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Here comes the GTX 161691660 Ti!

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Text Comments (1275)
Mike Pisano (1 month ago)
Good video as always Riley but post production misspelled "Congratulations". Just thought you'd like to know.
rythmcubed (2 months ago)
Riley is god tier
cbrusharmy (2 months ago)
Gum lines recede, giving the appearance of longer teeth.
stackfl0w (3 months ago)
A tooth doesn't get longer as you age, it just appears that way due to years of poor hygiene allowing your gums to recede... So people don't get long in the tooth, they just get gum disease. Remember to floss, kids lol
Vincent lodato (3 months ago)
1060 long in the tooth? how do i describe my r9 390 then?
jblps (3 months ago)
Not buying unless they call it GTX 6969
CTCuberHD (3 months ago)
Windows phone is still better than ios
CTCuberHD (3 months ago)
1:16 *oh your from EaST BrItIsH* I died a little inside
SpideyHunter (3 months ago)
privacy seems really cool, I would love to use it, but Canada.
Lama Gamiing (3 months ago)
Ronny Dark (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who sees an LTT on that shirt? A bit above and between two peaks.
Stach Jansen (3 months ago)
twitter for android
Troll Slayer Loganshire (3 months ago)
Inb4 they call it GTX infinite
Benny T (3 months ago)
This tech channel is lame and cheazy and turning into the NCIX tech show. How about tech news without trying to make a joke every 5 seconds. Humor is fine, just seems very forced and all too frequent. Just my opinion.
Nathanael Moyer (3 months ago)
I am a Michigander. Yes we do call ourselves that.
ShamblerDK (3 months ago)
I think AMD has waaay too high expectations, if they think they have 5000 customers.
MidKnight Reign (3 months ago)
You pronounce Michigander... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8uz2Mjh0Jk Literally 5 second google search "pronounce michigander" first video result You don't drop the "I"
ArisenMind (3 months ago)
Man, the comedy in this was rough...better luck next time fellas.
OrangeC7 (3 months ago)
lol 69 *I'm so mature*
seydo (3 months ago)
Really? You are not funny...
HC (3 months ago)
RCMP = Pathetic goons for the failing liberals
Ryth McAle (3 months ago)
Michi. gander. Not michgander. Sheesh :p
Hussain Humaidi (3 months ago)
( ( 2060 + 1060 ) / 2 ) + 100 = 1660
Ralph Evangelista (3 months ago)
As a michigander, i had the same face the first time i heard the phrase 6:00
ed m (3 months ago)
GTX 1440ti. Optimized for 1440p, 140 fps, 144hz. Under $400?
Frosty. (3 months ago)
both google maps & waze exist.. i dont know why.. they are both owned by google and do the same thing. except waze is better in every way >.>
Anurag Malwee (3 months ago)
2:45 Ohh So that's how Chef happened! 😜 Sorry if joke is bad! 😄
LOGICALMAGNET (3 months ago)
Good Finaly we see SmartWatches from Fosil yeah baby
Fahmi M.R (3 months ago)
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i dont care about ur review, but the way u brought this video, so entertaining, nice one.
ZipplyZane (3 months ago)
Why with the digital license plates? They will be hacked, will add fragility, and serve no purpose. You want a parking pass? Make that digital with an RFID situation, because no one needs to see it. And customizable, so that you can even legitimately not show your plate number? This is just idiotic.
Flood (3 months ago)
_o0ps_ eriksson (3 months ago)
you know we are gona call the 6gb - 1666 '-.-'
Abdoo Mohd (3 months ago)
This guy wanna be linus sooo baaaad
deathmock5 (3 months ago)
A a certified windows phone developer. I can see that my collage money was well spent.
Cyrano Burleson (3 months ago)
Noooooooooooooooooooooo, Windows !!!!!!!!
matthew clark (3 months ago)
It Michiganders
Liam O'Brien (3 months ago)
I like my windows phone :'(
Major Queros (3 months ago)
RIP windows phone :'(
Muphet (3 months ago)
if people want their stuff be private, they shouldn't put it on the internet.
Be_Easy (3 months ago)
The 2060 is reasonably priced. I don’t get who this card is for. My GTX 1060 has no problem keeping up with AAA titles and does a decent job keeping up with premiere. I haven’t even OC’d it yet and consistently get over 60fps on moderate to High setting. So what gives NVIDIA?
Pocket Knife Hobbies (3 months ago)
gtx 666 ti
Paradox Apollo (3 months ago)
And by using Honey you can save up to 10% on the cheap price of $10,000.
Tyrus Knapp (3 months ago)
I love being a michigander
SysQuatch (3 months ago)
blktornado3 (3 months ago)
4:18 BONK!
Bigjplaysyoshi (3 months ago)
Riley's my favorite of the three. Go Riley!
IntegralBif (3 months ago)
how is that license plate not illegal? I guess just turn it off when you speed or do anything illegal right? Absurd.
The buiscuit does (3 months ago)
I like cheese.
Ethan L (3 months ago)
I think the tooth thing generally applies to horses, which is where the glue factory connection comes from.
Bluesmachine100 (3 months ago)
I challenge your Britishness.
Theoskg (3 months ago)
1stGruhn (3 months ago)
the phrase "long in the tooth" is derived from the fact that often one's gums recede as you get old (especially with poor dental hygiene), thus giving the perception that the tooth is growing long. There are some animals though, notably rodents and lagomorphs, that have continuously growing front teeth.... but oddly enough, that is not the likely source of the phrase.
CodeRedBoi (3 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah
mrosebro (3 months ago)
5:51 - michi-ganders "mish-uh-gan-ders"
Justin Hart-Nishikawa (3 months ago)
The GTX 1337 Ti official launch date is January 29th.
Bryan Jones (3 months ago)
Curb feelers are for pimps.
imaner76 [Him n' her 76] (3 months ago)
I'm pretty sure, "long in the tooth" came from the gums habit of receding over the years giving the impression that "teeth tooth" was are is longer.
Ensue85A (3 months ago)
Mish E Ganders
timothy burns (3 months ago)
In detroit michigan. We read michgan a gan
A Potato (3 months ago)
Once the subeway arouind my house ran out of bread :l
Ryan Chaney (3 months ago)
Not to be "that guy" but it wasn't just one KFC that ran out of chicken here in the UK. It was ALL OF THEM! Let that sink in...
Shot Logic (3 months ago)
numpty :P i know this word from Alec Steele. as a US born and raised citizen, I prefer the queen's english; it's just so much more fun
HDSQ (3 months ago)
Twitter for Android
HITMAN934 (3 months ago)
I wish LMG would list where their sponsors are available for use. Nothing sucks more then seeing a good sponsor and deal from a Canadian Youtube Channel, to only find out that it’s not available to Canadians.
Zizi Mugen (3 months ago)
4:00 Windows Phone 8.1 was pretty solid, and it behaved 3 years later as if I had just opened the box. Buttery smooth, fast, efficient. But #NeverAndroid
Stephen (3 months ago)
1660ti = 1070 than?
Eglu Megad (3 months ago)
Can't wait for the GTX 69420 Ti
Anthony Di Salvo (3 months ago)
I @&#$ing love Riley 😂😂, *schlourp* "There's a curb there" o.o
Spencer Peat (3 months ago)
michiganders... also, distracted driving is distracted driving, can't Spotify be integrated into the steering wheel controls?
Josh Ruth (3 months ago)
Can James and Riley host the WAN Show just once?
bjarne smink (3 months ago)
it can't be the gtx 1660 ti cuz there won't be any gtx more, right?
Xander Vice (3 months ago)
I swear if the next GTX xx60 card is actually 1660, I'm done with Nvidia. I can't put up with their retardation this cycle anymore. First lets call the new cards 20 series, oh wait 2 is for RTX now and 1 is for GTX, so lets have RTX 0 and GTX 1 series, like that makes any damn sense. Lets release RTX as it's own card series while RTX is still pretty bad, instead of pulling an early PhysX and making RTX an add-in card. Let's release our top tier card as a TI before releasing the base card, because that makes fucking sense; so what's coming later, the 2080 ti ti? How much do you wanna bet the Titan's name is going to be completely fucked too, oh wait, they've already done that in the past with X Pascal (after having X Maxwell) and Xp; and randomly dropping GTX from the Titan name, and the names make no logical sense anyways: GTX Titan, GTX Titan black, GTX Titan Z, GTX Titan X (Maxwell), Titan X (Pascal), Titan Xp, Titan V, Titan V - CEO Edition, Titan RTX. What's next for the Titan cards, a non-RTX version called Titan GTX, or what comes after Titan RTX, Titan RTX X, Z, T, black, CEO Edition, another random letter, or what? Nvidia's naming schemes just keep getting worse and worse. It needs to stop. Honestly, whoever fucked up the naming scheme this badly needs shot, nobody needs these single digit IQ ideas, even a fucking child would have more sense to not do this. Was whoever had the job of naming Titans get promoted to name every card? The names are ridiculous enough, but then lets get into the sku bullshit they're doing now with 6 fucking cards under a single name, because that makes about as much sense as the fucking names. I hope AMD makes a comeback on the GPU side like they have on the CPU side. Please, AMD, give people a reason not to buy from a company that's apparently ran by morons.
Riley Patterson (3 months ago)
Riley is the best at tech linked
Blistikmoo (3 months ago)
My cars ,maps app shows the speed limit
nicolas thibeault (3 months ago)
Where is the red dragon..
drawsam (3 months ago)
Circuit Pro Gaming (3 months ago)
Congratutaltions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3:00
Tom Peplow (3 months ago)
Dont even joke about the KFC shortage, that is still a very sensitive subject for many of the British people #Triggered
The Indoor Outdoorsman (3 months ago)
*Cannot understand why people wouldn't just purchase the 2060. Ray tracing or not, you spend $350 and get a card that matches and outperforms a $500 card.
KeeperOfTheLight (3 months ago)
Yes!! I noticed that google had the MPH last time I used it. Neat, just like Garmin used to do back in the day.... Why would they remove this anyway?
Grytzen Veenstra (3 months ago)
GTX 6969TiTi shall be the name
intruder313 (3 months ago)
If they don’t call it the GTX 2060 or GTX 2050 then they have missed the change to just have those letters differentiate Ray tracing and non Ray racing cards...
Cornell Falconer-Lawson (3 months ago)
Just 3 easy payments of $1660
Asestar (3 months ago)
It's going to be GTX1060Ti, not 1660Ti
Ashlee Smith (3 months ago)
New format to techlinked is dope, keep it up.
Yes (3 months ago)
GTX 6969 yeah yeah
갑자 (3 months ago)
RTX 2060Ti / $399 please
QuantumBullet (3 months ago)
The license plate screen must be more fragile than the standard ones? Also nice to recode them and being able to change number or hide it very fast.
Keith (3 months ago)
Butt Why?? (3 months ago)
Riley is getting fat 🙂
The Garden of Eatin (3 months ago)
HHCHCCHYCHYpCpHpCYCpHCpHP There's a curb there.
nullr1 (3 months ago)
Lmao I like how Riley didn't know what curb feelers where but pretty much nailed it just from the name.
jb888888888 (3 months ago)
6:13 Wonder if that "Alumni" tag is only available when two or more people associated with the same car are alumni (meaning male, or at least one male and any number of female) of UC. #GrammarNazi
DawnBreaker (3 months ago)
It's Monday my dudes
therandomdot (3 months ago)
Digital license plates... awesome.. now toll dodgers can flip a switch to just blank out their license plate (or put "FU") whenever they go through a toll gate.
Kissker Venwrath (3 months ago)
Horses's teeth, unlike humans', continue to grow with age - so.. "long in the tooth" is a phrase for "getting very old"
Jacob Powers (3 months ago)
Custom plates are also 500$
Darius Hunter (3 months ago)
Nvidia. What is your naming department thinking? o.O

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