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Does EA Just Hate Their Customers!?

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Text Comments (3372)
Jeff Shewmon (3 months ago)
hum, Does EA hate users? Yes.... "There are no users!"
Joe G (3 months ago)
3:13 Cringe ensues
TwstedTV (3 months ago)
STOP FIDDLING WITH YOUR PHONE AND GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS...!! Because it looks like you're touching/fondling yourself on youtube....LOL
oicfas4523 (4 months ago)
Linus must have just come from filming part of the Secret Shopper videos.
Adam Spelman (4 months ago)
Seeing pure rage on here. EA have screwed gamers for the past few years. Just stop buying their titles. Sure you might miss out a few of your favourite games. But since the quality of ea games are terrible anyway not missing out on much. Think it's been about 5 years since my last EA purchase.. still no regrets.
William Kendrick (4 months ago)
to answer the title... yes. ea hates their customers. they look at them as nothing more than profit margins to be exploited. and thats the truth.
EJAZ PA (4 months ago)
That batman voice was really good 👍
Nurosa (4 months ago)
Yes, Yes they do.
Donna Raitanen (4 months ago)
I am a Dragon age fan with no future. I have never gotten DAI to run in my computer. Just three weeks ago I sent tickets in twice and got zero responses. Do they really think I would even consider buying Anthem?
PIXPEW (4 months ago)
EA does the same for Anthem, premier subs get in first, before the people that actually buy the game... and premier subscriptions are not available in all regions yet, so some cant even subscribe to premier access. Don't understand how they think sometimes.
HolyKnightGaming (4 months ago)
Same with bilzzard
Zailon Xwadastet (4 months ago)
Why do people keep buying from these atrocious game publishers? Do people understand the concept of supply and demand? Do they understand they concept of a boycott? Companies like EA aren't going to change because people are more than happy to keep buying form them.
Uranium (4 months ago)
0:55 WOW BILLY!!!!
Attila Sand (4 months ago)
they're called Electronic Aids for a reason lol
Alton Steel (4 months ago)
EA squashed a game I really liked called Earth & Beyond released in 1999. They bough it then destroyed it then canceled it. I still wont ever play any EA games cause of what they did.
No name ok (4 months ago)
I'm so glad I droped Battlefield
Dieftoons (4 months ago)
You activated my Alexa
xorkatoss (4 months ago)
hmm things are getting scarier and scarier every year...anybody heard of the guy that claimed he is from the future? he said by 2020 we get to see first human-android...
pkrisnin (4 months ago)
the oct update worked for me installed it last month after I clean the restore partition
Mark D'Alelio (4 months ago)
Just buy a hooker instead
Amellia Mendel (4 months ago)
Yes, yes they do
depth386 (4 months ago)
Before I watch this video I can already say that EA is trash. Everything EA makes is overpriced garbage. $30 Kerbal Space Program has more value than an entire year of EA’s corporate output. That’s probably $1000 retail with an NFL title, a few car racing titles, a couple DOZEN expansions for The Sims, and your precious BattleFail. There’s much better shooters out there, EA only gets one thing right and that’s eye candy. Gameplay is trash, balance is trash, EULA’s that make you want to commit suicide. Don’t buy it.
Diego Corral (4 months ago)
Was the Alexa thing a reference to pewdiepie?
rkl08551 (4 months ago)
ea sports "it´s not in the game" ...
Tyler Super (4 months ago)
DAM u Linus and your use of the cursed robot assistant name she started to play despacito at 1 am
Edward hett (4 months ago)
more reasons to linux!
Pressbutan (4 months ago)
"Did you say erect?" "No."
darthdude (4 months ago)
i hate microsoft so much I'm looking into linux
Jonah Pettrich (4 months ago)
That's why you don't preorder EA games.
SP M (5 months ago)
I didn't want to listen to Despacito, Linus (or whoever tf that was)!
Anders Forsgren (5 months ago)
Sorry to say Linus that's bull, I still see the activation message, and my copy is legit. The troubleshooter only end with the message that I am supposed to buy a 'legit' copy of windows. This crap never ends.
PROJECT : (5 months ago)
5:09 OH, FUCK, NO!
Berownik 124 (5 months ago)
3:05 ive lost faith in humanity
FavoriteSniper (5 months ago)
As of recent news, EA hates facts, historical facts, people who buy their games, and anyone who didn’t buy their game.
Tony Nathan (5 months ago)
You still have room for a couple more hoop earrings, nice.
NPC TARD (5 months ago)
DN Megasdan (5 months ago)
No, they just hate straight white men.
Paul Damasco (5 months ago)
I felt like I was watching Silicon Valley and Jin Yang was listing off all his Chinese knock off companies when you listed all the "competing" 30 second GIF contenders. How do people get funding for all of these platforms to compete with already existing platforms? Are investors like oh that sounds good while everyone else in the room whispers "make sure his wifi is off so he can't tell someone already launched a platform exactly like the one we are making"???
Left4Candy (5 months ago)
Holy shit, the activation thing happened to me! Tried to get help from Windows but to no avail. Had Win7 pro and upgraded to Win10 pro some time ago, then at one point windows "updated" to windows 10 home and my OS was deactivated...
Rokas Bloznelis (5 months ago)
When talking about cortana, you should had used her theme from HALO 4
RDAtomica (5 months ago)
whats with the static?
John Evans (5 months ago)
dude, you don't even have 1 million subs yet, but, you're like the best at what you do. What gives? Never mind, I was talking about Linus and he has like 7 million subs. That makes sense.
John Evans (5 months ago)
I like this Linus news.
crunchyeater (5 months ago)
2:23 Weird flex but okay
Ran Ng (5 months ago)
EA executives while rubbing his nipples: "We realize this may be an inconvenience to you, and we hope you will voice ALL your concerns to us, because at EA the customer is always... our bitch."
Christopher Wallace (5 months ago)
Great episode! I love to see you all having fun with it. I really like the peanut galley shouting stuff at you while you're trying to get through the material. +1 for more heckling--like those old guys on the Muppet Show
TankClash (5 months ago)
they killed westwood... and they want to make "remastered" C&C....
northbadger (5 months ago)
Windows 10 is just horrible.....so are EA!😜
H0neycakes (5 months ago)
The problem is they don't see them as customers, they see them as a bottom line.
TOBI2008-GAMER (5 months ago)
5:48 u sound like purple shep lol
liuton2005 (5 months ago)
Since July EA has lost 40% of its stock price
Sun NY (5 months ago)
Wait, what Alexa available in win10.Cortana u r dead.
Citizen Se7en (5 months ago)
Microsoft and Electronic Arts: two companies constantly competing with each other in the game of, "Hold My Beer." In a close third-place, I give you Bethesda.
Brandon Tobin (5 months ago)
Linus, just not badass enough to keep on the glasses. I love him/nohomo
Saul Dickson (5 months ago)
At 4:10, YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN. Im on mac and that made me think my original macintosh crashed again.
omar ahmed (5 months ago)
Barát Gábor (5 months ago)
I'm afraid that 30 second video platform might fail on account of their audience's attention span being shorter.
Barát Gábor (5 months ago)
Microsoft is probably moving all their capable engineers to their cloud projects. :P
joebear80 (5 months ago)
Fun video!!
Centurion bill (5 months ago)
I pre ordered conan lost my money the game was broke brought day z lost my money after this i promised myself i wouldn't get had again i now wait till the game is out & ive watched a few reviews fallout 76 i am very proud to say i didnt rush to buy like i allways do saved my $$$$£££££
vampov (5 months ago)
Wow that Chinese computer news caster is another creepy way China can spread it's propaganda to it's people. When it's not controlling and spying on them through social credits it's getting fake news casters to spread disinformation. Has anyone wondered how north korea has hackers with any real talent? I mean the place doesn't even really have electricity or computers how can anyone learn how to hack efficiently in that environment?
Your God Rosè (5 months ago)
EA is so unbelievably stupid, first they disgrace the entire community with their “Politically Correct Characters” and now they want to extort you out of your money by making you pay an extra $20+ to play a game EARLY. Why has the gaming community gone to shit? We have EA over here scamming people for game money, Nvidia and Intel scamming for hardware, and the idiots in the media believe that us gamers are sexist, racist, lazy fucks who don’t contribute to society any more than motivating the next psycho to shoot up a school...
Shankar Anbalagan (5 months ago)
Did Linus dress up as Jake Peralta?
Alexander Rewijk (5 months ago)
no, in fact EA loves their customers so much, they want them to bend over and do all kinds of stuff to them ;)
just that guy (5 months ago)
"Tech Jesus" Linus-2018
Bashkov B (5 months ago)
You can't spell steal without EA
Nick Alphonso (5 months ago)
Fuck Microsoft im never gonna buy an OS piracy rules im not gonna pay 8k Indian rupees for JUST AN OS
Robert Taylor (5 months ago)
No publisher "Hates" their customers. Mostly they don't "Respect" their customers. In general many Developers truly feel that they are smarter than their customers, and that their customers should feel privileged to purchase their software, and if the customer finds flaws that they are just wrong.
nikolygtx (5 months ago)
Soon we gonna have to pay even before they start making the game
yonomixatu (5 months ago)
E.A must want to die... ._ .
John Browning (5 months ago)
EA doesn't exactly hate their customers. EA is a sociopathic entity which runs on greed, obfuscation, and lies. In other words, EA is a corporation.
John Browning (5 months ago)
Somebody remind us, maybe iJustine, why we're still putting up with this crap from Microsoft in 2018? Somebody also remind us of why Windows 10 is so great. It plays games. That's why it's great. Got it.
Anger Tone (5 months ago)
I don't get why people think despacito is a sad song lol it's literally a song about destroying pussy lol.
Austin France (5 months ago)
You’re not smart enough to play our game don’t buy it-EA
deejayxcrypt (5 months ago)
Well why do people still keep buying the obviously bad stuff? The "weight of complaints" is what exactly?
Tsukasa Hiiragi (5 months ago)
Looks at Anthem...same mess >.>
Whiskiz Yo (5 months ago)
This has to be the stupidest, most clickbait title i have ever seen, of course EA hates their customers.
【Vocaloid English】 (5 months ago)
Yeah... I just cracked Windows. This is the 2nd time it happened and microsoft support is a piece of shit.
Paul Mansfield (5 months ago)
Join the Linux using elite!
cclevel45 (5 months ago)
Windows 7 was the best and then they went and fucked it up
BlueDragon992 (5 months ago)
I'm starting to think EA actually *likes* getting awarded Golden Poo awards...
zolikoff (5 months ago)
Hilarious that I have to be concerned with "not genuine" messages on my legit windows copies but never on my cracked ones.
Yokodera (5 months ago)
No, I'm pretty sure EA loves their customers... they the only people stupid enough to keep putting up with EA's bullshit.
Christopher Sullivan (5 months ago)
EA has royally screwed up the last few games outside of their sport releases.
Pe tri (5 months ago)
Why this guy has 3 channels???
scgamerd (5 months ago)
No Name (5 months ago)
Alexa despacito...fuck you ! you stained my alexa with this
LEX (5 months ago)
Was that Jake Baldino in the background? *PLOT TWIST ITENSIFIES*
Halskitchen (5 months ago)
I'm loving the interjections of the film crew. Don't stop it! Its freaking hilarious!
Tregeta (5 months ago)
People still give EA money........it blows my mind.
ViperGTX88 (5 months ago)
EA, your just getting worse as the years go by, WTF. There literary like leaches trying to suck as much blood ( Money ) as they possible can from people and make a half as games. get your head out of the gutter. My money is no longer going towards BF.
Mikołaj Bądzielewski (5 months ago)
0:02 Fuj:/
Duffimus Prime (5 months ago)
I haven't bought an EA game since my Need for Speed and Burn out Paridise I bought on Steam won't activate on my new/upgraded pc. FUCK EA! EA: Extra Aggravation
John P (5 months ago)
Microsoft is American, and therefore pure trash.
tonycmac (5 months ago)
Let us not forget EA/BioWare and ME3's Day 1 DLC. They have been getting away with this shite for way to long.
Safah Mehdavi (5 months ago)
Tony Widick (5 months ago)
Thanks my Alexa is now playing a weird song!!!!
flameout12345 (5 months ago)
fuck all these game makers.. your in game purchase scheme. stupid hype shit with your broken overly priced games.
AhoytheNukes (5 months ago)
I had that de-activetion bug to me. I was testing out my new PC months ago, and when I took out my ethernet, then the de-activetion bug happened. I tried to put in the product key, but it didn't work.
DionJare Scott (5 months ago)
They don't hate us just hold us in absolute giggling contempt
VEX (5 months ago)
isn't that kinda p2w? Cus people who get to play earlier unlock better guns and their upgrades early? And can then crush noobs on 20'th of november?

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