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Microsoft to preview new 'politically correct' autocorrect feature

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'The Next Revolution' panel reacts.
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Welp... going to go back to WordPad and NotePad where i came from. Windows 95 Writing > Windows 10 Writing
Marko Ristic (3 days ago)
This is one of the scariest videos i've ever seen, "1984" here we come!
Stipan Rogic (4 days ago)
Remembered of William Walace : Freeedom !!!
Chaille Smith (4 days ago)
Talk to any Leftist & they already believe G.O. 1894.
tech gadget guy 123 (4 days ago)
Imma unable that feature im not gonna give in to those communist scum!
123krompir (4 days ago)
People will start writing letters again
Craig! (4 days ago)
This is how they legalize censorship without telling anyone. Welcome to the future.
David Ney (4 days ago)
Voting machines next
jason kennedy (4 days ago)
Just want to suck all the fun out of life, thanks snowflakes.
John Smith (5 days ago)
Stop this (((communist))) PC...already!
Steve Sorenson (5 days ago)
We are in dire straits... so let’s go on our talk show and just talk about it 🤣😂🤣😂
Craig Ward (5 days ago)
Lisa was all over Fox last night! Love her and her view!
Shannon Love (5 days ago)
I think this will disqualify Microsoft Word for government contracts. There are specification in government contracts about being non-partisan.
Derp Derp (5 days ago)
Some of my favorite alternative media folk have ripped on Microsoft's new politically correct feature. Styxhexxenhammer666 and Dave Cullen had a field day with this crap. I'm waiting for Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) to go in on this crap too.
jingles009 (5 days ago)
If this is true, it's just another reason why I switched to Mac.
Primus Odyssey (5 days ago)
I sense another war is coming in less than 10 years..
PaladinJN01 Studios (5 days ago)
Well, at least now we know why it's called "Microsoft." Because that's exactly how you would describe Bill Gaites' pecker.
Scuba Steve (5 days ago)
Tech companies are losing their mind. These guys are way over the top. Soon they won’t even let you type what you want.
Patriot Trucker (5 days ago)
They sold themselves to China. Total traitors to humanity, total globalist, total social control criminals. Credit score was just a beta. Social score is what the NWO has been planning for a long time. If you bow to this,your life is over.
Ryben Flynn (5 days ago)
Does this mean it will change swear words like in the TV show "The Good Place"?
Lenny Tobin (5 days ago)
No the filthy swear words can stay as they are on TV as its run by liberal shitbags.
kurt andrews (5 days ago)
Typical liberal propaganda and mind control. They hate our Constitution and our freedoms!!!! Microsoft needs to quit being thought police!
Esra Erimez (5 days ago)
LibreOffice or OpenOffice are no cost alternatives without the thought control
David Heller (5 days ago)
The future rules!
Trinoculus P (5 days ago)
I've switched from Office 365 to the freeware suite LibreOffice with no yearly subscriptions or autocorrect rightthink nanny.If the rumors about Microsoft are true and they presume to make Windows a subscription OS, my wife will need to learn LINUX. GO POUND SAND MICROSOFT!
A A P (5 days ago)
PC autocorrect by Microsoft Trump "did you mean Hillary" Republican "did you mean Democrat" Guns "did you mean murderers" Border security "did you mean open borders" Google "did you mean bing" Ipod "did you mean zune" Wait Wtf is a zune? hahahahhahah
Adriel Lightvale (5 days ago)
Good thing I turned autocorrect off.
Rebecca Dahl (5 days ago)
I gave up on Micro$quish Office after I tried OpenOffice. Then I moved onto LibreOffice when Oracle dropped the project. Spending hundreds of dollars on an office suite? Or just to run it each year? I figure I've saved thousands of dollars and get free upgrades plus can use it offline on my computers! Wild, wacky stuff! And yes, LibreOffice runs on XP. 😂
clayton delanie (5 days ago)
Linux Mint Freedom
Catzel1 Ps4 (5 days ago)
This is idiocy and all it does is make morally reprehensible people harder to point out. What an epic fail.
PinkEye (6 days ago)
Yet another reason for using Open Office. It's free and just as good without PC and fluff.
Lois Holmes (6 days ago)
do not use them if they keep this up people talk by their action they are nothing if everyone just moves on to somewhere else
Kewl Beone (6 days ago)
F- Off - Microsoft and take tard gates with you.
its up to humans not to let that thing totally control them , this is a critical point in time , because this bottworm thing will make comies and Nazis crap their pants .  Don't use the word they , like its people companies . It is a thing that specializes in thought , mind control , and is tied in with the protozoa parasite known as Plasmosis Gondi  that mind controls everything and anything that it can.  This things algorithms are very complicated and intricate and can easily and does easily have you twisted , disordered , , fooled etc . That is what it does , that is all it does.  It wont be long before humans are ground up , mixed with cow dung , and served as rendered meat , added to the hamburger at macdonalds  the same way the pet food industry is doing it to animals. good night and good luck, your gonna need it ,..humans.
Bruce Wayne (6 days ago)
And yet leftists deny there is a problem. This lunacy is why I gave up on my liberal beliefs...
Control communism screw em all. We have to start our own screw face book google twitter without us they are nothing
inga robinson (6 days ago)
They will never pervert my thinking , it reminds me of the communist indoctrination i experienced living in former East Germany behind the wall of communism . I know the truth and the truth is not found in those that are trying to turn everything into a lie ! No one in this world is able to control me , only God !
Scott Wilson (6 days ago)
The comments about typing Trump is absolutely right i have the same problem, spell correct will NOT pop up Trump it pops up trumpet and so on. Total BS.
Mark Fennell (6 days ago)
I never use the auto correct. The first thing I do when I get a new system is to turn the AutoCorrect feature off. I only use the spelling and grammar check when I’m done with my writing. I’ve written and published over 70 books. I could never produce with an auto correct feature working as I type. Only the spellcheck and grammar check when I am almost finished.
Randy Gunn (6 days ago)
BIT ME Microsoft
G-Mack, 58. (6 days ago)
Won’t be long now before the thought police 👮🏼 send someone to your house in the middle of the night to collect you for disposal. (Gestapo)
gomerkyle420 (6 days ago)
Let me take the opportunity to remind everyone that Microsoft and Apple and silicon valley are not the only options, and are in fact, the least used options for the computing world as a whole. Countless variants of Linux are available for free, as well as free counterparts of almost every bit of software one could imagine. Free meaning not only free in cost, but free as in free-from. Free from spying, free from planned obsoletism, and free from political correctness; unless of course you want that sort of thing, in which case you have the freedom to implement if you'd like (I'm sure there's a package available somewhere, but I doubt there's such a demand in the open-source market to warrant such effort :P).
taf (6 days ago)
Can conservatives stop whining and make their own technology. Make your own Facebook, google, apple, start bucks.. these are private cooperations and they can do what ever they want with their business and if you are dumb enough not to see it they don’t look at conservatives as their prime consumers. Can’t believe you still don’t get it even after Nike. Amazing
andrew chambers (6 days ago)
All right wing groups have been suspended in italy 2 weeks before the EU Elections
they're messin with Sasquatch
Chris C (6 days ago)
Basement Berean (6 days ago)
And the only two Autocorrect Options are "Inner Party" and "Outer Party."
james gearon (6 days ago)
Aw when I saw the looney left. I was mind blown by the way they were portraying the progressive left.
April Harmony (6 days ago)
BS🤤🤤🤤 Whoa............no😭....1984 NOOOOOOO I read that book and it scared me but I never thought it would happen!!!!!
Kagiso Lekoa (6 days ago)
THat theme music = HAHAHAHAHA
perkyporkpie (6 days ago)
you will respect my authoritah!-thank you Eric
john Tan (6 days ago)
Virtual WorkSpaces (6 days ago)
Making a mountain out of a molehill. Pretty sure it's not going to be mandated. For one, anything like that, forced on consumers, goes against the culture and constitution of the United States. Two, goes against Microsoft's mission statement and goals. If anything, if even it goes past consideration and is acquired and implemented, will most likely be an optional "safety feature" for those who want to be sure that what they type, that's for mass public reading consumption, will be corrected of nuances in sensitive language so that the resulting document to be published won't offend audiences. For example, "Standing across the street, was a colored person." Yeah, there are some knuckleheads out there that still use "colored person". Nobody is freaking colored. So, this politically correct autocorrect feature could change that offending sentence to, "Standing across the street, was a person." Because, what's really the point in most cases (outside of racist text and law enforcement descriptive purposes) for anyone to have to punctuate and/or emphasize that the person across the street was a specific ethnicity??
I P freely (6 days ago)
Open office for the win
Josiah Rios (6 days ago)
Well looks like it might be time to switch to PlayStation
GSLeatherworks (6 days ago)
Microsoft can get on it’s knees and create a vacuum on my...... No matter how hard they try to regulate speech, rebellious individuals will find new ways to say exactly where they can put their political correctness. Resisting attempts at controlling speech and thought is a constitutional right! It’s a duty to those who celebrate freedom.
Made in Michigan 67 (6 days ago)
If we give them an inch...they will take the WHOLE DAM MILE!
Draken Knight (6 days ago)
Yet another feature to disable
Switch Back (6 days ago)
This is why everyone should get Linux. Because every tech giant is being bribe to censor everything that is threatening them especially free speech. They really want trump to lose. Not on 4chan watch: you have sleep agents on stand by to topple Microsoft and other leftist controlled tech companies. It’s all a matter of time until they really do something.
A R (6 days ago)
Microsoft needs to be broken up for being a monopoly.
nolo king (6 days ago)
What scares me is how this is catching on Canada is waking up, but so much damage was done
repentbelieve1 (6 days ago)
Children are not being taught cursive writing or penmanship, and rely upon the computer to correct their spelling. The art of written and verbal communication are degenerating, and now the art of independent thinking is being pummeled.
James Jones (6 days ago)
😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕😂😂😂ridiculous 😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕😂😂😂😂
Bunny Day (6 days ago)
Microsoft sucks
Robert Silvermyst (6 days ago)
This is why OpenOffice is the superior product.
Miguel Corte-Real (6 days ago)
Who Microsoft thinks it is?
Ragnar Lothbrok (6 days ago)
Brought to you by the lunatic liberal assholes at Microshit. Let’s see them auto correct that.
King And Lord (6 days ago)
Microsoft needs to sit back and learn not try to teach
King And Lord (6 days ago)
53 years old and you think you can explain to me how I should talk? Shame on you Microsoft, how I talk is none of your business. Globalist manipulation through censorship is evil, macro-dink.
Jeff Carter (6 days ago)
These tech nazis need to find a purpose, like resurrecting pol pot thier hero.
Alan Chambers (6 days ago)
I posted this on my Facebook with this description: Microsoft's new "politically correct" autocorrect feature corrects your typing to include those words and phrases that are they deem as politically correct. Policeman becomes a police person. The culture is controlling the way you speak and think. Think back to George Orwell's 1984 "Newspeak" (from Wikipedia: a controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought — personal identity, self-expression, free will — that threatens the ideology of the régime of Big Brother and the Party, who have criminalized such concepts into thoughtcrime, as contradictions of Ingsoc orthodoxy.) You may not think that this is a big deal now but one of these days they are coming after you! Remember in the headlines last year when there were government bodies that wanted church pastors to submit sermons to the government first so they can approve the message. Totalitarianism is coming to a neighborhood near you.
LostInPA (6 days ago)
Mind your own business you tech tyrants. Time to bust them up.
Tripp McDaniels (6 days ago)
Muck Ficrosoft!
Robie Billy (6 days ago)
Big Brother
Frank Sparks (6 days ago)
Open Office
Revelations Truth (6 days ago)
Glad I stopped using Microsoft and will stop with any other that follows this. Exactly why I rarely use auto correct as well. I believe you can disable the feature on most phones.
Will Hunt (6 days ago)
My account has been blocked.
Will Hunt (6 days ago)
Leave people alone. Take your PC crap and send it to Obama.
Casey Ronson (6 days ago)
Casey Ronson (6 days ago)
Mike Oliver (6 days ago)
Accept this or your social credit score will be lowered. 😑
Mike Oliver (5 days ago)
+David Heller tell that to Americans being denied access to services based on wrong-think accusations, in China a citizen's social credit score is determined by the government while here in the US it is being determined collectively by the corporations.
David Heller (5 days ago)
Mike Oliver Credit score will not happen in USA that is in China
Toadsmoothy 1960 (6 days ago)
Silicon Valley is owned by Democrats and Communist China. To Democrats, Orwell's 1984 is not a warning, it's a road map to Power. The first thing to go is Freedom of Speech. Why don't you talk about Conservatives being banned off social media?
Zale Chan (6 days ago)
evil stuff
sue bjorklund (6 days ago)
Microsoft sold out. STUPIDITY AT IT'S FINEST!!!!
Sebastian Ortega (6 days ago)
The left must be destroyed punch a leftist when you see one they are the scum of the earth
Compscilaw (6 days ago)
I said F*** N****** on YouTube and it censored me.
Haemosu l (6 days ago)
We wont do anything about it and when '1984' comes the population will welcome it. Prove me wrong.
QUAZOR (6 days ago)
Microsoft can go F^&% themselves right in the P$%^y !
whynotcannabis (6 days ago)
Auto Correct is more like Auto Censorship 😂
Chickens Don't Surf (6 days ago)
This is double plus ungood.
American Citizen (6 days ago)
Are their any normal tech companies out there? Hike up your skirt Microsoft!
Registered Democrat (6 days ago)
Still baffles me how this Monopoly still exists.
William Carlile (6 days ago)
Could certainly backfire on them. What are some other alternatives?
Phillip Lopez (6 days ago)
If you won't say something nice yourself, then it holds no value to me when your computer apologizes for you.
Anita V. Vassar (6 days ago)
Then the good people of Microsoft that created that program should each lose their American Citizenship rights in America & given a one way ticket out of America. Along with Mark Zuckerberg.
Shoeless b (6 days ago)
Windows 10 is such a complete POS that I switched to Linux for all my PC OS. Just turn auto correct off. If you can't spell , open another window with a dictionary. Auto correct is a useless component!
Joe Piervincenti (6 days ago)
The shooters are shooting the wrong people.
mountainfolks (6 days ago)
If you type in B u t, Butigieg comes up, If you type T r u , Trump comes up. Sad she needed to lie to make her fake point.
Ken Guarino (6 days ago)
It's so funny how the left liberal platforms think nothing of jamming their views down our throat but soon as a Christian or conservative makes their claim about something then they all up in arms that they don't want us to jam it down their throat, but it's always okay for the other side to do it, they are messed up deceived and deranged individuals that don't know what is right and what is true! Another example of hypocrisy of the hilt with a liberal loony left!
Patriot (6 days ago)
BILL GATES can go F himself. We shall correct the autocorrect feature or disable it!
David Heller (5 days ago)
Patriot How dare you sir how dare you!?
Patriot (6 days ago)
BUTT - GAG shall always be spelt BUTT-GAG!

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