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Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic (Tulsa, OK 1970) (Audio)

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Text Comments (14)
zorba nongreco (3 months ago)
great song, fabulous performance...but??? shitty sound 😎😐there must be a better quality recording !???!?? even so this delivers 😍😍godAlmighty!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🐂💨💨💨💨💨💨💨
Kelven Dyson (10 months ago)
this was on my birthday!!! i had just turned.....5!!
Patrick Foster (3 years ago)
To the EVH superfan who wouldn't allow responces. Eddie was a great guitar player and I was a huge fan of his when I was a kid but really outgrew VH music, never listen to it anymore. I was also a huge fan of Hendrix when I was a kid, however, as I got older the more I appreciate Hendrix. You see Eddie is one of the best rock guitarist ever but Hendrix is one of the best ARTIST ever. Big difference between guitarist and true artist. Hendrix paved the way for metal, hard rock, funk rock, prog rock, jazz rock even alternative style ballads and some other stuff there is just no name for. Jimi was a master songwriter, lyricist, singer and of course a musician of the highest calibre. On the other hand Eddie gave us hammer ons and some pop rock tunes. And who cares who rated who "the best ever" bullshit. It's music, not a sport, and is subjective. No such thing as the best. BTW not dogging Eddie, Unchained and 1984 were really good records, but Axis and Electricladyland are timeless masterworks.
Patrick Foster (2 years ago)
+noora it was from Nov 2015 dumbass. it has to be over two years before replies are auto disabled.
Gregory Deering (3 years ago)
Gentlemen (not really)! We still care about Eddie, and we love every opportunity to hear ANYTHING from Master Jimi. Stop the bitching. If you don't wanna hear it don't listen. But guess what!?!?! You WILLhear it EVERY TIME YOU LISTEN TO ROCK GUITAR.
PremiiumTVand STUFF (1 year ago)
Whats this about? They missin Prince?
Willis Green (3 years ago)
does anyone anywhere have A/V of his concert in April 70, in Sacramento, Ca. ?
George Kanakaris (2 years ago)
I have audio.
TheEarthBlues2 (5 years ago)
Yes. Black Gold.
Jacqueline Bailey (5 years ago)
So funny, E V H being voted greatest guitarist of all time, all tone deaf obviously!!!
TulsaGirlForever (5 years ago)
This is so freegin' awesome, thank you JHVEVO for posting this. Those of us OLD ENUFF that were AT THIS CONCERT appreciate a recording, no matter how medieval it is. Sure others have come along that understand their guitar as well as Jimi did, but it's all time and space. VH and SRV were INFANTS while this recording was being done. Just enjoy the memories of what. in 1970. was new & different. Enjoy the fact that JH bothered to stop in Tulsa and give us a taste of reverb & mind expanding notes.
Vince Davies (5 years ago)
...and now we are fully starting to realise how godlike Hendrix talents were, nobody cares about Eddie Van Halen anymore. JH was and still is the most inventive and expressive electric guitarist who ever walked this planet despite being 43 years gone.
Bandana Steve (5 years ago)
jimi hendrix has been dead for 40 some years were you expecting a new album?
Jacqueline Bailey (5 years ago)
No one forced you to listen it, could say that about any music that's played over and over, unfortunately Jimi's not around to give his fans something new.

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