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How Microsoft Helped Build China’s Nightmare Surveillance | China Uncensored

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Did you know Microsoft, Google, and many other Western tech companies have partnered with Chinese military universities for research into cutting edge technology, including artificial intelligence, computer deep learning and facial recognition cameras and software. The fruits of this research are currently being used to persecute the ethnic Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang. Even MIT is in on the action. YouTube demonetizes our channels! We need your support!! https://www.patreon.com/ChinaUncensored Make sure to share this video with your friends! __ Subscribe for updates: https://www.youtube.com/ChinaUncensored?sub_confirmation=1 __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChinaUncensored Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChinaUncensored Instagram: http://instagram.com/ChinaUncensored or check out the China Unscripted Podcast! http://chinaunscripted.libsyn.com/ __ © All Rights Reserved.
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China Uncensored (9 days ago)
Google is one of the Western tech companies are doing dangerous research with Chinese military universities. Are you surprised this episode was instantly demonetized?
- - (1 day ago)
Then why are you not shadow banned or deleted? I think you are the weird one..
Bruce Lee (5 days ago)
-Google: Don't be Evil!- Google: I am Evil!
J L (6 days ago)
As much as I dislike government overreach and corruption, I dislike Muslims more. Read the Quran, it is not a religion of peace. Their "prophet" was a pedophile.
Danny Q NGUYEN (6 days ago)
China Uncensored I dumped Google. Any recomendation PLEASE
Lochness Monsta (6 days ago)
We are headed for bad times.
Never ever trust the untrustworthy stinknese🇨🇳 bastards they are 💩💩🐵🐒
Ching Li Ping (2 hours ago)
BRUH I'm super stoked for the cyberpunk police state. I got my Blade Runner outfit on standby.
Ruthanne D'Antuono (5 hours ago)
I'm completely disgusted.
drew2225222 (8 hours ago)
rujia hao (8 hours ago)
no use, chris, its money whats behind it, no body gives a shit about nothing but money. u just talks the talk, not gonna change a damn thing at all.
Matt Faraday (9 hours ago)
like for the MGS references !!! snake ??? snaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkeee
Yumin S (15 hours ago)
Chinese military will regret then afer blue screen of death
Say it ! (23 hours ago)
Chris you must be "favourite son" of China.
I really like these episodes and I'd really appreciate it if you guys could include the links of your sources in the description. Thanks!
Master of Puppets (2 days ago)
Microsofts new slogan: do as i say not as i do
Con (2 days ago)
They released a research paper with students with "military links". Seems extremely out of proportion.
UsherLinder (2 days ago)
This IS a nightmare.
Marc Futoran (2 days ago)
Many American companies have been involved in helping the Nazis. Ford is in that list. Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler were pen pals. Mr. Ford was anti-semitic. The thing I sometimes struggle with is; do these companies make these partnerships and see them as just a business opportunity? Or are they sided with our adversaries ideologically, like they are really fighting against the idea of America?
robin altman (2 days ago)
The CCP needs more organ donors - that's why they are taking blood samples
brian kilmury (2 days ago)
And the USA. Britain Canada. It's coming to you
Takhe Opi (2 days ago)
A gay speaks up again😂😂😃😂
S7venseas (2 days ago)
How are you still alive?
Ilmar Saar (3 days ago)
Of course, it is important for American companies to participate in advanced monitoring and suppression technologies with the Chinese, the US doesn't want to fall behind in doing exactly the same to its citizens. Also if there is a buck to be made, it might as well be made by you (Microsoft and others).
Terry (3 days ago)
Can we talk about treason?
phereinheight (3 days ago)
I think amercans run mouth, but no on has the guts to stop using MS
Ash S (3 days ago)
Lenin : The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them. CCP: Hell, yeah!
PCANGELDUST (3 days ago)
Amerikkka working with China on the holocaust of Uyghurs why am I not suprised.
Dreaded88 (4 days ago)
@China Uncensored: Chris, while this is some scary stuff, why are we supposed to have any sympathy for the *Moslem's!?!* [Yeah, the old spelling's just as good!]
red rose (1 day ago)
Who cares you, RETARD
John Nugent (4 days ago)
What’s with all the “Cutesie” soft propaganda on the new and improved CCTV called CGTN? They seem to produce about 12 short programs a day explaining to English speakers what a wonderful place China is and how China is out to save the world!.....Everything is a lot more glitzy than using the hard nose propaganda types like Lu Kang and his gang! Have you ever heard when the spokespersons for the Chinese Government have mis-spoken?They are the most arrogant and condescending people I have ever listened to. Products of indoctrination from birth! They are...Lu Kang, Geng Shuang, Hua Chunying, Lu Shaye, and Wang Yi. You should listen to these “spokespersons” for the Chinese people!...on YouTube (banned in China), so the Chinese masses can not see how their country is being represented to the rest of the World! It’s spokespersons like this who have changed the whole worlds perception of China. People will be a lot more leery when dealing with China if their attitude is a true reflection of the masses...(it’s not but it’s tough to not be controlled by their overpowering propaganda machine)....look what it did to these people!...They have mis-spoken countless times and are never held to task for their comments. We just have to consider the source I guess but it still seems strange to me to see this newer propaganda to soft sell China to the world.
Bek F (4 days ago)
Treason. Aiding and abetting a foreign power with hostile aims towards the US. No one is using the "t" word these days anymore.
NO MORE (4 days ago)
WAR MONGER (4 days ago)
What's wrong if China does all this? You never complained when Trump issued statements of hate against the muslims and said America is not for Muslims.
J Doe (4 days ago)
Who knows a good or decent OS and word processor that's not microsoft? Please recommend. This is a nice, sweet list of companies I'm boycotting. Do appreciate.
Abc Def (5 days ago)
Is this the pseudo-communist version of the Big Brother? And Microsoft colluded with those pigs?
BrendanJ Rice (5 days ago)
Ok so here’s the rundown Volkswagen IBM Mercedes and Ford all did business with the Nazis and got away with it Meanwhile Google Microsoft Apple And many others do business with China while directly conflicting human rights and helping the regime, it almost seems like America is fucking itself
SoCal Steve (5 days ago)
We need to dismantle the CCP yesterday...
Angelo Perfili (5 days ago)
well frankly,it pisses me off Chris....
heroiamarelo (5 days ago)
Dude I simply have stopped receiving notifications for your videos. Wtt
Sandy trader (5 days ago)
AMAZON played a huge part in this, i see Amazon looking to sell similar tech in USA called "REKOGNITION"
kobehal (5 days ago)
Sneaky commies.
daLi demo (5 days ago)
this is how mafia works
Bruce Lee (5 days ago)
Put all these CEO'S in jail and ban their companies from USA!
The Man (5 days ago)
i noticed no expense spared for the police to be well-armed, in a communist country where the serfs are disarmed, and the minorities dictate policy with the aid of the china-gvt in the guise of nationalism. china is a slaver nation, has much in common with saudi-arabia...and russia on a political outlook. there's no such thing as chinese consorship, ONLY china's hidden from the world scrutiny. living there affords no such pretense to the natives, the law and it's enforcers tell you upfront they are MORAL ARBITERS and can torture and kill you and get a pay-raise for it...
looi peter (6 days ago)
You are full of CRAP and NONSENSE why don't you talk about US bugging and monitoring of millions of people all over the world and even the Head of States, CEOs etc, etc ....... you are American paid Antagonist............
kim wiser (6 days ago)
The presidents of these tech companies are supposed to be on the left. The left who celebrated Snowden. This is no different than the US companies who worked with Hitler. They censor people for hate speech but help China.
Mayukh Ojasvi (6 days ago)
soo i shouldnt buy phone from a chinese manufacturer right ???
Danny Q NGUYEN (6 days ago)
It's EASY for US Tech company to justified their work. If they don't someone else will. Just like any drug dealers would tell you.
chandrakant isi (6 days ago)
Most underrated channel on YouTube. Keep up the great work guys.
Shoaib Zafar (6 days ago)
Chris, an unverified news is hurled in Pakistan about those Pakistani female who married Chinese men have been sold in china for forced prostition and organ harvesting. Do you have any information on this?
maxerd (6 days ago)
Thank you for your service, Shamus.
Nicole K (6 days ago)
Shows that you cannot rely on big business to "do the right thing". Regulation is essential.
GamerFromJump (6 days ago)
The response to people asking companies, “How could you?” is the same as government responses to the same question, as well as, “Why do we treat Taiwan so shitty?”: Do you have any idea how much money can be made in China?
maligjokica (6 days ago)
imagine my shock!!:)))
Dick Hamilton (6 days ago)
"Our companies actively helped..". Well, that's capitalism. Microsoft's only duty is to its shareholders, not to some vague moral or ethical considerations.
Lochness Monsta (6 days ago)
Tell Seamus ancient chinese fisherman have been editing 5 hour videos since ancient times.
Shilpan Shukla (6 days ago)
Cisco should have planted a back door to shut this great firewall Would be great to see CCP in panic when Cisco would betray them
Harry Weij (6 days ago)
Nigthmare? This is utopia!.... No more crime! If it was not for the language barrier I moved there right now! And mostly because of ChinaUncensored's advertisement for communist China.
Get Real (6 days ago)
China's CCP and American's corporacy, a marriage made in hell. The Middle East being the weapon test grounds for the complex and China the cyber test ground for the corporate's encroaching test field on it's local customers at home for tomorrow. Complete insanity and high treason. That let one feel like Major Kong with a bucket of popcorn enjoying his ride, what a crazy world.
Anthony R (7 days ago)
Who knew corporations don't care about people but profits,look what they are doing ignoring Saudi Arabia human rights abuses too.
B-Did Diddy (7 days ago)
Big Tech companies are evil just like Hollywood
fresh air (7 days ago)
The lamps are going out all over the United States of America.
Brian Rundle (7 days ago)
what about trading with the enemy legislation, that was in place to stop trade with Cuba, that I understand Obama rescinded. Could this not be put in place for High tech and military technology that china wants to get from the US companies. China has been allowed to steal the US manufacturing economy by a series of idiot presidents until Trump got in, and has been stealing US tech all along the way.
Acetyl (7 days ago)
UN Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development. id2020. https://id2020.org/alliance China is a testbed. Microsoft's involvement is unsurprising.
Michael Green (7 days ago)
F'en ch!nks are a blight on humanity
bevoburn (7 days ago)
DARPA? More like DERPA
Samy Fay (7 days ago)
Companies are not short sighted, they're just greedy. They don't care about you. They don't care about the society. They don't care about care about environment. All they care about is money.
Freeman Gentlefuck (7 days ago)
the fact that US companies/UNIs are leading in internet surveillance is proof that US is the most dangerous and oppressive regime, while china is on the rise. For us, non-chinese, US is a treat, not-china. For that reason, Huawei all the way!
bunny rabbit (7 days ago)
Is prospective candidate Joe Biden's son a lobbyist for China?
Claudia Octavia (7 days ago)
It's not illegal for us companies to be hired by foreign companies to do work. Vilifying us companies in this regard is silly.
TheJamesthe13 (7 days ago)
Goddamn disgrace.
arphaksad01 (7 days ago)
American companies greedy for profit are selling this country out. They have no shame and no conscience. College profs are just plain stupid
Michael Zheng (7 days ago)
china number one!
Mr_Beezlebub (7 days ago)
Microsoft and Google are evil. Unfortunately, Google is the parent of the biggest video hosting website, so I have no choice but to use it to watch China Uncensored
someone (7 days ago)
I wasn't ready for that Burger"King"
Geoff Thomson (7 days ago)
Darwin Northern Territory Australia
Will James (7 days ago)
I think it's good to have this surveillance....only criminals should be upset
GI ST (7 days ago)
American politicians have trained American companies to get in bed with governments for the sake of making money. For the sake of to US gov officials not losing face or their considerable income from lobbyists, they won't say anything about that behavior.
Eric (7 days ago)
Microsoft: Helps dystopia become more dystopian. Also Microsoft: It's not out fault, nobody is stopping us!
Asian VEVO (7 days ago)
Frostie-Flake (7 days ago)
We’re watching you Chris...I’m watching you right now! 🤔😂😳Actually, Microsoft is watching you right now...😳
fazole (7 days ago)
Thank you for exposing these tech SOBs!
Jacob McKissock (7 days ago)
Well YouTube has refused to advertise or recommend any China Uncensored videos for a while and thankfully I remembered about the channel. Safe to say I quickly turned on notifications. I may not always care deeply about what is being uncovered but I stand by the belief that no country should be immune to global scrutiny over inappropriate behavior. Thanks for the work and dedication to do something that most people are too afraid to do!
LordDyhalto (7 days ago)
This is coming our way. That's what the mass migration is for. First you create a clash of cultures, and then you install mass surveillance to supposedly combat the violence and crime that comes with it.
Brendo69 (7 days ago)
Companies will always act in the interest of making a profit, restricting who they can sell to would make us no better than the Chinese.
Sreve Carey (7 days ago)
Mind blowing. American companies are complicit in murder (organ harvest as well - murder again) and control of others. American companies acting out treason. American companies in bed with the CCP. Greeeeed. Plus.
Maruko Herumetto (7 days ago)
Chris? . . . Chris?? . . . Chriiiiiiiiiiiis!!!
Because America has this as well. The difference is they only put surveillance on people that they deemed important or threatening
Sebestyén Szabó (7 days ago)
Dear China Uncensored team, dear Chris, I just came across this platform and thought you should check it out. It's designed pretty much for channels like yours in order to eliminate the censorship and financial pressure of tech giant media platforms. https://www.minds.com
D X (7 days ago)
I hate to say it, but China would've copied or invented their own system anyway. What we can fault tech companies for is having absolutely no plan to manage inevitable misuse. They're happy to invest billions into DRM, but ask a private company to take a principled stand on human rights? Hahahaha... MS et all aggressively engaged, which is the right first step, but then followed up with no responsible action whatsoever. To be clear, I'm saying there should have been a back door installed privately that could disable cameras remotely. We need to remember that this is electronic warfare, that there is no utopian solution, and that programmers are actually the authority here. Your governments can do nothing to stop people from writing code. Solutions are very, very tricky.
Daniel McKenzie (7 days ago)
I am a real Burger King and King of the Bear Claw Regime, as you see in my picture here Chris!
Aurobindo Ghosh (7 days ago)
china is their test site. microsoft did it before at home country
顺畅搬运 (7 days ago)
There is no ad on this video!
The Dude (7 days ago)
The world really is a rainbow of ''fucks up'
Hairy Belly (7 days ago)
Oh and so has google, what is the apple corp
1ex1uger (7 days ago)
And yet, despite that cooperation, China blocked Microsoft's SkyDrive and Bing search engine (however briefly).
D X (7 days ago)
Not really? IIRC, MS kept some RPC-like protocol alive throughout. My understanding is that SkyDrive itself never went away, just the web ui and anything else that relied on public DNS. Correct me if I'm wrong!
Andrew Dunn (7 days ago)
How it's Made by Chris: China's Mass Surveillance System
Mark Chang (7 days ago)
All about the money
socal soxfan (7 days ago)
"That university is controlled by China's top military body- the Central Military Commission." But how could Microsoft know?" Maybe they did some research, but used Bing as their search engine?
varun kapil (7 days ago)
and why is china surveillance anyone else's problem ??? Just don't do it in your country
Tina Brown (7 days ago)
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D Bennett (7 days ago)
Considering how many CHICOM spies roam freely in the U.S. of course they spy on themselves. Google is the worst & help our government spy on everyone with cell phone. Guess where most sim cards are made? Yep. China. Auto hack phones with sims, which is most of them.
Charlie Montero (8 days ago)
USA companies making money with the sufferings of human beings Microsoft's what a piece of shit
Washington Hoax (8 days ago)
Well if the NSA and CIA aren't helping Microsoft design the systems of a surveillance state in China - how will anyone in the West be able to stop the ChiComs? Orwell could only vaguely imagine the all-seeing, all hearing and all knowing specter. The Commie bastard laugh at the though of Santa Claus or even God. The can say we! Are! your pathetic reindeer man and deity... you inferiors.
Lucas (8 days ago)
IBM did nothing wrong.

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