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Closest Love to Heaven (Today's Kira-kun) - Eng Sub

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Closest Love to Heaven - Japanese Movie Ninon Okamura (Marie Iitoyo) is a high school student who likes to walk around with a parrot on her should. Other students think the parrot is a stuffed animal, but it is a real parrot. Ninon Okamura doesn't have any friends at school. Meanwhile, Yuiji Kira (Taishi Nakagawa) is Ninon Okamura’s classmate. He enjoys his school days harassing other students and dating various girls, but his secret is that he is terminally ill and he only has a year to live. Ninon Okamura and Yuiji Kira live next door to each other, but they have not talked with each other at school. Ninon Okamura learns from her parents that Yuji only has a year to live. One day, Yuiji Kira tells Ninon Okamura that he doesn't want to die and he doesn't to be alone. Ninon Okamura tells him that she will be by his side until he dies.
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kim myungsoo's wife (14 days ago)
Hello everyone. I will continue to upload movies, so please be patient, and also, I am reading all your comments and request ^_^. If your request is not uploaded in my channel, it is because of the copyright. I already uploaded some of the requested movie, but it always get blocked by youtube, I'll name some of it: *Sensei *L♥DK *Honey *I'm underage but I'm not a child *Wolf girl and black prince (these movies that I mentioned, please don't request it anymore, because no matter how many times I upload it, it will always be blocked by youtube, thanks.) Enjoy watching :)
shanthappa dg (2 hours ago)
+Nur Sabbybina444 me 2 frm India
shanthappa dg (2 hours ago)
+Ida Y can u tell the account plz even I wanna see LDK
shanthappa dg (2 hours ago)
Wt about nisekoi??
Yeswanth Naveen (2 days ago)
Please please , my little monster
virus xyxy (1 hour ago)
Charlotte Bulleser (1 hour ago)
I subscribed thank u so much for uploading 😊 Marmalade boy please and More Highschool Romantic Movieess😍😍
Aemon (3 hours ago)
That was the kissing behind the curtains scene that I've seen often omg This movie made me cry a lot. I love it!
Seo kang Joon (3 hours ago)
nice movie <3
Callie Jones (4 hours ago)
Taishi Nakagawa Fav....
jin's Handsome faceu (7 hours ago)
If you are wondering if you should watch this or not. Then I will tell you, it's amazing! You should really watch it 😍.
Carat_17 (8 hours ago)
Sensei please!!!
rira17stella (11 hours ago)
CAVS est 2019 (12 hours ago)
Hope it can be downloaded T^T
fernanda silva (13 hours ago)
Vcs não pode traduzir pra português seria muito bom
TheIrishTeen 2019 (16 hours ago)
Auuuuuuuggggggggg I can't take it, i really want a boyfriend like him😭😭😭😍😍😍
Abe Mab (22 hours ago)
Oh gosh. I loveeee happy endings 🥰
あああいいい (1 day ago)
Lady Godiva (1 day ago)
Whoever did this film/movie, i just wanna say that i salute you guys for making such a wonderful , romantic, sweet and inspiring movie.this is what i always love to watch. To have a happy ending.to see myself smiling after watching it.it makes my day complete.i hope all japanese movies have a happy ending so the whole world will smile.onegai shimasu. Omedetto.kono movie wa ichiban daisuke desu.love you kira chan and okamura chan.!
Mary Ejing (2 days ago)
Awww He's like Haruma miura ❤❤ love his Smile
tamika Cowart (2 days ago)
Beautiful 🎥 loved it
ひわ韓国大好き (2 days ago)
jung kookie (2 days ago)
Dude, i think i cried at least 4 times at this.
Lourdes Reyes (2 days ago)
Me encantan los finales felices así como esta 💕👌
Say Bo Gum Mcfadden (2 days ago)
why her hair bangs like that?But she's cute and the leading man so handsome OMG❤❤❤😂
Manusha Bardewa (3 days ago)
M so happy to see this movie...really loved it ..such a happy ending❤❤❤lots of love
あーや (3 days ago)
Ri na (1 day ago)
Aleeya Maisara (3 days ago)
A blur girl
potchi poo (3 days ago)
is it only me or the girl looks like snsd taeyeon a bit??
くんこま (3 days ago)
Archie Dela Cruz (3 days ago)
10 nights in a row keep watching this movie...my 1st ever favorite japanese movie... Thanks for uploading this
King Namjoon (3 days ago)
Syifa Lia (3 days ago)
I feel itchy at my forehead
RoH AnGeL (3 days ago)
Hero's friend is cuter than the heroine. Heroine looks old n dumb.
Nompilo Mvusi (4 days ago)
Thank you so much for the movie.
wangchen Tsomu (4 days ago)
♥japanese story really must get huge appreciation
anime lovers (4 days ago)
omg! her dad just have to come in at the perfect moment 😂😂😂 i'm lmao here
BAISAKHI SETHI (4 days ago)
Lovely one😘 frm INDIA
Andrea Ixcoy (4 days ago)
i used to have a parrot as a pet, i always carried her on my shoulder and she would hide in my ear and under my hair, we slept in the same bed, eat with my whole family in the table, we went to the stores, doing arrends or just walking around with her, i never cutted her wings, and she never flied away until one day after years when she got scared of a ballon when it blow up, and she flied to a forest that is literally in front of my house, i haven't see her since then, i never cry that in my life [Sorry for my english]
あしゅ (4 days ago)
しぃちゃん (4 days ago)
Evi Syani (4 days ago)
Kira in manga and kira in live action. Both of them are awesome . Cutee
swollenteeth (4 days ago)
damn. i just cried. good for my eyes.
Julie Andrea Agapito (5 days ago)
Please full movie of narratage 😍😍😍
Well I know that the one who wrote the story must have deliberately given him the name Kira and that haircut. HE FUCCING LOOKS LIKE LIGHT YAGAMI/KIRA FROM DEATH NOTE XHDHDDUFHFF.
。미오 (5 days ago)
あ〜大志くんかっこよすぎて泣けるわ😭 私にも泣くなよって言って😭😭
Kim Taehyung (5 days ago)
GREAT movie
patricia gutierrez (5 days ago)
Pueden ponerla en español
。あんちゃん (6 days ago)
Ritu Ray (6 days ago)
I almost about to throw my phone... Thnk god he's alive🤣🤣🤣🤣
Achuu Amf (6 days ago)
hi uploader
Victoria 2124 (6 days ago)
LMAO i laughed so hard when the teacher said "what was that " at 1:28:28
Chris Redfield (6 days ago)
beautiful movie japonese
cris ty (6 days ago)
This is so cute, so high school 😆😍💖
Katherine Jefferson (6 days ago)
I'm not crying, you're crying (T.T)
Ali's fun (6 days ago)
Cute as always...it's a lovely movie... loads of thanks..😍😘
Ali's fun (6 days ago)
Clare Recio (6 days ago)
anonymous noise please with eng sub. arigato!
titiksha K (6 days ago)
Thank you for uploading it with English subtitles. ....it was great movie
Ri na (7 days ago)
Ri na (1 day ago)
sandy baby (7 days ago)
I thought he will die but nice it's happy ending.. Kira kun is very handsome
Tae Lenu (7 days ago)
Am so happy it was a happy ending at the end 😭i cried so hard. 😂😂
Dani B (7 days ago)
1:45:16 best moment in the entire movie
Devyani Pathak (7 days ago)
How it comfortable with their haircut
쓰레기 (7 days ago)
Jimin Park (7 days ago)
his birthday was in november 12? my ex friend is also born then
Shirisha Bansal (7 days ago)
*Thankfully one of the cud be tragedies let the lead live..*
Shirisha Bansal (7 days ago)
They sing happy birthday in english!..
Shirisha Bansal (7 days ago)
8:20 and i guarentee he has a fatal disease which will kill him...i soo wish i am wrong
Angel Liza Alejo (8 days ago)
Thank you for uploading english sub. 😘
なな (8 days ago)
Anime Bunny (8 days ago)
I couldn’t figure out who the main girl reminded me of until the end and it’s Rowan Blanchard. Idk if this is just me but I think they look really similar
AFNA AZEEZ (8 days ago)
Nice movie➿
Ms. Nerd (8 days ago)
She looks like nayeon from twice
Eun Byeol Go (8 days ago)
The lead guy ooks like Lee Min Ho and Jerry Yan 😍 Good story 👌👌👌
Jhey Labuguen (8 days ago)
Omg. I am now a cry baby huhuhu
Jose Torres (8 days ago)
Thanks Kim!
Yna Kim (8 days ago)
Can you upload "we love"? Thank you😊
Victoria 2124 (8 days ago)
For me to remember 1:21:29
jolly is a fan (8 days ago)
Why letters when you live in an era where there is smart phones, computer and internet ? I know i know letters are romantic but so inconvenient and costly.
Ida Y (5 days ago)
Yeah, I think it's rare to use letters nowadays. But in the manga they use Skype & email. I don't know why they use letters in this movie.
Allen May Tagalog (8 days ago)
This japanese movie is my 1st time watched a happy ending w/ the leading character had a serious illness, arigatou guzaimasu =)|
Marily Chavez (8 days ago)
Lol can not over look the dads face when he went inside her room 😂😅
Myriam Markowicz (8 days ago)
12:12 Éloge de la lucidité wow, a French book (wtf)
anarhea Barredo (8 days ago)
I really love japanese movie😙😙😙and sometimes i watch japanese horror movies..but ilove this movie very much😘 from philippines👋👋
Happy 2019 (8 days ago)
kira kun kakoii na❤❤❤✌ Ninon kawaiiii❤❤❤✌
Peggy Boyd (9 days ago)
Finnally one that has a happy ending. I loved it
緋奈 (9 days ago)
女の子の声めちゃカワ 超かわいい〜😍
Gisele Regina (9 days ago)
dina marlia (9 days ago)
I can see boby iKon face in Ninon face 😂
Kaye Manix (9 days ago)
The kira thar i know is vampire 😂
rea (9 days ago)
i'm sad cause u rarely find guys like kira nowadays, he's so loving and caring. i wish i had a love-life like this but these things only happen in movies :(
rea (9 days ago)
this is the cutest movie i have ever seen
nangseng kukoi (9 days ago)
God i am so sick of ninon's hairstyle
marlyn aguilar (9 days ago)
Hello . I'm from the Philippines . I really love this movie .it really inspired me a lot. . Thank you so much ..more movie's to come .. I hope you can recognize this message. .😍😍😍😍😍
HeyIts CrissXia (9 days ago)
Ageha Starlight (9 days ago)
Can you please try to upload no longer heroine movie too.. i love it ...😄😄😄
Victoria 2124 (9 days ago)
ronafabi (9 days ago)
I love it so much. Worth every year!
Balqish Aida (9 days ago)
Thank you for uploading this!! I LUV IT!!❤️
Feriha Xrma (9 days ago)
Wow Wat a fabulous movie
AJ AJ (9 days ago)
the girl is so beautiful
Roseanne Lowang (9 days ago)
The boy is so handsome.. The most handsome boy I have ever seen in a Japanese movie The boy ex ( Rei Chan) is more beautiful than main girl

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