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7 Tricky Ways The Women's Clothing Industry Is Scamming You

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Juki Hiw (16 hours ago)
Um actually the clothing industry responded to women's wants. Women wanted to have seasonal clothing instead of long-lasting clothing. So stores made clothes cheaper so they can have a lower price, and last as long as people wanted. Really seasonality came from customers, not the stores.
Juki Hiw (16 hours ago)
And since women's pants are tighter, having big pockets would make them bunchy on the front, which women didn't want. So factories made them smaller (all the way to nonexistent)
Moro Silver (3 days ago)
Formaldehyde is used in clothing making to ensure moths do not eat it. That is why you are supposed to wash your clothes after you buy them.
simone4447 (3 days ago)
Old spider web... So its made from silk?
frep you (5 days ago)
so is this why it takes some women 4 hrs to find a single t shirt and 1 pair of pants ^_- lol
Miriam Bucholtz (7 days ago)
I used to make all my clothes (and everyone else's in the family) primarily to save money. Once I went back to buying some of the things, I admit being shocked at the crappy excuse for clothing that I find. I still have (and wear) a blouse that I made in 1992. The colors have faded somewhat, but it's still in good condition.
ItsDraconia (12 days ago)
That's why all my sweaters are from the boys section lol AND OK BUT the lether pants with zippers everywhere are awesome xD *I'd love to see a guy in those ;)*
MissTia777 (21 days ago)
32 D??? Are you 13?
Dead Wolf360 (23 days ago)
I hate everything with Made In CHINA
BambiLena666 (26 days ago)
While annoyed at fake and tiny holes that pretend they are pockets, I think one of my biggest annoyances is why cant we get the pockets on the inside of a winter/fall jacket or coat? 99% of mens coats and jackets have them, they would be invisible design wise just why? Why cant women have pockets goddamit?!
MetalMario137 (28 days ago)
Wow, I am now much more grateful that I don't have to deal with BS clothing like that. Dang, I never knew.
Larkspur (29 days ago)
I can only relate to the fake pockets and that. Clothing I buy lasts. Clothing I bought 7 years ago is still good and it's worn at least once a of fortnight. The only annoyance I've had is when I was given a onesie as a gift and it was from primark. Within just a week it tore in-between the legs. But what can you expect from a budget store? When you buy clothes, feel the damn material. Your intuition should tell you if it's hardy.
Paige 1996 (1 month ago)
I’m a straight single millennial female and I still wear mostly men’s clothing lol it’s so much more comfortable and long lasting
Insane Collective (1 month ago)
Buy vintage and make your own clothes from recycled quality garments!
yug0w0lf (1 month ago)
Other than the pockets part, i have to ask where the fuck you're shopping bitch because i've had none of those problems. Oh wait! This is cracked, that's right so you're a feminist. Hahaha! okay so you're just spewing things out of your mouth hole. Got it.
Joe DiMaggio (1 month ago)
Its crazy because woman are crazy
Laughing Tigress (1 month ago)
I buy clothing second hand. Other's overpriced, throw away fashion becomes my wardrobe. I save money and donate any usable clothes back for someone else to use again. Seems less wasteful that way.
J. Rider (1 month ago)
Just buy mens clothes if your a sexy botch then you can make it work a sexy botch is a sexy botch no matter what she wears
E_ M_ M :D (1 month ago)
All you need is a man's...... over sized shirt and coconuts!
Biggest scam of clothing industry is that they made destroyed cloths a 'fashion'... I cant get, ppl really go into the store and give money for pair of jeans that are destroyed
Nyonics (1 month ago)
Right before this video I just watched the one about surprisingly racist and sexist ads and now I'm seeing you co-opt Pacific island culture to try to be funny...
Guadalupe Avery Avila (1 month ago)
Hola, I've been boycotting the regular stores for about 20 years, however, I've found that 1 - I can now buy more clothes, 2 - I only buy clothes made from rea; fabrics, cotton, silk, wool, and linen, ALL OF THIS IS DUE TO BUYING AT THE THRIFT STORES. I've found that since the U.S. got a loan from China, they are obligated to sell their plastic (really, look at the labels!!) clothing and products, which are all made by slave labor, just look into the abuse the Chines, Thai and Indonesian workers go through!! So, can you tell people the problem of clothes, how you are boycotting them, but them GIVE THEN A SOLUTION!!, gracias,Lupe
Rose the Forest Elf (1 month ago)
This is one of many reasons I buy clothes second hand. Whenever I even buy them in the first place. I don't care much for fashion seasons
Jayne Davis (1 month ago)
And men wonder why we’re always stealing their shirts & boxers
The Elders (1 month ago)
Bardo Ary Espinosa Aguilar Nobody said that.
We didn't force you to buy inferior clothing
Alissa (1 month ago)
I buy clothes mostly at the thrift store.
Olive Moskal (1 month ago)
Remember when cardigans had pockets?! I learned how to sew and I make my own stuff!
Hodr (1 month ago)
I'm a dude but even when I buy really expensive clothes they rip so easily when I'm working I go home with 60% of what that shirt was when I bought it because it had been ripped to shit. So now I have to actively check the fabric and strength of my clothes before I buy it so I don't buy a useless thin garbage.
i do the same because of the weather
Red Herring (1 month ago)
Do you need help there buddy
DigiVixen (1 month ago)
Weird Heather (1 month ago)
Sooo true. It really annoys me that you can get a decent mens jumper that would keep you warm for £30 over here, but all women’s ones are like teeny flimsy things with holes cut out on shoulders etc. Seriously why would you do that to a jumper? They’re supposed to keep you warm!!!
Munchkin of Pern (1 month ago)
I really hate how if I have a white shirt that isn’t gender neutral, the chances are you can see my bra through it, even if my bra is white or skin colour.
Ask Rhonnie (1 month ago)
#facts. I feel a revolution coming on!
Erisol Ampora (1 month ago)
This why I manly wear boy/men clothing because there more comfortable and easer to wear
Triparna kar (1 month ago)
perfectly said!
Arquidesis Studio (1 month ago)
I actually ended up breaking my shorts fake pockets, the most incredible thing is that you can actually put stuff between the two fabrics now. And yeah, victoria secret is a liar, the gave me a band that couldn’t fit me because it’s not my fault that I got breast earlier than all of my classmates.
Anna Krekr (1 month ago)
People think I'm a tomboy... Bullshit. I'm a cheap-ass who wears clothes for 20 years so she doesn't have to buy new shirt every month. Jk, I'm buying clothes in second hands for a DOLLAR. (I'm 14)
LpsCameraAddictTM (1 month ago)
See-through shirts and fake pockets are very annoying nobody wants to see my bra through my shirt unless it’s a horny guy and that’s gross
strippinheat (1 month ago)
Stop wearing clothes. Problem solved.
meme lord (1 month ago)
This is probably the most obvious in men's plaid flannel shirts vs. Women's. Men's flannels are actually made of, y'know, _flannel._ Because of this, they serve their purpose of keeping the wearer nice and toasty during the colder months. Women's flannels aren't flannels, they're sad imitations of a flannel shirt made by someone who's never worn or seen a proper men's flannel, but have had flannels described to them and was asked to recreate it.
Matthew PDK78 (1 month ago)
You ever see a senior citizen walk out of a Forever 21? Creepy.
Queen Of Memes (1 month ago)
2:27 I have that exact peacoat It's actually nice-had really big pockets
Aubrey Lovelace (2 months ago)
You should try hot topic
Julie Ann Toomey (2 months ago)
Fangirl number 5,421 (2 months ago)
Can I just say how annoying it is that almost ALL shirts are either/both see-through or way too short for anyone was is insecure about their stomach! Also why does mens pants have an width for the waist and length! Girls only get a width SOMETIMES! holyyyy crap
Kai Sea (2 months ago)
This is why I buy mens t-shirts :\ Though that doesn't help when I want well cut stuff.
A. Fuchs (2 months ago)
I usually by 100 % cotton tshirts. But usually I can only find them in the mens section.
Cathy A (2 months ago)
Aside from jeans and sweatpants 90% of my clothes are men's why comfort I hate woman's cut tees with a passion they never fit right there too thin and it always feels like there squeezing my arm
Monochrome SBT (2 months ago)
Women's clothing, undergarments, makeup, toiletries, hygiene products, LITERALLY EVERYTHING is ridiculously expensive! I mean, I understand about makeup, but what about necessities like undergarments and feminine hygiene products?! It's so unfair. Every single item is cheaply made and ridiculously expensive! They literally want us to buy stuff from them over and over again! And unfortunately, you can't find pink or cute graphic t-shirts in the guys section.
also can somebody explain why there is not a SINGLE SHOE IN THE WOMANS SECTION WITHOUT PINK OR SEQUINS?!?!?!
Bmo (2 months ago)
Not funny, but gets the point across.
Chloe Bell (2 months ago)
2:51 says that when wearing a witch costume for no reason
Mya (2 months ago)
I recently a bought two pairs of jeans and was able to stick my entire plus sized phone all the way down the pockets. My friends (all females) were like 'Wow your pockets are so deep!' They were men's jeans
Dr. Spencer Reid (2 months ago)
I wear boys clothes lol.
Aidan Commins (2 months ago)
Victoria Secret is actually REAL sizes. Everyone else is trying to make you feel better about being fat/skinny. Whichever you prefer. They have to in order to sell bras. if i am a 34 at Vicki's then i consider myself a 34 inches everywhere else. Also, i shop at rosegal for dresses and amazon wranglers or levis for jeans. if i am fat i dont care i want clothes that fit
natta4 (2 months ago)
Jeans with no pockets make me cry! They even have the illusion of the stitching where the pockets would go! Cheapness to a new level!
Just Load Already (2 months ago)
"A little harsh on clothing stores..." My shirts fall apart when they get wet! X.X RIP
Dead Roach (2 months ago)
the luxury of being genderfluid. if you feel like pockets, you have clothes with pockets, if you feel like extra buttons, you got buttons
jeep guy (2 months ago)
grass skirt and coconuts fantastic, on her!!
5:10 great, having children is one of my life goals, I already have asthma, and I am very afraid of cancer. 👍
SoHardToBeMe (2 months ago)
W-where do I buy then?
Rabbit love (2 months ago)
If I buy anything "trendy" or something with a fancy brand name it's usually on accident cause I love thrift/gently used clothing store sales. (Just make sure you properly clean them after buying and obviously don't buy used intimate wear.) I would prefer specifically men's jeans if anything, because they are in my opinion pretty gender neutral in the sense that they don't really look any different from a regular pair of women's jeans. In all seriousness it's for the actual pockets and the price differences. Also, I'm really not a huge fan of having a bunch of sparkly designs on my behind, never understood the trend. But if you are into that then you could design your jeans personally, it's pretty easy and fun. But I'm not gonna lie, I love Areopostal hoodies, they last forever and are soo comfy, had the same one for years and it's still my go to comfort clothing. Most commonly I buy online though for new things, saves money and time,(I'm also a bit of a hermit. lol😂😖) just make sure you know your actual body measurements and look into the sizes accordingly, buyer reviews and ratings are also something to look into. Wow I talk to much.😆
Ash Heaven (2 months ago)
This is why I make my own clothes. XD
intl intl (2 months ago)
I completely agree... shopping hasn't been fun for quite a long time now. My solution: 1. Buy only basic classics, 2. learn to sew, & 3. shop in the boys section (if it fits your body type) & 4. don't forget recycle/charity shops; all together those should in large part help alleviate the stress induced by the low quality of fast fashion industry, which is a disaster both ecologically & economically... not to mention lack of art or fashion.
LadyDoomsinger (2 months ago)
As a transgender woman I've bought and worn both men's and women's clothing - and the men's stuff definitely lasts longer, after I made the switch from men's to women's and discarded all the men's clothing in my closet, I was horrified the first time a pair of skinny jeans (correct size) ripped after only a couple of months of use, because I started to think I was gaining weight (and I was already sensitive about my body image at that time). On the other hand, if you are a man or have ever been a man you will know that there is *absolutely* no imagination or style to your clothes. There is no variety or fashion to it. It's boring and uniform. Worst of all the shoes. I didn't become a shopaholic until I switched to women's clothing - and wasn't because of fashion seasons (which I never bought into), nor entirely because of poor quality, it was because for the first time in my life, the selection was interesting and varied, and I could choose exactly what I felt best reflected my personality. On the other... other hand, men's clothes are cheaper. Men's clothes get better materials and quality, a cheaper price tag, but no style or variation, while women's clothes can be stylish, offers a *huge* variety, but is generally in a poorer quality or a more fragile design, yet also (usually) *WAY* more expensive. Personally, I still stick with women's clothes, because they allow me to express my own personality and individuality in a way that men's clothes just can't. Also, the fabric is so much more comfortable to wear. Also I'm pretty sure the chemicals are a problem for both men and women. But not here in Europe, because we have *regulation* on such things, thank you EU Overlords!
Xu Zu (2 months ago)
Wear guy jeans! Nothing cuter than a girl in men's 501s.
Xu Zu (2 months ago)
Another annoying thing that swim suit selling season is February. Try to find a swim suit in July. The only place we've done this successfully is at the beach.
Xu Zu (2 months ago)
They don't put pockets in your clothes so you will buy a purse.
Xu Zu (2 months ago)
You wish your shirt was made of spider webs! Spider webs are actually incredibly strong with far higher tensile strength than steel.
Christopher Williams (2 months ago)
Women are complaining when men can BARELY get a closet sized section in the forever 21
S Venter (2 months ago)
Cappi (2 months ago)
Then just don't buys those clothes that or learn how to make your own clothing.
A.J. Games (2 months ago)
Mosty men make women's clothing. Assholes
DeathAngel (2 months ago)
i buy mens clothes because of these reasons, i knew some of these already, glad to know more.
JustAnother Random (2 months ago)
And my mother wonders why I shop in the boys aisle
espy-ninja (2 months ago)
Andy my mom though tI was crazy for only wanting to buy guys hoodies and shirts!
Violet Moon (2 months ago)
Omfg I don't even look at the sizes on shit anymore bc they're all fake and why do they always make jeans too short??
Starry Blue (2 months ago)
I always wondered why I kept looking into the men’s clothes
Clarabella 2000 (2 months ago)
Why not buy something more expensive at a store where they guarantee good quality?
Pink Magic Ali (2 months ago)
I hate modern clothes. I started making my own. Seriously how is it so difficult to buy a standard cotton shirt? And in winter...god forbid an actual jumper (aka a sweater) that actually protects me from the cold wind.
Jillian Smith (2 months ago)
I bought some women's knee-highs that have buttons on them!  WHY?
Baby Thomas (2 months ago)
This is exactly why I buy clothes from both gents and ladies section and mix and match them!
Abbie (2 months ago)
this is why I like to make my own clothes...
Holly Noel (2 months ago)
Can an adult explain to me how I’m expected to wear women’s shirts?? I wear men’s tshirts because women’s shirts all completely see thru and I hate layering. I’m nearly 30 and I gave up on women’s clothes before I had breasts.
Josh Wirkus (2 months ago)
You are not crazy. I hate shopping for her stuff. It sucks
Amanda Townsend (2 months ago)
Not to mention things are so overpriced for such low quality most of the time if I had the energy I could make better versions myself for the same price or less
maria marchese (2 months ago)
If you don't need it for a particular reason (e.g. work, not comfortable with bigger breasts), consider not wearing a bra. Or not wearing it all the time. It's a relief. We just believe it necessary because society made us.
Stuart Harding (2 months ago)
I've been saying this for years! Decades! Women's clothes are stupid. Oh it makes my ass look nice... bla bla bla bla who cares. Clothes look better on the floor anyways. Try telling me I'm wrong.
D M (2 months ago)
That’s why I go to thrift stores. Also, how does one avoid chemicals in clothing? It would be great to know.
2randomcrap3 (3 months ago)
Why doesn't *everybody* shop in the Men's section? Those items don't suffer from nearly as much of this bullshit, and is generally cheaper.
One Little Indian (3 months ago)
I stopped wearing anything that isn't hand made by myself or a friend. Fashion and textile industries have always been based on slavery, exploitation and environmental destruction.
Angelica Schuyler (3 months ago)
Pockets??? Never heard of em
Abdul Mohammad (3 months ago)
You girls don't have pockets in your jeans to make you girls buy handbags.
John Schlicker (3 months ago)
Here's my question. If every woman wants pockets then why don't you quit buying shit that doesn't have pockets? Maybe they'll figure it the hell out. I know many women who have just started buying guys clothes.
JustGuess :P (3 months ago)
The shirt thing is fucking annoying. If I can see my hand through the material when it's on the rack, people are probably going to be able to see my bra through it if I were to purchase it. Just about every shirt in every store I try is like this.
Edriss Miakhel (3 months ago)
I thing the witch outfit or any outfit like that are the best for women because it last longer, cheaper and doesn't need extra things. Although women cloths more expensive then men why the hell the always have shitty cloths with cheap fabric?
shiki four (4 months ago)
Expensive brands (brooks bros, Tom Hilfiger, Benetton etc) have good quality but small sizes small and large have maybe 10cm difference)
Fashion clothes are made for social purposes and are different from utilitarian purposes. I’m a man and I understand this. No one is forcing you to dress in a way you don’t want :)
Fashion clothes are made for social purposes and are different from utilitarian purposes. I’m a man and I understand this. No one is forcing you to dress in a way you don’t want :)
Twilah The Wolf (4 months ago)
I only thrift and make my clothes
best one1 (4 months ago)
best women's clothing on https://best-one1.com

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