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LATEST Martial Arts Movie - Action Movie Full Length [ Subtitles ] PRISON ESCAPE

10897 ratings | 5161594 views
more movies from luis : https://www.youtube.com/luislifon A special task force gets trapped in the prison will have to fight their way out for survival, to protect a key witness
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Text Comments (538)
Walter Oupa (17 hours ago)
Blood sugar
Gjfhfhdhfhgh Ghchdygj (3 days ago)
جميل جميل جميل. ممتاز
Ipung Purnama (4 days ago)
subs back
Snipher marube (5 days ago)
Nice movie
May Chan (5 days ago)
It’s funny but scary as well 🤦🏻‍♀️🤪💀 . Thanks for sharing btw 🙏🤗
Melma Noguerraza (5 days ago)
Part 2 please
jolian parcon (6 days ago)
non stop fighting,, watching from philiphnes😊😊😊nice movie
it's Me Atoii (7 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this video
Tina Irin (7 days ago)
I hate the ending
nash salilaguia (8 days ago)
nice movie,,
Geneva Wilson (8 days ago)
Nice... A part really got me LOL
Lebogang Dreezy BW (8 days ago)
Jail guard is not for ladies pliiz
Tiffany Palmer (10 days ago)
The new police is hot😘😘😘
mighty gamer (12 days ago)
For some reasons I rewatched the movie :/
Polycarp Paul (17 days ago)
But at the end polices failed to protect Playboy
Shane Stone (17 days ago)
Game of throne
Gennysel Boleno (18 days ago)
girl power action + comedy + romance??😀😀
Keith Loreth (19 days ago)
Great martial art moves good sub titles easy to follow
Rap Goddess (19 days ago)
A lizard tattoo... Yuck!! So pathetic. Anyway the action seemed real. Cambodia keep it up 👏👏👏...nice movie.
Bataragaza Daniel (20 days ago)
Very serious movie
Valentina Redd (22 days ago)
rescuers /Police : late comer, tapos mangangamusta lang patay narin si Playboy! 😂😂
KWM official (22 days ago)
boring movie
Alfiandra Rezky (22 days ago)
nice movie
geo IQoption All (22 days ago)
urdo m pk
haddad abujamal (25 days ago)
Lab pump anymore expertise Mexican restriction alternative practically bother prominent wildlife.
jose jr jovero (25 days ago)
lousy martial art
Subhash saxena (26 days ago)
Hindi dabed plz
Tina Leto (26 days ago)
I feel my body so pain when I saw they fight.
abdel crazy (26 days ago)
Vere goud
يوسف السعد (27 days ago)
عاشق الاحزان
Jhay Hermosillas (27 days ago)
1103 Musik Berlin (1 month ago)
i can see a harmonic video here
Bhuban sabar (1 month ago)
Hii...friends Suggest me any best Chinese fight movie.
Godas Marisa (1 month ago)
very nice
Sopyan 1 (1 month ago)
Film gatel ngasu
nosumarbom marbom (1 month ago)
Very gud action .nic movie
nosumarbom marbom (1 month ago)
Very gud action .nic movie
Tim (1 month ago)
Go0d action scenes ! And plenty of them.
zaki dalnurshe (1 month ago)
Nice movie Such a action Let's finish them for once 😂
Sir Ceaser (1 month ago)
Kick Ass!!
Alpha Female Janey (1 month ago)
Great movie
prince singh (1 month ago)
Loda movie
Jean Martox (1 month ago)
putin mais vous etes suir que se sont des femmes, on dirait des hommes putin, que c'est vulgaire!!
imhoteb44 (1 month ago)
Hello. Its ok,but if u like people movie like this one,u heve to see "The Raid Redemption". Have a nice day :)
Ricky poh (1 month ago)
The raid in Cambodia bokator style
Daniela Movilla (1 month ago)
itss really good martial arts the police got a figth like 10 times like how did they survive they are amazing they really did a great job
Muhammad Kafeel (7 days ago)
Yah absolutely
Joban Singh (18 days ago)
Daniela Movixlla ....
Tuyến Ngô (22 days ago)
Ricky poh (1 month ago)
Daniela Movilla u should look up The Raid and The raid redemption.. Its similar but more brutal and action
Anibal Marquez (1 month ago)
Buena calidad de película pero si la pusieran en espanol.
Mark Dumas (1 month ago)
What's the name of this movie please?
doris barnes (1 month ago)
These movies are awesome thank you for the update 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Rosseling Orozco (1 month ago)
La mejor película que eh visto
Denn Foo (1 month ago)
long live louislifon been watchin movies for couple weeks now....and they all have this same name in the corner thanks dude, whoever you are
Phianu Martha (1 month ago)
Cambodian movie nice one am watching in Iraq but am From GHANA
Very nice movie
DOLAN BARUA (1 month ago)
Jekai Tantan (1 month ago)
Pila na katuig ang ning labay karun pa naku nakit ang maayung salida😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
nadine sprls (1 month ago)
Read muna mga comment bago nuod ..😂😂😂😂
Ahmed Ranim (1 month ago)
michael Anwar (1 month ago)
Sophia Hanafia (1 month ago)
So great.....^_^
Frankco Smith (1 month ago)
Nice work
Riza Broso (1 month ago)
read first before i download😉😁💓
Noli Maquiniana (2 months ago)
neary khmer (2 months ago)
Savonne Thomas (2 months ago)
Omg I love this movie 🎥 !!!!!!!!
victor mwelwa (2 months ago)
Nice movie even action is good too
victor mwelwa (2 months ago)
Comment always gives me hope to watch a movie from you tube just from reading them
Jeremy Thompson (2 months ago)
This is a good moive
David Charles (2 months ago)
Thats the worst thing about feeding enough the prison..😀😀😀
Anne Juma (1 month ago)
haaa lmao😂😂
bryanadam adam (2 months ago)
Video sex korea
Mio Sone (2 months ago)
Fangirling at Tharot Sam. ... you go girl....kaso bitin laban nila ni Celine .... and to my babe Jean Paul hehe
Anthony nyaga (2 months ago)
this is hot
Alvin Nacor (2 months ago)
kyrie erving vs pugoy
Salvador Diaz (2 months ago)
Very good move thank's for Up
Steeve Prin (2 months ago)
jhon catadman (2 months ago)
Best action movie
jhon catadman (2 months ago)
rajesh Nayak (2 months ago)
Sprb. Movie mst c
Noel Scully (2 months ago)
Prison fight bullshit.
aftab malik (2 months ago)
Hi waht the fahking movi is thes
Shaun Browne (2 months ago)
hot nigga (2 months ago)
The best movie
winter battz (2 months ago)
Hahhahaha ordinaryo raman kau hitsura ning mga artista nila oi, mahimoot ko mura lang og mga tambay nga palainom tuba sa unahan.. Ang mga babae pud murag mga nakupsan..
Mulualem Lij (2 months ago)
What the fuck if it will be in english !
Azahra zahra (2 months ago)
artise cewek kok elek elek.. sing ayu cuma menit 12:36
Jude Eze (2 months ago)
Who is watching from Africa??
MrFirstdance2000 (2 months ago)
They lost me with the female body guard types.
rick berube (2 months ago)
love it thx
ziaur rahman (2 months ago)
Samatar Yusuf (2 months ago)
Watching And Reading Comments. Thank you Guys
popnick spek (2 months ago)
that female actress ,, i have seen her before in pornhub... correct me if im wrong??
Natural Truth (2 months ago)
Subtitles are so far off it is really funny. Good thing I saw this before with better ones...Good movie thanks...
kou thao (3 months ago)
the 2 ladies in the beginning are very pretty but movie is stupid.... everything looked so fake. prisoners got out and they didn't know and no guns for officers. seriously? where did prisoners get their swords?dumbest movie ever... everything is wrong with this movie.
Art Laquita (3 months ago)
thanks again for a long time
Smally Smally (3 months ago)
No English whyyyyyyyyy
rival elsan (3 months ago)
rahayu lndah (3 months ago)
sub indonya?
Have fun
Larry Dozier (3 months ago)
This is worth watching. Lots of action through out movie.
Ray N (3 months ago)
Hey Ken. How did you get a hold of Khmer movie. I never knew Khmer made such quality movie. It's not the best but it's good enough to watch.
Claire Denise Ramos (3 months ago)
Hii baby ilike pussy

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