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Top 5 Virtual Reality gadgets of the future

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These gadgets will push VR onto the next level...... Links Prior VRhttps://www.yeitechnology.com/priovr Cyberith Virtualizer http://cyberith.com/ Stem Systemhttp://sixense.com/ The Reactive Griphttp://tacticalhaptics.com/products/ The Dexmohttp://www.dextarobotics.com/
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Text Comments (2868)
Trentevil (2 months ago)
1:28 the guy doing the zombie dance looks dead inside.
RichardBlunts (7 months ago)
Imagine combining katvr's kat walk cotraption, the first gadget on this video, the htc vive, and the best vr developer makes an fps shooter or an mmo specificly made to be compatible with all of those vr gadgets. It will literaly be like in real life.
jj05 (8 months ago)
Midas (8 months ago)
Jesus, level the audio throughout the video; clip #2 is deafening
Teeko Airsoft (11 months ago)
The dexmo is awesome if you find a way of transforming it into a glove we’re the user can slip it on and get the same feeling
Smartzenegger (1 year ago)
What we need is a Matrixish kind of interface for our brain, not these kind of work arounds.
Smartzenegger (1 year ago)
Held op sokken
Schmutz Lord (1 year ago)
5:15 me when i shit in the streets.
Abel Arredondo (1 year ago)
Buy an airsoft gun and some condor gear and get your lard asses out there
James James (1 year ago)
he's gonna kick the tv screen haha
Blitzy (1 year ago)
And it takes a hell of a long time to put on!
Blitzy (1 year ago)
Heh, part of my name is in this video 😇
Petr Frolov (1 year ago)
Guys! I'll give you an idea how to track body motions without big stupid plastic constructions... You don't need to engeneer a things what tracks movements, you need to track force of potentional movement: A hard frame a player attached his legs to, he force his leg muscle to make a move, stay static in that frame but device reads the force of his potential motion so it moves the avatar leg in the game. I've had an idea for all body static frame, but the sittuation then you forget something in the electric stove and decide to play a little vr and suddenly find yourself in a conflagration game over is too reall if you ask me. So in that case you may need some kind of emergancy unlocker to save our pointless gamer lives.
GT kuo (1 year ago)
Game developers need to stop playing and give us our official vr system
w0nd3r (1 year ago)
Who came here because sao??
HedenXD (1 year ago)
i think the omni treadmills that you can wear shoes in are better then this. this will only feel like you are slippering and not the same sensation as walking with shoes.
qalqer coisa (1 year ago)
When it gets to be equal to sword art online then yes I will be satisfied
Lego Luigi (1 year ago)
Pause at 2:07 and tell me the thing he's holding isn't a Wii nunchuck.
Lego Luigi (1 year ago)
And the wii remote at 4:50
Robert Whitfield (1 year ago)
A z u r e (1 year ago)
NERVE GEAR *Like if u agree*
Joshua Komonen (1 year ago)
SparkyDub (1 year ago)
I wanted one the second he roundhouse'd a zombie
Swati Pachupate (1 year ago)
chutiya bancho
Kai San (1 year ago)
Can somebody tell me if you can buy any of these yet? And if so, why I haven't I heard anything about these? (April 19,2017)
The Dexmo is something I always thought could add great immersion to VR but I always thought a cool way to implement it would be gloves that would have small air pockets in the joints that would fill to restrict movement when picking up item. I have no idea how this could be done lol.
John Johny (2 years ago)
too old compared to the future technology
DupeyCupcakes (2 years ago)
Wow this is amazing
SydPlayzMc (2 years ago)
I might start watching sword art online but idk if it's good
Drunken Hamster (2 years ago)
We're getting there, guys. We're getting there.... I'm the most exited for the hand tracking with feedback. No more prop things and controllers and trying to make them have multiple uses. Next is a tie between that running thing and the full body 17 point sensory tracking. Then full body sensory feedback{not featured in this video}. Combine it all and make the headsets smaller and lighter, and we'll be damn straight in a few years. VR in 2020 is going to be sick AF. 2025, even more so.
valentino putra (2 years ago)
Fuck you beach
i hate 2ed one as it restricts torso angles and movemnt and you have to basically have drag your feet
Ghoul_N YT (2 years ago)
if you put them all together you get a crashed computer
CurvingFyre (2 years ago)
if you add servo motors to the glove that allow partial crushing of less than solid objects in the virtual world (a rubber ball for example), then extending that concept to a full suit would be incredible. the absolute pinnacle of physical-based full dive VR.
Blackwood Pinetree (2 years ago)
SAO is coming 😄
feelsbad (2 years ago)
now try to find a game that supports them
NFK Tony-Rawe (2 years ago)
How do you buy these
Jsms101 (2 years ago)
I..... I can smell it.... sword art online and ggo is close!!!
Certas Gerele (2 years ago)
Jsms101 Lets hope SAO will be like mmorpg not harem crap like 12 or so eps in anime(first 13 eps were good)... ggo was bad cuz it was focused on crap not game like it should.
Yuzu Namikage (2 years ago)
Be awesome to be able to bring SAO or ALO to life:)
Zaxinus (2 years ago)
Imagine those gadgets in games like naruto 😍😍 open world where you can walk everywhere and making real seals with your hand ,throw kunais and fight with your fists i would give everythig for this naruto game ❤❤
Becket Koss (2 years ago)
the priovr suit is the best because i just have 300,000 dollors lying around
Valentin Lopez-Ruiz (2 years ago)
All I ask for Is to play with the nerve gear once, before i die 🙏🏿🙏🏿
youtube PRO (2 years ago)
This Generation Sucks (2 years ago)
Dexmo Power Glove, ITS SO BAD!!!
Filip Wiater (2 years ago)
i wanna see game like sword art online on some of this VR's
prince sanderson (2 years ago)
Now maybe a device that translates in game touching or interaction data to a neuron transmiter which relays it to the brains nervous system to simulate touch, pain, and tactile feedback? Or use sound tech that we already have, going though a burning building? Use that sonic weapon frequency you know the one, (make you feel like you are on fire) water it down and, there! The sensation of fire without (of course ) the physical effects, then add to the background noise of the flame texture zones so when you get close the burning sensation increases??? Hmmmm. Bomb af I wish I had money to invent lol
BJM Graphics (2 years ago)
Perfect solutions for small spaces which are about 90% of the homes. Amazing toys! But how does one chose which set of VR equipment to buy and use? It makes my head spin!
G A R F (2 years ago)
11:56 soon that will be our whole body
Luke Kent (2 years ago)
can't they just like make a vr set that controls the brain and makes the irl body unable to move but in game you can move???like in sword art online
Cacang Hoihoi (2 years ago)
hässlicher Fette Schwein Model
Gaki Shiketsu (2 years ago)
they should make a Sword art online game lol
Dale Ramcharan (2 years ago)
Best I've seen, will keep build cost, shipping cost and replacement down. Integration will be easy. Only problem I see is arm obstruction by the ring
Muteki (2 years ago)
This Really did at on to My Research to put in My Study Journal and Articles Effect it Greatly as Well.
poopymayonnaise (2 years ago)
Gaz (2 years ago)
stem + virtuix omni
SorenDoesStuff (2 years ago)
i wonder if game delvelapers will make a video game just like SAO
Jip Jackson (2 years ago)
In 20 years...holy crap. Kinda sad when I want to start living/eating healthier just so I can play future video games...but it's true.
Corey King (2 years ago)
make vr undertale
Pancake Gamer (2 years ago)
I rilly need the game and the sute
John Niles (2 years ago)
Am I the only person who thinks about half life 3 before tapping the thumbnail?
Drunken Thoughts (2 years ago)
Just imagine that in the future, if we still haven't blown ourselves to pieces, things like NerverGear from SAO might actually be possible.
halo reach6 (2 years ago)
does anybody know the name of the game that they were playing in their first product
Aiden Pierce (2 years ago)
isn't this stem thing just a Wii controller
TordPlayzHD (2 years ago)
TordPlayzHD (2 years ago)
Ahmed Fahmy (2 years ago)
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Crypto Happy (2 years ago)
Dexmo is brilliant.
Friskas (2 years ago)
all of them = sword art online or think this with skyrim or annother medival game
CaseyC C (2 years ago)
Prior VR website says "Designed with you in mind" then you scroll to the price and it says $1200
bloodshot557 (2 years ago)
The future is here!!!!!
Don’t Worry (2 years ago)
And if you put all of them together.....   you lose thousands of dollars.
jimar curry (2 years ago)
Bass'n with Luke (2 years ago)
My brain would explode
Jeremy Barrett (2 years ago)
Eventually we will create an exact virtual replica of our own universe and become fully immersed in it via technology...or maybe we already have been..
the wolf pup :D (2 years ago)
thes is the future I love you guys working so hard every one should be amazed ⚡⚡❄⚡ from wolfking
the wolf pup :D (2 years ago)
guys what do you think about this
Cyber Rat (2 years ago)
all of this on one single device, shit the matrix are closer
rickys gaming zone (2 years ago)
i cant wait till the future comes
YoungSpunkY (1 year ago)
we live in the future dude wake up
rickys gaming zone (2 years ago)
+Ry Hahaha nice one 😄😄
Ry (2 years ago)
rickys gaming zone Sorry I am just being a smart ass
Ry (2 years ago)
rickys gaming zone Wait a second and that was the future but now it is the past
C Rock (2 years ago)
Great now how much do you think it will cost?
Netanel Ridley (2 years ago)
ready player one is happening
Aces Soon (2 years ago)
If number 2 play in mirror edge ,OMG mother see someone wallrun at home😂
Bluenite The Warrior (2 years ago)
OMG yass xD
John Hang (2 years ago)
Need to make a suite to wear rather than wire running along side your hands/legs. The wire can be damage pretty easy.
David Bourland (2 years ago)
i would use a pico projector.
Ramish Butt (2 years ago)
sao we are comming
Alex (2 years ago)
Soiam Ithink Same ....
Burnkick (2 years ago)
Virtualizor and Dexmo=op
Olav Hvasshovd (2 years ago)
well... the cybrs vertiualiser needs socks and that's against my gaming code... ahh who cares
JH Anime Piano (2 years ago)
so which one he cheapest
Night the moon (2 years ago)
what about the htc vive? I demand a part 2
atomic doomsday58 (2 years ago)
9:17 half-life 3 comfirmed
Rafi Yagami (2 years ago)
well HTC VIVE has most of these stuff integrated already lol!
Tyrouge (2 years ago)
Teleporting -_____-
JH Anime Piano (2 years ago)
yehh but still...
Solomon Grundy (2 years ago)
How do you walk
Najeeb Shah (2 years ago)
Rafi Yagami (2 years ago)
no..inside the headset there will be a warning u if get too close to the wall
atomic doomsday58 (2 years ago)
What they need next is a thing that lifts you in the air to make you feel like your really falling in the virtual world terrifying but cool
PensonBits (2 years ago)
5:33, so it's just a wii remote
Alexis Cormier (2 years ago)
i love this stuff
Mario Vitalo (2 years ago)
Cyberith is the best one, cause u can actually walk around the game. The rest are just garbage.
DESIGNERMAN (2 years ago)
Lee y Androgyny (2 years ago)
Star vr + tesla suit + dexmo + gloveone + fove + infinadeck = most immersive vr experience.
mexicana 13 (2 years ago)
number 3 wii remotes lol its been done dumbasses
MrAirplanefreak777 (2 years ago)
Virtual Reality is really going to take a huge step in the future!
Crystalite Otaku (2 years ago)
Cyberith Virtualizer should be the beta version of the nerve gear for sword art online when they're still figuring out how to cancel real body movement (yes the Vyberith was used for the test on the first version of the nerve gear that was not worked on completely)And for people as daring as me even if I can't logout from the game I'll still be livin life in a game
CornerSeven (2 years ago)
Look at perception neuron
Anthony Jones (2 years ago)
are world is becoming more and more like a video game or a anime
Hype Spade (2 years ago)
Look up a show called Sword Arts Online and you will find out
Uncle Shish (2 years ago)
Our* Anyway, what the fuck do japanese cartoons have to do with vr lol
Joseph Clark (2 years ago)
We need a nerve gear, like, right now
Bryan Socarras (2 years ago)
4:03 Oculus, Sony, take notes alright? We need this for our vr games, not our controller. In these vr games, I want to *move* man. I want to actually run in vr, instead of using my controller to run or move in any way. Please please do this Oculus, Sony.
prince sanderson (2 years ago)
Just imagine skyrim full body vr plus heavy graphics overhaul mod, gamers will emurge from the game RIPPED af lol I would be in heaven. Hope to live to see it consumer lvl priced
Izuyu (2 years ago)
arent they using oculus headsets...
iiSeyFX / IseyFzShooT (2 years ago)
Story of a , good life, i guess ? : FUCK ALL THAT IS GOOD ! But i need more ! MORE ! *Goes 20 Years into the future* God! Nerve Gear is here ! TOO COOL ! I'll play this for the rest of my life ! But wait.. Let's see what's in 500 Years shall we? *Goes 500 Years intro the future* Nerve Gears for Free ! Yaaayy ! It's fucking too good ! And what's that ? Nerve Gear V2 ? OMG ! It's 2 Times better! And it's free ! What's that ..? Animus ? GOD DAMN YEA ! Gotta buy this too ! How much..? ONLY 500 $ ! GOD TOO COOL *Wakes up from sleep* Says : FUCK ! FUUUCK ! *Jumps off the window*

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