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Mitchell Tenpenny - Drunk Me

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Listen to tracks including “Drunk Me” from Mitchell Tenpenny’s debut album, ‘Telling All My Secrets’, available now: Spotify: http://smarturl.it/M10Secrets/spotify?IQid=youtube Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/M10Secrets/applemusic?IQid=youtube Amazon: http://smarturl.it/M10Secrets/az?IQid=youtube iTunes: http://smarturl.it/M10Secrets/itunes?IQid=youtube Youtube: http://smarturl.it/M10Secrets/youtube?IQid=youtube Youtube Music: http://smarturl.it/M10Secrets/youtubemusic?IQid=youtube Official Store: http://smarturl.it/M10Secrets/officialstore?IQid=youtube All Retailers: http://smarturl.it/M10Secrets?IQid=youtube Keep up with Mitchell, here: Official website: http://www.Mitchell10penny.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/M10penny Twitter: http://twitter.com/M10penny Instagram: http://instagram.com/M10penny Get fitted with M10 merch: http://smarturl.it/M10Merch #MitchellTenpenny #DrunkMe #TellingAllMySecrets #CountryMusic
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Text Comments (2477)
Kameron Green (4 hours ago)
So true about relationships.
Shannon Flowers (4 hours ago)
Linda Marthaler (4 hours ago)
I love this song
I love this song... I love his voice!
Kristen Saucedo (13 hours ago)
The only complaint i have about the video is he looks like he has no passion in the video in some parts, where he has so much pain and passion in the song
Louise Wanjiru (21 hours ago)
I love this song...all the way from KENYA🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Story of my life...... I Been Sober since she broke my heart in 2. "But it led me to a Better Place in Life" Life is Good Now, Granit she's still a frequent visitor of my thoughts and probably always will be, I dont mind though, It's a Reminder of the Rare Gifts that do exist
Kacie Adams (1 day ago)
Mitchell Tenpenny is so hot
briana hysell (1 day ago)
My song!!! There ain't no hangover like you!! Single 👌
Suzette VanCise (2 days ago)
I got my roommate and her 3 yr old daughter singing this song everytime I play it...
Rob Johnston (2 days ago)
Great song Mitchell! Congratulations on the number 1 song. Would love to write some music with you.
Jessica Gibb (3 days ago)
I love the effect of water has on the video. It's like he's being cleaned due to the changes he's making, changing like the flow of water, yet water itself seems very, very sombre. It was very well used.
Kari Tates (3 days ago)
I love this song whither my whole ❤
Chase Parker (3 days ago)
This song is so good I listen to it every day on youtube
baylee mcdaniel (3 days ago)
2019 anyone
I think I’m responsible for half these views. Favorite song right now!
djpaustin (4 days ago)
This song is written so well it is addicting (pardon the pun)
Charity Epperson (4 days ago)
21 months sober, this song was me in a nut shell.
Kid Named Easton (4 days ago)
I love it
Kid Named Easton (4 days ago)
I like that song
Lisa Mack (4 days ago)
Anyone who doesn't think this is country music needs to live under a rock. I'm so in love with this man's voice and he's not bad looking either.
Winnie ThePoohz (4 days ago)
i feel sad T__T
Curtsgirl (5 days ago)
Why did it take so long for me to find this video. Love it
Brent Kerr (5 days ago)
Been sober for 21 months 16 days
Kelsie Vlogs (6 days ago)
Who’s here in 2019?
T W (6 days ago)
Amazing 🙌
Donta Crittenden (6 days ago)
Right there
Kaylee Betts (6 days ago)
oh my gosh! 6,400 people accidentally clicked the dislike button!
Dan Rayhill (6 days ago)
This is a great song!
Black crow Mitchell ten penny
UnderseaCaveman (7 days ago)
Underwater Breathing.....dig it!!!
not clynical (7 days ago)
That's true art and skill
Tigran Zatikyan (7 days ago)
This is really great song dudeee, I just found it and can't stop listening to it ♥♥♥
J Black (7 days ago)
June will be a year since I let go and tried moving on. January 12th 2019 I met the most amazing person in the world. Best thing to have ever happened was to have you walk out of my life. Baby, don't ever come over again. God Bless the Broken Road..
Keren-happuch Haufiku (8 days ago)
I love your music so much please come to louisiana crowley louisiana
TAYA WHITEHILL (10 days ago)
he looks like he is crying he is sooooo hot thumbs upi if you agree
Shay Coryell (11 days ago)
I love this song ☺️☺️☺️
seeking emotions (11 days ago)
Well this Song is about my life . Relapsed tonight and all I can think about is her
Jimmy Riggs Band (12 days ago)
https://youtu.be/OP2K9K76M3Q Jimmy Riggs Band! Im drunk again!
drmrjon (12 days ago)
And how is this country !?
Jellah kay (13 days ago)
...no hangover like u...
Amy Whittaker Hargrave (14 days ago)
And repeat 😀
Ashley Wright (14 days ago)
Tamara Albert (14 days ago)
Not a bad song, I'm just tired of music that has no soul. I'd love to hear this without effects, just raw. I miss hearing RAW music.
Daniel Callahan (12 days ago)
I saw him last night at foxwoods in Connecticut better live than this
samson clam (14 days ago)
Am in Africa 🌍 with this on repeat... This is song is awesome
Jellah kay (13 days ago)
U had me at Africa...I miss Uganda
LeAnn Marthaler (14 days ago)
My favorite 3rd song
Taras Savchuk (14 days ago)
amazing playlist! https://tinyurl.com/y9ken8cb 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Colby S (15 days ago)
SHOW!! Feb 9th Kegs Canal Side Jordan NY
Sherry Hutchins (16 days ago)
Facts 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 this song says it all
Derek Wilderness (16 days ago)
A man of the world still himself no matter how much it hurtz
Gloria Vargas (16 days ago)
it's over ☹ he doesn't want me anymore ☹☹☹☹☹
Zulema Umana (16 days ago)
Im addicting to this sog
b-man geo (16 days ago)
Hannah Salmons (16 days ago)
I love this song💜💜💜
James Malette (16 days ago)
Wow just wow what a good fucking song
Jennifer Dijames (12 days ago)
I heard that you are coming to Buffalo. Welcome aboard Mitch.I heard that you are coming on March 6 with Maddie and Tae and I forgot Who else. BUT the good news is.you're going to be at the spring acoustic show. That 's exciting guys.I can't wait to hear about it.
Jennifer Dijames (9 days ago)
Oh I know Who else is going to be playing with you.Rodney Atkins.come on down Rodney.
jessica nelson (16 days ago)
Love it
Skook Nasty (16 days ago)
Never been a fan of country. I did grow up listening to Charlie Daniels, but that was about it. But damn, am I enjoying the hell out of this dudes songs. I didn't ask to get hit with these feels.
Alexander Macedon (16 days ago)
Love this song
Ryan Hamill (17 days ago)
Just terned 34 today been sober 678 days thank Lord
Jon B (17 days ago)
My God, this song is awesome!
Christian Tye (17 days ago)
It seems this song relates too many.. Weather it be a struggling addict or recovery and others who just have been blessed too not have gone thru addiction... This song truly does reach down to my core and the man above knows my situation n struggles songs like this on days like today help me keep bettering myself n make a change. Good luck too any and all fighting addiction and congrats to those in sobriety stay strong
Beverly Davis (18 days ago)
After the fookin BLUES I just heard.. this sounds like tweeny pop oh well im sure it wb repeated
Arial Jackson (18 days ago)
Love it
Lindsey Sparks (18 days ago)
Wait a minute, does that mean you were drunk for the entire duration of our relationship because... same!!!!
Nicholas Burke (19 days ago)
I am from trinidad an love this sound listen to it almost every day more then once
Beverly Davis (19 days ago)
This is played alot on fm stations 93Q & The Bull In Houston
Guadalupe Miranda (19 days ago)
🎠🏩SO TRU3!🏩🎠
Tete B (19 days ago)
Emily Lannon (19 days ago)
Omgshhh😍😍😍😍 your voice is amazing! This song has been on repeat for 3 days so far 😂😂 LOVE IT!!
High X Wire Fate (19 days ago)
ima young 25 year old black male this song makes me sad but happy at the same time can anyway tell me what's going on with me.
Santa Claus (19 days ago)
I love this song
Kevin A. (19 days ago)
Oh Yeah yeah (20 days ago)
If Danny Gokey went country
Rebel Devin (18 days ago)
Oh Yeah yeah
TechBoss Pro (20 days ago)
I been sober -5 minutes
Mckinzie Boling (20 days ago)
my mom use to listen to this song and it reminds me of her i love this song!!!!!!
Chasity Bryant (20 days ago)
i looooooooove him man ! he so dope reminds me of my brother & his on & off again girlfriend
Jaxon Kelly (2025) (20 days ago)
i have been sober 11 years probly because im 11
rosario marquez (21 days ago)
Lily Smith (21 days ago)
I'm from the bronx (nyc) and I loveeeeee county.❤❤
The stackinboy 66 (21 days ago)
I've been sober for 6,520 days! YEET TAKE THAT!!!! *actually that's how long I've lived, so yeah...*
Jennifer Parks (21 days ago)
Shaun Enderton (21 days ago)
This song is so terrible. Please stop playing it!
Johny Uffels (21 days ago)
weird video, very good song!
Sean. G (22 days ago)
Love this song !! even tho I hate It brings back memories every time
Charles Ndung'u (22 days ago)
Thank you for this amazing piece. I'm still hangover my last favourite person :(
livleatherman (22 days ago)
hi i posted a cover of this and it would mean so much if you could check it out and let me know what you think! thank you :)
Dylan Giloy (23 days ago)
This song helped helped me get sober and my ex.
Krystal Maddox (23 days ago)
my mom loves this song!
Chris Taulman (23 days ago)
At first I didn't like this song, but know I do. He has a wonderful voice and a good looking man also.
ilikepanders (23 days ago)
sober for 16 years
Nathan West (23 days ago)
This song reminds me of my first love i was 15 when i fell in love with her and i was with her for 2 years. She cheated on me and we broke up but i try everything i can not to call her or talk to her. I still love her but i was never good enough for her. I hate my depression sometimes
Paul Ayers (24 days ago)
My jam 😁😁
Jill Krogman (24 days ago)
Love this song!
Kyle Duncan (24 days ago)
I hate this song
Candice Shoe (24 days ago)
Baby I'm sorry
Karra Conrad (25 days ago)
Laying here eight weeks fro
Samuel Williams (25 days ago)
first of all..... this is soul.... not country
Lady J (25 days ago)
Love the song and voice!!!

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