim Brennan from Kindergarten ALL THE WAY THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION - PLUS I went to the same church as his family Every Sunday we sat together at mass at St. Timothy's Parish in West Hartford ("Saint Tim's" as we all used to call it) and his family as well as my family had a very loving and close relationship with the Father, Father Cody. We all knew him very well. >> Growing up, even in middle school, Tim was always in many different bands playing different instruments from the guitar to the drums to the accordion I mean he, like today, can play any instrument and just pick it up and know instinctively how to play it. He is a born Musician. So, even back in Middle School (6th thru 8th grades) they would play at our school a lot and they were always "okay" (well, in middle school I dont remember the quality of their music but I can’t imagine it was like listening to Guns N Roses) but I remember the few bands he played with in front of the whole school when we were in HIGH SCHOOL --> now those bands were actually really good for the most part - I have a vague memory of the music, but I can see the visuals of them playing as if it were a memory from earlier today...and I remember that I always was pumped and LOVED EVERYTHING after their performances for the school (and it was always only Tim who went to our school. The rest of the band/s were other people we at our school didnt know but we knew Tim Brennan was on stage doing something that was making some amazing music right there!! The kid we sit next to in Latin class... LOL He is so authentic and so real and nice and has not changed literally at all (except for that haircut with the half buzz and then swooping the rest of the hair over to the other side...yeah, I dunno about that image Tim... LOL Still love your talented ass bro! But we got our first Communion together, we got Confirmed in the Church by Father Cody together, we went to school from Kindergarten to the day we graduated high school, we spent a lot of the special times of the year with their family during the holidays occasionally (when we were not travelling and celebrating Christmas at a grandparent's house or those couple years that we had Christmas in Hawaii). >> Like I was saying, they weren't bad (I do remember not being able to understand the singing though because the singer didnt seem to know that you dont need to be tongue kissing the mic as you try to sing, you can and should stand about 3-5 inches from the microphone... But they were kids, and there was no doubt they DID have talent and TIM BRENNAN was always the obvious stand out talent in each of the bands he played in... I mean, I remember thinking once (because I always went up onto the stage after as everyone else was ready to go home because it was usually on a Friday night after a long school-week, but I had nuthin’ better to do I felt like I was already in the presence of a NEW Tim. A rock n' roll Tim. LOLOL. But I remember I saw the drum kit up close right as they were starting to break it all down and I couldn't believe it and I said something that REALLY pissed off the drummer who heard me from behind a curtain... I said something, in a joking, giving-Tim-a-hard-time but just playin' kind of attitude so he knows me and knew I was in a very happy place and was just being jovial and we were talking about Rock Concerts in general and how I LOVE feeling the percussion in your chest and the bass booming and I assumed the school just kept that all tuned down; then I saw the teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy drum kit and said to Tim, something like no wonder it sounded like sticks on a bucket, your all rockin’ it and what, this drummer kid thinks he can pass off his drumming with some "Fischer Price: My First Drumset" - I mean the shit had 1 symbol, 1 snare, a pedal-bass and some s#!tty little single tom drum that sounds like the drummer is playing an overturned empty bucket, not a quality or even mid-quality tom drum as part of a drum kit - certainly no Neal Peart and his insanely awesome 360 degree Drum Kit... But Tim was ALWAYS calm, cool, collected, talented, and always treated me like a brother. But his family and my family were extremely similar. We did all the same growing up together as I mentioned, he had a brother 1 year older, I have a brother 1 year younger (and people sometimes thought THEY were twins, and people sometimes thought me and MY BRO were twins). TIM BRENNAN IS NO FAKE. He went off to Assumption College after Kingswood graduation and that is in Worchester, Mass which is an hour away from our hometown MAX. He is Irish Catholic, so he fit right in with that band (I am half Irish Half Italian and Catholic) – anyway, he went to see this Celtic Punk Band play at his College and they recruited him to be the Merchandise salesman for the show that night. *Then*, they said *"come and be our Merch guy on tour with us!"* and so Tim left school and headed off with Dropkick Murphys as their new Merchandise guy. They soon realized he was *no* average person, but rather a *super talent* who can pick up and master all instruments and was already a PHENOM on the guitar. So, they began asking him to maybe help with some backup guitar when playing live. That then eventually and seemingly inevitably became *"can you play this and this instrument on our next album for a few songs because so-and-so left the band"* and next thing he knew he was recording with them, and he brought in 2 of his old bandmates from another band, they all hit it off and were great collaborators, then the lead guitarist left and who did they ask to now be a permanent member as LEAD GUITARIST of their band? THEY ASKED TIM! And today, he remains the Lead Guitarist and is credited with co-writing many of the songs as well. >> Tim Brennan is real. He's not a persona that was dreamed up by some management company or some agent, notice he doesn't have a single Tattoo while the rest are all inked up? That's Tim. He will forever be in love and AMAZING at creating music and I am blown away that not only do I KNOW HIM AND KNOW HIM PROBABLY AS WELL AS ANYONE (I run into him in West Hartford fairly regularly every so often when he's not touring and is back in West Hartford with wifey and to see his family. The last time I saw him when it was NOT at one of their shows (the last show I attended was when they came to Philadelphia and played at Festival Pier at Penn's Landing August 2017 - and the last time I saw him when it was NOT while he was on stage, but just saw Tim Brennan as the dude I've known forever was about a year ago,, a bit over a year I guess, because it was right before they were going on their Boston to Berkley Tour (the one I attended in Philly) and then I got tickets that same day because I know Festival Pier has a limited capacity (plus I needed time to roll up many j's and blunts and GIANT spliffs to smoke and share the love and I did all night long! When I last saw Tim before the Boston to Berkley tour was in West Hartford and (not knowing it was him) he literally pulled into the gas station that was the one we all bought cigarettes at when we were underage because it was right next to our high school. LOL. and we pulled in at the exact same time from different roads though (it is on a busy intersection corner). And he went to the pump on one side, and I went to the pump right directly on the other side. Thinking nothing but *"I gotta go back to work at some point soon... ughhh its nice out I wanna be outside!"* Somewhere in that thought process I hear *"Lorusso??!! LORUSSO!!! Whats up man? How are you, Joe? How is James and your parents and everybody?"* and we spoke and chilled for maybe 20 minutes, didn't even talk about DKM besides that he was getting ready to go to Boston to prepare for their tour. But it was just like talking to my old buddy and I cared more about hearing how everyone is doing, him and his brother and his folks and everyone…. and I met his (at that time) brand new wife, but it was literally like nothing had changed - he was the EXACT TIM BRENNAN AS ALWAYS and he has been with the band since 2003 (age 21) and now he is aged 36 and still playing along BUT THANK THE GOOD LORD that Tim is a GREAT AND DISCIPLINED PERSON and he doesn't try to act like he's still 21 rebelling from society with his punk rock (see: Billy Joe Armstrong #BJAofficial desperately trying to remain looking like a punk rocker with his eyeliner that reach his crow’s feet...that douchebag's been married like 20 years, had grown kids, LOLOL sorry #GreenDay, but #Dookie was their only good album ever... but I digress once again).. He is just TIM! Thats awesome because a lot of his friends were talking not so nice about him when he first became kinda well known in New England and a lot of people were quietly distancing themselves because they didnt want to be seen as like bitch boys or fanboys I guess would be the modern-day way of saying it. I dont talk to a lot of people from back then at this point, but I do keep in touch with Tim Brennan and I am PROUD to call him my friend. Not because he is some "rock star" but because he is a Kind Soul, he is a GREAT MAN.
Kenan Bajrić (1 month ago)
So awesome greetings from Bosnia.
Sylar Diaz (1 month ago)
i fuckin love it
Peter Hallquist (1 month ago)
RIP, Maggie Cronin, Grandma.
ek reconsult (1 month ago)
greeting from indonesia.
dahuiflower (1 month ago)
"This one for the WOMEN who raised me Taught me sacrifice and bravery" I'll have a rose tattoo with my grannies names in it.
Franz Biberkopf (1 month ago)
I love Irish people and music! Greetings from Italy and fuck England!
M Schulz (1 month ago)
Everytime I hear this Song I Cry, It goes straight under my skin. Great Song !!!!!!!!!!!
Perunoiden salaliitto (1 month ago)
Anoyne 2018?
Kai Stockbring (1 month ago)
Love it Brothers for freedom ❤
trojanwood (1 month ago)
I covered mine, Long shitty story
michaeL Whitestone (1 month ago)
+7+ better tatoo
Kris Hunt (1 month ago)
Lucas Torres (1 month ago)
muy lindo tema
Francis Perez (1 month ago)
D. Arendt (1 month ago)
Best wishes to Ireland from good old germany
Hjatr Link (1 month ago)
"Some may be from showing up, others are from growing up, sometimes I've been too messed up and didn't have a clue", one could say the same about scars.
trev smith (1 month ago)
As a full blown irish lad im fricken proud as heck to hear great rebel rousing irish music being punched out straight from the soul.
Scott3 Bruncic (1 month ago)

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