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This Machinima were done before Microsoft bought Minecraft! :D What will happen in Microsoft's MINECRAFT?! You will see this in our new Machinima and btw. why should this happen, will Microsoft add Microsoft Office? CAN WE GET 2000 LIKES? :D ☛ ᏞᎪST VᎥᎠᎬᎾ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Z_-VnDzN0&list=UUjewtQLpJEENPLbrCtb6YpA&index=13 This video is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously! :) If you like this Video it would be AWESOME if you show some support by leaving a LIKE! It would be also awesome if you SUBSCRIBE to us! :D → Actors: daniloy1018452, GNH100, theaxeman5005, LeviJWZ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrazyFoxMovies Music: Kevin Mcleod: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ Instrumental Core: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheInstrumentalCore Sound effects: http://freesound.org/ Party Music: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheK391 Yes I know, Minecraft Microsoft already happened ! :3
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Text Comments (931)
metty 214 (10 days ago)
It actually is
The Alchemist King (10 months ago)
ahh remember when this was just a joke video and haddened predicted the future
The Jelly (1 year ago)
Windows be upgrade troops outside of windows?
Neer Mille (1 year ago)
this is trash (sorry for hate i really love you but this is trash)
Luke H (1 year ago)
Your stupid mincraft is owned by Microsoft
Minecraft Crawford (1 year ago)
This video was made on my brithday!!!
Make a part two!
FynnZeigt (1 year ago)
Now its reallity
Max gamer 20 (1 year ago)
It's already owned by microsoft.
MCGDLM (1 year ago)
:/:) | ^ :(
Δ Delta (1 year ago)
mojang just get bought by bill gates
ChrisPhil Gaming (1 year ago)
David Horvath (1 year ago)
Xx FazenZoomed107 xX (1 year ago)
Read the description
Beatrix Marco.Mateo (1 year ago)
Minecraft IS owned by microsoft
Hypro (1 year ago)
Guys.. Not already mincecraft owned by microsoft?? (2017)
Mẹ Yeon Tan (1 year ago)
They are
L18 (1 year ago)
1:30 is was always _mine_ /craft
OddBloxstuff (1 year ago)
already it is...
Acar Erker (1 year ago)
Omg old songs
ShicoLoveLife (1 year ago)
Who would've thought Microsoft actually bought it
nightly kitty kitten (1 year ago)
sasassasalon N p h
Ewan Raine (1 year ago)
Notch: What a beautiful day! Me: It’s night time. And then it takes him all morning to run across a town.
haydengyt2010 (1 year ago)
Well first of all minecraft is owned by Microsoft
DorkusFish HD (1 year ago)
Wow, he had no idea what shit awaited in minecraft, I stopped playing when notch left minecraft, fast forward to 2017, AND THERE A F**KING SHOP FOR SKINS?!?!?! This is why minecraft sucks. I remember when, it was you, a PC, and the internet, to find mods, install them, and play em' instead, you have to buy them. There is one good thing though, the "Togetherness" With every console, and or device can connect to the same server... I wish Notch would be able to come back, or at the very least OPEN MICROSOFT'S EYES!!!
BlitzWolf (1 year ago)
lucas oof (1 year ago)
I want your skin :(
Chips And Giggles (1 year ago)
And they did
Afnan Azam Faez (1 year ago)
microsoft bought minecraft alreaddy.
Saber stickman (1 year ago)
No i HATE MICROSOFT You made my friend cry last time Microsoft
vlad1 (1 year ago)
Juon Kiku (1 year ago)
oh my...
[1] DerpyCubed (1 year ago)
I hate microsoft!!!
Saad Khamis (1 year ago)
Share sure hope command 1K
Hints are true
8lobbo (1 year ago)
this video has been ironic since microsoft bought minecraft
Atleast they didn't break it like Disney broke CP
kenny (1 year ago)
minecraft is owned by microsoft
ERIK AYVAZYAN (1 year ago)
funny but not enough to make me smile
Ethan Blair (1 year ago)
It is
Seez (1 year ago)
tf this predicted the future
DankMemesBoi (1 year ago)
Minecraft if from Microsoft its every day
Seow Mei Yen (1 year ago)
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Branix (1 year ago)
If [Apple] Bought minecraft
7AK3D GAMES (1 year ago)
Well it is now...
Cody Jones (1 year ago)
not cool
Khris Wilburn (1 year ago)
it was great im getting it a like and subscribe even a bell :} my first time giveing people that
Barbara Margas (1 year ago)
Superm3000 (1 year ago)
1IGN rating
xoxodes gt (1 year ago)
buuurnnnn microscoooft
mene töihin (1 year ago)
In America: Microsoft Bought Minecraft IN SOVIET RUSSIA: Minecraft Bought Microsoft
GibCRew - Minecraft (1 year ago)
If Minecraft buy microsoft
Alex Cruz (1 year ago)
CrazyFoxMovies do if there was a girl mode
Mc Potato (1 year ago)
microsoft suck
김범석 (1 year ago)
Microsoft Is Making An Partnership Only
Toys and fun games (1 year ago)
I think Notch got minecraft back didn't he?
Sans _ (1 year ago)
if roblox owned minecraft
Manuella Nababan (1 year ago)
crazyfoxmovie can you do if herobrine and entity 303 marride?like me if you can do it!
LegenDarY 97 (1 year ago)
What's the name of the music on 2:16
Jay Fischer (2 years ago)
This video sucked
annisa panda gamer TV (2 years ago)
pls that will not happen
Rolian Sarmiento (2 years ago)
if invasion s were added in minecraft
Lauri-Anne Gerlach (2 years ago)
whispereq (2 years ago)
What the Heck? Notch is not Stupid like he is on this Video!
HOW DID U PREDICT THIS AND WHY?!! Oh and btw ur profile pic is cringey
new channel sxncheq (2 years ago)
Lol Microsoft already buy minecraft
Lauri-Anne Gerlach (2 years ago)
Minecraft is already owned by Microsoft voor 2 biljion dollar
DanaDoodles (2 years ago)
Doubt (2 years ago)
Too bad.
RandomFire (2 years ago)
I bet Microsoft saw this & said "hmm" "That's An idea" FEW YEARS LATER, Minecraft news! ------------------------------------------------- Microsoft adds llamas to minecraft!!!
M3M3Sᄃᄆᄆᄂ ッ (2 years ago)
EarthMonster (2 years ago)
The Albanian Tiger (2 years ago)
Yes , i really of Microsoft this is dude of Minecraft . REALLY ..YOU ARE SHOW TO Minecraft.net THE MICROSOFT LOGO. YES I REALLY:-):-):-):-):-):-)
MrJoePro (2 years ago)
3 years later and u have predicted the future...
BriqMaster (2 years ago)
They Did Buy It... 😐
The Gooch Alexander (2 years ago)
It is owned by Microsoft now
LolerioNark (2 years ago)
Notch was a genius. -RIP Minecraft 2015
Antonsanti21 (2 years ago)
Dis hapend in real life
August Loveday (2 years ago)
Are you marcos
Skywtaker (2 years ago)
Who the bae You the bae
Skywtaker (2 years ago)
❤️💚 💙💛
Hyp_r (2 years ago)
Oh I get the part where he dies after eating the apple because 'Apple'
ItzHarobiz (2 years ago)
Bro Microsoft already bought Minecraft
Hyp_r (2 years ago)
Don't be so over smart , this was BEFORE Minecraft was sold
calculator8929 (2 years ago)
Who got a microsoft ad before the video started 😂
A New Dislike >:)
HyperGhost (2 years ago)
Wait, shouldn't Notch have to pay to get in the Microsoft Castle!? A window should've popped up saying: Walk inside DLC - $30.00
Derp Face (2 years ago)
Link8304 - Gaming in Hyrule bill will add Xbox
Marius Katutis (2 years ago)
Link8304 - Gaming in Hyrule minecraft is ruined completly
Phillip jed Dagson (2 years ago)
Its true bill gates owe minecraft he bought it for 1.2million$
HeraldicBanner (2 years ago)
More like $2.5 billion
Lonely Journey (2 years ago)
When you make a video about something that's not real and it actually becomes real
BlenDerpo (2 years ago)
+Kieran Marshall ya know what purple shep calls toaster, +Kieran Marshall 
+Kieran Marshall fk u
ACupOfWater (2 years ago)
Kieran Marshall xD
BlenDerpo (2 years ago)
ya wanna know what purple sheep calls explodingtnt, +Ireactivate231 Growtopia
BlenDerpo (2 years ago)
+KillerBeast951  RUDE!
maryloup3boyz (2 years ago)
no because he had a apple! ya get it?
what about the pineapple?
Jjen 007 (2 years ago)
maryloup3boyz ohhhhg..
Janebro Dikson (2 years ago)
Look in desc for music comment strollers!
Fran2002 (2 years ago)
Done now
Lhynzel Castro (2 years ago)
if minecraft was bought by Google
HOLYMATTHEW 4570 (2 years ago)
Microsoft is the best u who hate Microsoft Go to hell
Blaise DellaRocco (1 year ago)
MattMultiGamer Boy , have u heard of an opinion?
xyndesi (1 year ago)
MattMultiGamer Boy and now they owned Minecraft. f Microsoft.
Luhmero (2 years ago)
MattMultiGamer Boy this video is a fucking joke.
Lenny Nguyen (2 years ago)
A Meme Addict Notch Was Born in 1979
Hyp_r (2 years ago)
I think my mother was also born in 1979
chibb3r_ (2 years ago)
dat door sound doe 0:28
CactusGamer24 (2 years ago)
dat sounded like a old minecraft pe sound
X_Master_man_ 69 (2 years ago)
I am using windows Xp sorry Microsoft
SMMN09 (2 years ago)
Wendy Gronnestad (2 years ago)
It is
Ggg Fightklub (2 years ago)
It is and you should of known that
Hyp_r (2 years ago)
This Video was created BEFORE Microsoft bought Minecraft.
CarchCarch2 (2 years ago)
There is already a vid of this

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