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Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic ジミ・ヘンドリックス

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ELECTRIC CHURCH MUSIC Spanish Castle Magic 9-1-1969 Stockholm, Sweden アトランタポップブルーレイhttp://www.amazon.co.jp/Jimi-Hendrix-Electric-Church-Blu-ray/dp/B012UNH336/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1442866036&sr=1-1&keywords=jimi+hendrix
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Text Comments (45)
Nicole Costa (1 month ago)
You guys should have a listen to Yngwie Malmsteen’s live version, it kills this one!
Ricardo Lugo (2 months ago)
[Verse 1] It's very far away It takes about a half a day to get there If we travel by my, dragonfly No it's not in Spain But all the same you know, it's a groovy name And the wind's just right Hey! [Chorus] Hang on my darling Hang on if you want to go Hear it's a really groovy place It's uh, just a little bit of uh, said uh -- Spanish Castle Magic [Verse 2] The clouds are really low And they overflow with cotton candy And battlegrounds red and brown But it's all in your mind Don't think your time on bad things Just float your little mind around Look out! Ooh [Chorus] Hang on my darling, yeah Hang on if you want to go It's a really groovy place It's just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic [Bridge/Instrumental] It's all in your mind Yeah [Chorus] Hang on my darling, hey Hang on, hang on if you want to go It's just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic Little bit of Spanish Castle Magic [Outro] Oh, yeah It's all in your mind Everything's going to be alright
USONOFAV (4 months ago)
you suppose to listen to this while on acid trip.
Egebam Yasi (5 months ago)
Kelly Desbiens (6 months ago)
Daxcheese555 (7 months ago)
This sounds very lousy. The instruments are not in tune with each other(guitar) and the guitar solo is sloppy and harmonically muddy. If you saw someone play like this at a venue today you'd feel sorry for the band, and the audience for putting up with it.
joseph bvr (1 month ago)
Whatever. Your opinion is lousy. Nobody is better than Hendrix. Ask all the best guitarists about him. I've been through countless bands from multiple genres. To think he died at 27 is amazing what he did what have u done?
Stewart Lybrand (1 month ago)
I would turn off the comments for this one. You're obviously tone deaf. Hendrix!
Endless Bliss (2 months ago)
That's his style of playing and why he had such a big charm. His playing was so sloppy it sounded great
Des thefrenchrapper (3 months ago)
You obviously don't understand he is deliberately trying to create dissonance and experimenting. You must understand all the nuances of music to fully enjoy
Thomas Clark (3 months ago)
1967 recording technology for you . if you want clean music why you listening to 60's R&B ??? Listen to jazz or some shitty indie pop
secondamendment (7 months ago)
More please
Jake the Snake (8 months ago)
Poised chaos in the form of sound.
rod smolter (8 months ago)
amazing guitar solo
Jose Assunção (8 months ago)
Ariel Lorusso (8 months ago)
Someone likes to play with the red channel
Jeff Reed (9 months ago)
Nothing but BAD ASS!!!!
Odi et Amo The Essene (9 months ago)
Crushing everthing in his path..." suckas turn, suckahs burn." ...."coming down your throat like BARKLEY"..(my lyrics might be incorrect , actually from P.E.)
daedrmr2dae (9 months ago)
I love that at 1:12 "if we travel by my ffffffft........~~~dragonfly~~~ ....whhhooo"
Pet Web (1 year ago)
primitives arschloch fanatismuss bereit zu stellen für sonnentempler mordschwadronismuss!!!!
Edward Evans (1 year ago)
Great song. Is Jimi playing out of key / out of tune?
Solomon McQueen (25 days ago)
Hendrix tuned down to Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.
Stewart Lybrand (1 month ago)
Listen to the solo and you will see, no it's tuned just right!
Thomas Clark (3 months ago)
Because he hails from the blues " theory of music ? Fuck outta here " 8)
Egebam Yasi (5 months ago)
who careggs
Gris-Age (11 months ago)
Yes, he is (I'm a guitar player, by the way) ! That was not a rare thing for Hendrix not being really tuned in live situation, mainly because of the use of his vibrato arm, but he seems pretty out of tune on this one :D ! You can also sometime hear him/watch him tuning his guitar during songs, while playing (instead of between the songs)...
onthelibrarycomputer (1 year ago)
Both primitive and futuristic all at the same time - nothing today can touch this! When today's corporate sponsored pop is just a 5 sec cringe in the future and I mean 100s of years in the future Hendrix and his ilk (The Beatles etc) will be as important as the classical composers when time has put all music in perspective.
joseph bvr (1 month ago)
It may sound "futuristic" to you but idk why, and by hundreds of years? Nah, but he did make some unique and dynamic pieces of original material, he captured magic in his playing and touched the strings just right. My personal favorite guitarist, it's quite obvious why in this song. To me this is the Pinnacle of guitar playing, and his voice demands respect with convincing tone.
AnOldGuitarFan (1 year ago)
Yes. It was great. Thanks for sharing.
Odi et Amo The Essene (1 year ago)
Noel: motherfucker won't let me play lead, shit.
Odi et Amo The Essene (1 year ago)
For some reason, he seems eerily familiar.
Chris Lewis (1 year ago)
what a entertainer. I see why Jimi Hendricks is so revered in the world.
extra solar (1 year ago)
Eric-Scott Bloom (1 year ago)
takes a hit off his dragonfly! JIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric-Scott Bloom (1 year ago)
Eric-Scott Bloom (1 year ago)
am i seeing and hearing what i am seeing and hearing?
Bob Bailey (1 year ago)
Eric-Scott Bloom unequivocally
Jahmila Rosario (1 year ago)
Funtorture (1 year ago)
すご い ビデオ, ありがとございます.
esquibelle (1 year ago)
Genius & pure love
Dora Živulović (2 years ago)
* * * * *
Tiago Sant Silva (2 years ago)
javier sos (2 years ago)
# 1

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