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2.24.19 #MWC19

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Are you excited yet? I am!
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birujinggasaja (1 day ago)
Interesting ….
Nick C (2 days ago)
Really hope its for hololens 2! I have a grant to buy a hololens to create a cool experience for young teens so really hope it gets released and shipped right away. Least i can use the emulator before then though.
David Gomes (3 days ago)
This looks like a MEMS scanning mirror with Bragg polarization gratings applied to the mirror surface designed to refract the scanned laser image light at different angles so as to create an expanded field of view. The technique is described in the following Microsoft and Microvision patent applications. MSFT 2016 https://patents.google.com/patent/US10088686B2/ MVIS 2013 https://patents.google.com/patent/US8579443B2/
orsobrunomunich (3 days ago)
A Stone (as a Milestone) shot true a new Chip in a Network. And this in B RC L N on 02 24 19 (#MWC19) IN Maybe Surface Mobile?
Torben Vesterager (3 days ago)
Welcome to the demoscene, Microsoft 😎
Ken Heslip (3 days ago)
@ 0:24 Optical fiber?
Robert Clear (4 days ago)
What month is 24? are there more than 24 months in USA? everywhere else in the world we have 12!!! :P
The ALCHEMIST (4 days ago)
Microsoft have invented the coaxial cable?
Preston McCauley (4 days ago)
Wish I could be there in person!
Vanita Cabral (4 days ago)
I suppose it's the the HPU 2.0.
rohan fernandes (4 days ago)
Surface phone
Roasted Content (4 days ago)
It's some medical equipment. TRUST ME.
Xavier Matews (4 days ago)
Roasted Content (4 days ago)
Microsoft Carbon fibre ropes for hanging apple sheeps to death. Great!
Marcell Bozsik (4 days ago)
Anyone knows the song ?
Michal Š (4 days ago)
Hololens 2.0? :o
Lan G (4 days ago)
This intricate web of carbon-fibre-optics, bound by microprocessors may very well cease my perpetual descent into the abyss of unrelenting sufferage. Or at least give me something to talk about.
Gr8Success (4 days ago)
yeah... except nobody cares about augmented reality until virtual reality take off with 210 degrees fov and foviated rendering
Lan G (4 days ago)
Whoa! Carbon-Fibre-Optic frame, with microchips for joints! And liquid metal so you can enjoy technological superiority over Arnold Schwarzenegger and finally terminate John Connor.
Hoowwwww (4 days ago)
I have lot of ideas, Microsoft please hire me !!! <3
Hoowwwww (4 days ago)
AR/VR will go mainstream the day it'll only requiere you to wear something like normal glasses or even just a contact lens
bonte jonathan (4 days ago)
0:11 Graphene ?
Adnan Matouri (4 days ago)
Carbon fiber
Awesomegamerscientist (4 days ago)
Anyone here from Techlinked?
John Holmes (4 days ago)
Yeah, I saw the BARCELONA at the end there, too. I read it as it was playing and then kept rewinding to confirm. Glad it wasn't just me. Wonder what's happening in Barcelona? Hope it's good news. I'm ready for the next gen HoloLens.
ga_.to (4 days ago)
Search for Electromagnetic coil is interesting how it may be related to the video
ga_.to (4 days ago)
You should called this video “dennou coil” ;) *is an anime, search it
ga_.to (4 days ago)
Chips (a lot of them) Magnesium ores Magnesium cover chip Silicon(? Strips of silicon Silicon cover magnesium ...
Vardhan Shrivastava (4 days ago)
This follows Fluent Design System better than windows 10
Icybubba (4 days ago)
"Windows Lite" will too, until Windows 10 is fully on Windows Core OS we'll be dealing with it
Phillip Yan-Zhang (4 days ago)
I love how he passed form 12 sec videos to a highly sophisticated animation about a second generation of a product
AR Critic (4 days ago)
So excited,, OMG!
Jeff Lind (4 days ago)
seriously lame video. Marketers. 💩
Eddy Franco (5 days ago)
So hyped! :D
Amit Fernandes (5 days ago)
I can't wait Mr Kipman!! Feels like this all building to one of those world changing events that we'll look back on. First video game console.. First time on Netscape browser.. First smartphone in your hands.. First VR experience.. First AR experience on the Hololens..
supercyberfunk (5 days ago)
I don't get it. I didn't see anything related to Hololens in this video. Maybe it's something only people following a lot closer than me understands.
#1Hololens fans (4 days ago)
read this! https://www.reddit.com/r/MVIS/comments/apjv1d/mwc_microsoft_teaser_screenshot/?utm_source=reddit-android
Icybubba (4 days ago)
Alex Kipman is THE HoloLens guy
CabrioDriving (5 days ago)
I really, really hope its what Samsung just patented. VR and AR headset at once, with curved display, 180 FOV beast! This is how I see Hololens 2.0 - https://www.patentlymobile.com/2019/01/samsung-invents-next-gen-gear-vr-headset-that-provides-a-curved-display-for-a-more-natural-field-of-view-and-more.html
Dev Nain (5 days ago)
The rumors I've heard suggest that they're going to be using laser scanning to double the field of view and will still be targeting the Enterprise market.
Tech Guy (5 days ago)
Please, in the future write dates in correct format: There is no country or standard that uses m.d.yy; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_format_by_country If you use dots, people expect dd.mm.yyyy; It can be only mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy if you target USA, and if you care for the rest of the world, please use ISO 8601 standard for dates
Tech Guy (5 days ago)
I am excited and hoping for a new Immersive headset. But the video does not say anything and if I did not recognize your name I'd say "Nice VFX demo reel".
Androiddd (5 days ago)
Cool CGI video that has nothing to do with the actual product. I'll be excited when I see it in action.
Androiddd (4 days ago)
+#1Hololens fans I'm a fan. What's wrong with being skeptical about a futuristic looking product? If it's as cool as this videos shows then there isn't an issue.
#1Hololens fans (4 days ago)
This is a teaser video. Meant for fans. you shouldnt bother watching this.
Androiddd (4 days ago)
+#1Hololens fans Just looked it up. Cool explanations but what I ment is that I rather see a video with the real life product than some CGI BS cuz CGI ain't real and a real life demonstration is. It's just like game trailers they are all fake CGI BS and when you buy the game it is (mostly) different of what the initial trailer showed. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the HoloLens but I stay skeptical until I see the real life product being demonstrated.
#1Hololens fans (4 days ago)
pls follow the MVIS sub reddit channel. you will see the decrypting of this video there. it will make complete sense then;")
Fares Al-Abed (5 days ago)
I don't get it 🐿️
John Holmes (4 days ago)
Next gen HoloLens.
Archwizard Snim (5 days ago)
Hope this one will be good adopted for commercial users, first Hololens model showed itself good for business needs.
Excited and ready to order a few!
John Holmes (4 days ago)
Cheers mate! I'll be ordering my first when this hits mainstream.
Antonio Squeo (5 days ago)
www.hevolus.it is totally excited 😊
David Daniel Wouters (5 days ago)
Balpien Hammerer (5 days ago)
More hype, let's see specs. The 3rd hype wave has been 'meh' so far.
Sean Novak (5 days ago)
Is that a wave guide? Cool animation. Stoked the wait is only a few days. Thanks for that!
furbi963 (5 days ago)
Es spoiler el título 😁😁😁😁
Der Gerät (5 days ago)
Hype Hype!
MrAnotherlight (5 days ago)
Matrix Inception (5 days ago)
Stoked! Last time I was this excited was when you showed HoloLens on stage in January 2015.
Chauncey Frend (5 days ago)
Cool abstract hype video -> Nature into order for spatial light and computing.
inceptional (5 days ago)
No, Alex, I'm not a mindless puppet that you can manipulate to get a boner over some random cgi nothingness, so I'm not excited yet at all. However, I am curious to find out more about the supposed Hololens 2. So, actually show me the Hololens 2 headset and what it can do, and then I'll decide if I'm excited.
someredditor (2 days ago)
Let me get this straight: you are complaining about not seeing the HoloLens 2, in the comment section of a teaser video that says HoloLens 2 will be announced in a few days.... Is that correct?
inceptional (2 days ago)
+John Holmes LOL The correlation is a bunch of morons drinking some Kool-Aid. When we see anything worth a piss then I'll actually give one--and not before. End of.
John Holmes (2 days ago)
+inceptional Your failure to see the correlation further cements the level of intelligence in your replies.
Lan G (4 days ago)
I Got a boner from it. Let me whack you across the face with it, see how that excites you. Or are you just curious?
inceptional (4 days ago)
+John Holmes Zero correlation between what you said and me not getting hard over some random cg that has nothing to do with what Hololens 2 may or may not be.
Dirty Saint (5 days ago)
I am confused over the amount of excitement around this completely meaningless bullshit
pufthemajicdragon (5 days ago)
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Yes, I'm excited, but I don't even know what I'm excited for. I'm hoping for a consumer-oriented Hololens, but I seriously doubt Satya Nadella would ever support such a project.
Icybubba (4 days ago)
I don't know, I'm sure he would. The tech just isn't consumer ready yet, or at least wasn't. Remember the Oculus Rift's early days.
Joe (5 days ago)
a teaser teasing nothing but 3D graphics... ? what am i suppose to be excited about?
mgpdevil (2 days ago)
Nothing. Go to bed!
sharpcsharp (2 days ago)
Looks like an extra long cable for the xbox.
Toni 77 (4 days ago)
Looks like carbon nanotube microchip tech, makes computing really fast. We should all be super excited if its that.
#1Hololens fans (4 days ago)
Follow this post on reddit. Full decrypting of the video is there. https://www.reddit.com/r/MVIS/comments/apjv1d/mwc_microsoft_teaser_screenshot/?utm_source=reddit-android
OugaBoogaShockwave (4 days ago)
i understood after looking it up & it sounds cool, i wonder if you know what i meant :)
MrWhitenoise404 (5 days ago)
in the world of incremental updates, be ready to be disapointed...
pumpuppthevolume (5 days ago)
the f is that..... the only thing that comes to mind is a wire
#1Hololens fans (4 days ago)
follow this! https://www.reddit.com/r/MVIS/comments/apjv1d/mwc_microsoft_teaser_screenshot/?utm_source=reddit-android
pumpuppthevolume (4 days ago)
+#1Hololens fans even if they use carbon fiber I doubt there will be a honeycomb structure.... btw wouldn't plastic be way cheaper.... but whatever there is basically no point in discussing this video
#1Hololens fans (5 days ago)
+pumpuppthevolume that's just a structural element made up of carbon fibre. Then those structural elements combines to make the honeycomb structure.
pumpuppthevolume (5 days ago)
+#1Hololens fans hmm k.... why was it in a cylindrical shape looking like a braded cable.... I guess it could be carbon fiber... they shouldn't have shown it as a cable
#1Hololens fans (5 days ago)
Carbon fibre material to make honey comb structure has the body of Hololens
niiiiiiinnnggg (5 days ago)
This. Has. To be. The Sickest. Teaser. Ever. That abrupt cut. Just. Wow.
Nicholas Lovan (4 days ago)
I know, right?!
RiRin Desuyo (5 days ago)
Pretty hyped!
Sager Wong (5 days ago)
skytab100 (5 days ago)
Surface Phone !
Thilo Jaeggi (4 days ago)
John Holmes (4 days ago)
LOLOLOL....so good! I wish we could get one. I'm personally tired of what we have. We need something new...something with the high quality demands of an iPhone (with particular regards to vetting apps) but with more versatility than the Android.
Cole Shurbert-Hetzel (5 days ago)
All I can get out of this clip is that the next HoloLens will likely feature carbon fiber material. And maybe its cpu or hpu is shown at the beginning?
Cole Shurbert-Hetzel (4 days ago)
+#1Hololens fans This is really cool, thanks!
#1Hololens fans (4 days ago)
read this! https://www.reddit.com/r/MVIS/comments/apjv1d/mwc_microsoft_teaser_screenshot/?utm_source=reddit-android
John Holmes (4 days ago)
Shhhhh...don't speak. Smart people are doing things to amaze us. Just be amazed and site tight with anticipation.
Mister Nooton (5 days ago)
Wow ! I can’t wait the reveal ! I hope something epic !
tolerancija (5 days ago)
When did the first hololens end?
Sohail Baig (5 days ago)
About a month ago you can't buy them anymore from Microsoft
Barcelona (letters in the end)
Motoharu SOMEYA (5 days ago)
i cant wait!
GVY UU (5 days ago)
As allways high visual promo by Microsoft..time will tell if they can deliver second gen hollelens.
John Holmes (4 days ago)
Call it what you will, but they're the first to even deliver a first gen version of their product while their closest competitor, Magic Leap, has done nothing but not deliver.
Phillip Yan-Zhang (5 days ago)
*insert highly unnecessary and fancy animation to showcase a single product*
yjkg bybtb (5 days ago)
Congrats you know what a teaser is.
Sergio Fratto (5 days ago)
The visuals 😍
TheTukTuk2008 (5 days ago)
Now thats a cool teaser!
sina hosseini (5 days ago)
Just cant wait!!
Tamás Deme (5 days ago)
Hype is real.
John Holmes (4 days ago)
I don't know about you. I'll be buying the hype. I'm in to the last drop of Koolaid. Can't wait!
Clemente Giorio (5 days ago)
Sean Ong (5 days ago)
EPIC. Can't wait!
Roasted Content (4 days ago)
Don't get too hyped. It's some medical equipment.
Rahul Sharma (5 days ago)
Can't wait for YOUR hands-on and tips and tricks videos!
We'll be there! Can't wait to see what you'll present!
Lunacy (4 days ago)
Are you guys going to be covering the presentation?

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