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Camera Store Hires Half Naked Models To Clean The Store On Opening Day

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Text Comments (349)
Damnight (1 year ago)
bart's talking about westworld in 2015 :o
Provanci Frutua (3 years ago)
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Tyler McCoy (3 years ago)
I thought it was going to say over night because then the guy would have some jerk material
David Sherbakov (3 years ago)
Bart your a freaking Genius
David Sherbakov (3 years ago)
You have an awesome imagination Bart
Lee Maliqui (3 years ago)
Thats so unsanitary
wrkin90044 (3 years ago)
damn geo always talking down on other girls
Krimson Grant (3 years ago)
And could girls do the James Bond experience? No guys allowed, I want all the people who I'm shooting half dressed and hot.
Krimson Grant (3 years ago)
I like how bart asks her to hire models and gios like "Uh hu" and doesn't even look away. :3
moon (3 years ago)
Man Bart us dead ass serious 😂😂
Giselle H (3 years ago)
"It's a lifestyle, for a day" That's good, Joe 👌 Seriously JB DAY must happen
Adriana Escalante (3 years ago)
Bart's suggestion... Who watched that Castle episode?
Th3 Adonis (3 years ago)
I love yall discussion vids, idk why but I enjoy watching you guys
MrDaxy (3 years ago)
Jk news.. Adding James bond, Disney, and a porn club all together xD
C Ma (3 years ago)
surprised no one said they'd open mcdonald's LOL
Klyru (3 years ago)
They said Nikon wrong, you pronounce it Nick-On
Karolina Kalfas (3 years ago)
If i was gonna have a respectable establishment.. It would always be halloween teamed hahaha 😂
Karolina Kalfas (3 years ago)
Hahahaha Bart 😂
AaronJacko123 (3 years ago)
When he started talkin bout James Bond thing I got hyped and then he said get in a lambo, everyone knows JB drives an Aston Martin
xoladiihoneyxo (3 years ago)
"Who the hell thumbs down man?" lol.
Matilda George (3 years ago)
i hope they don't upload as much as they do for more money -_-"
jjlwis (3 years ago)
Joe, what about Cafe Lu, OR Bikini Baristas it's a chain in AZ.
Toyama (3 years ago)
It's me, Mauve (3 years ago)
*cringing every time someone says Nikon wrong*
Dorian Rosario (3 years ago)
Haha 2:15 "oh my muduh bullshit"
Xilen7 (3 years ago)
Bart's idea can be done in Australia. 1. Prostitution businesses are legal as long as they're registered in the state. 2. There's a huge expanse of land (outback) where you can build bases/villain lairs. 3. It's a liberal country.
Lake Cash (3 years ago)
*Aston Martin
WowZa (3 years ago)
It's funny how at first Geo said she would have a gym then she changes it to a candy shop🚴🏽🍬🍭
Alak Magalhães (3 years ago)
6:15 That was a perfect David So laugh!!
FireStormBaller (3 years ago)
The problem is that if the models are selling the cameras, they need to have a brain. That's why they're just cleaning instead.
stalkingself (3 years ago)
Bart's idea reminds me of the ninja themed restaurant in new york. ninjas attack you! haha Not for those who want a peaceful meal ;p If I had a bunch load of money, it would go to animal rescues and sanctuaries. <3
Markstubation01 (3 years ago)
Don't Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister only hire models to work in their stores?
Crystal Dice (3 years ago)
+Markstubation01 They usually hire attractive people, but no that's not true. I know people who work at their stores, you can even look at the requirements to get hired. They just want attractive people working there.
Markstubation01 (3 years ago)
+Crystal Dice I know a guy who works at Hollister and he is a model. All his colleagues look like models.
Crystal Dice (3 years ago)
DonAntonio6 (3 years ago)
So they have to hire new people to die by the customer every time.
Si Ian Tan (3 years ago)
I think there are already companies offering the "spy" experience in the US.
Dustin Shadle (3 years ago)
Check into Tilted Kilt and Twin Peaks restaurants Joe
Glutton For Food (3 years ago)
From 3:42 to 4:10
Conrad Burns (3 years ago)
I think Bart has been watching a little too much total recall
StarryMaple (3 years ago)
the more joe talks about how he would be like in a relationship, the more i want to be his girlfriend lmao
SlushiePlushie (3 years ago)
Bart's James Bond land would be so fucking crazy there would be like 100 dudes (and horny lesbians) riding around in Lamborghinis half of them would be taking IG pics like 40 dudes would be fucking on top of trains for some reason then the rest would just be shooting everyone. It would just be awesome chaos
50cent Cakes (3 years ago)
Buddy Van Cigrit (3 years ago)
If I owned the camera store across the street, I would have hired fully naked models to clean my store that day.
Jena Cide (3 years ago)
Carl's Jr lol, unfortunately I have a permanent negative association with them. There is one just down the street from me, but the handful of times I went there in my teens they had these disgusting soggy ass buns, also the people there like didn't speak any english at all and apparently had no one on staff who did. They probably have a new manager and don't suffer those problems all these years later and it was location specific I'm sure, but I still can't bring myself to go there or to any other. They ruined it for me, bastards, lol.  Aaaaand that's like my third long winded comment no one is going to give a shit to read. Something about JKnews brings out my over talkative side, even if I'm just basically talking to myself, lol.
Jena Cide (3 years ago)
If Joe started his own airline I would never fly anything else again, of course I'd probably only be able to afford it once every 10 years, lol. Halloween themes, cracked me the hell up. I fucking love that shit though, I would totally pay more for experiences like that. Have adult only flights too, no babies/kids allowed, which I was already figuring for some of the ones like schoolgirls, lol, but that alone would sell me on it. And it's only tacky Geo if the costumes are cheap and tacky, you put the right money into professional shit and they could be awesome, Joe knows what he's doing. I want to live in Joe's world! If it's something that people are paying a lot for, those girls could be really well paid. You get girls who want to be actresses/models someday and have no problem showing off their bodies and they are paid awesome, I see no problem with it, everyone's happy. They'll know the deal up front before they start, no surprises. If they're making good money that can put them through school or acting classes or anything else they're after, awesome. It's not right for everyone obviously, but I'm betting there are plenty who are totally up for that. You could probably even set up some sort of system to help them out professionally through connections after they've worked for a certain amount of time, help draw girls in. Get them out into the professions they're after before they age out, draw in younger people who are looking for opportunities. Damn it sounds so bad saying it like that, but if done right I really think there is a way for everyone to genuinely benefit. And Joe would totally be one of those bosses who sincerely cares about his employees and isn't out to screw them over. I am the opposite of Joe when it comes to spending money though. I am such an idiot with money, must be a white people thing. I'm just like take it, take it all!
Jena Cide (3 years ago)
Ok, that's it, I'm totally going to have to think up some badass unique way of making money. Bart's idea is awesome but I need to start with something smaller to come up with the cash for something like that, lol.
GreyFace (3 years ago)
feminist cry when they get "objectified", whilst girls agree to get naked for money.
Vaal (3 years ago)
I thumbs up for Tommy. :3
Lolman240 (3 years ago)
2:40 In South Korea, two adjacent barber shop spiral poles signify a happy ending massage parlor
Supreme Etnel (3 years ago)
Bart's imagination is too long and specific
Supreme Etnel (3 years ago)
Brandon is a Genuis. Blow job hair cuts!. I like this guy
Safwan Hussaini (3 years ago)
CrossingFires (3 years ago)
"James Bond Experience" how about Bond James Experience "BJ Experience"!
Danceofmasks (3 years ago)
The Bond, James experience? BJ for short
Bud Escoto (3 years ago)
How would they know when to call you for the mission like can they tell when you're gunna nut?
VicckyElizabeth (3 years ago)
I knew it was Nikon
joeromero92 (3 years ago)
copyright it or trade mark it hahaha
kelly tran (3 years ago)
"For some reason today it's actually triple the price" "Shut up and take my money"
mui robson (3 years ago)
james bond dont drive lamborghini, Aston Martin is what james bond drives, just sharing
Puro (3 years ago)
naikon :D
Candace Paige (3 years ago)
omg the editing on this!! lmfao !! hilarious on tommys scene, when joe cut him off! hahahahaha
Morally Filthy (3 years ago)
Bart just has one of the most amazing imaginations ever. xD
Ryan (3 years ago)
(In the background) ewww oral necklace?!
Not Real (3 years ago)
Wait wait wait wait wait did geo just say it would be legal to do that stuff in the emirates?? HAHAHHAHA if alcohol is illegal.... Would you think they would allow sexual stuff
Boomken76 (3 years ago)
while im sure some "angry"groups would say its objectifying Bart has a point if there informed and selling the products there are some men that get bone stupid and would by anything, personal I consider that a super power women have.
samplesound (3 years ago)
This was a great episode
Childish (3 years ago)
Anyone else just want to karate chop the top of joes hair?
The Fussel (3 years ago)
On the subject of buying things: When will Bart finally get a nice watch?
xybersurfer (3 years ago)
i read "Camera Store Fires Half Naked Models To Clean The Store On Opening Day" as the title. funny how a letter flips the meaning.
Projekt (3 years ago)
I'm begging somebody to open up a kickstarted for the jb experience
Walter green jr (3 years ago)
keep up the good work
Bryan Nguyen (3 years ago)
So Joe is a horny Chinese guy
Bien1986 (3 years ago)
They have the bond experience didn't you guys talk about it on here?!?!?! I saw a video on YouTube
Blu (3 years ago)
I'm thinking out loud ,but is there a way for jk news to implement the 360 feature that YouTube just added. It would be amazing to be able to direct the angles ourselves. But idk , they do minors edits to the video , so I don't ever see them doing it anytime soon.w
do it in navada
Kevin Xue (3 years ago)
Doesn't James Bond drive Aston Martins, not Lamborghinis.
justpadge (3 years ago)
I LIKE how Geo's shirt fits
리아 (3 years ago)
Joe is going places.
epique wenqa aka epik (3 years ago)
i dont understand how geo can tahan listening to bart talk about busting nuts and all this over n over again. iw ould be so ever bored..my frens talk abuto sex all the time and im  already bored listening
Jun (3 years ago)
Can "tahan"?
Kyle D (3 years ago)
+pikakiko Its not like he's like this off camera 24/7....Its for the video... The channel is called JUST KIDDING films.... if it was just a news station nobody would give a single fuck.
whatsup914 (3 years ago)
JB experience aka Justin Bieber experience
NyKo 18 (3 years ago)
Dragonball is getting a new series after 18 years
epique wenqa aka epik (3 years ago)
naikon?? you mean neekon...
Chantal Jolicoeur (3 years ago)
Talk about mayweather and pacquio's fight!!! Plz
Xiaolin Li (3 years ago)
There's a Chinese movie that is like Bart's idea. People would pay to have the experience of being rich or a chairman.
The Awesomeness Gamer (3 years ago)
What happened to the episodes with two news articles?
William Pritchett (3 years ago)
What insurance company will keep insuring you if you keep crashing your lamborghinis, and crashing is allowed for the JB clients?
Sonny Chiba (3 years ago)
Lol what Bart's describing sounds like Freddie Wong's Far cry vacation video ^_^
Mitchell L. (3 years ago)
Haha I was thinking of that too
G G2 (3 years ago)
All you dislikers go to hell.
Anonymous Human Being (3 years ago)
The James Bond experience sounds like something Barney Stinson came up with
Dario Jauregui (3 years ago)
What happened to having two articles in one episode?? Really miss that.
Tommy Lam (3 years ago)
NYC would be the cities that have it. But if you dont have the high income, they wouldn't tell you these things happen.
Just Tiffany (3 years ago)
I want the " Running man" experience
Victor Lu (3 years ago)
Don't forgot the Vietnamese Cafe with the half naked girls that still work!
Eddie C (3 years ago)
Bart wants to bust, CMONN Geo!!
Chuccy Sierra (3 years ago)
Jo need to come to Houston and hit up Chulas of I10 +JustKiddingNews
Kenshi (3 years ago)
I would own a blade store. Fear my blade
Adonis Tolentino (3 years ago)
The jb experience is going to increase the amount of hiv/aids in the country
Quadruple Flame (3 years ago)
the justin bieber experience you can have all the 12 years olds you like but you will go to jail for 10 - 15 and a big black guy will make love to you
Benta Dayana (3 years ago)
I agree with you @Geo_Antoinette candy shop all the way.
naiomi nan (3 years ago)
I miss the day where the episodes were 15 minutes. Now a days the episodes are 6 min ties
DR MELANIN (3 years ago)
Sounds like Jason Statham movie.
KovuTheKid (3 years ago)
Mothra Gothra (3 years ago)
never make financial decisions when you have a boner.

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